Bush & the World Egg

Bush & the World Egg


Before you click on Georgie Boys tour of the Oval Office I will point out that THE SUN is mentioned quite a lot. Bush also announces in a slick way that the Eagle on the seal has pointed ‘both ways’ in the oval office because of the actions of different (Masonic) presidents. (This is covert symbolism for a double-headed eagle) 

There is quite a lot of symbolism in the oval office and if you listen very carefully to the video you will pick it up, including info about tables and ornaments. Indeed the Oval Office itself is, in my opinion, simply World ‘Egg’ symbolism

I assure you Georgie Boy may appear to be a half-wit, like me, but he sure is showing the world the symbolism in the Oval Office for the whole world to see and accept and he doesn’t miss a trick. I wonder who wrote the script?

Watch the video, again taking notice of what Bush says around and see what you think.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze FEB 2008