Yankee Doodle… Do or Die?

Yankee Doodle…  Do or Die?


The 4th July Scam Exposed.

By Matthew Delooze

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Hello folks,

This article is dedicated to Geoff Brady of New York Sky Watch and the listeners to his Other News Show on WBAI Radio. I have tried to keep things as simple as possible in this article to try and help newcomers.  If you tuned into Geoff Show  Then I thank you for that and I also thank you for visiting one-ball-media.


I’m probably the last person in the world that actually wants to be exposing the truth behind the 4th of July celebrations in the USA. That said it became clear to me many years ago that the 4th July, like most other massive state created celebrations, is nothing but a fallacy.

In July 2005 I visited several Temples in Egypt. At the time I was under very powerful spiritual direction. I briefly mention my experiences in Dendera Temple in my book The Stars Are Falling.


The Stars Are Falling!

I did briefly go into the symbolism regarding the Stars and Stripes Flag in ‘The Stars Are Falling’ and the odd article but It is clear to me that the time as come to expand on the subject.

I ‘d like to point out to anyone that cares to listen that the American people and the rest of the world have been woefully duped over the truth, not only about the 4th July celebrations but about the real reasons behind the symbolism of its Stars and Stripes flag and indeed its iconic monuments, especially the Statue of Liberty.

I have been writing for many years about how I believe the ‘Serpent Cult’ manipulates the human race and deceives the masses in order for massive occult rituals, that are presented as simply traditional celebrations or patriotic events, to take place. The Serpent Cult is mainly made up of powerful secret societies (AKA Illuminati/ Freemasons etc) but these secret societies actually work for forces that are alien to this world. I have always believed that the secret societies have been given esoteric knowledge in order for them to exploit the energy created through the emotions of human beings, the secret societies make sure the rituals are carried out in return for eternal wealth and status, lifetime after lifetime through reincarnation. I believe human beings create natural spiritual energy via their emotions and that is why the ‘Serpent Cult’ has to make sure involvement in rituals has to be natural and pure too. E.G we have to feel connected to and enjoy the the ritual, hence it being hidden in traditional celebrations such as Christmas and New Year.

That said July 4th is one of the biggest covert occult ritual going and that ritual is hidden in the celebration of independence.

To show you why believe the 4th July is simply a massive covert occult ritual I will have to show you the real symbolism regarding the biggest piece of occult apparatus being used in the 4th July occult ritual.

That is Stars and Stripes Flag.

I believe the Stars and Stripes Flag has nothing to do with the USA. I believe the American people were duped by its founding fathers, who were all agents for the Serpent, to adopt this symbolic flag under false pretenses, simply because it represents other symbolic occult meaning. I actually believe the Stars and Stripes Flag was adopted by secret socities to literally ‘represent’ the Temple of Hathor in Dendera for ritualistic reasons, which I will reveal later.

But first of all let me please explain how symbolism from an ancient Sun Temple has been manipulated to become the official emblem of the USA, probably the most powerful nation on the planet. To do that I have to show you an image from the temple of Dendera itself. Please look at this image below.

lllll342122137_a887eeea5d_bThis image is still displayed today in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. The temple was used for sun worship rituals that affected the whole of Egypt.

I was drawn to many things in the Temple of Hathor and I gazed at the image for quite a while. I looked at it from many angles. Please look at it yourself. I realised straight away that the symbolism in this temple resembled the US flag. Look at the image from another angle.

6342122137_a887eeea5d_bCan you see the Stars & Stripes symbolism from the Temple of Dendera.


The Stars & Stripes.

I realise it may appear a bit vague at this stage. That said I believe secret societies needed to adopt some symbolism from this Sun Temple to use in its own secret rituals in the the USA. I believe it adopted the sun symbolism, the stars and stripes you see above.

The Serpent Cult had to somehow transfer the same symbolism from the Sun Temple from Dendera and actually sell it to the American people and get them to adopt it as their own. So therefore there had to be an ‘official transition’ from the symbolism displayed in the Temple of Hathor to the symbolism that millions of duped Americans would happily accept and literally bond with. In other words the secret societies had to create a symbol that not only satisfied the American people as being a new symbol (The New World) it had also to represent the Old World too.

Indeed there is no ‘official history’ of the US flag and that’s because the flag is literally from ancient Egypt. The US flag actually has nothing to do with the American people or those that fought for their independence. It is simply symbolism that appeases the the Serpent Cult both past and present and actually honours a force that enslaves us. I say that the people of America were indoctrinated to blindly accept the symbolism on the US flag as their own but it really represented the symbolism from the Sun Temple of Hathor. It simply had to be put in transition so it would be accepted by the American masses. That was pretty simple to do. I’ll show you how. I’m sure a lot of people will know of the very first version of the US Flag? I even mentioned it a few years ago myself.

I’m sure you will see that the very first version of US Flag could be said to be the first attempt to adopt the symbolism displayed in the Temple of Hathor.


The initial plans for the first American flag? A bit too obvious eh?

The whole transition and play on symbolism goes from Egyptian Temple to the White House goes something like this.

From this…


From This…To this….


From this… To this…


And from this … To this…


Again it may appear silly but it isn’t in my opinion. If you need to change a form of symbolism from one form to another or from one temple to another what better way that do it through emblems? In this case the symbolism on the walls or ceiling in Dendera now literally adorns every official building in the USA with no one being any the wiser.

No one can deny that the Stars & Stripes is used massively all over the US when the ‘4th July parties’ begin. Indeed it is clear to me that not only did the Serpent agents, the Founding Fathers, use the same Stars and Stripes symbolism from ancient Egypt to use in a massive ritual, they also adopted and then used far bigger occult symbolism from the Temple of Dendera to use for ‘ritual’ and to dupe the millions of Americans and others around the world too. And that symbolism has been used for many many years.

I’m sure many people have written about the connections between the 4th July and the Sun/ Star Sirius. I’m not here to repeat those folks, but for those folks that didn’t realise that, it should be mentioned. Therefore I’ll say that the 4th of July was also very heavily linked to Sirius in ancient times and was seen as their New Year and celebrated as such. I will point out that the Temple of Dendera, where i believe the Stars and Stripes originated was also the official temple for rituals involving Sirius too! The New Year was measure by the Star Sirius appearing on the horizon in conjunction with our sun at the Temple of Dendera around the 4th July in ancient times. Do you think that’s a coincidence?

If so I now want to link another ‘symbolic ritual’ from the same ancient temple in Dendera with modern day July the 4th celebrations.

I wish to point out that a statue of a ‘Goddess’ was used in the Temple of Dendera for 4th July massive ritual involving the Sirius connection too. This statue represented Isis / Hathor and once a year around the 4th July the statue was literally ‘placed on the roof of the Temple’ to actually ‘witness’ the arrival of the Star Sirius on the horizon just before our own sun rose. Indeed the statue was adorned with a diamond on its head or a headdress was placed on the ‘statue’, and when the sunlight from Sirius hit it, or simply hit the head or face of the statue, whilst it was in a certain position the ‘New Year’ was declared.  Once this deed had happened there were massive celebrations etc. Again this event happened around the 4th July in those days. I quote a typical description of the event I have mentioned below. Please do your own research on the matter but you will find I have given an accurate brief description of the ritual.

“The most important rite was the New Year’s festival, when Hathor’s statue was taken in a procession to the roof of the shrine, so she could be ceremonially unified with the light rays of the Sun-god. The context of this rite, was the alignment of the luni-solar calendar based on the Heliacal Rising of the star Sirius. Hathor’s celestial aspect was seen in the star Sirius. As E.C. Krupp states: “Isis as Sirius was the mother of the New Year. Isis in her way, then, also reestablished the world order by creating the New Year as she rose heliacally in the form of Sirius. On New Year’s day every year, the statues of the Sun-god (Ra) and Hathor/Isis were carried to the roof of the shrine, where the light of both Sirius and the Sun would shine on them. According to Krupp: “the Heliacal Rising of Sirius involves only a brief appearing of the star before it is lost in the light of the sun. The event of this union, or marriage, recreates the world order by celebrating the sun’s birthday, the New Year.” (Source)

 I can only ask all Americans out there if they know of any Goddess statue ‘standing on top of a temple’ that could be seen as carrying out the same role as the statue did in ancient times on the 4th July in the USA.:-)


  Obviously its easy for me to point out that the 4th of July celebrations in the USA also use a goddess statue on top of a temple too? Well don’t they? Isn’t the Statue of Liberty a bloody symbolic Goddess stood on top of a temple too? Of course it bloody is and it’s never ever been anything else.  Hey and what does the Statue of Liberty have around her ‘head’ too? Couldn’t it be said she’d been hit with the ray’s of Sirius or the Sun too? Hence the snazzy headdress.  Well couldn’t it? Hey at least you now know why that spikey thing is on her head now eh? Took us long enough right? Now you know!!!

The Americans should start to realise that their founding fathers were literally liars and so are their modern day versions. I tell you straight that the apparatus used for rituals in ancient Egypt has been used in America for many years too.

Again the Statue of Liberty is merely a massive replica of the symbolic statue placed on top of the ancient temple at Dendera and it is part of the exact same ritual involving the Sirius Star on the horizon. The symbolic day chosen for this New Year ritual is the 4th July.

Can you also see that the Stars and Stripes Flag and the Statue of Liberty are simply modern day versions of the ancient rituals carried out in ancient times? Hey if you think I’m a fruitcake for saying such things then please know now that I really don’t mind. But before you laugh please go find the official reasons behind the appearance of the Stars and Stripes and the official reasons for the erection of a goddess stood on a temple that’s called Lady Liberty (Isis)

Statue_of_Liberty_FREE_l Typical ‘Goddess on top of a temple’: Hit on the Head with Sirius every 4th July whilst the masses eat toffee apples and cheer. Wake Up Suckers!

Am I making sense to you? Am I talking out of my ass? I’m telling you the truth. And now you know why the Statue of Liberty was created. It was to replicate Isis/Hathor statue, the ritualistic apparatus,  on the roof of the temple in Dendera.

So maybe when you weigh up the Stars and Stripes Flag AND the use of Statues on roof of temples you may just start to believe me. I’d simply like to point out what the American people do every 4th July bearing in mind what I have just pointed out about the flag and the Goddess on the top of a Temple. Because if the Stars and Stripes and the Goddess on the Temple Roof are part of a massive ritual in honour of Sirius then what is the real role of the millions of innocent people that actually celebrate the good old 4th July? It is this part that should concern you because obviously the powers that be are making sure its people join in a ritual they don’t want the people to know about.

Well I will tell you if you care to open your ears. I have tried to get this information across to those that want it for years. The ritual is secret  because the secret societies know that human beings create energy through their emotions. And the energy created by these emotions is required by the forces that rule us to enable them to continue to rule over us. So therefore massive rituals have to take place with the full consent of those taking part to make the ritual genuine and successful. Hence the need to hype the ritual and get the full free willed ‘happy’ consent of those taking part.

Obviously if you accept this information you can see that my information regarding the apparatus in Dendera makes sense.

What actually happens in America on the 4th July, and please open your mind, is that the entire country literally takes on the role of an outdoor temple. The USA itself literally becomes a replica temple of Dendera. Indeed the Statue of Liberty becomes the ‘figure head’ of the Temple, just as Isis did in ancient Dendera, and the Stars and Stripes, the symbolic wallpaper if you like, adorn the entire country on the 4th July and literally becomes the symbolic apparatus (Sun Symbolism) to be used in the massive temple.

Then the ‘attendees’ of this Sun ritual, the masses, all join in and willingly ‘celebrate’ to endorse the ritual. Not only that the attendees up and down the country literally dance and cheer around massive occult monuments at the same time too, usually to the sound of music and celebrities (Macy’s etc) or fireworks.

Here are a few examples to show you what I mean. We literally do not realise the massive effort the authorities put in just to get the public to celebrate in front of blatant occult monuments and replica temples. Obviously massive attention is placed on the Statue of Liberty.


Statue of Liberty is the main focus of attention during 4th July celebrations.

Throughout the celebrations millions of Americans will be led to many replica ‘sun temples’ or monuments. Obviously if a replica temple is adorned with the same symbolism as that in Dendera (Stars and Stripes) then it becomes a Sun temple too. Obviously Washington is the main place for monuments and replica temples. Indeed the Washington monument is an Obelisk, but there are also replica temples in the vicinity too. The masses are simply led to these energy points to celebrate the event.


Washington: Egyptian Sun Symbolism and replica sun temples. Its a reenactment of the rituals carried out on the 4th July in Dendera (Sirius)


Same Scam: Philadelphia on the 4th July

It’s vital in my opinion to understand the role of the innocent attendees in such rituals because they are literally forced to party and celebrate on these special days that are linked to the sun. (Christmas included). The very fact that people willingly join in make the ritual official and the attendees are literally worshipping a force that enslaves them. That force is the force that has the Secret Societies working to dupe the attendees into willingly attend the ritual in the first place.

The same scam goes on at all major cities during the 4th July celebrations. It is a real deceptive scam. Sadly the attendees are blissfully unaware of the consequences of the scam. They have no idea that a massive occult ritual based on worship of Sirius, and our own sun combined, is taking place and at the same time the attendees are surrendering their will to an alien force.

Again, it’s time to realise that the secret societies that control us have simply taken and adopted all the apparatus and symbolism from ancient Egypt, which the secret societies, the Serpent Cult, used in ancient times and they are now re-enacting the process in the Western world. It’s simple really. These rituals empower those that carry them out. Hence the growth of great empires of the past and empowerment of those that have stolen the apparatus in modern times. The innocent masses simply empower the secret societies because we give them our consent in ritual.

Once all the right symbolic apparatus is in place all that is needed then is the participation of the public and the public is easily programmed to celebrate and enjoy themselves eh? The secret societies only require that the masses ‘willingly’ join in the rituals, this is because on a spiritual level the secret societies need the masses to show the universal powers that it is their free will to have our rulers rule us. It’s our free will because we willingly take part in rituals we know nothing about because we see them as parties.

That is why the rituals are hyped as traditional happy party type celebrations.

I think i have said enough on the subject. I hope i have made sense to any friends out there. Let me finish off by asking a few questions.

Can you believe what I say about the rituals at Dendera?

Can you see what I say about the Stars & Stripes? Can you see the transition of symbolism?

Can you believe what I say about the Statue of Liberty simply being a replica of the Goddess Statue that once adorned the roof of the Temple in Dendera on the 4th July?

Can you start to look at my theories on this website about spiritual energy extraction and see that human beings create spiritual energy, and by dancing around occult monuments and outside replica temples that that energy can be exploited by those that place the occult monuments and replica temples there?

Can you see why massive occult rituals have to be hidden behind traditions and holidays just so the people are happily joining in just to endorse the ritual is carried out through their genuine free will with pleasure.

It is also clear that many other people link the 4th July celebrations to Sirius appearing. I only agree with such claims, but its only when you link that fact with the information I have provided in this article that the bigger picture starts to surface.

I can only encourage you to start seeing that bigger picture. Please take in all I have said in this article and think about it. That’s all I ask. There are other things that are linked to the 4th July rituals I hope if this information is accepted by just a few folks that I will expand on the situation. This information is sent with good intention and to help people.

As I said this article is dedicated to Geoff Brady and the sometimes thankless work he has done for many years.

I sincerely thank you for reading this article. If you want to hear more from me then please sign up to the free oneball newsletter by placing you email address in the sign up box in the bottom right hand corner on the home page this website.

It’s time for me to go. My words are true and trustworthy and will never let you down.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze

1st July 2013.

Copyright (c) Matthew Delooze 2013 All Rights Reserved