The Temple of Athena is Reborn – A Delooze News Special Report

Playing with The Elgin Marbles…

…The Temple of Athena is Reborn


The New Acropolis Museum on The Rock in Athens.

“A Delooze News Special Report”

I thought I’d mention a museum that is appearing in Athens. It is being built near the ancient Acropolis of Athens. For those that don’t know what the Athens Acropolis is click here. Basically an Acropolis is a flat area of rock that is high up. (A high city, The “Sacred Rock”). Strangely enough the one in Athens is known as the Cecropia after the legendary serpent man Cecrops. So you can guess why I was immediately interested in this one.


Return of Cecrops – The Face with the Tail?

Anyway on this rock, this Serpent Man’s High City, known as the main Acropolis of the world, there is several monuments, temples and other buildings that all relate back to ancient sun deities such as Zeus and Athena. Of course I am going to say that the Acropolis at Athens is a classic
example of a rising Benben too.

Because of the research I was doing in Paris a few months ago, and my continuing belief that the Serpent Cult is using modern buildings and ancient symbolism to extract spiritual energy from the human race, I decided to look at the New Acropolis Museum. If you have not read my
most recent articles about spiritual energy extraction then please see Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird or Brushing Away the Ashes of Hadrian Those people that are up to speed then I’ll say… lets have a look at what they are building in Athens shall we?

The New Acropolis Museum on The Rock in Athens.

First of all please watch the video linked below, it shows the New Acropolis museum chairman Professor Dimitrios Pandermalis giving the BBC’s Malcolm Brabant a special tour around Greece’s newest museum.  Click Here for Video

So what we have (On a par with the Louvre Museum and the Vatican Museum) is another museum that is wanting to gather many many people in one symbolic place that is located next to an ancient monument (In this case the ‘Parthenon’ and other Sun God Temples on the Acropolis). Apparently the powers that be have decided to recreate the entire walls of the Parthenon in a brand spanking new museum that is costing 13 million Euros at least. The same powers that be have also made sure
that the museum is laid out in exact synchronicity with the original Parthenon.


The Parthenon ‘as it was’

So my little band of Benu Bird ‘feather spitters’, what do you reckon? Am I loopy for suggesting that this is just another Louvre or Vatican type spiritual energy scam as mentioned in my previous work? Or is it just possible that you might think something like… hang on a minute maybe Mad Matt Delooze might have a point?

Remember that I believe emotional respect creates spiritual energy. So here we have again the creation of a ‘respect centre’ (The New Acropolis Museum) that will contain many awesome relics of respect near a symbolic monument. (The Parthenon and other Temples) Indeed, as mentioned earlier, the museum is actually a replica of the Parthenon (The Temple of Athena). If you didn’t watch the video before then do so now and you will see what I mean.

If you watched the video clip you will also note that the ancient symbolism is being restored and recreated in the museum in its former glory. The Elgin Marbles are mentioned. This means the millions of people that visit this new museum will literally be seeing and respecting the same symbolism that the ancients did. They will literally be respecting Cecrops. Here are a couple of shots from inside the museum.

A view from the New Acropolis Museum to the Ancient Parthenon 


The Elgin Marbles and pillars will be placed in the new museum to create a replica Parthenon 


The museum is built on ancient symbolic ground in its own right it is literally a new temple 

I believe that it is absolutely no coincidence at all that the authorities are finding funding to do these things and also finding money to place modern monuments in locations that have esoteric values
to them, for example, monuments like the Louvre pyramid and the numerous Ferris wheels that are appearing world wide.

The Serpent Cult also seem to be in a rush to place their symbolism in certain locations, then they have it officially accepted and officially respected. There seems to be an agenda at the moment to ‘MOVE’ ancient and modern monuments around the world. I have reported several different incidents in my news items lately where relics and monuments are being ceremoniously ‘moved’. Iraq is a good example and I reported on events in the museum of Iraq a few days ago. I didn’t report these things for bugger all tha knows! I reported them because they are important in my opinion.

They, the Serpent Cult, seem to need to keep the collective consciousness of the human race not only focused on their symbolism but also keep us totally in awe of it too. They actually want us to visit and see these ancient symbolic things in great numbers, in large queues. This in turn
creates respect for their symbolism and therefore energy for their masters.

Click Here for The New Acropolis Museum website

Anyway as I said this was just a quickie, just another example of how the Serpent Cult is creating a system to increase the amount of spiritual energy it wants to create and pass through ancient monuments by placing things for us to respect very close to them. I can only see this type
of thing increasing enormously in the coming years because it is indeed, in my opinion, these things that are being used to enslave your spirit and your body for eternity, trapping us in continuous
reincarnation, into a physical and mental prison of hell. Please take the information or leave it.

But I tell you the truth with good intentions that if you are still in such a hypnotic stupor that you
think your pathetic ego and pathetic credit card will see you through what’s coming in this world then fair enough… go and bugger off and watch Sesame Street, and put your faith in our media moguls and our bent politicians, instead of reading things like this. :)  I tell you with urgency that the Serpent Cult is battening down the hatches of this world and it is ready to close the gates of its prison on YOU. So let’s laugh all the way to the prison cell about that, a prison cell we are being deceived into creating for ourselves. Let’s be just like the silly little piggy that ran all the way home in the nursery rhyme shall we? Wee Wee Wee!

May love reign o’er you all.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze


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