A Retinal Detachment in the Truth Movement

 A Retinal Detachment in the Truth Movement


If Thy Right Eye Offend Thee…

By Matthew Delooze

“If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; But if you really make them think, they’ll hate you.” Don Marquis

Hello all, I was sent a general link to the news of ‘fractures in the truth movement’ posted on the David Icke website (davidicke.com). It is the one about a Mr. Makow (Henrymakow.com) and also involves a Mr. Jeff Rense. (Rense.com) I’m sure most of you don’t need any introduction to these websites from me.

I thought, after the Parable of the Drunken Man last week, that I would make a few comments about this Rense and Makow scenario (And I’m not alone I’m sure) simply because it reflects a lot of things in the so-called truth movement at the moment. I also wrote an article a few years ago on this situation. It was called See You – Heal You. It may make more sense to you now.

Anyway …

 I checked up on the two people mentioned in the David Icke flyer, Rense and Makow, but it just appears to be a case of being a six of one – half a dozen of the other type of siituatio situation. I cannot really comment a lot on these two fellows as I do not know them personally, although I believe Mr. Makow does actually write conspiracy articles and I believe Mr. Rense is not a high profile researcher, he does not write nor have theories, but he is well known radio host (a media personality). I am only using the situation as an example of the true face of the truth movement in 2012. I have had many experiences myself with this ‘true face’ of the truth movement from 2004-2010. I did write an article called “You said you was high classed but that was just a lie” in 2008 so I’m not just bringing this subject up now. It is a subject that has concerned me many times and for several years. It is a subject which I believe needs proper thought, it is not a subject that needs fobbing off regardless. Alas I have found in my research and experiments that most prefer to put the tinted specks on and ignore this subject or simply demonise the messenger, especially if that messenger’s face does not fit.

 Anyway. I shall be honest in this report but if you are inclined to stick your head in the sand, should someone actually hold a pin near your comfort bubble, then I suggest you bugger off now.

I had a little peep on the Rense website, well I tried to have a peep but the massive collection of flashy adverts made me come off it far quicker than I had arrived on it. The adverts are beyond a farce. If this was the face of a ‘high profile researcher’, as previously described by the David Icke email flyer, then god help us because in my opinion this website is not there to educate or enlighten its visitors, quite the opposite I thought, it’s there to serve Rense himself. Rense is no researcher, in my opinion he is a showbiz ego seeking attention and money.

 But please, Darlings please, don’t think I’m being bitchy. I’m not. I’m very sure and indeed glad that ‘Rense.com’ provides very good interviews with some high profile researchers, mystics, fairground fortune tellers or whatever or whomever is topical at any relevant moment. I’m sure Rense also professionally plugs conspiracy DVD’s and books of high profile researchers too, and he will genuinely keep at least the sense of a collective truth movement going, and good on Mr. Rense for all his efforts in his business. I wish him well in his business. But that is all it is… BUSINESS.

 As far as the ‘publicised’ squabble goes I found it rather silly and there was nothing really informative or enlightening in it at all. Indeed the actual squabble amounted to nothing more than a show of handbags at best. Obviously Rense having the more expensive designer handbag to match his hair style of course. It’s was simply a case of ‘two people in the conspiracy biz’ showing the true showbiz side of the truth movement. It was all handbags, ego and website hits. It was the true face of the truth movement’s businessmen. It also provided publicity for the said websites too.

I already knew people like Rense are wannabe or even successful ‘showbiz’ stars. Indeed the only information that I really enjoyed in this public ‘Battle’ (show of handbag power) was the news about Rense’s real persona when he’s actually away from the showbiz microphone and the showbiz mirror. I giggled non-stop over hearing the information about his over active penis, indeed his over active knob appears to rule his entire life. He’s not alone on that score is he?

 I also laughed in admiration when I found out this virile 66 year old was ‘advertising for women’. That said I don’t really believe all the information indicating that Rense is the ‘Psychotic Stud’ within the conspiracy biz is going to spiritually enlighten, or even entertain, very many of us, apart from himself and the steady stream of ladies he appears to service of course.

 I’m sure Mr. Rense, with his very handsome 70’s porn star looks and large wallet, the latter provided courtesy of the Rense.com punters, will easily attract the ladies and again good luck to him on that score too. I’m also sure Mr. Makow’s comments are not just based on Rense’s wives and sex partners though. It is also not really enlightening to actually hear that Rense, penis standing proud on full time duty or not, is really a ‘psycho’ when he’s not playing at being false personalities on the airwaves.  It is not enlightening no, but it does bloody well mirror exactly the behaviour and actions of some other people in the truth movement that I have personally witnessed myself too. So maybe some truth actually does come out of the truth movement when high ranking darlings, like Makow and Rense, decide to let off steam with each other and get their handbags out. 

The fact that really should be noted is that Mr. Rense is in business and obviously it is good for the punters in the truth movement that he decides to do his business in the truth movement, or they would not have his show on air. But at the end of the day he is in business. HE IS IN BUSINESS.

Truth in the truth movement?

 The only ‘truth’ is that Rense likes the ladies and he cadges a lot of money, from his truth seeking customers, to help him afford to ‘live’ and to support his favourite habits in life, one of which includes poking as many women as he can. The true simple fact is that he has a job he likes doing that allows him to do so. Nothing wrong with that is there? In real terms Rense is actually led by his penis and his showbiz ego, he is definitely not primarily led to expose the truth in anyway. Indeed I believe he would run a mile if the real truth actually did come out. Wouldn’t you Jeff?

 And I assure you such behaviour is normal in the Conspiracy Biz, Rense is no exception by a long chalk. I’ve seen more than one sex addict operating inside the truth movement and I have seen people in the biz literally run and hide when the truth actually visits them. But that is the case in all walks of life isn’t it? So let’s get away from the showbiz hype and bullshit that says Rense is some kind of goodie- goodie angel, doing charity work, for a minute please.(Unless you want lies of course to make you feel better?)

Those actually ‘making a living’ in the conspiracy biz are simply ‘doing it for a living’. They too use deceptive marketing tactics and PR skills just like any other business. Some do use their income to improve their research (usually thieving info from unknowns unwanted in the showbiz clique) and provide more information but they are simply making a living and a career in the main. Part of the process of making and sustaining a living is to keep their customers ‘entranced’ to support their ‘career’ and keep the stock rolling. And Rense, like all businessmen, is simply a professional radio host that specialises in presenting fellow businessmen to the public and to present their ‘work’. He is simply rolling his stock too. They do it for an income, on one hand they back scratch and they kiss the arses of those that can increase their trade and on the other hand, they hinder or silence those seen as competition in the same business. In reality some of them wouldn’t piss on each other if they caught fire. That is the truth.

 They also have to make their work ‘entertaining and successful’ just to survive. Indeed because of the typical nature of the truth movement, for obvious reasons, they have to use more extreme marketing trickery and PR bullshit than those in so-called ‘normal careers’ and they have to do it more often too. But that said and despite the delusions of a lot of the customers involved, ‘alternative news’ and other alternative media has always been with us, it is nothing new, and it has always been a ‘business’ for those providing it.

Truth? Plain blunt truth? 

  I’ll be honest and I assure you I’m not knocking businessmen. Rense is obviously a very good entertaining host, but lets have truth and say he’s human too, and after work time he truly likes to hunt down beaver more enthusiastically than Elmer Fudd hunts down wabbits. I’m sure he’s tickled a few thighs with that mustache of his too. But he has a right to do as he pleases doesn’t he, as long as he isn’t harming anyone? Married 20 times or not.


Jeff Rense with his 70’s porn star good looks. (Truth? He’ll still shag anything at 66)

Truth? Does this sound more truthful? Jeff Rense is beaver driven businessman and he will put ‘anything’ on his radio show that initially brings him money so he can indeed go beaver hunting with the proceeds. Truth? What do you work for? Do you work for truth or do you work for your living expenses and your perks?…  Well?

The truth, in this sick world, is that Rense is just as horny, he’s just as psychotic and he is just as controlling as any middle-aged man is in this world (Am I right girls?). More importantly his radio showbiz personality is as fake as Elton John’s hair.  This shit hole of a planet is chocker block full of middle-aged, bad tempered, penis driven men with false personalities. Rense is not alone (Again am I right girls?) This world cultivates such pathetic entities like some out of control factory production line. This world thrives on it. That is why we are as we are. The TRUTH is that the planet could not and would not be in such a state without such ego and knob driven people living in it and leading others in it. Rense is just one of many penis driven people. The vast majority of men are the same but we can pretend otherwise if it increases his visitor numbers eh? Lets pretend eh?  Err… but are we trying to wake up or are we out to delude ourselves because it sounds better? Can someone remind me?

 I’m absolutely amazed at the gullibility of punters within a truth movement.

My friends this is not said to upset you, but the truth movement is awash with selfish businesses, or wannabe selfish businesses, and these businesses are run by fakers and false personalities because that is the only way they can be profitable. The punters, groupies and sheep only see the faces of the truth movement whilst they are acting in ‘business mode’ and with stage greasepaint on. If they actually saw the true persona and true behaviour of high profile researchers, and radio stars, then there simply wouldn’t be a truth movement at all (Not that there is truth in the truth movement anyway).  In the vast majority of cases the truth movement is built on lies and built by liars. Bullshit ‘PR’ is the first rule of salesmanship and smooth talking radio hosts or high ranking researchers ‘charming their customers and screwing them’, in one way or another, is the absolute norm in the truth movement, just like it is in any other business. It is definitely not the exception anyway. It’s just that the punters don’t want to hear that sort of thing because it bursts their delusional bubbles, and so they simply ignore that sort of thing. Truth?

‘Truther’ people want Rense to be seen as a dedicated apostle working to free them whilst they themselves simply carry on as they always have done, living as hypocrites. The truthers don’t want to see high profile faces of the truth movement in their true image, so they put the blinfolds on and delude themselves. Obviously most truthers are just paying passengers anyway. They simply pay their money to sit on their arses and then expect to some high profile researcher to free them, whilst they have a latte and gossip about bullshit through their silly sick egos. Truth?

 Anyway, lets move away from handsome showbiz stud Jeff Rense for a minute. I also visited Mr. Makow website, which initially seemed far less commercial . His current headlines (week ending the 2nd March 2012) seemed fixated, both indirectly and directly, on his public quarrel with Mr. Rense and a bit of ‘gnashing of teeth’ with David Icke. My fans are bigger than your fans so to speak. What a farce. I found the whole pathetic circus laughable. I expected the clowns to move in at any moment and take over.  What a farce.

It is clear Mr. Makow has concerns over certain faces within the so-called truth movement, but who the hell doesn’t, apart from the rose tinted groupies of course. But in this case I felt it was just a case of business inspired ‘tit for tat’ and the symptoms of envious greed over the number of website hits and commission earning links from website to website. It was just like kids squabbling over who has the red smarties (candy) and who gets bugger all.

 Do I think Makow or Rense were a supplier of disinformation or either of them were mind controlled agents provocateur, trying to discredit the other? No, not in a million years, but its suits the conspiracy ‘biz’ to create such pathetic myths. These two men are simply egos and businessmen that are lucky enough to work in a job they like doing whilst getting paid for it, indeed, in my opinion one is totally controlled by the bible and the other by his penis. A right pair of tossers then?

I did not stay on the Makow website long enough to get a general idea of either man’s psyche or full beliefs, but religion or sex are usually involved with all of us anyway. But that does not matter because Makow and Rense are just a true example of the showbiz side of the truth movement in general anyway. They are representative of the landlords in the COCK and BULL in the Parable of the Drunken Man and the silly conspiracy punters are the pub’s customers getting pissed up on cheap drinks. I believe they, Rense and Makow, will both eternally sell what the conspiracy addicts want to swallow. But that’s fine and I wish both supplier and customer well. They go hand in hand.

My only connection and interest in these two websites was created entirely by the newsletter link I received from davidicke.com and the comments David Icke has sent out to all people on his email list.

 Those comments were “Fractures in the Truth Movement” and Conspiracy Researcher’ Henry Makow has embarked on a vicious character assassination of radio host Jeff Rense”.  I assumed David Icke wanted his many visitors and supporters to look at this situation and to actually alert us to something. I certainly trust David’s words in general and did do many years ago, hence me looking at what he was pointing out now. A Vicious Character Assassination? Careers threatened? I thought what goes on here.

 I did pick up on something as soon as I followed the links, because the first thing I saw was this bloody DVD advert below. I saw the selling point of the DVD. It was a quote from David Icke!


 David Icke Quote: ‘Henry Makow ventures where most people fear to go?’

 I thought is someone having me for the fat lad here? Is it an April Fool joke in March? I then thought which of David’s words do I listen too? Do I listen to the words indicating that Makow is wrongly slagging off Rense as in the flyer sent from davidicke.com or do I listen to the words quoted on the DVD promotion banner (above)? Both quotes are together below. Please read them again.

 “Conspiracy Researcher’ Henry Makow has embarked on a vicious character assassination of radio host Jeff Rense”. David Icke
‘Henry Makow ventures where most people fear to go?’ David Icke

Please do not think I’m having a pop at David’s words, obviously there was some time between the two different quotes and of course bizness is biznessssss and DVD’s do need promoting, and who better to have endorse your DVD, in the conspiracy biz, than David Icke? It is also true that our opinions of people change, especially when our own positions are affected by their actions. I’m merely pointing out the quotes and the silly situation. It is clear that words and support inside a so called truth movement come down more to business links and backscratching than any truth. Sadly this fact is totally ignored by silly groupies and brain dead drones.

 It is just that the contradiction knocked me off balance for a moment. I thought to myself. Is Makow really the nasty villain for slagging off Rense, or is Makow the hero who goes where mere mortals, operating within a lie movement, fear to venture? Then I thought maybe it was all just pantomime bullshit and hype for more even more web hits. What do you think?

‘Henry Makow ventures where most people fear to go?’

David Icke

“Conspiracy Researcher’ Henry Makow has embarked on a vicious character assassination of radio host Jeff Rense”.

David Icke

I don’t think I can show you a better example of the schizophrenic type reality within the hypocritical truth movement. Indeed the quotes are an enlightening education within themselves if you can be bothered to think about it. Which is the true path of the truth movement? Do we venture where others fear to go or do we scream assassin if someone actually mentions that a perceived holy iconic disciple of truth like Rense in a different, but maybe true, light? Be it said through business jealousies or indeed concrete facts. Which quote is right? Both of them? Or the one that helps to scratch the most lucrative back. Please read both quotes again and ask yourself the same thing. Go on read them again and ask yourself!

I thought about it and I decided to side with David’s original quote, and believe Henry Makow treads where others fear to tread (Obviously making sure he avoids the dog shit eh?). I think I’d rather hear Makow speak his truth whatever it is and then take it from there. That said the business side of the truth movement is so shady and corrupt that I’m not sure if it is actually a true ‘Icke quote’ on the DVD anyway. I would advise anyone entering the conspiracy biz, on any level, that if they have to shake hands with the wide boys lurking within it, that they should count all their fingers straight after the handshake takes place, because believe me, most of the hands in the biz will be sticky. I mean very very sticky indeed.

Well one thing was for sure, no matter which quote you take notice of, it was clear that Henry Makow really went in to places others feared to go and one of them is Jeff Rense’s sex life and another is exposing Jeff Rense’s psycho fake radio personality for a start.  But in saying that, I do not side with Makow, because it is clear he only ventured to these places because he had lost website hits and lost his back scratching website links to the ‘big boys’ ;).  His motives were not ever honest or actually for the benefit of truth in my opinion either. They were simply carried out to feed his own ego and protect business rankings (nothing new there then). It’s bloody laughable. What comes first in the truth ‘movement’? Is it the movement of cash and the movement of website hits or the movement of truth?

I know!I started to see the funny side and the comical hypocrisy stood out. ‘Makow ventures in to places other fear to go’ and that’s good for business, if it serves those selling it of course, but if Makow ventures in to places the truth movement actually fears then he must be stopped or at least rejected. 


 Is the hypocritical truth movement somehow immune from research or investigation and possible exposure or something? If it is then come on let’s be true about it. What future does a truth movement have if it selects which truth is allowed to be mentioned and which truth isn’t? Does any truth, and proper flow of information, within the truth movement, simply depend on who has the best market forces to deliver it? Does the leading clique in the truth movement decide who is the wheat and who is the chaff, and once this is decided they simply get their customers to put the perceived chaff in a pile and burn it? 

I’ll give you my honest opinion on this matter in a straight talking way.

I have said for years that the truth movement, in the main is no such thing. I have said, in the main, it is simply a business environment and many high profile websites and individuals are not here to change the world, or help shift the collective consciousness, and that is simply because they want to make money and seek praise and glory in this world. They want the world to stay exactly as it is already. Why would they want to change something they thrive from?

First of all I cannot understand why these Makow/Rense things end up in ‘public, apart from business jealousies and/ or indirect publicity. Obviously if other high profile researchers join in squabbles, then again they will also bring their supporters (customers) with them. The situation then turns more hypocritical and laughable by the minute, as one businessman (backscratcher) protects their favourite fellow businessman (backscratcher) and any minor backscratcher is immediately made a scapegoat to keep the status quo. Nothing ever changes in business does it? 

I am not surprised when these things happen, and believe me more examples will spill out in public when the ‘true hearts of businessmen’ are exposed as time goes on, especially with large amounts of ‘2012’ cash to be grabbed this year. But this Rense/Makow case it is a pathetic situation all round isn’t it? What do you think?

 Aren’t we supposed to be waking up (forum sheep and rose tinted, brain dead, groupies excluded of course)? Isn’t this type of propaganda and marketing, between Makow and Rense, exactly what Tesco and Sainsburys, or all other supermarkets in other countries, pretend to do when they want customers to buy their bread instead of buying someone else’s bread? The same old symbolic mind game of  “Don’t Buy His Bread Cos He Said My Mate’s Bread is Shit”  “Don’t speak to him he said something naughty and we don’t like it”

Fractures in the Truth Movement? My god.

Truth? I’d say the bloody truth itself is being let down by the truth movement. I’d say genuine truth seekers are being let down too.

First of all what is actually ‘true’ about the truth movement anyway? What is the only provable truth currently in our hands from all the different splinters in the truth movement at this time? What truth do the truth movement actually seek? Does it depend on what or who’s club they are currently in? Let’s look beyond the hypocritical back scratching of the so called esoteric scholars, especially those that are already taking full credit for actually creating a shift (lol) or claiming copyrights to the entire awakening process shall we?

Because the only truth at the moment, in this world, is that nothing has actually happened on any collective ‘spiritual’ level yet. Collective shift? The only thing that has happened is that more people think they have bought a ticket to freedom on earth, and reserved future in heaven, by joining a faction within a movement, usually anonymously. A faction that says it is seeking and telling (selling) the truth. But indeed most factions with the truth movement are not really in sync with any collective movement anyway.

 It is indeed a fact, sadly more because of the actions of the Serpent than any truth movement, that more people have joined a so-called ‘movement’ and they now follow the ideology of the high profile mouthpieces in that movement. But don’t people swap and change ideology and ‘movements’ all the time to suit their situation, their well being and their status? And… Errr… pardon me… but isn’t that what the Germans also did in the 1930’s? Hitler claimed to be the leader of such a spiritual truth movement too you know, and very similar propaganda tactics are being used today as were used then too. And of course millions of awakened sheep ‘blindly’ followed the Nazi truth movement too. Indeed the same Nazi mind control tactics are rife in the modern truth movement today. It is laughable.

 Is the truth movement actually spreading ‘all’ of the truth available anyway? Only certain faces and the best businessmen actually get to preach to the majority of the members of the movement. Are certain high profile individuals, like Jeff Rense, simply recruiting loyal but submissive drones to his advert laden website just to make a living or serve ego, or will truth seekers find the absolute truth there at the same time? Are some high profile truth researchers simply part of a back scratching self serving clique and are they simply spreading anything that sells and makes the said members of the clique a few bob?  If so then it is indeed only the same sort of thing that goes on in all businesses isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong I believe some people (very few) are genuine in the truth movement, but a lot are not. A lot believe they are simply because it pays them to believe they are. Again it pays them to believe they are


Businessman Jeff Rense’s ‘endorsed’ silver from his website. “It is about to explode!”

 Nothing new for Jeff there then eh :)?

Indeed is Rense just a pied piper endorsing hawkers or traders, or is he a seeker and supplier of truth? Can he actually be both? Mind you I heard Jeff explodes too quickly in more ways than one himself. But as long as he brings his customers the truth what does it matter eh? As long as the truth pays him eh?

Surely in a truth movement the truth should be the most transparent thing available in all areas shouldn’t it? Well shouldn’t it? That said, if the truth movement is actually spreading ‘any truth’ then what is it? What is the actual truth currently being spread? Is the number one aim, within the truth movement, simply to tell (sell) the claim that ‘all governments in the world are corrupt’ and they do not really serve the public? Well isn’t it? Aren’t we out to oust the corrupt and replace them with the righteous to make the world a better place? On a 5 sense level aren’t we out to rid the world of sick greedy illuminati bankers like the sick greedy Rothschilds and their lackey’s, those who live off the backs and the souls of the sad drones in this world? Yes? No? Aren’t we exposing the blood thirsty war mongers and leeches that suck the life and soul out the human race, bombing the shit out of kids and their parents (slaves) whilst they sup cocktails and check the profits? Yes? If so who are we going to replace them with? Rense? Makow? Err… But excuse me…  wouldn’t they end up bombing the shit out of each other sooner or later too? Yes of course they would.  Rense obviously getting his knob out for the girls a lot too. Isn’t the world already controlled by religion and sex already? If so Rense and Makow won’t change much for us if they become world leaders then eh, because these things rule them?

 All governments are corrupt and we need to replace them with righteous souls? (Obviously those that already control governments would have to disappear too) Is that the only truth that all different, factions, groups, sections, cults and individuals within the truth movement agree on? Yes of course it is. I think spreading that truth has been around for millennia already and the high rankers in the movement are simply cashing in and recycling it.


 Truth movement? What truth do you want to hear? A truth that says you are going to automatically ascend if you manage to pick and subscribe to the right website? What truth do you want to hear? A truth that says you have first class travel all the way to spiritual enlightenment if you listen to Rense every week and contribute to his ejaculation fund? Well is it?

 I take it with that sort of mentality that the key to freedom is simply gained by owning a current credit card, and a smart phone, to enable fast and full subscription to the truth movement then? Once we do that its just a case of strategically placing our feet under the right forum table and/ or finding the right set of righteous forum buddies is it? Hey that’s great then eh?


 Makow ‘High Profile Researcher’ or glory seeking businessman?

Truth? … Truth?

Isn’t ‘the truth’ what David Cameron and Barrack Obama claim to give to us too?  Don’t the mainstream politician’s claim ‘to their punters’ that they have the truth too?

Yes? No? Please tell me what is the difference between a good smooth talking shag happy liar in mainstream politics and a good smooth talking shag happy radio host in the so called ‘truth’ movement? I can easily point out Obama is not what he seems and the truth movement say its OK for me to do so, but if anyone says a truther is not what he seems then it is totally out of order, its blasphemy? It is utter hypocrisy.

 Does the truth movement only contain truth and that truth is always backed up by respectable pillars of of the human race? Yes? No?  Does the truth movement contain a random selection of liars, conmen and thieves like all other businesses in all other walks of life do? What is the truthful honest answer? Or do you need a truth movement leader to tell you what to say? Come on don’t be shy tell yourself the truthful answer and I promise you, you’ll find it works wonders for you in the long run, it really will.

 It appears, in truth movement circles, (especially rose tinted section), that if we pretend high profile radio hosts and researchers are all darlings and honest and true, it will increase the chances of us achieving a ‘honest and genuine’ collective shift in consciousness, but if we question anything in the truth movement we are simply idiots causing bother and therefore we will spoil the honest and genuine shift. It is laughable. But we better get rid of those deemed to be spoiling the shift eh? hey why not build a few concentration camps before the shift starts to really grow? We can then put all those that don’t belong in the shift, or question its process, in the said camps eh?  If anyone questions the perceived shift then they must also be stooges for the illuminati eh? EH?

 Oh my brothers beam me up for Christs sake.

 Are the so called awakened so comatose that they believe everyone that pretends to sell love and light and alternative information is actually honest and hold good intentions?

Maybe the real truth is that the truth movement’s ‘punters’ are now more bogged down, both mentally and spiritually, than they ever were in the (perceived) matrix? I certainly see souls now that are totally bamboozled and bogged down. They are not bogged down by the Matrix world they are bogged down with liars and con artists in the lying truth movement.

 Anyway I do not want to be misconstrued in what I am going to say next, but I shall say it anyway.

SO I point out, before you get the wrong idea about what I say below, that I do believe there are many genuine people seeking spiritual freedom in the so called truth movement. I believe a lot are being misled and fooled by petty politics, but most people involved do genuinely seek freedom. I have seen many grass roots truth seekers and they have a good heart and have desire for justice and truth. I see a few genuine high profile, and a few lower profile researchers, that are very genuine in their journeys too. I have no doubts about that and I pledge my heart and soul and join them. My opinions below are said in general terms as being true information and it is written to help not hinder or distract.…..

I’ll tell you today, and my shoes took me on the path, that the truth movement is not a faultless or honest truth movement. It is, in the main, a festering pyramidal cesspit of hypocrisy and fakery and it mainly comprises of three categories… ( Listed as A, B & C below)

(A) An upper, Ivory Tower, elite of intelligent well presented speakers or sponsored (wealthy) radio hosts. This class currently mainly operates through low budget TV and conferences, but standards will increase in the future. Most of these folks will play ‘fluffy darlings’ with each other when it suits them to do so, especially if they sell each others wares on each others websites.  The truth movement’s elite in general is just another smaller facade of mainstream showbiz, doing its ‘specialised’ thing. It is NOTHING else. It may appear to be telling alternative truths but in reality its selling entertainment and have ruthless ambitions in business. The Ivory Tower, high profile class, will steal ideas from the long forgotten and departed (usually dead authors) or from unknowns and bloggers, and then use their material as their own. The punters are none the wiser. Some high profile faces are actually funded by mainstream forces to purposely lead many addicted ‘punters’ down the garden path to a different ideology and location, which will become much clearer to see after 2012. The Ivory Tower club pretends to bring truth but they spiritually smother any real truth, because their temples (websites) literally become dens of thieves and they simply become Ali Baba.

(B) A middle class style of wannabe media presenters and middle range researchers exist in the central heart of the truth movement.  It is this middle class that behaves exactly like business people do in the (perceived) matrix, their aim is to be like the Ivory Tower elite but they haven’t the money, guile or the intelligence to be so. This middle class section is indeed smothered with vanity and ego and it is only propped up by using good PR trickery and being enhanced with photoshop style mentality (Masking their true image). The PR trickery being used is just adopted from the same tried and tested PR trickery currently used by mainstream con merchants. The main aim of the middle class in the truth movement is to simply look good and to continually praise the high profile researchers in the Ivory Tower class (in return for website hits/links and to receive fake but valuable public praise of course). They hope to one day receive the seal of approval from a high profile researcher so they feel they have been successful, got the golden ticket to heaven sorted, and have punters them how clever they are for getting in the clique. There is also a high number of lower profile ‘researchers’ in this middle classification, they too hope to receive the truth movements version of a ‘knighthood’ (A link to a big website). It is simply called ‘back scratching friends’ (or even ‘destroying the competition’) in normal business circles, but in the ways of the truth movement its called ‘spreading the truth’ and pointing the easily led drones in the right direction is seen as a righteous act. A major part of the truth movement is based on business back scratching and marketing tricks, theft and control of information and the feeding of ego. Anything that sells is hyped and ‘who get the commissions’ and ‘who receives the attention’ is the name of the game. Truth only actually comes into it if it has a material value, and of course the web hits pay in more ways than one these days. But this is how the so-called truth movement works. It is not a complete truth movement at all and, in the main, it is as corrupt and controlled as any other movement or business. The truth movement will actually attack the truth about the truth movement and a den of thieves will always put its loot first. Hypocrisy is out of control.

(C) To make the truth movement ‘business’ function properly, it is absolutely vital a drone like lower class of paying ’punters’ exists. These drones have no clue to what is really going on in the movement they believe they are part of.  Some punters automatically take up servant roles as robots for their heroes, just like political party members do. They literally become ‘stepford truthers’ ready to jump on the nearest 5-sense bandwagon cause that takes their fancy, or they simply change ‘forums’ when their fakery fails them and exposes them on the forum they are already on. They literally run around like demented mental patients hoping they are first to find an exclusive bit of news, simply to show fellow parrots on the forums and how enlightened and alert they are. In reality they know they are parrots but live the lie because they realise they cannot be anything else. “Squawk! Pretty Punter! Pretty Punter!” Although the majority of the low ranking punters are actually following true spiritual stirrings within themselves, they still appear to follow the matrix norm of swallowing any shit that sounds plausible to them, which is not surprising considering some of the marketing tricks and psychology being used in the last couple of years. They easily accept anything that is hyped by a face they trust, especially so if they believe they are going to benefit enormously from it in the future. This scenario continues for as long as they believe the information being provided is entirely for their benefit, especially so if they believe they are on some list for a ticket to heaven. Most people in this lower class category either turn into moronic groupies at some stage in their awakening process, left totally unable to think of anything for themselves, or they simply bombard each other with totally useless propaganda until they literally collapse suffering from shell shock (PTSD). The only thing worse than the shell shock situation is when anonymous ‘forum man’ (As David Icke named them in 2011) crawls out from under their rock, psychotic and battle hardened, to automatically compete to become the most awakened, most intelligent and most bravest keyboard warrior on the planet. Their aim is simply to become ‘the respected Daddy’ on the relevant forum. If that mission fails or some secret forum policeman kicks them off the forum, they simply create their own ‘I’m the Daddy Forum’ and anoint themselves ‘ Grand Master Daddy’ for eternity and surround themselves with little gossips and other sad forum rejects as gofas. It is sad but that is the real state of the lower rankings within the truth movement. Mind you this lower class is not all made up of drones, groupies and wannabe psychotic forum daddies, on no not by a long chalk, there is also quite a lot of intelligent truthers mingling within this lowest class, and some indeed do have a few big words to chuck around whilst they flit from website to website and forum to forum. These big word chuckers continuously deluding themselves by thinking they are not actually low class conspiracy ‘punters’ at all, they actually believe they are high class punters that are ‘roughing it’ for laughs. But sadly these intelligent low class big word chuckers are the most deluded punters of all and their higher level of matrix education, along with their ‘truther’ programmed behaviour, doesn’t help them at all, it actually hinders them. They swish around in the truth movement trying to use their perceived advantages and privilege like gold-diggers panning and sifting for gold amongst the shit and the sand. They will simply throw the pan away in anger when no nuggets appear and pretend they didn’t even pick the pan up in the first place. Any I have said enough on the classes in the truth movement so I remind you of my comments before you read this section. There are many genuine people around too!

These things said it is clear, just like in any other pyramid system, that at the lowest rankers within the truth movement pyramid will always get the shit end of the stick. I realise the truth movement is nothing in size compared to the other mainstream movements currently on the planet, but it is clear if the truth movement does gain the momentum it seeks, then it will become just the same as any other movement of the past. That is a capstone representing the elite of the movement, those saying what is what and what we should do, and the rest of the movement will just be a pile of stupefied shit holding it all up. We already live within that sort of system and I’m afraid just changing the capstone figureheads won’t make any difference at all in the lives of the common shit that are actually holding it up.It is clear to me, on a Pro-Rota basis, that there is no difference at all between the elitist pyramidal system in the truth movement and the elitist pyramidal system of control we already exist in within the (perceived) matrix. Well is there? The truth movement currently exists through a system where literally ‘the biggest gob sets the moral standards’ for the rest of us. That is the number one rule in the truth movement’s code of ethics, and sadly the parrots and the fakers follow it to the letter, just like drones have done in ALL the major movements of the past on this planet.

Indeed a self-serving hypocritical code of ethics has already purposely been created.  It is laughable.The truth movement elite now control the truth movement sheep exactly the same as the elite in the (perceived) matrix control the matrix sheep. I realise the number in the truth movement does not compare with the number in the matrix but the truth movement elite still uses exactly the same propaganda techniques as those that enslave us now. I thought we wanted to change things?  So do we make Rense the president of the truth movement instead of making Obama the president of a new world order government? Better still why not make Alex Jones the truth movement’s official Emperor eh? Give him a golden loudspeaker and we can live in truth and harmony for eternity eh? My god indeed, come on let’s get real for once.

Are you seeking freedom, wanting to regain your full spiritual abilities, or are you wanting to swap Obama for Jones? The Truth Movement also complain and rant that ‘one or two faces’ control mainstream TV and yet the dodgiest of all self serving characters now run the only conspiracy mainstream network channel in the truth movement in the UK. I realise that the truth movement is in its early stages of growth, as far as numbers go, but a pattern for the future is already emerging if you can be bothered to look. If we don’t look then we won’t see. If we don’t question then we don’t get answers. There is no point replacing Trotsky figures with Lenin figures or replacing Hitler figures with Churchill figures. That is not change or a shift, it is simply the same shit over and over again. Again it is laughable. But will it be funny when you see propaganda, censorship and corporate advertising grow ‘within’ the truth movement, this year and beyond? Will it be funny when the truth movement will be displaying more and more of the subliminal messages via the exact same corporate adverts that they once claimed affected your thoughts? That situation is not that far away. Now that will be hypocrisy gone mad won’t it? But its coming. It is bloody well coming and part of me is bloody laughing already at the silly groupies that fall for it.

 Have I made sense to you?

Hey I’m not knocking any individual, don’t get me wrong. I’m disgusted by the ‘true’ infrastructure of the truth movement, but I’m not knocking it. It is against the rules to do so isn’t it? LOL. Don’t the love and freedom brigade abandon and stone anyone that questions things in the truth movement? And I have already said that the rose tinted groupies, especially the blinkered gluttons that are addicted to hearing only what they like to hear, actually run away from the truth. They are literally shit scared of the truth. They want the spirit of truth inside of them just about as much as a devoted Muslim wants a Bacon Butty inside them.

It is clear to me the truth movement is far far away from being a ‘utopian vehicle built on collective honesty and truth’, so will we actually awaken by pretending it is? No we won’t, but let’s keep the blinkers on if it makes us feel better eh? Bugger any truth eh? Maybe we should just give high profile researchers and showbiz radio hosts like Jeff Rense a decent living, while we sift through a pile of shit and hypocrisy looking for truth through them. Obviously if we raise questions or challenge their behaviour then we can only become instant bad energy and therefore unworthy. That is how the truth movement operates isn’t it?  Anyone that stands up with genuine concerns or exposures is classed as a mind controlled plant out to destroy.  

And hey if certain individual energies are bad for websites and therefore links to each other are ‘removed’ from them, as in the Rense/Makow/Icke situation, then what the hell sort of energy is being created and absorbed through the forums of hate and the secret police that censor them?

 What do you say, or do you need permission to say anything in your ‘truth’ movement in case you are ejected from it? Shall we have a few faces classifying and judging who is a good truther and who is a negative one? Hey don’t the PTB do that already? That’s what the truth movement is all about isn’t it?

Who knows, maybe we will go around painting slogans on certain websites in the future, you know like the followers of Hitler did on the Jewish shops that they didn’t want the ‘punters’ to shop in. Well shouldn’t we Truth Movement?

 If finding the truth can only be done through truth itself, then surely untruths within the truth movement need exposing just as much as the untruths that will expose the matrix of control need exposing too. Indeed I’d say exposing the untruths in the truth movement take precedence and very much so. In my opinion we can never progress to true freedom if it doesn’t take precedence. Truth never turns up when its attendance is requested with a lie. If a truth movement is not truthful and free then how can it truly help free anyone. What sort of shift takes place when its based on hypocrisy? Where will it lead?

All I can say is that if we are going to have a truth movement then let’s have at least some truth in it. Let’s not become a movement of sell out and betrayal eh? No let’s not, we don’t deserve that do we? If we are going to float in a ship called truth then let’s at least look at the officers mess and who’s doing the bloody navigating. If we are going to have truth then let’s have the whole truth not a few showbiz songs hidden in bag of shit. Because if we don’t, instead of shouting ‘Land Ahoy’ at a tropical island called paradise we will be shouting ‘Shit Hole Ahead’ at some place called hell. Do you catch my drift shipmates? Aye Aye?

I say this in soothsayer ways…  (Spruced up in truth movement showbiz style propaganda for entertainment purposes only)

Avast Ye. I tell ye truth Me Hearties, It is futile to take our ship named good and true to sea, to seek out pirates, if our own decks are awash with pirates too.

If ye do that, Oh Me Lads, then I say let the ship that carries no pirates fire the first cannon ball. Shiver me timbers and I’ll feed the fish if I tell a lie.

Matthew Delooze 13/3/12

I do not run a business.

I am not in any back scratching clique. I have no agenda to promote or damage anyone at all. I have no wish to harm or trouble any individual and never have had. NONE.  I speak what I believe is the truth and the reaction to that truth creates my fate.  My words in this article, as in all my work, are from the heart and backed up by spirit, but they are still based on direct life experiences and involvement in the truth movement over several years too. I do not talk out of my arse on the matter.

I am not here to cause fractures in the truth movement. I couldn’t even if I wanted too.  I cannot even complete my journey without a truth movement.  I want to see a ‘true’ truth movement though, not a den of thieves full of fake personalities and puppet drones. But if that is how the truth movement wishes to be then that is how it will be. I say let it be so then.

 Fracture in the truth movement? When has the truth movement ever been able bodied? Indeed when did it have any real backbone?  The truth is sometimes actually a taboo subject in the truth movement.  I’d say in the main that love, compassion and tolerance are a fallacy in truth movement world and I’d also say the truth movement actually contains far more hate, rejection and intolerance than most other ‘movements’ currently in operation on this planet. Yes I do!

 Fractures in the truth movement? I’d say the truth movement contains more than fractures in its bones I’d say the truth movement has a detached retina. That said I don’t claim to be the official ophthalmologist, but I suggest if we are going to see into the future clearly then we need some medical treatment or the so called truth movement really will go totally blind. I tell you the truth.

It’s time for me to go…. 

Thank you for reading this news report, please believe it or laugh at it, it is your life and it is your journey. I only wish for people to follow their hearts and intuitions. But whatever you do…  only you can do it…  If we are going to have a truth movement then lets make sure it’s truthful. Let’s not be a fake truth movement because our lives have been fake for long enough already. Well haven’t they?

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 13th March 2012

All Text copyright © Matthew Delooze 2012. All rights reserved.