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Beside the Seaside – Beside the Sea

“Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside – Beside the Sea”


By Matthew Delooze

I live in Lancashire UK. Last year, as the August Bank Holiday approached, my wife and I decided to have a couple of days away. We decided, due to the timing, to go to Morecambe, a sleepy run down seaside resort, which is only 40 miles from where we live. We thought accommodation would be readily available. To our surprise, all hotel rooms seemed booked up. We thought this a strange event as Morecambe had been in decline for years. Indeed, even the “Frontier Land Amusement Park”, with its roller coasters and various theme park rides, had been closed and demolished. Economic decline of the town was blamed for lack of customers and visitors to Morecambe.

My wife and I managed to find a small attic room in an old, but charming B&B. We were glad of this, as Morecambe was full to bursting point. The landlady asked us “Are you here for the Festival then”? We replied “What Festival?” She went on to explain it was the Festival of “Fire (Light) & Water”. There was to be music and songs from the lovely Suzi Quatro and tribute bands to Queen, The Bee Gees, The Blues Brothers, etc., etc. There were also to be a massive fireworks display and lights. I am 45 years old and have lived in Lancashire all my life but I’d never heard of the Festival of Fire & Water, or Light & Water for that matter before. The landlady just seemed pleased her guesthouse was full.

On Saturday, August 28th 2004, I walked onto Morecambe promenade, beside the sea. It was a full moon weekend. I followed the sound of the live music and the voice of Suzie Quatro, “Devil Gate Drive”. A special dome type stage had been built and everyone seemed to be enjoying him or herself. A Big Wheel (Ferris Wheel) had been built on the promenade due to the recent closure of the Frontier Land Theme Park, smaller than the one that has also appeared, in recent years, on the Blackpool pier, which is located just a few miles down the Fylde coast. To my absolute amazement the lighting on the side of the big wheel seemed to resemble a flashing large eye. I kid you not. It was very, very, graphic to me. I also noticed that across the road the amusement arcade was being used to flash lights in the shape of arches. I am quite aware of the ancient symbolism used by the Egyptians and, of course, today’s Freemasons.

I decided that this was just coincidence and decided to put the matter out of my mind. I enjoyed the rest of the evening’s music and the firework display. I returned to my humble accommodation and went to sleep in my cozy attic room.

The morning came and I woke very early. I’d like to just blame the lumpy bed for this but the large eye flashing away on the side of the recently erected Big Wheel just wouldn’t leave my mind.  Something was either haunting me or something was trying to tell me something. I decided I was going to return to the festival that night to see if the eye was to be “flashed” again. I had a strong urge to do this.

Typical Illuminated Ferris Wheel

I visited the promenade in the daylight, that day Sunday 29th August 2004. In the reality of daylight hours the big wheel looked like any other big wheel and you couldn’t see how the light bulbs had been so cleverly placed. I did notice a large “dome” (The Dome nightclub) was next to the big wheel. You couldn’t see this at night unless you were very close to it. It set my senses going again. An Eye, A Dome and Arches. I thought, whatever next?


The Wheel and the Dome

Later, at night, I strolled on to a freezing sea front to the distant sound of a Queen tribute Band. “The Seven Seas of Rhye” was blaring out loudly. It seemed to be drowning out all other sound. I was gleefully waiting to see the lighting on the Big Wheel, hoping it was the same eye again. I approached swiftly trying to focus my eyes on the pattern of lights. My eyesight it not what it used to be! Yes, it was an eye. It was not the same eye though. It was a smaller eye on top of a pyramid! I kid you not. The actual structure, the axis of the big wheel was lit up to create the shape of the pyramid. The previous night the image of the eye was pulsating. This time the light was still, a plain eye on a pyramid acting as the capstone. I looked at the pyramid and the eye on top of it. Everybody else seemed oblivious to the symbolism being openly displayed around them. I got the feeling that the lyrics of some songs used that night were actually connected to the surrounding symbolism. They were one so to speak. I know others have said that music can be used for sending subliminal messages.

I would like to leave my story about Morecambe for a short while to mention the following. I say that music and lyrics can be used to make a lot of people collectively listen or chant (sing along with) ritualistic prayer. I point out that most top groups are “given a break” by the elite record companies. Sometimes they, the artist, are “given” songs “not of their making” to promote themselves. The group will jump at the chance to become famous and usually follow any orders dished out by the record company. The group is allowed the rights to the songs provided by unknown composers. Sometimes the actual singer/songwriter’s names are altered, e.g. Farookh Bulsara became “Freddie Mercury”. (Symbolically meaning; “Mercury” sings the lyrics of the Seven Seas of Rhye, therefore “Mercury is announcing”. “Mercury” in return receives the worship of millions of fans, sadly without them knowing anything about the symbolic ritual they are literally carrying out in doing such a thing.. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods!) This clever trickery, using artist names linked to the stars, etc., is used a lot.

The music industry is directly connected to manipulating the psyche of humans through the beat of music and subliminal messages. The serpent cult (reptilian aliens) control all the major record companies. They can hype a record to number one at their whim through airplay and creating copious amounts of attention to it. At any one time millions of people in pubs, disco’s, etc., around the world are basically humming the same tune at the same time. Some of these tunes are very hypnotic and, indeed, they are meant to be just that. Are we unknowingly giving negative aliens the power to rule us by actually asking them to do so? Through repeating strange lyrics en-masse? Is this one of the rules of the universe?

As I said “The Seven Seas of Rhye” was blaring loudly away. To explain what I mean I provide the lyrics to the song below. I also recommend interested parties to research the lyrics of other songs by Queen, especially “Princes of the Universe”.

Fear me your lord and lady preachers
I descend upon your Earth from the skies
I command your very souls you unbelievers
Bring before me what is mine
The seven seas of Rhye

Can you hear me you peers and privy councilors’
I stand before you naked to the eyes
I will destroy any man who dares abuse my trust
I swear that you you’ll be mine
At the seven seas of Rhye

Sister I live and lie for you
Mister do and I’ll die
You are mine I possess you
Belong to you forever
Storm the master marathon I’ll fly through
By Flash and thunder fire
I’ll survive I’ll survive I’ll survive
Then I’ll defy the laws of nature
And come out alive

Be gone with you shod and shady senators
Give out the good leave out the bad evil cries
I challenge the mighty titan and his troubadours
And with a smile I’ll take you to the seven seas of Rhye.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Oh I do like to be beside the sea
Oh I do like to stroll along the prom prom prom
Where the brass bands play tiddley on pom pom

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Oh I do like to be beside the sea
When I’m down beside the sea I’m beside myself with glee
Beside the seaside
Beside the sea

I hope the penny is dropping with some of you folks out there! I believe these lyrics are symbolically connected to the Pleiades (Seven Sisters). Millions of people can be made to sing along with symbolic lyrics, etc., simply because they adore (worship) the artist. The Serpent Cult owns the vast majority of the recording industry. It is an ideal way to basically hypnotize the public into going along with occult rituals without the public realizing they are doing just that. Is it so ridiculous to believe that aliens may be conditioning our minds to worship them without us consciously knowing it? I believe that what the majority of humans think, (collective mind energy), determine our reality. Therefore if we, the majority, are duped into co-operating with negative energy entities, and their rituals, then our future, as our present, will be controlled by the same entities. If this is indeed the case a sort of Galactic Democracy controls our destiny and the human collective mind decides our life on Earth and our reality.

Unfortunately the human collective mind is being manipulated and instead of creating the world we want we are creating the world that the manipulators want for themselves. Simply put, “The masses get just what they think they get”. Unfortunately, what they think is not really what they think. Therefore instead of having “Galactic Democracy” we have a “Galactic Dictatorship” where our minds and souls are given up without our knowledge. This is a great deception. If you had to get a million people to chant a saying without them realising why or what it actually meant, what better way to do that than put it in a jingle on a TV ad or in a song in the music charts. What seems nothing to us, like the “Seven Seas of Rhye song”, could mean enormous things to other entities in other dimensions. We may literally be giving them the right to rule our destiny on planet Earth by being duped into asking them, indeed pleading with them, to do just that. Who on Earth knows the rules of the heavens? Are we giving our souls and our futures away because we have been deceived into doing so?

It may be possible for alien entities to channel the lyrics of songs through the songwriter or simply that people like Freddie Mercury become puppets and stooges for the record company. The latter is more probable and therefore a good explanation for “one hit wonders”, those with no obvious talent but appear to make “one fantastic chart hit” and then disappear as quickly as they appeared.  Those folk are simply used by the record industry and discarded.

I am not suggesting that Queen is a satanic pop group and the source of the lyrics is not really important anyway. It does not matter if they were written by Queen themselves or placed in their minds by aliens. It does not matter if the elite record companies dictate what Queen, and others, actually produce. The fact is that millions of people take in to their minds the information hidden in the lyrics of certain songs. This of course also applies to positive messages through songs and music. I mention John Lennon’s “Imagine” as a prime example. Sadly, artists that are obviously spreading positive information are usually stopped from spreading it for very long! I hope I have left food for thought on this matter.

Ok. Let’s go back to the Morecambe Festival. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was also blaring out that night. In my opinion, this also meant something was connected to this symbolism on display all around me. I do not think there is a person in this world that has not heard the “Bohemian Rhapsody” song and “taken to it”. I will be brief and just explain the meaning of 3 words in the song, as it appears 99.9% of the population blindly sing along to it without knowing what they are actually singing. I am sure the three following words in the song are truly embedded in the majority of readers’ consciousnesses, which only adds further proof to my claim.

“Bismilla” – The opening word in the Qu’ran (the name of Allah)

“Beelzebub” – High ranking demon

“Scaramouch” – False cowardly character Scaramouch, in the song, is asked to dance.

I have seen thousands of people sing along with this song. On leaving the festival area and heading back to my B&B I saw the silhouetted statue of Englishman, comic genius, Eric Morecambe.
Apparently, the civic authorities in Morecambe had recently commissioned the statue. They had also arranged for the large, illuminated, 5 pointed star surrounded by several circles that was embedded in the promenade pavement!

Bring me sunshine!
The Five-Pointed Star

One look at this illuminated “star” in the cold on a dark night on Morecambe sea front made me realise that this festival and the symbolism used at it was no coincidence. There was more than one Festival going on in Morecambe over the 28th & 29th August 2004. Sadly the vast majority of visitors didn’t know this and simply couldn’t see it.. I realise that some “experts” will say that there should be an obelisk as well, just like the one in Blackpool. There is nearly always an obelisk used in Serpent Cult rituals my friends in some shape or form. I checked the time on the promenade clock and realised that the clock was the obelisk in disguise. Just like the Canary Warf building in London, near the giant Millennium Dome, is a giant obelisk in disguise.

The Obelisk

I wondered how many seaside resorts were having “festivals”. I wondered how many cities in the world were spending a fortune building domes and other symbolic buildings only to abandon them, at tax payers expense, when they have served their purpose – after the ritual had taken place? So let us re-cap. On Morecambe promenade, at the festival of “Light (Fire) and Water”, at full moon on August 28th & 29th 2004, I saw a large eye, golden arches, a large dome, obelisk (disguised as a clock tower), images of an eye on top of a pyramid, and an illuminated 5 pointed star surrounded by circles. Is it just a coincidence? Are these things going on at other seaside resorts? I know Blackpool has a large obelisk and it is building a large dome; coincidence is it? Let’s see if “festivals” are arranged in the future there as well eh?

Lets re-cap eh?

Are covert symbolic rituals taking place in the guise of light show trickery?
Do famous songs, like Bohemian Rhapsody, etc., contain symbolic reference to ancient ritual and we sing and hum them without realising what we are saying? Who are the people behind the  arrangement of such things?

Are we being deceived on a grand scale?

Is a Serpent Cult carrying out covert rituals right under our noses and we are too blind to see it?
I realise I have provided more questions than answers. My aim is to encourage people to do their own research. Do not believe the rubbish you see on Sky news and CNN, etc. The Serpent Cult owns all the mainstream media.

Thank You
Matthew Delooze September 2004.

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2004. All Rights Reserved.

The Yellow Brick Road Meets Indiana Jones & The Temple of Moab

The Yellow Brick Road Meets Indiana Jones
& The Temple of Moab


By Matthew Delooze

I wrote an article a short while ago, The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Ur, in which I suggested that the invasion of Iraq was manipulated, via members of secret societies, to include the theft of ancient artefacts from Iraqi museums. In turn these artefacts were used in rituals that took place in a specially erected tent, or tabernacle, by western forces. The tent was located in the ancient city of Ur in Iraq. I suggested the ritual could be the ‘Return of the Shekinah’ and that slick trickery was used in naming the military operation ‘Shock n Awe’ as a covert way of actually announcing that the ritual was to take place and that the term ‘MOAB’ (Mother of All Bombs etc) was also a covert symbolic announcement.

It may be that the appearance of the tent, the theft of ancient artefacts and the obvious play on words is just a coincidence. So I would like to extend the yellow brick road further, to London UK and then onto Utah USA. You could say from Uruk to Utah. On the 19th November 2003 George W Bush made a highly publicised visit to the UK.

He was literally given the red carpet treatment, even though thousands of anti-war protesters were out on the streets to demonstrate. I would like to bring to your attention to the fact that before Dubya visited the UK he had announced victory in the ‘Battle of Iraq’. Below is a sentence from an official newspaper report of the day May 2nd 2003.

“In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed,” Bush said in the nationally televised speech from the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. As I previously pointed out, Ur (the birthplace of the biblical Abraham) was the location in which a meeting took place, in a gold and white tabernacle, to discuss the future of Iraq. This was on the 15th April 2003. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on the 15th April 1865.

Is it just coincidence that President Bush made the above announcement on board the USS Abraham Lincoln, a nuclear powered ship (a super-powered Abraham) or are more symbolic rituals involved? We can just add it to the ever-growing coincidence list eh? Anyway let’s get back on the yellow brick road and head to Buckingham Palace, London. Newspaper reports were very vague about a ‘reception tent’ that had been erected at the palace. It was mentioned that the tent had been used before. I have never seen it before. The ‘Daily Star’ reported on the 20th April that bystanders thought the tent to be grotesque and a waste of money.




You will note that the tent looks totally out of place in relation the the buildings. I wish to point out the blatant symbolism on top of the tent. It appears there are two pyramids but the capstones of the pyramids are covered with what appear to be upside down ancient torches, similar to the one held by the statue of liberty. Why would modern day western Royalty hold a reception ceremony for western world political leaders and use Middle Eastern Egyptian (pyramid) symbolism?

The Illuminati spring to my mind, but then again it could be coincidence. Please take time to study the picture of the tent and then let’s add it to the list of ‘coincidences’ as well eh? Obviously the Stars and Stripes on the tent are very symbolic. The 5-pointed stars are easy to work out but the stripes are symbolic of the sun’s rays. I am sure most of you will know what the first American Flag looks like, but I have reproduced a picture of it. The eye, the stars and the stripes. The meaning is obvious to seasoned researchers. Can the novice see how the symbolism in the first flag has been transformed into the official USA Flag of today?


Maybe some can now understand why the American Flag was placed on the face of the falling Saddam statue in the Battle of Iraq. I surely hope so.



I would like to leave you with your own thoughts, as I cannot find another explanation as to why silly tents are appearing around the world, used by the elite of this world, other than that symbolic and other rituals are taking place. These rituals are sadly taking place right under our noses but our programmed minds, conditioned to accept royal, presidential and military pomp and privilege, cannot make the connection.

Let’s leave the Yellow Brick Road there and take Yellow Brick Airways to the USA, to Utah. You may wonder what part of Utah. Let’s try ‘Moab’. Hang on a minute have we not heard of Moab before? Of course we have MOAB, the Mother of All Bombs and Mother of All Battles. Oh and it is an ancient biblical area near Jerusalem. It can’t all be connected can it? It must be coincidence. Let’s add it to the coincidence list as well. I quote below the official explanation as to why Moab is called Moab from the Utah official website on the ‘History of Moab in Utah USA’.

The Name “Moab”

“A number of theories about how Moab got its name float around bookstores and coffee shops. The most accepted is the biblical derivation. In the Bible, the name Moab occurs frequently referring to a dry, mountainous area east of the Dead Sea and southeast of Jerusalem. This etiology seems to fit in both its geographical relationship to Salt Lake City (and the Great Salt lake) and the geologic characteristics of the area.” (source)

I do not want to dwell on the symbolism and the slick trickery used regarding the name Moab in this article. I would though like to mention a movie or two from the numerous movies that are filmed in the Moab area, USA.

The Moab filming web site claims: Since 1949 the Moab area has been a popular location for Hollywood movies. Movies filmed in our area range from the old John Wayne classics to more recent hits such as Geronimo, City Slickers II, and Mission Impossible II. Thelma and Louise took their final leap into the Colorado River from along the Shafer Trail under Dead Horse Point near Moab! Numerous commercials, and more recently music videos, have been filmed here.

The two movies I wish to mention are, ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ (1963) and ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ (1998). They were both filmed in ‘Moab’. The former is the story of the life and crucifixion of Jesus. In symbolic terms this film means that the Christ was actually crucified in Moab. Obviously all of the biblical scripture symbolism also took place in Moab but the latter holds far more symbolic meaning. ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, a George (Star Wars) Lucas film, starring Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and River Phoenix.

Shortly after the film starts River Phoenix, the young Indiana, ends up on top of a train, obviously travelling through the air, through Moab. He falls through the roof of the train whilst being chased for the treasure he holds, which he wants to share with everybody, but he falls into a nest of vipers and the treasure is taken from him by people who want the treasure all for themselves. This fall makes Indiana fear snakes (reptilians) for the rest of his life. Later on in the film Indiana’s father goes missing (kidnapped). He discovers this by receiving his father’s knowledgeable, but cryptic, book. The son then tries to find his father by using the cryptic book as a guide. By using the book Indiana eventually finds his father, but has to pass a series of tests in order to heal his father who has been hurt. He has to get the Holy Grail to heal his father. He passes the tests and the son is given the power, from the Templar Knight via the Grail, to heal the father. The son was then united with his father. The Templar Knight warns the son that the Grail (knowledge and everlasting life) must not break the seal in the temple by taking it too far. This obviously happens, the seal is broken and the Grail is trapped inside in the Temple of the Knight Templar. Right at the end of the film, just before they ride into the sunset, the star’s true identity is revealed as the name of a dog. Junior the son was really named after the dog, Indiana. Only his father knew this, and the son had deceived everybody else about his true identity.

The symbolism in ‘The Last Crusade’ is there for all to see. I have only scratched the surface. The fact that it was filmed (happened) in Moab only makes me want to research the ‘coincidence’ much further. Indeed River Phoenix, who flew through Moab on top of a train in which one carriage (or room), was full of snakes (vipers), died prematurely from an alleged drugs overdose. Below is an article from the Morbidly Hollywood web site:

On the evening of October 30th 1993, he went to The Viper Room, a club owned by Johnny Depp, at 8852 Sunset Boulevard. River was wearing striped brown pants and black and white Converse high tops and socks. A few minutes before 1:00 am, River had been in the bathroom doing drugs with some drug dealer friends when someone offered him a snort of high-grade Persian Brown. Immediately upon snorting the drug he began trembling and shaking. He then screamed at his friend and vomited. Someone tried to help by giving him a Valium. He then staggered back out into the bar and over to actress Samantha Mathis and his sister Rain. He complained that he could not breathe and then briefly passed out. When he awakened, he asked Mathis to take him outside of the bar. Mathis first called River’s friend and assistant Abby, then Mathis and River’s brother Joaquin took him outside. River then proceeded to collapse on the sidewalk. He then started having seizures before a photographer, Ron Davis, went to call 911 at the nearby payphone, as did Joaquin. “He looked like a fish out of water,” said Ron Davis, who happened to be standing outside the club. He was “thrashing spasmodically, his head flopping from side to side, arms flailing wildly.” By now Rain had come out and thrown herself on River to attempt to stop the seizures. River then became still, at which point Joaquin said he was not breathing. It was 1:14 a.m. He was in full cardiac arrest when paramedics arrived and Paramedic Ray Ribar of the LA County Fire Department began to administer CPR. They rushed him to Cedars Sinai Medical Center where they arrived at 1:34. When they got there, his skin was dark blue, but his body was still warm. The ER physicians did everything to revive him, including inserting a pacemaker. He was pronounced dead, at 1:51 am, on October 31, 1993. 

You will note that River Phoenix died after visiting the ‘Viper Room’ on ‘Sunset Boulevard’. This was on All Hallows Eve. It appears he suffered a traumatic death. The life of River Phoenix from birth to death is full of occult symbolism. He played the young ‘Indiana Jones’, who feared snakes, and with good cause, as a room of vipers caused his death! Coincidence? The following is from the same site as above: River’s autopsy showed lethal levels of cocaine and morphine (heroin shows up as morphine, as the body metabolizes it), Valium, marijuana and ephedrine. Ephedrine is the main ingredient found in crystal meth. Official cause of death was acute multiple drug ingestion. River Phoenix was 23 years old. River was placed in a blue coffin, and on November 4, sixty mourners showed up at Milam Funeral Home for the viewing. His usual blonde hair was dyed black for the film he was working on. The mortician cut River’s shoulder length hair, and placed the cut hair beside him in the coffin, at his mother’s request. He was dressed in a black t-shirt with the logo of his band, Aleka’s Attic on it. His mother put a single carnation in the coffin. As mourners passed his coffin, many placed things like notes and necklaces in the casket.

I believe the death of River Phoenix was not an accidental overdose. I believe It was ritual murder and I believe it was planned by the Serpent Cult. Sadly the Serpent Cult run all mainstream media production and puppet movie-makers manipulated River’s life to make him ‘fit the symbolic criteria’ needed to successfully carry out the sacrifice. Mr. Phoenix is only one of many media manipulated stars to die in strange circumstances. It is my belief that many deaths, including that of Princess Diana, are rituals that are being carried out to appease and serve alien  beings, who covertly decide the fate of mankind, by their agents on Earth.

I would like to get back on the yellow brick road again but only for a short distance to Dugway Proving Ground near Salt Lake City Utah. Salt of the Earth? Or the return of Genesis – a new world. I would like to point out that the former Atlas Minerals Corp Uranium processing facility, now called the UMTRA project, is also in Moab and according to locals the stench of sulphur is always in the air. I will take this matter further in a later article. Before I mention Dugway Proving Ground, and the Salt Lake area, I would like to mention the horrific slaughter of children in Beslan, Russia.

My sympathy is with the innocent families caught up in the terror caused by the evil perpetrators of this despicable act. The ‘official version’ of events is that rebel Chechens, along with some Arabs, carried out a suicide mission. I do not want to start delving into whether the official version is true or not. The amount of propaganda and disinformation used in this situation will only distract us if we attempt to weed some truth out of the ‘official’ situation. I will say that mass media is owned by the Serpent Cult. I will also say, making no secret of the fact, that I believe other forces were involved in the slaughter of innocent children in Beslan than the Chechen rebels and renegade Arabs. Female Chechen rebels are known as Black Widows. I only wish to mention that the ‘Black Widows’ were continuously mentioned and pictures of them strapped up with explosives are continuously flashed across worldwide TV screens.

Indeed it is the Black Widows that are accused, by survivors at Beslan, of being responsible for at least ‘starting’ the slaughter. I would like to point out, considering the Beslan siege was a suicide mission, that the male ‘terrorists’ involved always wore masks! I find it strange that those who want to show fellow Muslims their heroism hide their identity. Well don’t you?

Black Widow Spiders are connected to the occult and the Hexagon is symbolic, amongst many other things, for the spider’s web. The Beslan massacre of children took place on 3rd September 2004, whilst the Genesis Probe was on its way back to Earth, crash-landing in Utah near the Dugway Proving Ground on 8th September 2004.


Above is the official marker point of the NASA landing spot for the probe (Hex Marks The Spot).
Dugway Proving Ground is a US army base with a medical and biological research and defense facility. It is located in the Salt Lake Desert area in Utah, approximately 85 miles away from Salt Lake City.

Please take time to study the geometry used with the Genesis Probe, you will see hexagons are used an awful lot. Hexagons are strongly connected to Freemasonry and the occult.


Hexagons or hexagrams?

Hexagons are symbolic of ‘spiders’ webs’. It is my opinion that the deaths of hundreds of children at the hands of Black Widows in Russia are connected to the Return of Genesis probe which symbolically crash-landed in the Salt Lake area. The return of the Genesis Probe also contained jeweled hexagons: gold, silver and sapphire hexagons. These hexagons also contained sun particles from solar wind. So in symbolic terms the sun crashed down on Earth. The sun is connected to Lucifer the light bringer. I am sorry to say that the children murdered in Russia by Black Widows were part of an occult ritual.

I believe the crash-landing of the Genesis Probe was not an accident. It was part of the same ritual. I believe the Serpent Cult controls NASA and that high-ranking officials helped arrange this ritual along with the sacrificial murder of children in Beslan. Basically I believe the children were murdered to celebrate the return of a sun god in an occult ritual. The articles below describe other symbolism connected to hexagons and hexagrams that were connected to the probe. I even pointed out that NASA placed a hexagon on the ground and announced that HEX marks the spot. Please do your own research to confirm facts regarding this matter.

The larger article is from web site, the smaller article from site.

You will note that hexagons/hexagrams are connected to Freemasonry and the occult. A hexagram is a six-pointed star composed of two overlapped triangles, found in use by a number of faiths and cultures. Outside of the cross and the swastika, the hexagram is one of the oldest and most universal spiritual symbols.It is associated with the Biblical Solomon, known as the Star of David in the Jewish religion.

In Ritual Magick, the hexagon is called the Seal of Solomon, THE HEXAGRAM




 Uniting the Water Triangle with the Fire Triangle, the Hexagram is formed. It forms a six-pointed star also known as the Seal of Solomon. This symbol is a counterfeit Star of David, the national symbol of Israel (God’s chosen nation). The difference between the Star of David and the occult seal is the triangles that make up the occult seal interlock and the two triangles of the Star of David lie flat against each other. Mary Ann Slipper, a Masonic author, writing in Symbolism of the Eastern Star, 1927, on page 14, makes a most telling admission, when she says, “The six pointed star is used in Masonic work and is also found in other well known secret orders.” Another Eastern Star book, The Second Mile, understates the impact of the hexagram when it says, “… the six pointed star is a very ancient symbol and one of the most powerful.” The hexagram is a very powerful symbol to witches, magicians and sorcerers. It is used in different kinds of witchcraft, magic, occultism, and the casting of zodiacal horoscopes. Because it has six points, and because it contains a ‘666,’ the hexagram is considered to be Satan’s most powerful symbol. Look at the hexagram above. The first six is formed by the sides of each triangle facing the clockwise direction; the second six is formed by the sides of each triangle formed by facing the counterclockwise direction; the third six is formed by the sides of the inner hexagon. The hexagram was used as a “stand-by for Magicians and Alchemists. The Sorcerers believed it represented the footprint of a special kind of demon called a ‘trud’, and used it in ceremonies both to call up demons and to keep them away.”
 [Gary Jennings, Black Magic, White Magic, Eau Claire, WI, The Dial Press, 1964, p. 51. Also Harry E. Wedeck, Treasury of Witchcraft, New York, Philosophical Library, 1961, p. 135] 
The hexagram is used to conjure up demons, making them appear in this dimension to do the bidding of the witch. Doc Marquis (Former Illuminist Satanist) confirms that hexagrams are used to call forth demons to place spells and curses on the intended victim. The word, “HEX,” comes from this practice. The hexagram is also a symbol of the sex act and reproduction. Masonic author, Albert G. Mackey provides us with the occult explanation in his book, The Symbolism of Freemasonry, [p. 195, 1869 A.D.] The triangle pointing downward “is a female symbol corresponding to the ‘yoni’ and the upward pointing triangle is the male, the ‘lingam’. When the two triangles are interlaced, it represents the union of the active and passive forces in nature; it represents the male and female elements.” [Also explained in Did You Know? Vignettes in Masonry from the Royal Arch Mason Magazine, Missouri Lodge of Research, 1965, p. 132, Wes Cook, Editor] If this has not become evident to you, the occultist, the paganist, worship sex. They also worship most everything in nature, which fulfills the Biblical definition of a paganist in Romans 1:25, “Because they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator …”
Speaking of the sexual connotation of the hexagram, another witch revealed, “When the male triangle penetrates the female triangle, it produces the six pointed crest of Solomon or hexagram, the most wicked symbol in witchcraft.” [David J. Meyer, Dancing With Demons: The Music’s Real Master] The hexagram is the sign used in the Royal Arch in Freemasonry. Masonic author Wes Cook, writing in Did You Know? Vignettes in Masonry from the Royal Arch Mason Magazine, [Missouri Lodge of Research, 1965, p. 132] stated that the hexagram represented “balance and harmony” in all facets of the world. Another Masonic publication links the hexagram with the infamous Chinese YANG AND YIN symbol. [“The Significant Numbers”, Short Talk Bulletin, September, 1956, Vol. 34, No. 9, p. 5]In summary, the hexagram IS the most wicked, and one of the most powerful, of all symbols in witchcraft. It is used to call forth demons into this dimension, to communicate with the dead, to describe sex acts, and to represent false and pagan gods such as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. [Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated , Dr. Cathy Burns, p. 39]

The Genesis probe containing hexagons (therefore hexagrams) could of course just be coincidence. I realize NASA may have no idea about the symbolism used in the Return of Genesis!! I realise all the Apollo symbolism in missions may just be coincidence as well. Let’s move on, along the yellow brick road to Salt Lake City.

 The Mormons completely dominate the Salt Lake City area in Utah. It is obvious that the Mormons have strong connections to the Freemasons. Indeed Joseph Smith was a Freemason as was his father Joseph Smith senior. Obviously the story of the Mormons is there for everybody to research if they want to. Basically Joseph Smith became a prophet after coming across some ancient information. He was murdered during his presidential election campaign. The links between Freemasonry and the Mormon Church are plentiful but I only wish to point out the Tabernacle etc on Temple Square at Salt Lake City. I do encourage research into the link mentioned though. This description is on the official Utah tourist guide site. Salt Lake Tabernacle



The Tabernacle on Temple Square is home to the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The building constructed on the west center line axis of the temple took 12 years to complete. Construction began in 1864 and legend has it that Brigham Young originated the design after contemplating a hollowed-out eggshell cracked lengthwise. Young wanted the roof to be self-supporting, without pillars or posts to obstruct audience views, therefore bridge techniques of the day were employed to create the dome-shaped roof. Both steam and weight were used to bend the massive beams at both ends. Today the aluminum-covered roof sits on its original Ithiel Town lattice-truss arch system held together by a dowel and wedge construction technique. The dome rests on forty-four sandstone piers and a sandstone foundation quarried from the red rock of Red Butte Canyon on the east side of Salt Lake City. The Tabernacle has a seating capacity of 8,000, which includes a gallery and choir. The famous pipe organ was made by Joseph H. Ridges and contains 11,000 pipes carved from Utah timber-10 of the original pipes still work.

Hang on a minute! Have we not been here before? Talking about tabernacles and other things linked to ancient goings on? Is it just coincidence again? I would like to take a short break here. I will travel down the yellow brick road again in the near future BUT for now let us re-cap.

We started in Ur where a tabernacle was specially built around the time ancient artefacts went missing. We then had President Bush announcing victory from USS Abraham, after a meeting was held in a tabernacle, at the birthplace of biblical Abraham, on the anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. We then found a silly tabernacle, with extraordinary symbolism, outside Buckingham Palace. We went on to discover another Moab in Utah and found links to symbolism in popular films such as ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ with River Phoenix suffering a very coincidental death. We then found Black Widows (spiders) and hexagrams (webs), occult symbolism connecting the return of the Genesis Probe, with the sacrificial murder of children at Beslan. We have now landed at Salt Lake City. All these things in my opinion are connected to the Serpent Cult on this planet. Powerful people who appear to be appeasing Reptilian Gods are in a position to carry out murders, theft and occult rituals, etc, right under our noses. If we point out the obvious connections we are certain to be fobbed off and ridiculed, basically because the Serpent Cult owns all mainstream media and the majority of the Earth’s population is mentally conditioned to ridicule ‘loonies’ who mention such things. I have only scratched the surface. Is it all just coincidence, or fiction in a disturbed mind? I encourage personal research into the matters I have raised. Who is really pulling the strings of world leaders? Why is there so much misery in this world, which is now increasing at a very alarming rate, on a daily basis?

Matthew Delooze September 2004

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