All For Nothing & Nothing For All

‘All For Nothing & Nothing For All’


The Masses Betrayed

An Article by Matthew Delooze

‘I wander in early to work…  …spend my day lickin’ boots for my perks’ 
(From the song Bell Boy written by Pete Townsend)

Please note that there is some swear words in this article. If you are very easily offended by swear words then please DO NOT READ IT. If fact bugger off now! No offence is meant by the swear words and they are only used to highlight my emotions and represent everyday language on factory floors.

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to spend a short while mentioning Trade Unions. Obviously I only have direct experience with unions in the UK but it will be very probable that the same scenario applies around the world.
I have had a lot of experience involving Trade Unions during my working life. I was a firebrand Shop Steward for the T&G union in my twenties and I was severely shit on and betrayed by the Amicus union (Previously the AEEU) when I reached middle age. Indeed my life was openly destroyed whilst the cowardly corrupt officials of the Amicus Union kissed the arse of the boss and turned their backs on me, all this went on whilst the lives of my family were torn apart. They also failed to act on serious and illegal breaches of safety practice and failed to defend me whilst bullying and intimidation went on in the large French owned aerospace factory, now named Aircelle that I worked in.

The official logo of Aircelle: Need ‘I’ say more to seasoned researchers?

So I am not talking out of my arse when I mention unions. I am talking from direct experience I will also be naming names in forth-coming work about my experiences at the hands of my ex-employer and the psycho managing director they employed but for now I am just going to give you basic information surrounding trade unions.

I was brought up to believe that the trade unions were great institutions for the working masses to unite and gain a foot hold and some pride in a world run by landowners and bosses. Sadly I now know that I was very much deceived into this way of thought. Thousands of other trade unionists will still be living under the same delusion that I was living under prior to the late 1990’s. These are the people to whom my heart goes out to because I know how easy it is to see that the only escape, from a lifetime of poverty and misery, for yourself and your family is through the trade unions. The genuine grass roots trade union member is in my opinion the salt of the Earth and I have met some very brave workers during my life, especially in the 1980’s. I dedicate this article to them.

I don’t want to go into a history lecture about trade unions. Most of the older end should all have come into contact with a union in some form or other and enjoyed some benefits for doing so, at least during the period that unions were allowed to prosper in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The younger end will know very little about unions, not surprisingly because on a five sense level the unions were seen to be defeated when the symbolic King Arthur (Scargill) leader of the most powerful miners union was defeated at the ‘Battle of Orgreave’ in 1984. (More on this later in the article) Anyway the first thing I want to ask all modern day union members everywhere, and I haven’t stepped foot on a shop floor or into an office for 8 years, is ‘What is your union actually doing for you?’  To the older end I ask ‘What has happened to your union?’

Does your union protect and help you or does it just take the money off you, via subscription, on a promise that it will help and protect you? (Sounds like a protection racket to me)

The formation of the unions in the past was to protect you from bankers and money-men and stop you getting into debt. Yes? So please tell me why the faces that run unions today go out of their way to send all their members offers for insurance, bank loans and crippling credit cards in the newsletters and the crappy magazines they send out to members? The members they have already taken a monthly subscription from!

Are you a union member? Do you receive and read the pathetic newsletters and union magazines they send out to you? Is there any vital information in these magazines on how to have a better life and get yourself out of poverty, or are they full of meaningless shite and adverts to sell you things that will in reality enslave you?

I haven’t seen one of these magazines for 8 years as I was expelled from my union but I know they will be full of offers to take money off you, just like the bankers and the bullshit conmen and yuppies do. That’s simply because the trade unions today are nothing more than brokers for the banks and other financial gangsters. They are nothing but pathetic agents for the money-men. The truth of the matter is that the union leaders, like the pathetic Derek Simpson of Amicus, are simply cowardly lackeys for the bankers. They literally deceive and control the working masses on behalf of the greedy forces they claim to protect you from. That is the truth. THAT IS THE TRUTH. I don’t like to say that but that is the truth.

Here is just a short list of financial services offered by Amicus run by the joke of a leader Derek Simpson. Amicus gets a commission on your spending of course… just like the pinstriped suited financial advisor did for selling you a dodgy pension or a failing mortgage. (Click Here)

Indeed the newly merged Amicus and T&G union will have 2 million members. These members that are penned in like sheep, will all be on a data base and used like sheep to sell things to, yet in their slumber the same members don’t realise that they were purposely herded into a pen for this. The union will claim to be serving the members and gaining better working conditions (Ha Ha Ha) but they will really be trying to milk their data base to sell financial services to the Muppet union members. I apologise for calling working men Muppets, but what else can a call people who robotically carry a union card? What use is a union card in 2007? The union treats you worse than the bosses and I talk from experience when I say that in big firms and the regional and national union leaders are in cahoots anyway. I kid you not, I have been battered by the system these liars operate in and I assure you the whole system is rotten to the core.

You are simply being played from both sides and in far more ways than you may ever realise.

Who is really running out unions anyway? Do you believe the likes of Derek Simpson, a cowardly simpleton, really runs ‘Amicus’ union? Come on brothers and sisters, I tell you the truth when I say Derek the Puppet couldn’t run a paper shop never mind lead a union. He is simply a public face that is controlled from behind the scenes. Just like the rest of the union leaders and the nodding dog Muppets they surround themselves with as regional officers.

Derek Simpson: Leader of a million workers: Having a Laugh.

Do you honestly believe that people like Simpson have grown in status by ‘leading’ workers to better things? I certainly believe people like Simpson have grown fat by actually dumbing the workers down and serving the bankers? People like Simpson have misled the workers nothing else.

Apathy is rife within the trade union movement. Indeed there was only a very small turnout to vote on the recent merger that will literally leave the future of the working classes under the direct control of puppets like Simpson or whatever puppet replaces him. Indeed the previous leader of Amicus was Sir Ken Jackson, a mate of Tony Blair. A union having a pillock in charge is bad enough but a union having an idiotic knighted pillock in charge took the biscuit. I found Sir Ken a complete liar and a fraud during my dealings with him from 2000- 2002 (He was knighted in 2001 for supporting the War on Terror and basically kissing the arse of Tony Blair)

I am very sorry to say and it breaks my heart to do so but the working class movement is a sham and it has always been the same. Having researched the recent activities of the so called working class movements and trade unions and, of course, serving 25 years in dead end misery in various factories and mills, I can tell you that the unions are really run and controlled by the establishments secret societies and secret meetings take place between government puppets and union puppets to control the sheeple. Not that the sheeple have any pride or unity anymore anyway. Being a union member these days is simply on a par with getting and holding a supermarket loyalty card. Am I wrong in saying that brothers and sisters? What is your union card worth then?

Don’t you know? I’ll tell you then, your union membership card is worth absolutely nothing, just like the workers are worth absolutely nothing. Indeed the trade unions should be prosecuted under the trade descriptions act for calling themselves a union? They don’t know the meaning of the word. Amicus is just one of the unions that sit back and let old age pensioners fight alone for injustices in council tax laws? 60, 70 and 80 year old pensioners are left to fight the battles whilst trade union men work overtime and get a union sponsored credit card? Hey what goes on here?

Airy arsed ‘brave’ union men are they?  Courageous skilled tradesmen with pride and with guts to back up the pride?  What a load of bollocks. Yes sure and I am a red arsed baboon. The average union members have been turned into cowardly nodding dogs that they have never had any real pride or real guts for that matter. Not in the last 25 years or so anyway. Workingmen these days are at the mercy of a useless union and usually led by idiotic, usually corrupt, union leaders and regional officers.  Untrained and wet behind the ears shop stewards are also ‘elected’ and left alone to try and unite a split and disillusioned workforce on the shop floor, sadly they all lack the bollocks and the intelligence to see it through.

‘You ‘men’ should remember how you used to fight in my opinion. I don’t mean thumping and kicking on a picket line either. I mean actually ‘object’ to the physical and spiritual prison we are all being put in. Wake up before it’s far too late. What use is your wage packet if you have no soul or only a miserable ghost town to spend your wages in?

Anyway I better move on because the memory of being back-stabbed by cowardly Amicus union reps is starting to affect my writing……… I was talking about council tax injustices and trade unions leaving old age pensioners to fight injustice wasn’t I?  How many trade union officials operate inside corrupt local Town and City Councils? How many bent union officials operate inside County Councils?

My research tells me that many, many, puppet union officials are led onto corrupt councils to supply much needed votes on certain committees inside Town and City Halls. We have a situation where puppet and numbskull trade unionists are literally voting to cause hardships to the local population and then leaving the weak to protest about it. That is blatant fact not a theory.

Some ‘union officials’ end up in some very high-ranking positions of status in local authorities. This is supposed to convince people that councils use proper representatives of the masses.  But  nothing could be further from the truth and I tell you the truth when I say most ‘selected’ officials serving on councils are as bent as a nine bob note. They are rotten to the core and their only interest is  them, looking after number one.

Terry ‘Bent as a nine bob’ Burns meets his enslaver
The Chairman of Lancashire County Council (2006/07) and the regional AMICUS union rep, ‘Brother Terry ‘bent as a nine bob note’ Burns’, meeting his enslaver and ruler, the Queen.

In my opinion this is a typical symbolic image of a so-called union man ‘kissing the arse’ of the establishment whilst wearing the symbolism of the elite, whilst at the same time claiming to represent and serve the workers. The picture says it all to me.  Indeed the higher-ranking union men are getting fat off the misery of the workers they fail to represent, simply by kissing the arse of the elite. This has always been the case but blind union men, me included, wear blinkers. I removed my blinkers in 1999 when Amicus and its bent officials stabbed me in the back at the factory I worked in and at the regional office in Manchester. I am not saying Terry Burns stabbed me in the back, he didn’t, but his bent predecessor Mike Cooney did and so did the bunch of wankers employed at head office. That said it is a case of ‘meet the new union rep same as the old union rep’ and in my opinion I see Burns being as bent and as two faced as the rest of them.

Going higher up the two faced scale of corruption here is another picture that says it all, at least as far as what has happened to the so-called Labour Party is concerned. Take a look at this.

Margaret Thatcher being entertained recently by the so-called union supported Labour Party.

It is obvious to the working classes in the UK, those aged over 40 anyway, that Thatcher was supposed to be responsible for the destruction of the trade unions by beating Arthur Scargill and the miners. So why is the Labour Party officially putting Thatcher on display dressed in red?

Why has the Labour Party not thrown out the anti trade union laws that the Tories brought in as well? (It’s because all governments piss in the same pot, that’s why) Why have the majority of trade unions and their pathetic leaders kissed the arse of Tony Blair for ten years and done nothing about the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan apart from token gestures of disagreement? Why are the living standards of millions of workers being destroyed without a fight?

Don’t bother asking your union officers these questions because they won’t be able to answer you. They are just going through the motions and trying to keep the illusion that you actually have rights going.  You don’t have any rights but the union leaders, because of their masters, will keep you thinking you have. They get paid for it you see. You certainly have a right to pay union subscriptions.

I could rant on about the 5-sense reality of trade unions and the workers themselves for pages and pages. Why should I? You live in the 5 sense world, so what do you see? You don’t really need me to tell you what is really going on. Just open your eyes and actually think for yourself and start to use the intuition you have instead of believing the brainwashed shit-heads at the TUC and the idiotic regional officers like Terry Burns.

Do you choose to be blind about what is going on around you? Is it easier for you that way? If you have just done a long shift on the factory floor or a long session in the office, bored out of your mind and spiritually destroyed, don’t you ever think of the reason why? It time to start thinking and try to break the spell you are under.

Do you see unions helping you or do you see them acting as middlemen that are really in cahoots with the bosses? Is it possible that both sides, the union leaders and the bosses, are unknowingly following orders from a higher source? Let’s face it folks both sides profit from our misery, generation after generation, don’t they?  Try and imagine an unseen force that controls all bosses and all unions without them realising it. Wouldn’t that unseen force be able to pull the strings of both sides whenever it chooses? I tell you again that the unions and puppet leaders like Derek Simpson (this bloke must be related to Homer) are simply agencies and agents for the bankers, same as the bosses are.

If you look to the union leaders for guidance in the hum-drum misery you endure on a daily basis then you will soon realise that you are wasting your time because you won’t get any guidance, because they are only interested in their own income and getting commission from selling you insurance and loans. The unions simply exploit the worker from all sides, same as the bosses do. The sad thing is that the union’s regional officers and shop floor stewards simply follow the rules passed down to them from committees chaired by wankers like Derek Simpson and the rest of the idiots posing as tough union leaders. Please wake up and comprehend that you are being herded from both sides. The puppet bosses and the puppet unions.

On a five sense level the establishment use ‘both sides’ to keep order and control of the masses. An unseen force hands down orders of battle to both sides and the same force delivers the means to win or lose the battle. It holds all the cards and always gets the result it wants. A very few powerful figures can create chaotic situations for bosses and for workers alike and at the same time blame either side for the trouble they cause. The boss never sees above exploiting the worker to suit their own ends and the union is the same and never the twain shall meet. They can’t see the unseen force that uses them both and we all have to take a side sometime in our lives. Therefore we are controlled ourselves by the same unseen force.

This unseen force can control whole economies simply by controlling the bosses and the union leaders. Both sides pass orders down through their nodding dog organisations and the moronic masses just go along with it without seeing what is going on. It’s far easier that way isn’t it folks? Live from one payday to the next and don’t think of anything else eh? This suits both sides!

Bosses or unions can arrange a fight in a crack but so can subservience. Think about it. If you controlled, say, the bank bosses and the banking unions you could cause chaos in the financial market in a moment by using your powers, well couldn’t you? Best of all you could blame whichever side you wanted. The same situation applies to all major industries and all businesses.

A good example of this is the phony petrol price dispute a few years back in the UK. Do you remember it? All we Brits were shitting ourselves over simply getting some petrol. Apparently a Scottish truck driver and a Welsh farmer were officially responsible for bringing the country to a standstill. What a load of bollocks. Open up your eyes and look for once in your lives. The unseen force that secretly rules this world created this situation by using all the control it has over all sides. Please click here and make your own mind up.

Another thing the petrol dispute showed me was how pathetic, greedy and controlled the masses really are. How many of you Brits looked in the mirror during the petrol dispute? I am sorry to say that in the UK at least that the PTB can bring you to your knees in a day. I am sure the same scenario applies worldwide especially in Europe and in the mass neurotic disorder known as the USA.  Anyway….

I will also say that the anti-union laws were adopted in the UK in the 1980’s as part as a very long-term agenda simply to stop any genuine demonstrations in the future. Any genuine industrial or political uprising will be crushed immediately should we the masses ever collectively click on to what is really going on.

I say again to you, do you think the likes of the pathetic Derek Simpson and the rest of the cronies in the TUC, and around the world for that matter, have any real power?
Oh I know some of them go around acting like Al Capone and some have links to organised crime, especially the Catholic Church, but we should realise that leaders like Sir Ken Jackson and his replacement are nothing but tosspots living off the backs of the enslaved masses. I ask all Amicus members: Are you any better off under the clown Simpson as you were under Sir Ken Jackson? I know the answer and to quote John Lennon when I say you are still fucking peasants as far as I can see.

These union leaders are simply lap dogs following orders and getting fat off the workers or should I say getting fat off the mindless drones that are currently spiritually dead on the shop floors and in offices for 40, 50, 60 and 70 hours a week?

Mindless Drones is the reality of what we have become simply by believing and following the stupidity of the boss and the stupidity of the union leaders. We simply dare not do anything else I hear you say?  How will we eat – where will we live?  You think this way yet you still cannot see that you are being controlled by both the boss and the union and both the union and the boss are controlled by unseen faces, well don’t you?

Ask yourself where your natural intuition has gone after you realise that you have become totally reliant on bosses and/or unions in one form or another. How can you unveil a corrupt force when you/we are on your/our knees and we woefully and totally depend on it? Once you realize that you are really in chains the answers to the how will we eat – where will we live will question comes from within not from anyone else.

The force that really controls you also initially controls both the unions and the bosses and in turn they act as agents for your true controller. This controller simply creates a face for you to trust and follow, whether it is a bank boss or a union rep. If you blindly follow that face then you reap what you sow and you will follow their rules of where you eat and where you live. Those rules are based on fear and control not spiritual freedom and natural intuition. The trade union movement is a sham and generations of workers have been conned on a very large scale. I am sorry to tell you brothers and sisters that it has been all for nothing. All for bloody nothing.

Your union card is a worthless piece of shit in my opinion. I was a trade unionist for 25 years and would have died supporting any dispute or scrap with the bosses but I now tell you that you are just as wise carrying around a supermarket loyalty card around with you than a union card. They both have the same meaning.

The union wants you paying your subs so it can support a government that murders children in foreign lands and keeps you on crap pay and in spiritual misery. The unions support the evil people who created 9/11. I don’t mean a joke of a cave dweller in Afghanistan either; I mean murderers and liars hiding away inside the Western Establishments like Tony Blair and George Bush. The supermarket loyalty card carries out the same symbolic purpose that is why I put both of them on a level par. I ask you how much boss money and union money goes to the PTB to assist in their murdering ways?

So at least think about that before you pay them anything else. Unlike income tax and corporate supermarkets, paying money to the likes of bent unions like Amicus is not compulsory. Making useless people, like Simpson, fat for doing nothing is also not compulsory. Yet workers money is paying for a merger between Amicus and the T&G and the likes of Homer, err sorry, Derek Simpson will soon be a bigger puppet than he is now.

The T&G union would be far better off getting Ronald McDonald as leader instead of Tony Woodley so when the official merger takes place with Derek Simpson’s Amicus there will be two clowns in charge. Twins eh? ‘Ronald and Derek’. I have some pictures of Tony and Derek in my computer files but I have got them mixed up I will provide three pictures of who they might be. Make your own mind up but I think the third one is the right one. Don’t you? :)

Is this Tony and Derek United?
Is this Tony and Derek United?
Only kidding folks… here they are… Tony and Derek United.
The Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads

Anyway I think I have said enough about 5-sense reality and trade unions. Take it or leave it, carry on being paid peanuts and live in brain numbing misery believing every word that your robotic shop steward tells you if you want, but don’t blame the steward because usually they only do the job because no one else wants to. I suggest you blame the idiots like Derek Simpson, and the corrupt cronies that surround him, who gladly get fat whilst the members try to survive.

I suppose I have said enough on a five sense level but for those that realise there is something more to the real reasons behind the trade union movement and also realise that millions of workers have been conned then please read on. I only suggest that you keep a very open mind if you do. For those that believe the union movement is genuine then I strongly suggest that you stop reading this article now because you will never take in what is to follow.

I am the last person who wants or wanted the union movement to be a complete farce but I am totally convinced it is. If you are a union man or woman who believes the red flag should fly and the workers will take over and defeat the oppressive capitalist states then good luck to you and I mean that sincerely from the bottom of my heart. BUT if you really want to know the true reasons behind union led May Day marches, workers days and major strikes then read on. You have nothing to lose but your chains in doing so. I am here to help you lose your chains.

For those that believe the TUC leaders and other union leaders around the world I suggest you contact them and then listen to the bullshit they have been spewing out for donkey’s years but I guarantee that your offspring will be in the exact same position as you are now in 30 years time. Anyway let’s get on eh?…..

The whole trade union movement, along with other working peoples associations, is linked to ‘May Day’. Do you celebrate May Day (Loyalty Day in the US) by having a day off?  Have you taken part in a labour march, been on a picket line or even been on strike?  Have you stuck your hand in the air, or filled in a form, or wore a sticker to support the miners, nurses or other service workers that are on strike or in dispute? Have you supported a working class political party in some way?

Most of us have done at least one of the things listed above or something very similar. Obviously May Day is a ‘Bank Holiday’ so even the bankers celebrate May Day that has been exclusively associated with ‘workers’ and the simple reasons for this is that May Day has bugger all to do with the ‘workers’. It’s about placing spiritual energy in symbolic places and everyone is involved or connected to May/Labour Day in some way, even if you are only sat on your arse at home.

Basically the entire world celebrates May Day in one-way or another. The more ‘Eastward’ you go in May, the bigger the celebration is. Obviously the old Soviet Union is best known for its May Day parades with the workers and soldiers marching through Red Square to Victory Park in Moscow. The whole eastern block vigorously celebrated May Day. Now-a-days  May Day is now called ‘Labour Day’ in Russia.

Apart from the USA and Canada most of the world celebrates May Day or Labour Day on the first day of May or the first Monday in May. The USA and Canada celebrate Labour Day in early September. The official reason they give for this is that they didn’t want to be associated with the Soviet Union’s May Day so the authorities in the USA placed their spring festival in ‘The Fall’ or autumn. Funny how the Americans have been conditioned to call autumn The Fall isn’t it?

You will see later that I have an alternative explanation as to why the USA has their Labour Day celebrations in September. Another strange thing is that various parts of Australia have Labour Day at different times with the majority of the North celebrating in May and the majority of the South celebrating it in October, the end and start of summer respectively. Let’s have a brief look at the history of May Day shall we?

I suggest you take plenty of time to read this wikipedia article and if you can please research May Day a bit more yourself because things may start to make more sense to you then, but it is just a basic explanation. For the benefit of this article I will mention that May Day is linked to the Virgin Mary, the Green-Man, the Beltane festival and various other celebrations and rituals. The collective occult symbolism hiding behind and within behind May Day is immeasurable.


The Green Man at Rosslyn Chapel (Nothing to do with a union card then eh?)

I only wish to point out that May Day is linked to arrival of the Sun rituals in the northern hemisphere. The vast majority of ancient May Day festivals are linked to pagan sun rituals. So how comes May Day or Labour Day has taken over the coming of summer rituals and become the International Workers’ Day and why does the majority of the world take a holiday at this time?  You know and I know that we don’t get given public holidays for nothing?

If you have read my articles you will know about my opinions about Christmas & New Year etc!

I have said in my books and my articles that we the masses are ‘told’ when we are allowed to celebrate. Christmas proves this and again we haven’t been given a workers day holiday for nothing. The official story does not add up and when I checked into the reasons why we officially celebrate May Day I got the distinct impression that a large dollop of bullshit had created May Day/Labour Day and we all just go along with it for the ‘free holiday’. Who can bloody well blame us eh? Indeed we are told May Day came about because of the ‘Haymarket Riot’ riots.

Wikipedia tells me that  The Haymarket Riot on May 4th 1886 in Chicago is generally considered to have been an important influence on the origin of international May Day observances for workers’

Oh OK then but as I said earlier the USA don’t celebrate Labour Day until September so it appears we should somehow create another riot in September just to fit in with the history books shouldn’t we? Anyway, whatever the reasons, the powers that be in this world somehow allowed the entire world to celebrate May Day in one form or another and in one name or other. As I said the ‘East’ celebrated the most with massive parades being carried out in the Soviet Union and China.

I will get to the point and I ask you to consider the possibility that May Day is simply an excuse to attract human bodies, spiritual energy, to certain locations and symbolic monuments at a certain time of year? I go deeply into the collection of spiritual energy through many forms in my books; The Stars Are Falling and Is It Me For A Moment?

Basically I say that our emotions can create an invisible spiritual energy and in turn this energy can be harnessed and collected by inter-dimensional beings. I believe the masses are used in festivals and worldwide rituals such as May Day to create and surrender (release) spiritual energy in symbolic locations and near symbolic monuments that have been built by illuminated forces. I realise if you are reading this stuff for the first time you will think I am cracked and a fruit cake so I suggest you read my earlier articles first that are available on this site, it may not alter an opinion of me being a fruit cake but it will make you more aware of what I am saying!

For those than know me then I will use ‘Russia’ as a good example to show you what monuments are being used there as symbolic monuments. Remember Russia is supposed to follow a totally different culture to the west.

During the May Day Festival the masses have a parade to ‘Victory Park’. Obviously Red Square is a symbolic location and I believe it has been used as a location to extract spiritual energies for a long time but due to time and space I only wish to point out Poklonnaya Gora (Poklonnaya Hill) and the monuments around there in this article. Please note that the monuments I am about to show you are not only used during May Day parades of respect but for several other rituals too. Please click on the link below and spend a few minutes familiarising yourself with the area and what has been built there.

‘Poklonnaya Gora’ translates as ‘Bow Down Hill’. The one major thing I really do need you to grasp is that I believe ‘bow-down hill’ has taken on a similar appearance to Temple Mount in Jerusalem. I tell you that ‘ bow down hill’ also accommodates a Christian Orthadox Church, a Synagog and a Mosque. I am not plugging my book Is It Me For A Moment? But I do explain why I believe why I believe this situation happens in certain symbolic and powerful locations around the world in it.  Anyways let me show you what monuments the masses are allowed to show their emotional respect to in Moscow (Mockba).

It is not another ‘Arch’ built by the Serpent Cult is it? Err… yes… Fraid so!

Looks very, very, familiar to me but I am a paranoid lunatic aren’t I? What else is hanging around in Mockba (Moscow) where the masses parade themselves and celebrate? Here we go. Look at this beauty.

An obelisk and Nike the Victory Goddess all in one monument? Nice one.

Hang on a minute don’t we have obelisks in the West? This victory monument was planned long before the wall came down so don’t go thinking the Masons invaded Russia after the wall came down just to erect things like this. The Serpent Cult arranged it all and then arranged for the Berlin wall to fall as well. Its just that most of us are that dumbed down we think democracy and freedom won the day. Ha Ha Ha, what dickheads we really are? Anyway… The figure on the obelisk is Nike the Sun Goddess of victory also known as Victoria and Athena to name a few. Indeed there is nothing different between this monument and Big Ben in London because that is also dedicated to ‘Victoria’ but the lying bastards that rule this world claim it is dedicated to Queen Victoria. It’s simply the same shit time after time and we are forced to get on our knees to Sun Deities on the pretext that we actually know what we are doing.

I tell you again that, just like on New Years Eve the masses are led to monuments to have their spiritual energy extracted. Laugh if you want, I really don’t mind, but at least think about it first. I am not talking out of my arse but I certainly believe the union leaders on May Day do. May Day in my opinion, or International Workers Day as its known, is one big massive con to justify why marches are allowed to take place around famous landmark monuments. Don’t forget that May Day is usually used as an official protest day and the people who march in parades are usually very emotional. Don’t forget I had worked in factories and mills for 25 years I supported many unions and was a shop steward. I am not a right-winger that is just taking the piss out of unions. I genuinely believed in the Trade Union movements for many years. I now realise that the working class organisations were really being operated behind the scenes by puppets for the Serpent Cult.  It’s not just May Day parades that are used for the extraction of our spiritual energies either. Strikes and other disputes can be arranged by ‘either or any side’ side to create symbolic battles. Why? It is simply because all sides are controlled by the same force, that’s why. The recent events in Burma are another very good example of the powers that be, the Serpent Cult, pulling all the strings in a conflict. You may laugh but all the emotion that took place/takes place in Burma was concentrated in very few symbolic locations and they were around the area of the most symbolic monuments in Burma. The Pagodas!

This ‘giant bell’ monument that was recently bombarded with spiritual energy and even human sacrifice, did you not click on to it or were you too busy scratching your arse watching the ball game?

Can you see that the masses are led to certain monuments and their emotions are purposely raised?  Can you start to believe that these things are very important and meaningful?  Is it so far fetched to grasp the notion that a secret force is sucking our spiritual energy dry and living off us? There really is no difference in you giving away your physical energy by working and paying money to the powers that be than being in an emotional state and releasing paying your spiritual energy to the powers that be at their symbolic monuments. Indeed the latter is far more valuable commodity. When you ‘love’ a person and have emotional feeling for them. You literally feel the invisible spiritual energy don’t you? It’s the most powerful energy you can feel in this world even if it is felt through a birth, by loving a partner or children or even through witnessing a death of someone close. This power exists and you bloody well know it is very powerful. So can you comprehend that a clever and deceptive power will want to steal this spiritual energy from you? I’ll tell you that a deceptive power does this ALL of the time that’s why the masses live like shit. It’s time to break the Serpent’s spell Anyway…. Another very good example of how the unions and authorities can be played against each other was ‘The Battle of Orgreave’ that took place in the UK during the miners strike in the 1980’s. I strongly suggest that if you get the time that you try to watch this documentary throughout (linked below) because I believe it will help you see what I am trying to say if you look more deeply into the situation. The Battle of Orgreave was carried out like a medieval battle and this was done on purpose in my opinion. The people running our authorities are rotten and corrupt to the core and they use all workers, police and miners included. Click on ‘play’ and try to take in all of the circumstances explained in the reconstruction. Sadly the reconstruction takes place in a slightly different position than the original ‘battle’ did. If you haven’t time to watch the documentary then at least read this.

It became obvious to me long before this reconstruction was made that both the strikers and the police were simply carrying out the wishes of unseen faces. Again it’s the same deceptive force controlling all sides. The brave miners lost their jobs and the police had to attack their own because a deceptive power forced them to. It really is as simple as that.  I am not going into all the symbolism shown at this battle in this article. The deeper I look the more sense it makes to me on a spiritual and symbolic level. The 5 sense powers behind this battle really haven’t a clue what was going on, including the police the miners and British Steel. That said it should be clear to you if you watched the documentary that ‘King Arthur’ and his men were led into a battle they were never ever going to win.

King Arthur and his brave men were defeated at Orgreave. It was just another esoteric game for the Serpent Cult and the symbolic end of ‘King Arthur’.  

Both sides were simply muppets for the Serpent Cult. This cult of Sun Worshippers required the symbolic battle to take place and because the Serpent Cult controlled both sides it was a piece of cake for them and it took place. I wish to stress my admiration for the brave men who stood up to be counted in the miner’s strike of 84/85. King Arthur Scargill was much respected by his men. I admired him immensely myself at the time but I now know that both the miners and the Yorkshire police were betrayed at the Battle of Orgreave and the minds of both sides were programmed to carry out this symbolic battle through dirty politics. On spiritual level unseen forces attracted the symbolic names and personalities that were needed to carry out this symbolic event.  I take no pleasure in repeating myself and saying again that the unions’ were/are indeed controlled by the same force that controlled the Police, the National Coal Board and British Steel.

Let’s move on…  It is also my opinion that it is not just massive May Day parades that are used to extract energy from the masses. May Day marches in towns and cities also carry out a similar scenario. Local parades will march and end up at some symbolic place that is usually connected to symbolic landowners. Usually this will be Lord of the Manor type places located near famous halls or other symbolic monuments that covertly represent agents for the Serpent Cult and the symbolism they display. Check your own local May Day rituals and I guarantee that at least 75% of them will fit in with what I am saying.

That said, just like on New Years Eve, it is the major capital cities of the world that really matter most because they create the biggest crowds. Can you remember me mentioning at the beginning of this article that the ‘West’ holds its Labour Day in September? I found it strange that the extreme East, Russia and China, celebrate there Labour Day every May (the coming of summer) and that the extreme West celebrate the exact same ritual in September (the end of summer). I also mentioned earlier that the masses in the USA and Canada have been conditioned to call autumn the ‘fall’. No proper reason is given in the history books to explain why autumn is called ‘Fall’. I suggest to you that its called fall because the sun starts to fall in September and that the sun always sets (falls) in the West.

I believe the masses are covertly forced to celebrate Labour Day in May to celebrate the rising of the sun and I believe the masses are also covertly forced to celebrate Labour Day in September to celebrate the fall of the sun. Is that hard to accept or does it make sense to you? I realise we all happily join in with holidays but I tell you that is part of the deception, what I call the ‘Trojan Horse’ trick.

Let me show you who officially decided that Labour Day was to be held in September in the West. I will also point out that the masses in the USA and Canada treat Labour Day as the last days of summer; they have no choice they are conditioned to think this way.

Anyway it was indeed the Knights of Labour that arranged for Labour Day to appear and be celebrated in the West in September. Here is the official emblem of the Knights of Labour. I am sure seasoned conspiracy buffs can spot the slight lean towards occultism being displayed in the symbolism contained in this logo! For the benefit of those novices out there I will say this logo is pure Freemasonry, Satanism and Sun Worship all rolled into one. You can see brief details about the Knights of Labour here.

The logo of the Knights of Labour

Fook-in Hell! That is supposed to be symbolism that represents workers. Mind you is there much difference between that logo and the 5 pointed stars that have been displayed in the East?

The Illuminated ‘Red Star’ symbolism in the East.

Can you see now that the faces behind such esoteric symbolism also create all the circumstances behind Labour/May Day marches and get you to accept it and literally praise it? If so can you see that on a smaller scale individual unions carry esoteric symbolism in their banners and logo’s?

I am not saying ‘Joe the union shop steward’ or ‘Bill the union regional officer’ or ‘Doreen the union member’ on the factory floor or in the office know anything about this symbolism. They don’t, they just go with the flow  with the hypocritical and corrupt union they are in and carry the symbolism they are handed believing they are doing right.

The bigger unions’ have swallowed many small unions and I believe the merger between the T&G and Amicus is a very good way to show you how the working masses are being covertly forced to accept certain symbolism and literally carry it around with them. Don’t forget the Amicus union already exists because of the previous merger with the large AEEU and MSF union. There has been an agenda within the labour movement for a very long time to place the masses under the same flag and get the working masses to ‘accept and carry the symbolism’ so to speak.
Again the workers haven’t a clue what’s really going on and apathy and ignorance is allowing these things to happen.

Let’s have a quick look at two of the logos used by the merging unions that we blindly take for granted everyday. We just can’t be arsed with them can we? Meaningless are they? Oh my brothers and sisters it really is time to wake up and break the Serpent’s spell, but to do that you need to see what is going on right under your nose.

Amicus Union and T&G Union logos (merging)

For experienced researchers I shouldn’t need to point out the sun and the winged disc are linked to ancient Egypt and symbolise, amongst other things, sun worship (not to mention ancient Babylon, Assyria etc) I suppose the logos could simply be a coincidence and I am just a run of the mill paranoid schizophrenic but, that said, I don’t think anyone can dispute the illuminati symbolism, show at the beginning of this article. Well can they? Here it is again.

The illuminated Unite logo

If that’s not an illuminating flame then I don’t know what is. Again, I tell you the truth when I say the ‘union leaders’ are just puppets for unseen faces hiding behind the scenes and they (most of them unknowingly) help the Serpent to enslave the masses on a par with the bosses.

Union Leaders my arse! They are puppets for the Serpent with a collective brain cell count of three and a half. Would you buy a car from any of these clowns?

I suppose I have said all I have to say for now. I could have just written a political article but I tell you the truth when I say that the limits of our enslavement do not end with political faces. At the end of the day I am trying to help people see beyond the political stooges that the Serpent has placed in your line of vision. I realise that this article will not be taken seriously inside union circles, but I have not written it for the blind sheep hiding their brains within union circles. The union leaders are really just slaves like we are. They are simply lackeys who actually control the physical powers of the workers more than the bosses do.

‘I have to say again that I believe an inter-dimensional force, alien to this world, has infested this world and has taken complete control of everything in it’. That statement alone will not be taken seriously by the red flag radicals that only seek forty pence an hour more put on the wage rates of the physical and spiritual slaves we call human beings. Wake up!

How can I sum this article up? Is it possible that we are being duped by the very forces we trust are laden with occult symbolism that may not be to our advantage, indeed it may enslave us? Going off my research and looking at union symbolism the answer is yes in my opinion. Is it possible that the workers are conned into taking part in marches and parades that are really deceptive occult sun god rituals and by displaying emotional respect in these said marches and parades are we are endorsing the power behind the symbolism? I have no doubt about it! I’ll even stake my reputation as a lunatic on it!

Did the sun worshipping secret societies create and do they covertly operate within the workers organisations such as unions? Of course they bloody did! You can bet your arse on it. The Knights of Labour symbol says it all? Indeed the Serpent Cult created the whole communist revolution. It’s all a farce and part of the hypnosis that is used to keep you in the moronic stupor you exist in. Wake up for fuck’s sake and breathe again.

Are union ‘leaders’ just puppets for unseen faces? Completely and utterly so I am afraid and they are a disgrace to the membership. I only named amicus union because of personal experience. I tell you the truth when I say the unions are just another form of control. There needs to be a collective ‘chucking in of cards’ in my opinion if this happens you will see the true face of our union leaders. You have absolutely nothing to lose but your chains by doing this.

I have spent nearly 50 years in this world, 25 of them believing in the trade union movement. I now realise what a hypnotised brainwashed dickhead I was. I have written this article just to try and point out that the whole union thing is just another way to keep the masses under hypnosis and control the masses through subconscious trickery.

A lot of working people blindly join a union and ‘carry the symbolism’ they are handed for doing so (cards, badges and magazines etc). This means far more than it initially appears. Once you symbolically agree to be part of the unions you also agree to respect their symbolism. In a nutshell; if are a member of the T&G or Amicus and the rest you may as well carry a badge saying you worship the illuminati and the sun. On a five-sense level this means nothing but you really are subconsciously and spiritually pledging your spirit to these organisations (their symbolism). You have been dumbed down so much that you cannot see the subconscious trickery being carried out against your spirituality.

Accepting and respecting, or even rejecting and disrespecting, symbolism has a massive effect on the collective consciousness of the human race. That is why flags and other emblems are used in wars etc. The Serpent Cult relies fully on your respectful and disrespectful emotions because these emotions create invisible spiritual energy. That is why the Serpent Cult controls all side of our physical reality; it is so they can control what symbolism you and I respect or disrespect and therefore direct you spiritually and literally suck the energy out of you.

Illuminati Symbolism in the East is the same illuminati symbolism the West!
The unions are on a par with the bosses, controlling of the masses!

The trade union or labour movement is just one small example of how the trickery works. Your love for the symbolism you respect will force you to physically react to it. The same applies to the symbolism you disrespect. You will march under your symbolic banner, in more ways than one, showing pride and respect and you will automatically give off spiritual energy for doing so. It’s a chain reaction. The same scenario applies to symbolism you disrespect and although you will feel different on an emotional level you will still release spiritual energy if the symbolism triggers off your emotions. If you can picture yourself spiritually controlling the police and you made them wear your symbolism and if you can also picture yourself spiritually controlling the miners and they also wore your symbolism in a situation like the Battle of Orgreave (linked earlier) then can you imagine the amount of spiritual energy being created during that battle? Don’t forget if the two sides wear your symbolism then you will spiritually be responsible for the battle taking place therefore you receive the spiritual energy created during the battle. If you can picture it then try to imagine what amount of spiritual energy was created during world war two using the Swastika and Star of David symbolism. I suppose on a far smaller scale, as another good way of explaining it, a woman having two boyfriends fight over her will receive/feel the spiritual energy created by the battle. The same scenario applies to the May Day/Labour parades in the East and in the West. The masses are led to take part in a sun worship ritual by being conned into thinking it is a day to celebrate being a worker.

The Serpent Cult created all the major symbolism in this world therefore the Serpent Cult receives all the spiritual energy created through the use of the said symbolism. So it is clearly in their interest and vital to them to keep you here in this world and use their puppets to continuously gain your spiritual surrender to the symbolism.

Massive amounts of occult symbolism is covertly displayed and unknowingly respected and because of this spiritual energy is being released/directed in symbolic locations with occult monuments around the world. The Serpent Cult holds all the cards and uses many faces to deceive the masses into carrying out rituals that actually enslaves us. We trust some of the faces the Serpent Cult uses therefore we don’t question them.

I sincerely hope my friends that I have laid down some routes of research for you or at least triggered something in you or at least provided some food for thought. This article was very close to being abandoned recently and I still remain very disillusioned. I am glad I didn’t abandon it now as I am sure at least a handful of people will click on to what is really going on. To them I say you are welcome to the information in this article, it is true and trustworthy and will never let you down and my love and strength are with you always

May love reign o’er you all

Matthew Delooze
13th October 2007

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

PS…I am NOT criticising anyone or saying anyone is wrong with what I say below. It is only my opinions from my viewpoint.

I believe that unless the people currently operating in the conspiracy/ spirituality circles start to see beyond a group of world bankers and, of course, Jesus and his dad type religions, they will never break the spell that I know we are currently under. Blaming a group of Jews for our situation or thinking a messiah is coming to save you is all part of the hypnosis and the spiritual trickery taking place in this world, in my opinion. Praising and applauding a conspiracy theorist that shows you a drawing of a pyramid of control but then says Jesus is coming to save you and sort out the bad guys is, in my opinion, just feeding and increasing the affects of the symbolic sun worship and hypnosis that already enslaves us.

At the end of the day the people that say these things get on their knees to a sun god in exactly the same way as the people they blame for actually controlling the world do. The same thing applies to a person showing you that the physical members of the illuminati rule the world and we can only change if we overthrow and destroy them.

In my opinion these people are also only increasing the power of the hypnosis that I believe you are under. Indeed who then, in that same physical situation, replaces those same physical illuminati members when they are indeed overthrown? I suppose it will simply be ‘other’ believers in ‘another’ spiritual supreme being won’t it? Hey maybe it will be a mixture of say, ‘Warriors for Jesus’ Dad’, ‘Servants of Allah’ and the local UFO group. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it was.