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Sucking on the Bones of Rik Clay


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I realise a lot, if not all, of the ‘serious’ punters in the conspiracy communities, usually those with David Icke website season tickets, will know of the young lad ‘Rik Clay’.

Sadly Rik left us last year after very briefly appearing in the ‘Conspiracy Biz’ in 2008.  He died in August and had his ashes spread on Ilkley Moor on September 11th 2008.

After a somewhat very brief period of writing on his blog and one interview on Red Ice Radio Rik decided ‘his inspiration had gone’ and wanted no more part in the ‘Conspiracy Biz’.  He emailed me and simply said ‘he was not the man he was’ shortly before he left this world.

He thanked me again for allowing to use my material and ideas and I thanked him for having the decency to credit me during his red  ice interview. It was no secret between me and Rik that he had based his information on the 2012 Olympics stadiums on my 7/7 article from 2005.

I had first met Rik ‘in person’ when he came to my first amateur talk in Halifax Library in May 2008 (‘Golden tickets’ were £2 including tea and biscuits like all the other tickets). He had emailed me, a few times previous to coming to see me, asking about the festivals I had written about and the sun symbolism and stadiums etc. Rik, unlike many of ‘the work and theory thieves out there’, actually asked my permission to use my research and material. That is rarity in this biz I can assure you.

For a couple of weeks after my talk in Halifax, Rik and I communicated a lot leading up to Rik’s interview on Red Ice. We covered many subjects as we discussed many things including the said sun worship and stadiums (I had written about these things for a few years before 2008 and Rik was only interested in them from early 2008.) I am only telling you these things now to show you that I did have links to the lad. I have not mentioned Rik Clay in this capacity before now.  I am a Father of ‘twenty somethings’ myself and I know how his parents must have felt after losing him.

I thought Rik was a bright, intelligent and sincere young man. He was very enthusiastic about Ian Crane and the theory of ‘a staged alien invasion’ that Ian Crane says will take place at the London Olympics in 2012. Rik truly believed this invasion is going to happen.  He had been to listen to Ian Crane at a talk and was quiet hyper about the ‘staged alien invasion’, which he mentioned a few times on his blog.

He also believed that the London Olympics Stadium was being built in a ‘symbolic location’. (As per stadiums used during the Live8 concerts) It was the information i wrote about the Live 8 stadiums and my articles on 7/7 that led him to look for symbolism in and around the London Olympic Stadium building site. Rik was also enthusiastic about my theory of spiritual energy extraction at such events. Rik then made some very interesting comments on his research concerning the streets around the stadium.

Rik then came up with an interesting unique theory of his own. He claims that Prince William (Born on Summer Solstice) will be crowned leader of a New World Order religion and that ritual will actually take place at the London Olympics.

Again Rik spoke about a lot of things on Red Ice Radio covering the things mentioned above and other stuff including some numerology that he was concerned with.

Rik had only written very little but sadly he stopped writing at all very soon after the Red Ice Interview. Whether this was because he had nowhere else to go with his writings we will never know.

He sadly died last August, just over a year ago.

My sympathies are with his parents over the loss of their son Rik, a handsome, talented and intelligent young man. I can only hope that a year after the event that their pain has eased just a little.


Rik Clay… A handsome, talented and intelligent young man

 Anyway. It came to my attention shortly after Rik had left this world that Red Ice Radio and Ian Crane did a ‘tribute’ to Rik Clay, which I suppose is a good thing if it is carried out with good intentions.

But in my mind it wasn’t. Click here to listen to it.  (trying to find a better version can anyone help?) I have waited a full year to say the things I am saying in public. I thought I might change my mind in time as anger can usually subside with time, but it hasn’t.

I find this tribute by Red Ice Radio, and Ian Crane especially, as nothing more than a sick publicity stunt by Crane and Red Ice to muster up sales for Ian Crane’s ‘information’ and Red Ice ‘subscriptions’. This sickened me in a way.

Indeed I’d go as far as to say that Ian Crane is suggesting that Rik could have been ‘bumped off’ because Rik had simply been to one of his talks and relayed Ian Crane’s story of a forthcoming ‘Staged Alien Invasion’ that is to take place at the 2012 Olympics.

Again I have thought long and hard before mentioning this but again my anger does not subside and it hasn’t done for quite a while.


 Was Ian Crane exploiting the death of Rik Clay for his own ends?

I know only too well that Rik did actually believe this (Ian Crane’s theory of a staged alien invasion) was going to happen and I have mentioned it earlier and he did mention it in his interview.  I have also heard from 7 different people (strangers to me) and they ALL tell me that they felt uneasy by Crane’s comments at his talks about this matter too. It appears that Ian Crane sucks on the bones of Rik Clay at his talks too and suggests again that Rik Clay could have been bumped off for the invasion information about the 2012 Olympics on stage too. I believe Red Ice Radio are only too happy to suck on Riks bones too.

  But this sort of thing is not new in the so-called awakened conspiracy biz is it? If the average punter saw or heard what really goes on behind the scenes then they would realise that the vast majority of the conspiracy biz is run by people who would sell their own grandma for two bob. Ian Crane is a prime example and so are his businessmen associates at Red Ice Radio too.


The ‘Boys’ From Red Ice Radio. Did they suck on the bones of Rik Clay too?

I was and still am sickened by the greed and ego put out by Ian Crane and Red Ice in a so-called ‘Tribute to Rik Clay’ simply because it was not a tribute to Rik Clay at all, not in my opinion anyway, it was a tribute to Crane and Red Ice and they were literally doing a tribute to themselves to sell themselves. ‘Business is Business’ and ‘Publicity is Publicity’ and that is all that matters in the Conspiracy Biz.

Trying to steal publicity from a dead man is not right in my opinion and that is how I saw the information put out by the Red Ice show. It was simply a means to seek publicity towards the work of Ian Crane (Staged Alien Invasion at the Olympics) and publicity for those that it pays to hype Crane (Red Ice Radio – Crane’s business buddies)

I make no apologies for saying these things and those folks that have seen Crane say he is going to take me to court or get the authorities on my back can take note that I say to Crane and the conspiracy con men posing as his business associates that I believe I speak the truth. Quote me to your lawyers or which ever part of the authorities you want.

 I say “Red Ice and Ian Crane sucked on the bones of Rik Clay for their own ends and Ian Crane does the same at his lectures”. The information put out by Red Ice and Crane about Rik Clay shortly after his death was simply a advertisement to direct attention to Ian Crane and Red Ice. Again most importantly hinting that Rik Clay could have been killed because Rik relayed the self acclaimed theories of Ian Crane.

Obviously if you look at the facts  (A year after the event) you will see that Rik Clay also states that there will indeed be another major event taking place at the Olympics, that is Prince or King William being crowned the leader of a new world order religion.  Obvious Crane cannot suck any credit out of that because it was Rik’s own unique theory to start with.

I asked Rik myself IN PERSON if he thought both things, the Staged Alien Invasion that Mr Crane speaks of and the creation of a leader of a new world order religion that he himself spoke of, were going to take place at the same time…. and he said ‘yes’.

We can only wait and see.

As far as Rik was concerned, before he had the problems that led to his death, he was going to come on oneball and join me and Richie in the hope we could get good info out to the masses.  I had discussed many things with him. Rik was an intelligent lad but he was also just as much niave as any other young man is at his age.

Obviously Rik died before oneballmedia started and indeed oneball has so far failed to reach its aims or its capabilities anyway. I don’t know what Rik was capable of producing in the long term but again the very little unique information he did write in 2008 was very interesting to say the least.

What I do know is that Rik had a very good heart and he has certainly played a part in my journey.  I’m sure Rik was brave enough to give up his life to help others and one thing he does not deserve is to have his bones sucked by fakers and takers and cheap opportunist con merchants in the conspiracy biz. He did and does not deserve that.

I could use far stronger terminology about this matter and I assure you I have used far stronger comments direct to Ian Crane and the Red Ice Boys.

And lets face it folks if Rik Clay was ‘bumped off’, as the forums spewed out for months, and if indeed it was because of ‘connections between Ian Crane and Rik’s relayed belief there is to be a Staged Alien Invasion at the Olympics in 2012’ then why wasn’t Crane himself bumped off as well?

Surely if Rik was unfortunate enough to be assassinated because he was simply a disciple to Ian Crane then surely Crane would have suffered the same fate of death wouldn’t he?

Mind you if Crane was bumped off how would he ‘exploit himself’, suck on his own bones if you like, if he wasn’t around to do it himself….

…Obviously his business partners would also suck on the bones of Ian Crane just like Ian Crane he has done with Rik Clay. Well wouldn’t they? Business is Business! That is the name of the game in the phony conspiracy market these days. If you don’t believe me start asking some serious questions to the gurus in this game and see what answers you get back.

The best tribute I can give the young fellah is that I know he would not have ever been a ‘conspiracy conman’ and the folks that sucked on his bones, like Conman Crane, are not fit to lace his boots.

The best advice I can give you people is to ‘be aware of conspiracy con men’.

Thank You
Matthew Delooze 3rd September 2009