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Is There Anybody There? – Dumbed Down in the Spirit World

Is There Anybody There?


Dumbed Down in the Spirit World

  An Article By Matthew Delooze


I said in my last article (Brushing Away the Ashes of Hadrian) that my five sense skills cannot match my spiritual urges to supply information to you in a way and at a rate I would like. I am also trying to arrange talks at in various towns around the country, which is time consuming, and I am also researching other things. I have other events going on in my life that are also very demanding.

The good news is that I have several articles ‘in my mind’ to write including more about energy lines and also more about music industry. I am also considering writing another book. That said I would like to just hold back a bit on energy lines and the music industry just for a short while and try to sow seeds in you that may assist you to take steps down another path, that I think some of you may want to wander down, at a later date. I was going to publish this article before my talk that took place in Halifax on the 31st May 2008. This article may seem on the simpler side if you have read all of my books and articles to date, but don’t worry I haven’t lost my marbles, as I said, I’m just setting seeds for a later date.

So anyway let’s get on eh? Have you ever wondered what really happens when you ‘die’? Well let’s not say ‘die’ because we don’t ‘die’ we just move on in my opinion. We simply change our clothes because our clothes have become so worn out that they are no longer suitable. Your clothes are never the real you are they?

The real us are neither the thin arses or the fat arses we see plonked on a chair. Oh no. The real us are not the big boys or the small boys we see in the showers either. The real us are not the ugly faces or the pretty faces we see in the mirror, and the real us are not the size 10 dresses or the 50-inch chests either. All that stuff is just part of a ‘machine’. It is simply a shell. Indeed I simply call the body a ‘ticket’. It is simply a ticket to enable you to enter a building and that building is planet Earth. The ticket is a pass to a theme park, if you like, and that theme park is this world.

The thing you think of as your body is just a ‘means to be somewhere’. The real you is hidden inside that body, that ticket, and the real you is can be any shape, size and colour you want the real you to be.

The real you doesn’t really care what you look like because the real you knows you can change everything whenever you want to. Isn’t that great news for you? Just think how that info would alter your perspective on everything if you really knew you that you didn’t really die and that when you did move on you could then chose a totally different scenario, be provided with a new ticket, and be what you want to be.

Ladies and Gentlemen I’m guaranteeing you, the real you, that you don’t really die. You don’t believe me though do you? I don’t blame you. What the hell do I know? I’m talking out of my arse aren’t I? You have already been told by people far more intelligent than me that you do ‘die and go to heaven’ or you ‘die and go to hell’ depending on how you behaved on Earth haven’t you? Well haven’t you?

Well if that’s the case then we are all buggered then aren’t we? Everybody I know says to me that if there is a heaven or hell then they are definitely going downstairs to hell. Some others tell me ‘when yer dead yer dead’… that’s it… all over… forget it… end of story. Others, especially Catholics, actually think they’ve booked their own personal place in heaven simply by repeatedly confessing their sins, lighting candles, saying ‘Hail Mary’ and by being the most hypocritical lying bastards on Earth. (Hey and I’m only talking about the pedophile priests here not the paying customers)

I’m sure you, yes you, fit in to one of those groups mentioned above. I did myself for years. Just step back and think for a minute about the three different scenarios I have just mention above. That is…

1.You believe in God but believe you are going to hell because you have been bad.(E.g. Masturbation, swearing, stealing, lying and the other activities that are usually carried out by hypocritical churchgoers)

2.You don’t believe in God and think death really is death. (Bye Bye)

3.You believe you are good and true and God has you on his list for a front row seat and a box of popcorn in his own personal home cinema that is located behind the pearly gates. (In the clique)

Think about the options above because there are no more options available, unless you actually think for yourself, not according to the rules you are told from birth anyway. That’s your lot. It’s a like it or lump it situation. I’m afraid it is hell, heaven or bugger all for us when we die my dear friends. Those options are vigorously implanted in nearly every single human mind in the first 15 years of their life. Granted one or two minor religions or schools might differ slightly in the symbolism but at the end of the day the three rules above apply to us all. Those rules were embedded in the collective consciousness of the human race, and like I say in my books, the collective consciousness of the human race creates the collective physical reality of the human race because of what it thinks or what it is made to think. What the masses think they get – they get.

Don’t forget we are also forced to carry out spiritual surrender rituals from birth as well as having the three options above forced upon our minds throughout our lives. (See Is It Me For A Moment/ Stars Are Falling)

We all make at least one decision that fits in with the options above in our lives. Or maybe we just think ‘we will wait and see what we get’ don’t we? In my early days I thought I would go to hell when I died. Later on as I matured I thought I would just die and disappear, then when I first went through my spiritual awakening in 98/99 I actually thought God had found me! So bloody hell I have believed all three of the options mentioned above at one time or another! So if one of the three options is true then what the hell is going to happen to me?

Straight after my awakening I realised that the three options are only true if we believe them to be true and that is why I am planting my seeds in you now. I am planning to give you another option in the future. Before I go further please take into your mind what ‘you’ are expecting to happen to you when you die? Think about it carefully. Obviously if you don’t believe in any life after death scenario then obviously any spectacular event that does happen after death will literally scare the shit out of you. Well won’t it? Indeed if you are expecting nothing to happen at your own death, then flash bang wallop, and a load of angels come for you then its obvious you are going to be an instant convert and believe in God. Well aren’t you?

I certainly would.  A “Wayy Heyy Jesus’ Dad has come for me Whoopie” scenario comes to my mind in that situation. Again you would be instantly converted.

If you believe you have a place already booked in heaven and when you die and a shit load of angels will come towards you then you are going to be one smug bugger aren’t you? An “I told you so didn’t I?” scenario comes to my mind in that situation. Indeed you’d be so smug that again you’d do anything the angels told you. Well wouldn’t you?

If you believe you are going to hell when you die and then angel figures come for you after you die then you are going to feel very lucky.
“Amazing Grace. I once was lost but now I‘m found” scenario comes to my mind in that situation.

Whatever the above situations you experience you will become instantly subservient.

The minds of the sheeple (Christian branch) are programmed to see a vision like this after death of the body)

I am sure you know what I am getting at. Whatever frame of mind you are in when you ‘die’ will simply not matter because you will be in ecstasy if you are met with visions of heaven and a feeling of peace after you die. Don’t forget all your relatives and loved ones have made a spiritual vow at your grave or in the crematorium and signed you over to God anyway. You are ‘his’ property.

You will have to read my books if you want to read more about baptism and burials and the spiritual surrenders rituals that go on at them. But let me tell you the truth and I do when I say that any spiritual vows you make during your life in this world will apply in the next. Indeed all your spiritual vows in this world ‘mostly’ apply for the next world and bloody visa versa too!. If the collective consciousness makes spiritual promises in this world then individuals are liable for those promises in the spirit world, or the underworld as I call it. The vows are binding.

I just want to be blunt when I try to explain that you and I have been conned throughout our lives by the deceptive force I call the Serpent Cult. They have deceived us from day one. I believe you already know that with the life you live and the worries you have for the future. Yes? You are no idiot and you know we are really conned in this world don’t you? Can I assume you agree? We have been bloody fooled by religion, education, politics, religion and all the rest of the filthy stinking lies that have enslaved us in this world? I realise I said religion twice but that’s because religious leader are not only stinking liars, oh no my little band of Ferris Wheel spotters, most of them are dirty stinking rotten perverts as well! So that’s why religion got mentioned twice.

OK…. I think you will have already got the drift that I believe we are deceived throughout our lives in this world? Yes? OK.

So if you are conned in life what makes you think you are not conned at your death too then? After we die does God rescue us and free us from the liars he has let run his ‘creation’ for thousands of years then? Well does he? Why doesn’t God simply save us and protect us before we die from the liars that control his creation then? Why not save a lot of time rescuing and saving us after death and just stop those that are actually controlling his world we have to live in?

Come on folks start bloody thinking for once. Do you really think the Serpent Cult con you into bowing down to them throughout your life and make you take numerous spiritual/religious vows for nothing? There must be a reason for the corrupt authorities getting us to surrender our spirit whilst in this world.

Please ponder on that thought for a moment.

Let’s just break off a moment and briefly consider near death experiences (NDEs). I have had one myself so I’m not talking blindly on the matter and I have also experienced, what I believe is a connection to ‘HOME’ as I call it. I also call home the ‘one consciousness’ basically because I know most of you reading this article will connect with that description through David Icke and other well known researchers who mention such things. The lovely Juliet Nightingale and others also devote a lot of time on the subject of NDEs too. I should also mention Steve Gamble who has written about ‘astral plains’ and illusionary entities based on the words of Jesus and the practice of Reiki. I was only recently informed of Steve’s work. I also believe David Icke has mentioned acts of deception at the time of our physical death.

Let me explain that when I mention the one consciousness I am NOT referring to a ‘God ‘. Again by saying one consciousness I mean ‘HOME’.

So, going back to my own personal NDE. (I experienced an NDE in 1987)

Briefly…….. I worked shifts in a factory and I was home alone and snoozing on my sofa in my house. All of a sudden I couldn’t breath. I just couldn’t take a breath and I panicked for a few moments. I realised I was choking and I fought back. I thrashed around on the sofa literally willing myself to breath again. I got more and more scared. Then I experienced visions of a series of rapid images, photo’s if you like, showing me different stages of my life like on a roll of film but certain sections of this film simply grew in size and came rushing into me with a bang. Very startling. Some of these images showed me some of the bad things I had done and some of these things images showed me some of the good things I had done. I was only 28 years old in 1987. The roll of film finished and I was still choking and literally dying. Then perfect peace and I accepted that I had died. Although I was very upset about it I was also very excited. I didn’t want to leave, I loved my wife and eldest son and we had just been blessed with another baby (He is 21 now). I wanted to protect them forever.

I then saw spinning images and a very bright light, a very attractive bright light, and I instantly thought ‘Bloody hell I’ve made it to Heaven’. I felt pretty chuffed (proud and happy) about that. But all I could think of was looking after my wife and my sons on Earth and I decided I didn’t want to go heaven I wanted to be with my loved ones on Earth. I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving them. I still headed towards the light feeling good and very interested every time I looked at it. I then went through the light and my eyes were dazzled. I still felt like I was in a body. I was then stood upright surrounded by four beings dressed as monks with their hoods up. I couldn’t see their faces. They were stood in front of a kind of tunnel inside some kind of temple like a church thing, if you like, full of candles and mirrors. I could see this tunnel and the light I thought I had gone through was indeed further on and again it was very attractive light I had a very strong urge to go towards it.

The four monk type beings then moved closer to me and they all started asking questions like…. What did you feel when you did this and what did you feel like when you did that? I was being interrogated. I felt obliged to answer as I thought thee four monks were official bouncers for Jesus’ Dad!

I tried to explain my reasons for the things I had done and I was very emotional. I was literally made to experience all the emotions that my actions had caused others to feel in sequence to the way they happened so to speak and some of the more negative emotions I had caused were surprisingly caused by what seemed trivial events to me at the time I did them. But I was shown the after effect or the knock on effects of my trivial actions. It was a very powerful experience to actually feel what I had caused after seeing the actions that caused them. I wanted to go back in time and change my actions so in turn my actions would change the knock on effects and therefore the emotions that I had previously, albeit unknowingly, created.

I was then told I could go down the tunnel and again. I looked at the light down the tunnel and it was very attractive. The 4 monks moved away and I headed to the tunnel, toward the ‘light’ if you like. Suddenly I felt a surge of energy in me and headed towards the light thinking brilliant stuff. This must be paradise I thought. There really is a ‘Jesus’ Dad’ and I’ve got an invite to his garden party! Wasn’t it wonderful to be loved? With hindsight I had literally passed the bouncers and I was on my way to ‘The’ party of a lifetime. Then it hit me. What did you might ask? It was my wife, my 3-year-old son, and my baby boy. I couldn’t leave them. The party was off as far as I was concerned. I somehow managed to be stood back in front of the four monks. I was no longer going to the light and Jesus’ Dad could stick his pearly gates up his arse as far as I was concerned.

I wanted my family. Being a bad tempered fiery bugger I interrogated the monks as viciously as they interrogated me. The looked shocked that I had the nerve to do what I was doing. “I’m going back,” I said. I want to go back. I’m only 28 and I want to go back. I’m not leaving my kids. The next moment Flassshhh I was writhing about on my sofa and I sat up with a jolt and breathed in a massive intake of breath. My mind said to me “Fuuuccckkinnng heeelll… I nearly died”. I was literally breathing in and out like a crazed loony until I regained some sanity. I eventually got myself together………….

It may have been a nightmare. It may have been hallucinations but I assure you at 28 years old I had never taken any substances whatsoever, so it certainly wasn’t drug induced. I put it down to being a nightmare at the time, that was of course until I went through my awakening in the late 1990’s. I now realise the experience was a mental trigger for me from over 20 years ago and it was to help me pass on messages in the coming months and years to those people out there that I know need the info I have in me.

So what is a real NDE? (Near death experience) You can pick up tales all over the place in books and other media. Indeed some folk write many pages telling you about one simple NDE because the experience was so profoundly placed on their soul and it has affected them so much. Let me make it perfectly clear that I am not saying these people’s experiences are not true. I totally believe the experience is true and I have already explained I have had one myself. Nor am I saying that these people who say such things haven’t met their God or indeed connected with ‘Home’, the one consciousness. If anyone read my book, you will be wiser when you are older, you will know that I believe I once met a contact from ‘Home’ too!

What I am saying is that the human race is so spiritually dumbed down that any upsurge in spiritual awareness during an individuals death will seem like a brilliant epiphany when they experience spectacular visions at the time. Come on folks think about it. It is claimed that the human body (your iPod if you like) is equipped with a natural switch to help you leave your body when you die and help transfer you back to your original source. (Home – One Consciousness).

In other words as soon as you drop dead, for whatever reason, a process takes place that moves the real you out of this illusionary world, out of this computer program so to speak. Some people claim that this transformation may be due to the actions of the pineal gland. It is said the pineal actually grows or pulsates at both the time of death and the time of birth. A sort of great lumping light bulb in your head, so to speak, that guides your spirit from body to another dimension and back again.

So is it really possible that this gland acts as a ‘calming device’ for inter-dimensional transport of the soul during trauma at birth and trauma at death? It’s only one suggestion and the only reason I mention that suggestion is because of the use of Ayahuasca and my experiences with that particular ancient medicine. When I first took Ayahuasca I realised that the initial affects of the plant can produce similar effects a mild version of a NDE and I base that comment on my own NDE not the Ayahuasca. It is said that Ayahuasca also opens up the pineal gland so maybe there is some room to take that much further. I can only try to get across to you in this article certain points that may make acceptance of future information easier to swallow. But please consider the possibility that you need a period of utter calmness to shift dimensions and the visions of such calmness are those made up of seeing a bright light and lovely angelic entities. I suppose the scenario is similar to us placing a musical ‘mobile’ toy over a baby’s cot for a focal point of comfort. We use trickery to calm the baby. I say that because we are also given visions of lights and visions of love deities ‘when we die’ as a focal point of comfort too.


                                   Ayahuasca Vision                   NDE experience

There is very little difference between a NDE and some journey’s with Ayahuascha. I know because I have experienced both!

OK lets get going…

Nay let’s just be bloody blunt eh? It is widely accepted in the collective human consciousness, as mentioned earlier, that when meet our creator we will see a light and everything will be hunky dory when we do. Yes? We hear of these wonderful meetings with a light and how all the shit is lifted off us and we are at total peace yes? We are literally returned to Jesus’ Dad and we all live happily every after with Jesus or Muhammed signing autographs and we simply hang about with the celebrity angels etc. It sounds lovely doesn’t it? (Or does it?)

But if you are like me then the celebrity angels scenario may be hard to believe sometimes.

But hey we even have many witnesses in permanently in contact with the ‘spirit world’ that confirm this sort of thing and you can go to any spiritualist medium and they will confirm to you that there really is life after death, which is a good job for them or they’d be redundant.

You may wonder if there is life after death during all of your life and never get any further in a spiritual sense, but the mediums will all willingly confirm that there really is life after death. This is not just because they make a living out of the spirit world, this is because they actually believe it. I believe it too! Ladies and gentlemen, Matthew Delooze is telling you there really is life after death but that’s as far as I go and as much as I can say as a ‘spiritualist medium’ and in my opinion that’s as far as any spiritualist medium can go in truth and that’s as much as they can say in truth. I can’t give you messages from your Uncle Bert or Grandma Lily and even if I could it would be futile.

It is simply up to you to believe in life after death or not.

There are many spiritualist mediums around and I love watching Derek Acorah myself. I think he is a witty man and a good entertainer. I have seen him on a few occasions myself in the duties of my research. I have seen a few others too. I have no doubts whatsoever that some spiritualist mediums are ‘genuine’ in as much as they do pass on messages from ‘the other side’. I have found that the more famous the medium the less likely they are indeed a medium though. I do not know why certain people can do this and some cannot apart from guessing that some people are more dumbed down than others.

That said, where the bloody hell ‘is’ this other side known as the the spirit world anyway? Where is it located? What is its purpose? Why would anyone want to send messages to loved ones from it? That is what this article is all about really.

The fact is I have yet to hear any ‘decent information’ come from any of the famous spiritualist mediums anywhere. The ones hyped with massive showbiz razzamatazz on the TV don’t go past telling things about ‘pets’, ‘Aunties Yorkshire puddings’ or the name of somebody called Dorothy err sorry Doreen or errr Dora that old George shagged under the Blackpool Pier in the 1950’s.

I’m sorry if I sound flippant but I haven’t heard one bit of good or important information from any spiritualist medium that I saw during my research and I ask you if you already believe in life after death what the hell can any medium tell you anyway? Do they all have a crystal ball in this Spirit World and can tell you your future? No they don’t they only know the name of Mrs. Jones’s cat that got run over don’t they?

TV pie in the sky, ‘hyped bullshit’. Entertaining for some but it serves no spiritual purpose whatsoever. None!

This hyped bullshit on TV is actually dumbing you down. All you need to know is Yes there is life after death and yes you will never really die. Indeed are you going to spend your time in some spirit world trying to whisper in a mediums ear to tell someone they are going to win at Bingo? I take it all useless messages from the ‘Spirit World’ have to come through a medium?

Come on folks… if this spirit world is the place we go after death then I for one don’t want to bloody go there. Do you? I’ll die of boredom…. Me in the spirit world channeling through Derek Acorah… (after I queued up at one of his shows  of course) “Yes Sam…. tell that woman over there she had a budgie called Bernard and she went to a chippy that burnt down in Bridlington before she could order a potato pie and peas. And tell that ugly fat lady over there that a dark handsome stud is coming to give her one after she’s moved house and found a mystical crisp packet in her knickers drawer”

It is utter meaningless information in my opinion but that is the usual sort of info being spewed out by mediums in theatres and clubs around the country on a permanent basis.

What state of mind or spirit are these entities in the spirit world in wanting to give out info like that? What is actually going on with the collective consciousness of the human race ‘on the other side’ if they are only concerned with trivia?

Why would you want to receive information and why would you want to receive it from someone in the spirit world that is obviously as dumbed down as you are?

indeed if the shoe was on the other foot what would you tell a spirit in the spirit world? Would you say you hope some nicey nicey person wins the X Factor or that you want the next super-dooper iPhone for Christmas.

Ask yourself now my friends, or enemies, is it possible the folk on the ‘other side’ are as bloody thick and stupid as we are on this side? These people are supposed to be in the ‘light’ aren’t they? With God eh? Knowing the bloody crack eh?

In the light? With God? Don’t make me laugh.

Again is it possible that the folk ‘on the other side’ are just as daft as us on this side? Surely one spirit on the other side can tell us where Lord Lucan is or who really killed Diana? You’d think the spirit world would at least tell us about the New World Order eh? Especially when they claim to know whose going to move house and get married or buy a cat eh?

So are the people in the spirit world as daft as us? I’ll tell you yes they are, bloody too right they are, and the vast majority of spiritualist mediums literally tell us this with the quality of messages they actually channel from the spirit world. Again I am not having a pop at mediums or psychics. I truly believe most are genuine and they are in communication with other psychic messages. That said the message never gets past a level of simply trying to convince the punters there is actually life after death or very low level but personal and sentimental messages to help the grieving cope more easily and of course there is nothing wrong with that.

That said I know a woman who has been seeing many mediums for 40 years, she has bought this book and that book, she as rang premium rate phone lines after premium phone line. She has fell in love with Colin Fry (He’s a nice boy so why not) and literally devoted most of her life to seeking ‘proof’ of life after death and to receive a good message from ‘the other side’.

I asked her… ‘do you believe in life after death then after 40 years of doing all these things? ‘ She said ‘Ohhh I don’t really know’… Yes just like Mavis Riley used to do in Coronation Street! She was simply a medium groupie.

So you get my drift…

I also find it amazing that very intelligent researchers into the N.W.O conspiracies circles etc. actually ‘end’ their valued research at ‘death’ and suddenly believe the conspiracy stops there? A sort of OK lads and lasses you are enslaved by the illuminati and various races of aliens but you will get pie in the sky when you die because a light will come and save you…. conspiracy over. Eh? What?

If that’s the case ladies and gentlemen let’s all commit suicide and stop the New World Order now! Come on let’s all go and kill ourselves now and go towards the light and stop the New World order in its tracks at the same time eh?…  It’s utter bollocks when you really think of it isn’t it? Come on  and wake up. How can a New World Order / Alien Agenda type conspiracy ends at death?

Who is to say that the agenda, currently going on in this world, ends at the time of our death? We see a light in the tunnel at the time of our death and that’s it then eh? It really is ridiculous to accept that multi-dimensional beings only exploit us in this one dimension. It is laughable in my opinion. So come on let us start thinking for once. Does the conspiracy end at death? If so then why bother with them anyway?

I ask you to consider the possibility that when you ‘die’ you experience a transformation of your soul, for want of a better word, from this dimension to another. Consider that your very essence of being is still under the same hypnotic control and conditioning that it was in this dimension (in this world) when you arrive in the next dimension (spirit world).  So I ask you to consider that the very same multi-dimensional entities control you in life and death. I believe it is vital in my opinion that you grasp this notion or at least consider it, if only for the future and what is coming to the world over the next 10 years.

My friend I believe we have been mentally programmed to be attracted to any angelic religious figures etc. and this is entirely due to the brainwashing you received on Earth by the said mufti-dimensional forces.

The ‘Jesus is the light’ scenario coupled with other ‘esoteric symbolism’ is probably the best brief description I can give you as being representative of the scenario the visions you have been programmed to see. Don’t forget you have also carried out ‘spiritual promises under oath to obey these perceived deities’ anyway through christening rituals and death rituals etc. (baptism and burial) that are carried out on your behalf by your loved ones.

The scam is very easy to see if you can be bothered to look.

Do these facts have a massive effect on us at the time of our death? Do we meet entities in dream state and we perceive these entities as our saviour at the time of our death, due to our minds being programmed beforehand? Are we then directed back, through reincarnation, to this world to repay our sins if we are indeed told we have sinned? (That’s a good trick eh?) Do we get to stay in some spirit world that we perceive as heaven for a while, at least until we are that bored we decide to willingly reincarnate anyway? ‘Go back down and learn some more so you are like Jesus ‘ comes to my mind.

Do we continually carry out the same rituals that create permanent travel from Spirit World to the five sense world? Yes of course we willingly reincarnate and in my opinion the Serpent Cult know you will have to travel between dimensions during some sort of act of spiritual calming (Via the pineal gland?) and you will be made aware of the promises you made on Earth and meet dieties that match up with those promises.

The Serpent Cult will exploit that to its fullest and if that scenario is combined with your hypnotism and the vows you carried out in this world then I tell you now you are going nowhere when you leave your body, only straight back here for another ‘life’. I don’t say that to upset you I say that to help you.

And of course eternal life on Earth appears to be a good option for some. But I can only say the Earth, on its current path, will become biggest prison and the most torturous hell imaginable.

I am trying to provide stepping-stones to cutting edge information here so it’s not easy to say all what I want to say yet.

That said I ask you now to consider the possibility that the greatest deceiver, The Serpent Cult, is not only operating in and controlling your five sense life in this world. It is also in operation in and in full control of what you perceive as the ‘spirit world’ surrounding this world too.

I am not saying the force that has hypnotised you in this world has got control of your true home or the one consciousness I am saying that force, the Serpent Cult, has control of the dimension I call the Underworld that we perceive as a Spirit World and that underworld is indeed your first port of call upon your death and I’m sorry to say its as far as most ever get before being placed back in the world they see as five sense reality. Planet Earth.

At the moment you can still get home and reconnect with the one consciousness if you don’t fall for the scam. In my opinion the spirit world is a ‘red herring world’ so to speak, simply a net to hinder your escape if you like. It’s a phony ‘light’, a phony heaven, a phony home and a phony one consciousness, but that said it is a very convincing one.

Look at the drawing I did below as a very simple illustration. It is in a symbolic form not a literal one. I ask you to consider the possibility that the area we perceive as a spirit world is only another area of the prison we are currently existing in. Many of you understand the terminology of a lower forth dimension yes? Many of you believe that when you die you escape past this lower 4th dimension and back to the one consciousness (Home). OK I understand that. But just consider the possibility that there really is a lower 4 dimension or a higher 3rd dimension. Then consider if this is true that when we die we don’t actually escape the control of the Serpent at all.

We are only led to ‘believe we have’. Just like we have been led to believe we are so clever yet we don’t even know who we are.

Earth / Spirit world are both under the control of the same deceptive force in my opinion. Wake Up. No Pie in the sky for us I’m afraid. I know fluffy bunnies out there aren’t going to like it!

The illustration above is easy to understand.  In my opinion, symbolically at least, the Earth you live on, this dimension if you like, is closely surrounded by two other dimensions, one is our spirit world and the one above that is the Serpent’s nest of control. Can you see how you would be deceived into thinking you were home or indeed in a heavenly spirit world when indeed you weren’t? You would be in the perceived ‘spirit world’ but still under the spell of the serpent. This is what I believe is going on.  We die and we believe we are then free when we see a spirit world but it really is just another deception.

So let me sum up what I have said above.

1. We are continuously programmed to think that our death will lead to a certain type of epiphany.
2. When we die we transform into another dimension.

3.The people in the spirit world are just as stupid as the ones in this one if spirits channelling through spiritualist mediums are anything to go by.

4.  In the Spirit World we are still under the same hypnosis, and the same mind control, we were under whilst alive in this world.

5. We meet deceptive entities or deceptive scenarios that lead us to eventually reincarnate back into this world. (We never really left this world of serpent control)

6. Most conspiracy researchers seem to believe the ‘conspiracy ends’ at the time of death as long as we feel spiritually uplifted and see a bloody light. (Let’s end all conspiracy theories now then!)

My dear friends and enemies, the Serpent Cult are very, very, very deceptive. They not only enslave you in this world they enslave you in what you see as the next world too. They enslave you in the next world so you will return to this world so they can feed off you again. It’s a vicious circle. You and I are simply recycled food to the Serpent Cult. In my opinion when we die the vast majority of us will return into this world again simply because we are deceived during our transformation through the dimensions and hypnotised to do so whilst in our bodies. The Serpent Cult need your free will to enable them to lead you to reincarnate and they receive your free will because of the vows you have taken on Earth. You have already surrendered your spirit to the Serpent Cult. When we die we will simply follow the programming we receive on earth and coupled with the vows we took on earth we will simply reincarnate into the machines you see as human bodies and start the food chain off again. I think you are getting it now! :)

For instance any religious person ‘meeting’ a religious icon after death will automatically obey what appears to be a superior being or energy. They have no choice because of the brainwashing and the vows they took. The same scenario applies to any atheist that meets the same visions because they will also obey what appears to be a powerful force. The atheist has also taken the same spiritual vows in some form or another during their lives. There really is no possibility that they haven’t.

The Serpent Cult only has to make it appear you have reconnected to the one consciousness and you will be ecstatic. Your vibes will raise slightly and create a feel good factor but those feelings are only because your vibes on earth were so very low that you felt like shit most of the time anyway, plus you will have lost the machine (human body) that had been sabotaged to made you feel low vibes on earth anyway. It really will appear that you have reached salvation. Sadly, in the main, it’s just another prong on the fork off deception in my opinion and you have been caught in the Serpent’s trawler net.

Again I am not suggesting all NDEs are trickery. I am not saying mediums are fraudsters, I’m saying these topics need debating. I still believe that some souls, for want of a better word, do escape the clutches of the Serpent and that their connections to the true one consciousness help that happen. We have not lost our total connection with our true Home (One consciousness) and I really do believe the ‘other side’ does communicate sometimes with people on earth but only from another dimension in this world. They are not at HOME. I wish to make that perfectly clear. Also Jinns play tricks on many people but has another story.

I want you to consider the possibility that the enslavement of mankind is not only happening whilst you are in a 5-sense body. The Serpent Cult want you back in a body carrying out the same rituals as soon as possible after you die. This gives them the right to rule over you in all circumstances. It is through your free will energy that the Serpent Cult controls you in this world. I have explained how your energy is stolen on a regular basis through various means for a few years now.

The Serpent Cult is currently creating a scenario in which they will not require your free will to control you both in body and out of body. They will only require that you give free will to be permanently ‘branded’ with their symbolism. Free will also applies when electing a government that makes a decision on your behalf so don’t think you can just think you didn’t want branding! This branding could take many forms but I believe at this moment in time that it is the ‘microchip’ (That said the microchip could be a red herring). If this scenario comes to pass, a micro-chipped population that is in free will agreement with the chip being implemented, there will be no escape from this world whatsoever to our true source. Ever. We will all be eternally trapped into a continuous cycle of reincarnation with no means of escape. Simply because the collective consciousness of the human race has accepted, via their free will, to surrender body and soul to the Serpent Cult.

The good news is that I believe forces are now being prepared in this world to try and stop that scenario from unfolding if only for those that want it to be so.

Those comments are not meant to scare you and I realise the majority of folk will scoff at such claims anyway. The information is for those that want and need to hear such information, not the ones that are applauding Simon Cowell’s moronic talent shows on TV. I tell those that know the info in this article feels right to them the truth when I say my words are trustworthy on this matter.

Can you begin to see now why the New World Order agenda is set to implement a procedure to brand the human race with eternal occult symbolism through a chip or other item of branding? It is not, my friends, simply to control you for one lifetime, not in my opinion anyway. A machine gun will easily do that. The symbolic branding will be in place to control the entire human race lifetime and literally every ‘death-time’ we actually go through, indeed it is to totally imprison you and sadly it is to imprison you for eternity. You can see how the world is going but it’s going to get a lot worse and the aim is to imprison you eternally in misery and fear through misery and fear.

Now you don’t get TV shows like Most Haunted telling you stuff like that, do you? Not when they want to sell you a most haunted pencil sharpener and a £50 quid set of DVDs anyway. There is still hope for a ‘collective shift’, that is if you actually want a major shift of consciousness that will actually help free this world and return it to its true form. There is also hope to fully escape this world and I know already that quite a few of you see ‘escape’ as being the only option you see or even want.

The time is coming to get yourself prepared over the next couple of years to achieve your spiritual aims and set yourselves free.

I will leave it there for now.

I have only sowed seeds in this article, the energy surrounding this info will take time to settle in. I want to take people further along at a later date.  But obviously if you think my claims are silly then fair enough I don’t mind. I can only say to those that think the info is silly that I hope that when you die I hope you have a nice trip ‘to the light’ and please give my regards to Jesus’ Dad and test the Pearly Gates for dust when you get there. :)

May Love Reign O’er You All ;)

Matthew Delooze 27th May 2008

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved

Local concerns over Indian utopia – (Including another ‘Delooze News Special Report’ – Aborting from the Golden Womb)

Aborting from the Golden Womb


By Matthew Delooze

On initial observation it appears that a perfect world is being created in ‘Auroville’ . …Quote from official website….

“Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity.”

Let me say now I am all for people doing what they believe to be right and in no way I am criticising folk that want to go and live in Auroville, especially if if matches up to what is claimed in the quote above. Click Here for info on Auroville. There is a symbolic building called Matrimandir at Auroville which simply means ‘Temple of the Mother’ or ‘Mother’s Shrine’. It is claimed that this is a place of non-religion Quote ‘The Mother’…

“Let it not become a religion”, the Mother said. “The failure of religions is… because they were divided. They wanted people to be religious to the exclusion of other religions, and every branch of knowledge has been a failure because it has been exclusive. What the new consciousness wants (it is on this that it insists) is: no more divisions.

I found it very hard to believe that this organisation was not linked to a religion. A look at the ‘founder’ of this organisation, Sri Aurobindo, should tell you that it is linked to religion, Mainly Hinduism. Sri Aurobindo was born Aurobindo Ghose and he was clearly inspired by Yoga and the Hindu religion. He died in 1950 but not before recruited Mirra Alfassa AKA ‘The Mother’ to carry on his work. Aurobindo created the ‘Sri Aurobindo Ashram’ but later did a runner and left the symbolic ‘Mother’ to build it up. The Ashram indeed did not use the ‘name’ of the Hindu Deities but Mirra Alfassa refers to Sri Aurobindo as ‘Krishna’ and Sri Aurobindo saw Mirra Alfassa as the ‘Divine Mother’. They were indeed, my truth seeking friends, symbolic deities themselves and are treated as such by the people, their disciples, who claim to be a non religious organisation. Indeed in my opinion Mirra Alfassa and Sri Aurobindo simply represented the Hindu deities. I am not here to tell you whether these people are confidence tricksters or whether they worked knowingly or unknowingly for a deceptive force.


The late Sir Aurobindo & The late Mother

Please do your own research but I tell you the truth when I say that I believe getting on your knees (or sat on your arse doing yoga) to respect Mirra Alfassa,The Mother, outside the Matrimandir is no different to getting on your knees surrendering to Isis at the Temple on the island of Phillae. Indeed this temple is on a par with the Egyptian midwife deity, Hathor, and her temple in Dendera. Take heed of this as I kid you not!

I only need to look at the geometry of the Temple known as the Matrimandir (Mothers Shrine or Mother’s Temple) to know that something doesn’t feel right. Take a look at these photo’s.

Half completed?

Take a look at the official site explanation about some of the main symbolism here. Basically this ‘thing’ is based on the Sun (Domed Temple), the Equinox (4 Pillars) and the Zodiac (12 Gardens). It is a ‘Sun Temple’. It is even allegedly laid out as a lotus flower. (Sun rebirth symbolism) Here is a picture from above.


Considering this Ashram at Auroville claims to be non religious, the aerial view of the area looks like the Cosmic Egg or World Egg to me, indeed I thought the Matrimandir itself represented the ‘Golden’ Womb which would coincide with it being named the Mothers Shrine. The Hindu’s call this the Hiranyagarbha but this thing has nothing to do with religion has it? Well has it? Remember The Mother says it has nothing to do with religion so you better bloody believe it and start going ‘baa baa’. This thing also has an ‘inner chamber ‘ that displays this one ball.

The inner chamber Click Here and scroll down

Please click on the link above but I will quote..the official site regarding the ball..It claims…

The most important thing is this: the play of the sun on the centre. Because that becomes the symbol, the symbol of future realisations.”

Oh my brothers I realised alright! ….So what can be said about this Auroville and its Matrimandir? Is it a place of tranquility? A utopia for the masses is it? Is it ‘religious free’? If so why do I not have the urge to bugger off there and wallow in spiritual freedom? You know and I know deep down that this ‘Auroville’ is just as much a prison as your own home town is becoming through our apathy, if not a lot worse. Indeed in my opinion The Matrimandir is another blatant in your face energy stealing monument. If you have clicked on all the links and taken in the info can I ask you if you want to run off and live there? Maybe the main stream media report linked earlier is true and the place is full of abuse and corruption anyway?

This Matrimandir is just an other rehashed version of the Dhammakaya Cetiya in Thailand that I reported on earlier in the week, in my opinion. The only difference is that the Matrimandir is more blatant about the actual Sun Worship.

I would be only too glad to say in this article..come on folks lets bugger off to Auroville and ‘boogie’. But I can’t. This is nothing new. It’s the same bloody scam that has gone on for millennia. WAKE UP!

In my honest opinion this Auroville is a farm full of delusional sheep that will surrender their own spiritual energy in the name of the adored ‘Divine Mother’ through the symbolic sun womb. The Temple (The Womb) known as the ‘Matrimandir’ will act as the energy transporter to the underworld (Lower 4th)

I can only tell you again that emotional respect creates spiritual energy. I can only tell you again that the masses will be conned into attending events around or inside symbolic ‘sun monuments’ that will be created to display symbolism and occult geometry. When this occurs the participants will be required to release emotion (energy) and these emotions will be created through manipulation of the mind (like Christmas time).

Once this spiritual energy is created it is directed to the central focal point of the event. In this case it is the ‘Mother Temple’ in Auroville. The energy was created ‘for’ the Temple, through free will, therefore the temple can harness and transport the energy to another dimension to the creators of the symbolism and the geometry that the temple is based and built on. (Cosmic Copyright sort of thing if you like!)

Laugh if you want.

I think I have said enough and I am sure those that have read my stuff before are now understanding the true meaning of certain esoteric monuments that are appearing in this world. Again I am not criticising any one who want to live in Auroville. I can see how peace keeping people would be attracted to the principles that are promoted by The Mother. But if this is a true ‘utopia’ then I’m a red assed baboon in kinky underwear. In my opinion its another sun worship energy extraction farm and it will help enslave mankind not free it.

Before I sign off from this ‘Delooze News Special Report’ :) I’d like to show you this picture.

Door to the Golden Womb (No sun symbolism there then eh? said Stevie Wonder)

It’s a ‘door’ in the Mother’s Temple. A vaginal opening if you like? Especially if you see the temple as a ‘golden womb’, in the ‘non religious’ Auroville of course. This door was inaugurated on February 21, 2008. There was a full lunar eclipse on that day.

There is no doubt in my mind that Auroville and its temple have been created not as a utopia but as a symbolic Sun Temple. I suggest that if you are you going to ignore these things then you do so at your spiritual peril.
Thank you for your time. May Love Reign O’er You All

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

Source for news report…

Local concerns over Indian utopia

Auroville sounds like a throwback to the 60s, advocating no rules and leaders and promising peace and harmony, but Rachel Wright hears claims of exploitation and abuse at the southern Indian community. Some call it the giant golden golf ball, and the description is just right. The Matrimandir – literally the temple of the Mother – is a huge eight-sided almost-spherical building.  “A place where there were no rules, no leaders and no money”

Vesak Full Moon Day – A Delooze News Special Report

Blowing out the Candles on Vesak Full Moon Day


…and don’t forget it!

“A Delooze News Special Report”

…and don’t forget it!


I was in London on Tuesday and didn’t realise a Full Moon was beginning in the East as I had a drink in the Blackfriar pub near Blackfriar bridge. I also didn’t realise I’d missed my mate’s birthday celebrations when I eventually arrived home. So I have put a few words and a few photo’s
together to record matters, albeit belatedly. The birth (and death) of Gautama Buddha (Sun God) is celebrated throughout the East on what is known as the VESAK.

Officially Vesak means…
 Vesak, also known as Buddha Day, celebrates the Buddha’s birthday, enlightenment and death. It is the most important day in the Buddhist calendar.  Click Here and Click Here for more basic official info on Vesak

So basically, to cut a long story short, it’s just another Sun worship event that is disguised as a birthday but unlike like ‘your’ birthday or death it has no official date. It’s a ritual that simply has to take place during a full moon. This con trick of following a lunar and solar calendar is rife amongst eastern religions, that said, it’s only on a par with celebrating the birth of our Sun God which is of
course known as Jesus. In my opinion Buddah and Jesus are simply different names for the same con-trick.

If you have been reading my stuff for a while you will realise that I claim the Serpent Cult (or the devil worshipping ‘illuminati’ if you can’t cope with the thought of reptilians and still think Jesus is coming to save you on a cloud) has a habit of getting a load of sheep (brainwashed human beings) to go and release energy at or in certain monuments around the world in certain locations. I have gone into the various different monuments increasingly over the last few years in my books and articles
and now even in Delooze News special reports like this one! :)

This Vesak celebration is no different and without wanting to offend any Buddhists, for having beliefs they are fully entitled to believe in, I will say in my opinion  that they are just like the Muslims, Christians and the Jews in such a way that they are victims to a great deception. They are being ‘led’ to certain places ‘in an emotional state’,  created through brainwashing, to carry out rituals they really know nothing about.

Boudnanath Stupa Kathmandu Nepal 

The Buddists are forced or attracted to a Stupa or a Pagoda in their millions, especially during rituals like Vesak. This is just like Christians being forced or attracted to churches in Europe etc for Christmas. A manipulated global worship of Solar and Lunar deities is taking place on planet earth and the human sheeple are being conned on a massive scale in my opinion.



The sheeple are led to carry out rituals at the monuments on the understanding its for their own good. But ‘THINK’… is it really for our own good?

Buddah monuments (Sun Worship) come in several geometric styles

“The stupa evolved into the Pagoda as Buddhism spread to other Asian countries. The pagoda has varied forms that also include bell shaped and pyramidal ones. Today, in the Western context, there is no clear distinction between the stupa and the pagoda. But in general stupa is used for a Buddhist structure of India or South East while Pagoda refers to a building in East Asia which can be entered and which may be secular in purpose. Fundamentally, a stupa is essentially made up of the following five constituent parts: a square base , a hemispherical dome’, a conical spire, a crescent moon and a circular disc.”

We in the western world do not realise the scale of matters going on in Asia. We only see what goes on in the West. I haven’t mentioned this place for a while..but lets take a look at what is going on in
Thailand. The Dhammakaya Cetiya (a symbol of world peace)



The Dhammakaya Cetiya

The Dhammakaya Cetiya is encircled by the The Grand Meditation Amphitheatre and is literally a massive spiritual energy extractor in my opinion. This thing is adorned with geometry and sun symbolism. It even has its own museum. Please click on the links provided above and have ‘a
look’. It is allegedly run entirely on donations (free will) and is basically a very large extension to the older Wat Phra Dhammakaya. It is obvious to me that this structure, and the recently added amphitheatre, is part of a long term plan to make this area one of the biggest spiritual energy extraction machine in the far East. The sheeple flock to it. In my opinion the amphitheater is literally what it says it is and it has dramatically increased the energy that goes through the main


Rituals inside the Amphitheatre only increase the energy that goes ‘through ‘the Dhammakaya Cetiya
The monument gets full attention at certain rituals just like the London
Eye does at New Years Eve in the UK. Same scam  – different monument.

There is a very good slideshow here to give you an idea of the size of this thing if you haven’t already
clicked on the link to the official site that was provided earlier. Please take in the info provided in the links. Can you start to see that it just might be possible that the human race is farmed and led to
places like Dhammakaya Cetiya? Why would a deity, like Buddah or Jesus, want us on our knees all our lives just so we might seek the awakening that they had?

Buddah is just another symbol of the sun I’m afraid. Worship Buddah, you Worship the Sun. Worship the Sun, you Worship the Ogdoad 

Is it possible that these deities and their promises of awakened enlightenment, if we obey them, are a con trick to extract our spiritual energy? This stolen energy may keep ‘them’ and their masters in an awakened state simply because they have sucked us dry of our energy and dumbed us down eh? Are we denied an awakened state simple because we surrender all our will to the real force that is behind these deities? Obviously if I am right then that would explain the need to dumb down the masses and build these energy extracting monuments, I keep rabbiting on about, all over this world eh? And, of course, it obviously ‘pays’ these energy stealers to have us
blindly worship them. WAKE UP!

Try telling the millions of Buddhists that are attending the rituals at  places like the Dhammakaya
Cetiya that they have been brainwashed and their actions are actually enslaving them, not freeing them. They will viciously attack you for trying to free them if you do. Try telling the millions of
Catholics the same thing about their church and ritual centres like the Vatican and that the name Jesus is being used to trick them. They will attack you too for trying to free them. It is not their fault because they are programmed to do so by the force that has enslaved them. A force they have surrendered to and a force that enslaves them through false promises of spiritual freedom.

The first rule of their brainwashing is to blindly attack anyone but those (Sun Deities) that
have actually enslaved them and have put them on their knees in the first place. The same can be said for hippy type sheep that blindly obey any silver tongued new age type Guru that claims to have
more powers than themselves. I tell you the truth when I say that no one has any more power than you yourself. It is just that you have been tricked and are so so dumbed down that you believe you need the permission of a god to be free. You only need to break free of the hypnosis you have been put under to be free.

Please think about the information contained in this Delooze News Special Report. :) Please ask yourself if the people at the Dhammakaya Cetiya, celebrating the birth and death of Buddah, are actually finding spiritual freedom through enlightenment or are they actually already in spiritual enslavement and surrendering up their energy to the deceptive deity they believe is their saviour through hypnosis?

“You can never be free if you have to get on your knees”
Matthew Delooze 22nd May 2008

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

Money raised for Africa ‘goes to civil wars’

Live Aid Robbery?

Money raised for Africa ‘goes to civil wars’

 Bono’s swag bag?… Bono says…”Top o’ the morning t’yer suckers there’s enough in here for a thousand machine guns thanks”…

Matthew Delooze says... Who wants to be a billionaire whilst pretending to be charitable eh? I don’t know anything about where the majority of ‘money’ raised at the phoney Live Aid and the Live 8 concerts ended up, but it’s obvious it has done ‘jack shit’ to help poverty in Africa.
I wrote about Live 8 in my article The Past is Calling before it even took place. Live 8 raped the sheep in its attendance for their spiritual energy and it’s no surprise to me that the money raised
through these events simply went to cause a lot more suffering. (It means they can carry on with doing concerts on symbolic landmarks you see!) Try telling that to a anyone waving their arms in worship of Madonna. Lackey’s like Geldof and Bono are simply ‘in it’ for their own status and living like gods in this world. You are ‘in it’ for eternity as you are now, a robot, as a spiritual slave in this world.)


Thank You
Matthew Delooze

For crying out loud… Beam me up! – Lighting to Unite

For crying out loud… Beam me up!


Lighting to Unite

Matthew Delooze says….Look at the picture above… obviously any emotional energy felt and directed about the art, by those in attendance, is also felt and directed to the monument. This sort of thing will increase drastically in the future. People will go to symbolic building that are displaying occult symbolism through ‘art’ and they will automatically applaud and cheer the work. Emotional respect creates spiritual energy…so the energy created through respect goes through symbolic monument to the ‘underworld’ or ‘lower forth’ (the creators of the symbolism on display)…Have you got it yet or are you still reading your credit card statement and worried you won’t make the mortgage?… Believe me many of you won’t make the mortgage in the future. That is the plan!



So don’t forget to scream and applaud at a symbolic building adorned with symbolism in a town near you in the future. :)

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

High Five in Astana – A Delooze News Special Report

Awaiting the Royal Marquee


  High Five!

Astana is the NEW capital of Kazakhstan. Briefly after Kazakhstan gained its independence in 1991 the city and the region were renamed “Akmola”. The name was often translated as “White Tombstone,” but actually means “Holy Place”. In 1994, the city was designated as the future capital of the newly-independent country, and again renamed to the present “Astana” after the capital was officially moved from Atalmy in 1997. I don’t pretend to have researched the area but after briefly looking into matters it appears this place has a very symbolic past. Indeed strangely Astana is know known as Manhattan on the Steppe. . If you don’t know what steppe means click here.

Anyway I’m not here today to give you a history lesson on Astana. I will say that the city of Astana is being created by another puppet for the Serpent called Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev. The scenario reminded me as being similar to events I reported in my news recently that took place in Turkmenistan. Indeed the countries that were once part of the old Soviet Union seem to have acquired many agents for the illuminati and they are creating occult monuments all over the bloody place. Let’s have a look at what is already going on in Astana and what’s coming in the very near future Astana.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (Pyramid of Peace)

Please don’t underestimate the work that has gone into this pyramid. I tried to understand the five sense reasons for building such a structure in a country like Kazakhstan but I failed. I felt a connection between this structure and other modern monuments that are appearing in the West (Previously reported in articles)

The capstone of the pyramid from the outside
The apex of the pyramid from the inside showing the sun
The capstone of the Pyramid showing ‘Doves’
Looking down the pyramid’s staircase from the inside

For a better idea at the size of this thing you maybe better looking here. The  same people who created the London Gherkin also created the Pyramid at Astana. Click Here

Anyway let’s move on and look at another monument, a Tree of Life and Sun monument known as the ‘Baiterek’ – Life Tree. Believe me, my little sweepers up of Hadrian’s Ashes, this monument is very ambiguous and esoteric and no corrupt gangster or agent for the Serpent like Nazarbayev planned this. This is created from orders that came straight from the underworld. Click Here for official info on the monument.

‘Baiterek’ – Life Tree. Blatant  occult sun worship symbolism 
Nazarbayev’s,  the Serpent Puppet, hand print is inside the ‘Baiterek’ showing a view of the rising New,City- Manhattan on the Steppe. High Five?

Well what can I say truth seekers? What does that mean a hand in a pyramid on a disc? 22 carat gold wanker maybe? Obviously this is not your run o’ the mill symbolism is it?  This news item is turning into an article, as they have done all week, in an attempt to record May Day events and provide truthful info about certain monuments. My two articles about Paris and the Vatican were also provided to supply, what I believe is, vital information. (Please don’t take the information you are receiving for granted and lose it!).

In my opinion events in places like Kazakhstan, and indeed in Turkmenistan as reported earlier in the week, largely go unnoticed in the western world. Indeed I heard an American say the other day that these countries are ‘backward’.  The majority of westerners don’t even know countries like this exist. I tell you they do exist and the illuminati is using them to their full extent. In my opinion it is us in the west that are ‘backward’ and in more bloody ways than one.

For whatever reason the Serpent Cult is ‘moving’ occult relics and/or building new occult monuments in areas linked to the ancient past. Money is no object and many billionaire gangsters, created in the East, are now in position to make sure these things happen. In the case of Kazakhstan I believe these monuments are not used solely for spiritual energy extraction. I believe they are used for ritual and inter-dimensional communications too and not only that I believe the Serpent Cult are gearing up for events to take place in this world, that are on a par with the Shekhinah . Not that the sheeple will worry  in their hypnotic stupor about that possible scenario unfolding especially if they can get a digital camera or an iPod for Christmas.

Anyway I’d like to show you on more monument that they are building in this new City in Astana. Manhattan on the Steppe. Have a butchers at this.

Khan Shatyry (“Royal Marquee”)  Currently under construction in Astana 

Now then that’s just the sort of thing you’d expect to see in bollock freezing Astana, Kazakhstan isn’t it. This thing is huge and I’m not talking about the bollock. Take a look here

Well then what do you think to that beauty? On my brothers! that’s a Tabernacle that is surely on a par with the Temple of Solomon, if ever I saw one, and may I lose my eye in a dirty puddle if I am wrong. I say again that the Serpent Cult are using certain monuments, in certain special locations, as spiritual energy extraction devices. These buildings are being planned and built by a few elite agents for the serpent. Indeed in certain countries they are simply built without consultation with the public and those countries that pretend to be democratic simply use bent politicians and corrupt local councils to build them. It is obvious with the apathy that is all around that nothing is going to stop them either. Who is going to stop em?

Let’s face it folks the average dumbed down ‘ape’ that thinks it is a free human being hasn’t a clue whats going on in the world and most of those that think they are awake are living a double life with double standards. One life is as an ‘anonymous’ truth seeker that dare not tell anyone what they  really believe in real life and the other life is one begging on their knees serving the serpent like some organist’s monkey.

The time is coming where you have to make a choice. Freedom or Imprisonment. If you want imprisonment do nothing and do not think. Nothing new then for most of the human race then eh?

Wake Up!

Thank You
Matthew Delooze
May 9th 2008


The Temple of Athena is Reborn – A Delooze News Special Report

Playing with The Elgin Marbles…

…The Temple of Athena is Reborn


The New Acropolis Museum on The Rock in Athens.

“A Delooze News Special Report”

I thought I’d mention a museum that is appearing in Athens. It is being built near the ancient Acropolis of Athens. For those that don’t know what the Athens Acropolis is click here. Basically an Acropolis is a flat area of rock that is high up. (A high city, The “Sacred Rock”). Strangely enough the one in Athens is known as the Cecropia after the legendary serpent man Cecrops. So you can guess why I was immediately interested in this one.


Return of Cecrops – The Face with the Tail?

Anyway on this rock, this Serpent Man’s High City, known as the main Acropolis of the world, there is several monuments, temples and other buildings that all relate back to ancient sun deities such as Zeus and Athena. Of course I am going to say that the Acropolis at Athens is a classic
example of a rising Benben too.

Because of the research I was doing in Paris a few months ago, and my continuing belief that the Serpent Cult is using modern buildings and ancient symbolism to extract spiritual energy from the human race, I decided to look at the New Acropolis Museum. If you have not read my
most recent articles about spiritual energy extraction then please see Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird or Brushing Away the Ashes of Hadrian Those people that are up to speed then I’ll say… lets have a look at what they are building in Athens shall we?

The New Acropolis Museum on The Rock in Athens.

First of all please watch the video linked below, it shows the New Acropolis museum chairman Professor Dimitrios Pandermalis giving the BBC’s Malcolm Brabant a special tour around Greece’s newest museum.  Click Here for Video

So what we have (On a par with the Louvre Museum and the Vatican Museum) is another museum that is wanting to gather many many people in one symbolic place that is located next to an ancient monument (In this case the ‘Parthenon’ and other Sun God Temples on the Acropolis). Apparently the powers that be have decided to recreate the entire walls of the Parthenon in a brand spanking new museum that is costing 13 million Euros at least. The same powers that be have also made sure
that the museum is laid out in exact synchronicity with the original Parthenon.


The Parthenon ‘as it was’

So my little band of Benu Bird ‘feather spitters’, what do you reckon? Am I loopy for suggesting that this is just another Louvre or Vatican type spiritual energy scam as mentioned in my previous work? Or is it just possible that you might think something like… hang on a minute maybe Mad Matt Delooze might have a point?

Remember that I believe emotional respect creates spiritual energy. So here we have again the creation of a ‘respect centre’ (The New Acropolis Museum) that will contain many awesome relics of respect near a symbolic monument. (The Parthenon and other Temples) Indeed, as mentioned earlier, the museum is actually a replica of the Parthenon (The Temple of Athena). If you didn’t watch the video before then do so now and you will see what I mean.

If you watched the video clip you will also note that the ancient symbolism is being restored and recreated in the museum in its former glory. The Elgin Marbles are mentioned. This means the millions of people that visit this new museum will literally be seeing and respecting the same symbolism that the ancients did. They will literally be respecting Cecrops. Here are a couple of shots from inside the museum.

A view from the New Acropolis Museum to the Ancient Parthenon 


The Elgin Marbles and pillars will be placed in the new museum to create a replica Parthenon 


The museum is built on ancient symbolic ground in its own right it is literally a new temple 

I believe that it is absolutely no coincidence at all that the authorities are finding funding to do these things and also finding money to place modern monuments in locations that have esoteric values
to them, for example, monuments like the Louvre pyramid and the numerous Ferris wheels that are appearing world wide.

The Serpent Cult also seem to be in a rush to place their symbolism in certain locations, then they have it officially accepted and officially respected. There seems to be an agenda at the moment to ‘MOVE’ ancient and modern monuments around the world. I have reported several different incidents in my news items lately where relics and monuments are being ceremoniously ‘moved’. Iraq is a good example and I reported on events in the museum of Iraq a few days ago. I didn’t report these things for bugger all tha knows! I reported them because they are important in my opinion.

They, the Serpent Cult, seem to need to keep the collective consciousness of the human race not only focused on their symbolism but also keep us totally in awe of it too. They actually want us to visit and see these ancient symbolic things in great numbers, in large queues. This in turn
creates respect for their symbolism and therefore energy for their masters.

Click Here for The New Acropolis Museum website

Anyway as I said this was just a quickie, just another example of how the Serpent Cult is creating a system to increase the amount of spiritual energy it wants to create and pass through ancient monuments by placing things for us to respect very close to them. I can only see this type
of thing increasing enormously in the coming years because it is indeed, in my opinion, these things that are being used to enslave your spirit and your body for eternity, trapping us in continuous
reincarnation, into a physical and mental prison of hell. Please take the information or leave it.

But I tell you the truth with good intentions that if you are still in such a hypnotic stupor that you
think your pathetic ego and pathetic credit card will see you through what’s coming in this world then fair enough… go and bugger off and watch Sesame Street, and put your faith in our media moguls and our bent politicians, instead of reading things like this. :)  I tell you with urgency that the Serpent Cult is battening down the hatches of this world and it is ready to close the gates of its prison on YOU. So let’s laugh all the way to the prison cell about that, a prison cell we are being deceived into creating for ourselves. Let’s be just like the silly little piggy that ran all the way home in the nursery rhyme shall we? Wee Wee Wee!

May love reign o’er you all.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze


Huge rally in Cuba marks May Day

Penning in the sheep


  Huge rally in Cuba marks May Day

“Hundreds of thousands of Cubans are attending a May Day parade in Havana honouring the world’s workers. President Raul Castro, who succeeded his ailing brother Fidel in February, is attending the
celebrations. He did not address the crowds. Cuban authorities say that 500,000 people are taking part in the parade. Raul Castro arrived in Havana’s Revolution Square wearing his trademark general’s uniform, but he did not make a speech.”


The massive monument in Revolution Square Havana 
Jose Marti in classic masonic pose.

It is no secret that Jose Marti was a freemason, so we have the classic example of a freemasonic (illuminati) monument  being openly displayed under the noses of the public.

Masonic monuments respecting Jose Marti are located on American soil.

So what we see in Havana is another excellent example of how the Serpent Cult attract the sheeple to symbolic places and symbolic monuments to ‘celebrate’ and release spiritual energy. Same Scam? It does not matter if you are a communist Cuban in Havana or a Fascist American in Washington because the Serpent Cult control ALL political movements and ALL religions. The Serpent Cult will get the sheep to provide free will energy in their symbolic places, when they say so (Worship of the cycle of the Sun). It does not matter if you personally don’t physically join in these rituals because you ‘spiritually’ accept them even when sat on your arse.

Can you see with information through articles like Brushing Away the Ashes of Hadrian and others before them that it is indeed feasible that spiritual energy is being extracted from the masses simply because we haven’t a bloody clue what is really going on? Revolution Square is a classic example of
dumbed down masses being hypnotised through their own ignorance and false or misplaced trust to celebrate in front of a blatant illuminati monument like Jose Marti’s. The same scenario is going on in ALL countries around the world using the same deceptive trickery through ALL religions and ALL politics. The entire human race is being divided and abused by agents for beings that are alien to this world. The Serpent Cult deceive through all religions and all politics. They have us by the balls whichever way we think. They cannot lose unless you at least start to open your eyes and think! Wake up!!! Wake Up!!!  :)

Click here for official news source and video

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

Turkmenistan to move gold statue of Turkmenbashi

Don’t let the Sun go down on me!


The Statue of Saparmurat Niyazov in sun worship pose. The statue faces the sun at all times during the day.

“President Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has ordered the giant syringe-like structure that towers over low-rise Ashgabat to be removed to a southern suburb, state media said. The tower, known as the Arch of Neutrality because Niyazov said one of his biggest achievements was to ensure Turkmenistan’s neutrality status, is topped by a 12-metre (40-foot) gold-plated effigy of the leader. With arms outstretched as if to embrace his subjects from the lofty perch, Niyazov rotates once every 24 hours, tracking the path of the sun from dawn to dusk”

The monument it its full glory
Next to the monument is the Earthquake ‘museum’…
…and of course the dome..

Ashgabat has a large collection of ancient parthian relics in its museums. I thought it was more than a coincidence that places as far away as Turkmenistan on the Iranian Border have set out their monuments and museums in the same way as the likes of Paris and London. Of course I realise I might just be full of shite, just like your average forum gossip. …. but what do ‘you’ think of this monument?

Nothing to do with occult sun worship has it?

Don’t let the Sun go down on me!

 For the source of official news item click here
Thank You
Matthew Delooze