Vesak Full Moon Day – A Delooze News Special Report

Blowing out the Candles on Vesak Full Moon Day


…and don’t forget it!

“A Delooze News Special Report”

…and don’t forget it!


I was in London on Tuesday and didn’t realise a Full Moon was beginning in the East as I had a drink in the Blackfriar pub near Blackfriar bridge. I also didn’t realise I’d missed my mate’s birthday celebrations when I eventually arrived home. So I have put a few words and a few photo’s
together to record matters, albeit belatedly. The birth (and death) of Gautama Buddha (Sun God) is celebrated throughout the East on what is known as the VESAK.

Officially Vesak means…
 Vesak, also known as Buddha Day, celebrates the Buddha’s birthday, enlightenment and death. It is the most important day in the Buddhist calendar.  Click Here and Click Here for more basic official info on Vesak

So basically, to cut a long story short, it’s just another Sun worship event that is disguised as a birthday but unlike like ‘your’ birthday or death it has no official date. It’s a ritual that simply has to take place during a full moon. This con trick of following a lunar and solar calendar is rife amongst eastern religions, that said, it’s only on a par with celebrating the birth of our Sun God which is of
course known as Jesus. In my opinion Buddah and Jesus are simply different names for the same con-trick.

If you have been reading my stuff for a while you will realise that I claim the Serpent Cult (or the devil worshipping ‘illuminati’ if you can’t cope with the thought of reptilians and still think Jesus is coming to save you on a cloud) has a habit of getting a load of sheep (brainwashed human beings) to go and release energy at or in certain monuments around the world in certain locations. I have gone into the various different monuments increasingly over the last few years in my books and articles
and now even in Delooze News special reports like this one! :)

This Vesak celebration is no different and without wanting to offend any Buddhists, for having beliefs they are fully entitled to believe in, I will say in my opinion  that they are just like the Muslims, Christians and the Jews in such a way that they are victims to a great deception. They are being ‘led’ to certain places ‘in an emotional state’,  created through brainwashing, to carry out rituals they really know nothing about.

Boudnanath Stupa Kathmandu Nepal 

The Buddists are forced or attracted to a Stupa or a Pagoda in their millions, especially during rituals like Vesak. This is just like Christians being forced or attracted to churches in Europe etc for Christmas. A manipulated global worship of Solar and Lunar deities is taking place on planet earth and the human sheeple are being conned on a massive scale in my opinion.



The sheeple are led to carry out rituals at the monuments on the understanding its for their own good. But ‘THINK’… is it really for our own good?

Buddah monuments (Sun Worship) come in several geometric styles

“The stupa evolved into the Pagoda as Buddhism spread to other Asian countries. The pagoda has varied forms that also include bell shaped and pyramidal ones. Today, in the Western context, there is no clear distinction between the stupa and the pagoda. But in general stupa is used for a Buddhist structure of India or South East while Pagoda refers to a building in East Asia which can be entered and which may be secular in purpose. Fundamentally, a stupa is essentially made up of the following five constituent parts: a square base , a hemispherical dome’, a conical spire, a crescent moon and a circular disc.”

We in the western world do not realise the scale of matters going on in Asia. We only see what goes on in the West. I haven’t mentioned this place for a while..but lets take a look at what is going on in
Thailand. The Dhammakaya Cetiya (a symbol of world peace)



The Dhammakaya Cetiya

The Dhammakaya Cetiya is encircled by the The Grand Meditation Amphitheatre and is literally a massive spiritual energy extractor in my opinion. This thing is adorned with geometry and sun symbolism. It even has its own museum. Please click on the links provided above and have ‘a
look’. It is allegedly run entirely on donations (free will) and is basically a very large extension to the older Wat Phra Dhammakaya. It is obvious to me that this structure, and the recently added amphitheatre, is part of a long term plan to make this area one of the biggest spiritual energy extraction machine in the far East. The sheeple flock to it. In my opinion the amphitheater is literally what it says it is and it has dramatically increased the energy that goes through the main


Rituals inside the Amphitheatre only increase the energy that goes ‘through ‘the Dhammakaya Cetiya
The monument gets full attention at certain rituals just like the London
Eye does at New Years Eve in the UK. Same scam  – different monument.

There is a very good slideshow here to give you an idea of the size of this thing if you haven’t already
clicked on the link to the official site that was provided earlier. Please take in the info provided in the links. Can you start to see that it just might be possible that the human race is farmed and led to
places like Dhammakaya Cetiya? Why would a deity, like Buddah or Jesus, want us on our knees all our lives just so we might seek the awakening that they had?

Buddah is just another symbol of the sun I’m afraid. Worship Buddah, you Worship the Sun. Worship the Sun, you Worship the Ogdoad 

Is it possible that these deities and their promises of awakened enlightenment, if we obey them, are a con trick to extract our spiritual energy? This stolen energy may keep ‘them’ and their masters in an awakened state simply because they have sucked us dry of our energy and dumbed us down eh? Are we denied an awakened state simple because we surrender all our will to the real force that is behind these deities? Obviously if I am right then that would explain the need to dumb down the masses and build these energy extracting monuments, I keep rabbiting on about, all over this world eh? And, of course, it obviously ‘pays’ these energy stealers to have us
blindly worship them. WAKE UP!

Try telling the millions of Buddhists that are attending the rituals at  places like the Dhammakaya
Cetiya that they have been brainwashed and their actions are actually enslaving them, not freeing them. They will viciously attack you for trying to free them if you do. Try telling the millions of
Catholics the same thing about their church and ritual centres like the Vatican and that the name Jesus is being used to trick them. They will attack you too for trying to free them. It is not their fault because they are programmed to do so by the force that has enslaved them. A force they have surrendered to and a force that enslaves them through false promises of spiritual freedom.

The first rule of their brainwashing is to blindly attack anyone but those (Sun Deities) that
have actually enslaved them and have put them on their knees in the first place. The same can be said for hippy type sheep that blindly obey any silver tongued new age type Guru that claims to have
more powers than themselves. I tell you the truth when I say that no one has any more power than you yourself. It is just that you have been tricked and are so so dumbed down that you believe you need the permission of a god to be free. You only need to break free of the hypnosis you have been put under to be free.

Please think about the information contained in this Delooze News Special Report. :) Please ask yourself if the people at the Dhammakaya Cetiya, celebrating the birth and death of Buddah, are actually finding spiritual freedom through enlightenment or are they actually already in spiritual enslavement and surrendering up their energy to the deceptive deity they believe is their saviour through hypnosis?

“You can never be free if you have to get on your knees”
Matthew Delooze 22nd May 2008

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

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