High Five in Astana – A Delooze News Special Report

Awaiting the Royal Marquee


  High Five!

Astana is the NEW capital of Kazakhstan. Briefly after Kazakhstan gained its independence in 1991 the city and the region were renamed “Akmola”. The name was often translated as “White Tombstone,” but actually means “Holy Place”. In 1994, the city was designated as the future capital of the newly-independent country, and again renamed to the present “Astana” after the capital was officially moved from Atalmy in 1997. I don’t pretend to have researched the area but after briefly looking into matters it appears this place has a very symbolic past. Indeed strangely Astana is know known as Manhattan on the Steppe. . If you don’t know what steppe means click here.

Anyway I’m not here today to give you a history lesson on Astana. I will say that the city of Astana is being created by another puppet for the Serpent called Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev. The scenario reminded me as being similar to events I reported in my news recently that took place in Turkmenistan. Indeed the countries that were once part of the old Soviet Union seem to have acquired many agents for the illuminati and they are creating occult monuments all over the bloody place. Let’s have a look at what is already going on in Astana and what’s coming in the very near future Astana.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (Pyramid of Peace)

Please don’t underestimate the work that has gone into this pyramid. I tried to understand the five sense reasons for building such a structure in a country like Kazakhstan but I failed. I felt a connection between this structure and other modern monuments that are appearing in the West (Previously reported in articles)

The capstone of the pyramid from the outside
The apex of the pyramid from the inside showing the sun
The capstone of the Pyramid showing ‘Doves’
Looking down the pyramid’s staircase from the inside

For a better idea at the size of this thing you maybe better looking here. The  same people who created the London Gherkin also created the Pyramid at Astana. Click Here

Anyway let’s move on and look at another monument, a Tree of Life and Sun monument known as the ‘Baiterek’ – Life Tree. Believe me, my little sweepers up of Hadrian’s Ashes, this monument is very ambiguous and esoteric and no corrupt gangster or agent for the Serpent like Nazarbayev planned this. This is created from orders that came straight from the underworld. Click Here for official info on the monument.

‘Baiterek’ – Life Tree. Blatant  occult sun worship symbolism 
Nazarbayev’s,  the Serpent Puppet, hand print is inside the ‘Baiterek’ showing a view of the rising New,City- Manhattan on the Steppe. High Five?

Well what can I say truth seekers? What does that mean a hand in a pyramid on a disc? 22 carat gold wanker maybe? Obviously this is not your run o’ the mill symbolism is it?  This news item is turning into an article, as they have done all week, in an attempt to record May Day events and provide truthful info about certain monuments. My two articles about Paris and the Vatican were also provided to supply, what I believe is, vital information. (Please don’t take the information you are receiving for granted and lose it!).

In my opinion events in places like Kazakhstan, and indeed in Turkmenistan as reported earlier in the week, largely go unnoticed in the western world. Indeed I heard an American say the other day that these countries are ‘backward’.  The majority of westerners don’t even know countries like this exist. I tell you they do exist and the illuminati is using them to their full extent. In my opinion it is us in the west that are ‘backward’ and in more bloody ways than one.

For whatever reason the Serpent Cult is ‘moving’ occult relics and/or building new occult monuments in areas linked to the ancient past. Money is no object and many billionaire gangsters, created in the East, are now in position to make sure these things happen. In the case of Kazakhstan I believe these monuments are not used solely for spiritual energy extraction. I believe they are used for ritual and inter-dimensional communications too and not only that I believe the Serpent Cult are gearing up for events to take place in this world, that are on a par with the Shekhinah . Not that the sheeple will worry  in their hypnotic stupor about that possible scenario unfolding especially if they can get a digital camera or an iPod for Christmas.

Anyway I’d like to show you on more monument that they are building in this new City in Astana. Manhattan on the Steppe. Have a butchers at this.

Khan Shatyry (“Royal Marquee”)  Currently under construction in Astana 

Now then that’s just the sort of thing you’d expect to see in bollock freezing Astana, Kazakhstan isn’t it. This thing is huge and I’m not talking about the bollock. Take a look here

Well then what do you think to that beauty? On my brothers! that’s a Tabernacle that is surely on a par with the Temple of Solomon, if ever I saw one, and may I lose my eye in a dirty puddle if I am wrong. I say again that the Serpent Cult are using certain monuments, in certain special locations, as spiritual energy extraction devices. These buildings are being planned and built by a few elite agents for the serpent. Indeed in certain countries they are simply built without consultation with the public and those countries that pretend to be democratic simply use bent politicians and corrupt local councils to build them. It is obvious with the apathy that is all around that nothing is going to stop them either. Who is going to stop em?

Let’s face it folks the average dumbed down ‘ape’ that thinks it is a free human being hasn’t a clue whats going on in the world and most of those that think they are awake are living a double life with double standards. One life is as an ‘anonymous’ truth seeker that dare not tell anyone what they  really believe in real life and the other life is one begging on their knees serving the serpent like some organist’s monkey.

The time is coming where you have to make a choice. Freedom or Imprisonment. If you want imprisonment do nothing and do not think. Nothing new then for most of the human race then eh?

Wake Up!

Thank You
Matthew Delooze
May 9th 2008


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