They Said You Was High Classed – Well’ That Was Just A Lie.

UPDATE: Conspiracy Con Men at the AV2

Yeah They Said You Was High Classed – Well’ That Was Just A Lie

Live H2O: Concert for The Living Water EXPOSED!

By Matthew Delooze

Well they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Yeah they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit
And you ain’t no friend of mine

Hound Dog By Elvis Presley

Hello folks,

This story is written entirely for those I love and for those that need to hear the story. The fakers, takers and bullshitters might as well bugger off now because this story is not for you.  So I can only suggest to the ‘blind hippies’ out there that they should refrain from reading this article. Obviously those of you that are blind won’t know you are a blind hippy will you? I don’t use the term hippy in an insulting way either.

This article will really not do blind hippies any good whatsoever. Indeed I have purposely held back this article until today so as not to upset some of the hippy fluffy bunny robots out there attending the water ritual. Not that they will believe me anyway. This story is about the Live H2O: Concert for The Living Water that takes place on the summer solstice.


Those folks that know of my work will remember my stuff on Live 8.  You know… back in the days when the so-called ‘awakened’ hadn’t a clue what was going on at these events. Sadly many of the so-called awakened still can’t see the difference between their arse and their elbow but obviously that is only my opinion and I mean no offence.

I wrote about Live 8 before the Live 8 event took place. Please read The Past is Calling article if you don’t know about it.  I also wrote about Live 8 in my book The Stars Are Falling. I made it perfectly clear to all that the Live 8 concerts were, in my opinion, a con trick in order to get the masses to unknowingly carry out mass sun worship ritual. My comments are well documented on the matter even though I was ridiculed at the time I made them. Everyone remembers Live 8 don’t they? OK? Don’t worry you were meant to have Live 8 placed in your memory banks.

 I said back then that future ‘Global Concerts’ were being planned by the Serpent Cult to attract the masses to join in with a series of ‘Sun Worship’ rituals that they know nothing about but because of their egos, interest in celebrities and subconscious programming they would flock to the events and unknowingly take part in the ritual they see as something that is taking place for enjoyment. They obviously do not want to miss out on such an event and this is understandable. Everyone likes to party if they like parties. So do I. Anyway, let’s get on now you have been ‘reminded about Live 8’.


‘Live 8’ The first modern global Sun Worship ritual.

Over the last 12 months ago I have been given many harsh lessons about the conspiracy/spiritualist/ truth movement.  I really have had my eyes opened the hard way and with hindsight I can now see why my journey took the path it did. Things have been, albeit intermittently, pretty traumatic for me on an individual level since around last October and I have struggled sometimes to cope with the thoughts I had and the information I was remembering.

I have only written very little about my childhood experiences that I remembered through trauma in 98/99.  I wrote basic memories down and produced them in my small book ‘You will be wiser when you are older’. Since that time I have remembered more details of my childhood experiences and the lead up to my epiphany in 1998/99 and I now understand that I was being allowed to remember more things but only on an ‘as and when’ basis and only when I was capable of coping with the information. I was receiving and fully understanding

Sometimes I have found comfort in a situation and thought I was actually progressing on a five-sense level only to realise that I had to do the opposite of what I thought I was actually doing to enable true progression to continue. I hope you understand that. I mean that he can be brought forwards in awareness through our ‘comforts’, but those comforts were in reality only provided and then used to get us in or to a certain situation. The comfort is then taken away. The truth leads me down a comfortable path only to eventually show me that the same path does not lead me to a comfortable destination. Indeed some paths are not what they seem and its comforts are literally illusion and fakery, but also a very good carrot on a stick too. I hope you understand what i am saying.

Sometimes my memories cause me deep distress especially when I realise that I have far more trauma to come in my life to complete the spiritual journey I am on.  Sometimes I simply want to abandon my journey. I want to chicken out.  I want peace of mind and I want comforts. I have none of these things. I have suffered in some form or another on a daily basis for 11 years now and death would be a welcome release for me, but without that suffering I know I simply could not see what I see and if I cannot see what I see then my mission has failed.

I don’t want to fail, no matter what obstacles are put in my way. If I am to suffer and be tested more than I have been already, then so be it. If that sounds dramatic then I’m sorry but try living as me for a week and you’d sound bloody dramatic too!

I now realise that our 5-sense programming goes so so very very deep.  Without my sufferings I would have landed and indeed stayed in a permanent comfort zone by now.  I have landed in one or two comfort zones in the last couple of years and it’s very upsetting to me when I realise that they are only temporary. It is upsetting to find out that these temporary comfort zones are simply a stepping-stone to show me the many levels, or should I say many forms of hypnosis, that we are all victim too.

 The hypnosis we are under is composed of many levels, not just one.  It is vital that you understand that. I have been ‘consciously aware’ of the hypnosis we are under for 11 years.  I’m still discovering the higher levels of hypnosis that has been created by the same hypnotist. That hypnotist is the Serpent Cult.

I see many folks these days claiming to be awake and how they have been awake for years. I’m not disputing that some people are ‘awake’ from one form of hypnosis but they are not awake in my opinion, not by a long chalk. They have broken free from the hypnotic control of the Serpent Cult but they have only broken free on the lowest level.  E.G. they wander around ‘knowing’ there is corruption in this world.

 Apart from that they know jack shit about any awakenings apart from using certain theories of other people to pretend they know the score. They are simply parrots passing around low-level ‘spell breaking triggers’.

 I’m not ranting because of any paranoid delusions of grandeur here. I’m talking to you as I would talk to myself.  I already know the information I’m passing on in this article and far more besides. I haven’t stolen it from another researcher like some deluded smart arse thief on a blog to try and look like I know the score either. I know you are reading this information because you want to be free and I’m trying my very best to help you achieve that.

 To do that, in my opinion, I have to try and help you break the hypnosis I believe you are under. It is not easy for me to do this. It is easy for me to point out the lower levels of hypnosis that I have showed you for a few years now and it’s easy for the ‘parrots’ and the thieves in this movement to create a monotonous loop of that lower level hypnosis information. Once they have been told what it is of course.

The Serpent Cult, as I call it, the multi-dimensional entities and their agents on Earth, wants to keep you trapped in an invisible net of hypnosis.  The Serpent Cult realise that you may start, for whatever reason, to ‘see’ this net and when you do see it you will automatically cut yourself free from it.  So when the Serpent Cult first set ‘the first invisible net of hypnosis’ around you it ‘composed’ many many other layers of invisible netting around you too. It did this in case you did indeed see through the first layer of hypnotic netting and broke through it. It may sound confusing and silly but it is so so true.

  Anyone experiencing ‘an awakening’ would assume they were ‘fully awake’ after breaking through the first net when indeed they were still surrounded by many other layers of netting that they still ‘could not see’.  In other words they were not ‘awake’ at all they were simply asleep in another zone of reality.  In other words they had landed in a comfort zone in which they thought or felt they were free and awake in.

Do you understand this? If not it is bloody well time you started to, because in a few years time you are going to need  to be strong AND aware.

Each layer of this hypnotic netting contains a more complex form of hypnosis than the last one did. If you break through one layer of the netting and think you are free it is only because you cannot see the next layer of the net around you. You are not awake, you are still asleep, you were only awake in the old netting momentarily and you then simply entered another dream surrounded by more netting. Imagine each layer of this net actually being a different comfort zone. Each layer has a comfort zone to suit somebody and each comfort zone holds the illusion for someone, indeed everyone is catered for at some stage.

It is easy for me to explain this situation by using a 5-sense sense scenario. How many people follow certain politics or certain political parties? A person can join the Labour Party or the Conservatives in the UK or the Democrats and the Republicans in the USA. It does not matter who joins what party but when someone does they think they are well ‘awake’ and know the truth about being in the ‘right political party’. Everything is comfortable until someone realises, becomes ‘awake’ if you like, that the party they are in is not what they first believed and they wake up to the falsehood of the political party they once thought was the best and the truth. It’s only when they ‘see through’ the hypnosis or political bullshit of the party they are in that they decide to defect to another party. They literally awaken to their errors don’t they? They literally see through the net of one party and break free from it. But then, thinking they are free from the hypnosis they simply join another one and then fail to see that the other party is just the same. They literally fall for the same hypnosis but all the time thinking they are now awakened. They are not awake to anything they have simply jumped into another more comfortable net.

Are you still with me?

Thinking on the same sort of lines as the political scenario above I’d like you to consider the claims of the spiritually awakened folks of today? What do they claim? They claim they are awake.  They claim to see through the veil. Well don’t they? Don’t most of you reading this article claim the exact same thing? But if you are ‘awake’ why the hell are you reading this article? What can I tell the folks that are already awakened?

 I can’t tell you anything if you are awaken and therefore it’s time for you to realise you are still in the land of nod. The fact is if you were awakened you wouldn’t be on here looking at this article would you?

  I see it like this…

 Mrs Betty Fatarse on a forum. “Oohhh yesssss Doris I read a book by Mr Guru Number-one and I’m now fully awake spiritually but I also watched a DVD by Mr Guru Number-two and now I’m not so sure. Oh dear I’m awake but I still don’t know my fat arse from my elbow so maybe I should watch them both again and decide which one really awakened me.”

How many Betty Fatarses do you know? Or are you one of them?  Am I just a Matty Fatarse? The point I am getting at is that you should consider that you have only broken through the ‘first layer’ of Serpent Cult hypnosis. You should, in my opinion, consider that you have simply landed in a ‘comfort zone’ that only makes you feel like you have ‘awakened’ when you are indeed just fast asleep in another ‘comfort zone’. Does that make sense to you?

Come on…  be honest with ‘you’ there is only you and me here and I was in your shoes once myself and I’m being 100% honest with you.  Can you accept that you have only broken through one layer of hypnosis but you still believe you are awake?

Or do you believe you are not daft enough to fall for, or stay under, the influence the same hypnosis twice eh? You are one of the clever buggers that are here, via special invitation of course, selected as part of a team to shift the sad mass consciousness on Planet Earth eh?  You are a fully paid up member of  ‘Team Shift in Consciousness’ eh?

Once a clever sod like you was awakened there was no stopping you eh?  You ran round the ‘truth forums’ to gossip to other awakened souls and you also dashed to the websites of the more awakened guru types to grab your fix of truth serum too eh?  You were just like a person possessed and to feed your newly awakened state like a pervert in a sex shop didn’t you? No more hypnosis for you then eh? You have got your David Icke book and your Alex Jones DVD and your Matthew Delooze article eh? You are still on the net at every opportunity as well just in case you miss anything too eh?

You have it all worked out haven’t you? You’re a spiritual being and you love everyone. All you need do now is wait for heaven to open and let you in isn’t it? You have already beat the illuminati and Serpent Cult and now you demand to be free eh? Obviously you will still listen to Internet radio and attend lectures by whoever takes your fancy, for a top up of information to keep you ‘comfortable’ and in the know. Case solved eh?

 You are now simply here waiting to wear the ‘I shifted the human consciousness’ T Shirt, with your forum name on it too, not your own name of course, when the job is all done and dusted eh? I wish I were simply having a laugh. But I’m not. Wake the hell up and remember where you are really from and get the stench of Serpent off your bones.

 Or do you believe all you have to do is keep up with the specifications dictated to by the gurus and keep up to speed with the information spewed out from various sources on the Internet, some of it very dodgy I might add, and you will be home and dry and create a shift in mass consciousness, now you are ‘awake’ eh?

What a pile of shit and deep down you know this.

I tell you the truth today ladies and gentlemen, friends and enemies, none of you are awake in my opinion. Not one of you is ‘awake’.  Oh granted, some of you are ‘tossing and turning in your sleep’ and some of you are having a quick glimpse of the alarm clock before you press the snooze button again but you are not awake, not by a long chalk in my opinion. You are still totally enslaved in my opinion too. You are now simply stuck in a comfort zone of conspiracy, spiritualism and so-called truth movements. It’s not being awake it is just being stuck in more comfortable hypnosis.
You think you are awake because you have websites and lecturers, alternative medicines, fluffy bunny false personalities on radio shows, hippy events and new age pop concerts don’t you? You think you are awake because you compare yourselves with the really dumbed down sheep on the streets ‘that still think the way you used to think’ don’t you?

It must be so wonderful for you to be awake eh? You have sussed out that our politicians are corrupt and our education is simply a form of brainwashing haven’t you? You may have reached a level of ‘knowing’ that religion is a bag of shite that was simply created to enslave you and all the sheeple you have left behind in the first net of hypnosis are simply too blind to see it. How clever your eyes are these days eh? You can see the things you see now do because you are ‘awake’ eh?‘

‘What a load of shite’.

Hey I tell you all that as a buddy and a friend not as a guru that wants your mind along with your money. I tell you that because I care and I tell it so those words reach those I want those words to reach.  Copying the words of a guru or researcher on your blogs or gossiping on a forum is not being awake.  These things do help you in a small way but you are not awake simply because you have a new form of comfort. Comfort is not freedom it is only comfort.  Following the rules of a guru is not being awake either.

Indeed, on a five sense level, when you awaken from slumber and get out of bed do you follow anyone’s rules to walk to the toilet and relieve yourself or do you simply go to the toilet under your own steam? Do you need someone to tell you what to do when you truly awaken? No you don’t. You simply carry on doing what comes naturally. OK? On the other hand would it help if someone were to ‘shake you’ when you are having a bad dream whilst you were thinking you are awake, to tell you that you are actually still having a dream and you were still asleep?

I get all the dirty jobs.

I have the job of telling you, and the time is coming when you need to know, that you are not awake. You are still under very deep sleep hypnosis. You have simply gone through another door inside the same Matrix and that Matrix has simply created a comfort zone to make it appear you are now awake. The Serpent Cult is not daft. It knows all the tricks and it knows all the games. It is a very good deceiver and the deceptions you now actually think you know about are very trivial in comparison to the tricks and deceptions you are totally unaware of. It knows some of us will break through the basic hypnosis of religion, money and politics. Can you start to believe that the Serpent Cult is very aware of people breaking through low levels of hypnosis?


Then do you not wonder why the Serpent Cult or the illuminati do not take stronger measures to control your own awakening along with the other people that claim to be awakening? Again. Can you start to believe that the Serpent Cult is very aware of people breaking through low levels of hypnosis?

If you can then let’s go forward. If you can’t and you believe you are fully awake and aware and that you now exist in ‘truth communities’ that are fully awake alongside you then I suggest you bugger off now because the following information is not for you. That said I also suggest you take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself some serious questions regarding just who has convinced you that you are indeed ‘awake’.

  Indeed I have had ‘awakened’ people over the last few years say to me they’ve heard all they want to hear and now they just need to know what to do about it. They were and still are simply frustrated at the hypnosis they were/are still under, sadly they still thought they were awake when they said such things.

If you were awake you’d know what to do. You wouldn’t need to as what to do and you certainly wouldn’t have to buy what to do.

There are many people in the truth movement biz that are telling you what to do and they are even telling you what to eat and drink and think. It’s time I gave you a good example of what I mean by thinking you are awake whilst still being fast asleep in a comfort zone.

 Before I go any further I want to make if perfectly clear that I’m not about to slag off any researcher or criticise anybodies genuine work. It has become clear to me that certain people in the truth communities are in my opinion totally programmed to attack or ignorantly run away from someone who may suggest that the truth movement is not all it seems to be.

I hope I have made it clear again before I start that I’m not attacking anyone’s ‘work’. I am only saying what I see and I am only saying what my research and my heart have led me to see and to do that I have no choice but to START to mention things going on inside the truth movement. I want you to look at an event that has been going on this very weekend. I could have mentioned this a few months ago but then I would have been called a party pooper wouldn’t I? So I will mention it now. It’s the Live H2O: Concert for The Living Water. Most of you will have heard of it. Its main promoter is a Mr Lenard Horowitz.

 Len Horowitz: ‘He ain’t ever caught a rabbit’ but he fronted Live H2O
Please click on here to read about Mr Horowitz.

When I first ‘heard’ of this event many months ago my intuition went haywire. I first heard of this event through a friend who asked me what I thought of it.  I had a look at all the circumstances surrounding this event and I decided to watch a couple of Mr Horowitz’s videos and look at the Live H20 event that is taking place. My intuition was right to go haywire. Here is a promo for the H20 event. AND Here is a video of Mr Horowitz

I have provided links to those things because I say to you now that if you want to take something from the information proved by Mr Horowitz or the H20 event then you are fully entitled to do so. He has presented his stuff very well and the H20 event is free I believe. I wish anyone who has been enlightened by Dr Horowitz  (D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M, D.M.M.) and his work in the Live H20 event or benefited from his work as a Doctor or has bought any of his many health products as well, all the best for the future and good luck.

I said in the beginning of this article that I wrote about LIVE 8 being a massive sun worship ritual. It appears it is OK for me to do that. Again I said at the time in my book that Serpent Cult global sun worship events would increase.  I also wrote about LIVE Earth that came along later. In my opinion the same thing applied and Live Earth was simply another global Sun Worship ritual that I had previously predicted would take place.

 I have no doubts that some of the punters in the Truth/ Conspiracy/ Spiritualist Movement can accept that the two events named above could be very dodgy and serve the Serpent Cult. This is simply because these events were fronted by Bob Geldof and Al Gore respectively. It’s easy for the awakened to accept that knighted, puppets for the establishment, ‘celebs’ and hyped, puppets for the establishment, ‘politicians’ operating outside of the truth movements are easy to point out when they are involved in dodgy global events.

The so -called ‘awakened’ out there can quickly and easily see through low level hypnosis after they have broken through it and they easily see the puppet elite faces that are putting on these global events after it has been pointed out to them and they are using more than one brain cell. The so-called awakened know that these events don’t look or feel right to someone who already thinks they are awake. BUT it’s a totally different situation when the organiser of similar global events is operating ‘inside’ the alternative news/health movement or conspiracy biz. The so called awakened don’t dare to see, hear or speak evil of these events in the same way they would about Geldof’s Live 8 or indeed Al Gore’s Live Earth. I know a few people would, usually anonymous gossips on forums, but it would indeed be very few people that spoke up against a face that is actually accepted and operating in the truth movement.

Why is this?

I’ll tell you why, it is because the so-called ‘awakened’ people are not really awakened people and they are literally programmed not to question the ‘actions’ of the conspiracy/ truth movement’s gurus, leaders or researchers. Please note I said ‘actions’ and not the ‘work’ of the said gurus, leaders and researchers. There are unwritten rules in the conspiracy biz.

Hey and please don’t tell me Len Horowitz is not accepted in the truth movements because he was top of the bill at the recent, fur coat and no knickers, AV2 event (DVD set now available at ‘bargain’ prices) and this event was organised by well-known and well-followed names in the ‘biz.’ Conman Ian Crane being one front man. So come on then let me question it. Let me bring it up. I’m no fluffy bunny hippy that is trapped in the rules of a guru in which the gurus are never questioned?  I only chose this event as an example because it is easy to show you. It smacks me in the face and it upsets me to see it and the apathetic robots that join in these things without question.

 Don’t judge me for mentioning this event till you hear what I have to say either or you may end up with runny egg on your face in the future and it’s a bugger to wash off. I tell you the truth today when I say I believe the ‘Live H20’ Concert for The Living Water is not only linked to and part of the Live 8 and Live Earth events, as a global sun worship ritual, it is actually the most blatant one of them to date. But you don’t want really to hear that do you? You are in a programmed comfort zone where no questions of gurus have to be raised. We are all happy hippies together aren’t we? The gurus in the truth movement are all 100% pure in our minds, are they not? Yes I’m bloody sure they are. I’ll tell you the truth I have met more dodgy bastards inside the truth movement than I did in the detention / correctional institutions I spent time in way back in my younger days.

 I tell you the truth I believe Live H20 is a Global, Serpent Cult Sun God ritual and it is the most blatant one to date.

 Gosh, shock and horror Matthew Delooze has spoken his mind and says the event organised by Dr Horowitz for and on behalf of a love/ truth/ alternative news movement is a covert Sun ritual, it can’t be true can it? Let me explain why I think it’s a Serpent Cult organised sun god ritual shall I?

Those of you who know about my work will know that I believe that sun god worship is based on the creation of the sun (Ra) in this world by the Ogdoad (The so called original living 8 reptilian type creators of life in this world) The Ogdoad did this by creating the Sun and the first mound of Earth, symbolised by the benben stone, from the ‘Primordial Chaos ‘, which was basically a mass space of murky water. So oh awakened ones out there that dare not see, speak or hear evil about events in the truth movement. Let me remind you what has gone on over the last few years.

Live ‘8’
Live Earth…
Now Live Water

These things are supposed to be unconnected but I tell you the truth these events now complete the ‘original creation story’. Can you see? Do you want to see anyway?… I’ll tell you anyway. The Ogdoad is Bob Geldof’s ‘Live 8’ the rising Benben is Al Gore’s Live Earth and Len Horowitz’s ‘Live H20’ is the Primordial Chaos.

These global events are a blatant re-enactment of the actions of ‘Ogdoad’ and the symbolic creation of this world (Sun Worship/ Let there be light) the sad thing is that the so-called awakened are joining in with these events and giving their free will acceptance of such things.
Indeed the Serpent Cult is re-implanting the subliminal message, that Reptilian forces created the world, into the mass consciousness and the tree global events represent that this scenario is accepted by the human race.

We create our own reality.

I have written many times about how the masses create their reality through their unknowing free will worship of multi-dimensional beings. Live H20 is in my opinion just another clever trick to gain free will acceptance from the masses and I expose it as such today. Again all three live global events are linked but please don’t tell the ‘awakened’ ones because their programmed minds won’t like it because I name someone in the truth movement as being the pied piper. That Pied Piper is Len Horowitz and the cronies he controls in his stables. That is how pathetic things now are in the truth movement.  The Serpent Cult, through Len Horowitz, use the words LOVE, health products and dicky bow, enlightened, ‘showbiz tap-dances’ like Len Horowitz to attract so called awakened hippies to such events like Live H20 instead of using famous celebs like Live 8 and Live Earth did.

 It would be too easy for even the blind to see if world famous celebs attended Live H20. Mind you the hippies in the truth movement are the easiest to con because of the code of ethics they adopt, you could put David Beckham, Madonna and Elton John praising the ‘primordial waters’, whilst wearing T-shirts, saying we are hear to con you written on them, and the hippies would still join in.

Even more would join in if they dug Diana Spencer up along with Jade Goody and threw their bones in the water to praise too. I don’t mean to be crude but bloody hell wake the hell up to what is going on in the guise of a truth movement.

Anyway I conclude that Horowitz is just another stooge and pied piper for the Serpent Cult. You believe what you want.  But I tell you this; if I’m wrong on Live 8, Live Earth and Live H20 then I’m wrong on everything I have written before. I first wrote on Live 8 before it even took place.
I have listened to Dr Horowitz words on this event and I am totally convinced that this event is a blatant celebration of the sun rising out of the primordial chaos. The event takes place at the Summer/Winter Solstice too.

Len Horowitz Spiritual Guru? Or just a Hound Dog for the Serpent Cult?

The use of occult geometry and numerology is also interesting. The event promotes the use of such things entirely based on the hope that the words of the people who talk of these things are telling the truth. Dr Horowitz uses the work of several scientists to justify this event. Dr Horowitch is using the 528-music theory stuff too and the power of ‘prayer to the creator’.

Dr Horowitz also mentions many other things to justify the event such as symbolism in the water.  He quotes many experts and talks the talk on physics and numerology. As I said I’m not here to have a pop at anyone’s work. Dr Horowitz covers many subjects. Please look at all the things he says and all that he sells to get a fair picture of him. I can speak of my own work and my own beliefs, I must admit I don’t have letters ‘after’ my name apart from court summons of course, and I’m no Doctor or expert or health food seller either.

I have though written many articles and a couple of books on how I believe the masses are led to dance and sing and celebrate in front of symbolism and monuments. I have explained that the masses haven’t a clue what they are doing and they blindly follow a pied piper or expert that baffles them with science, gibberish and bible speak simply because truth seeking people believe the said expert or guru can actually lead them somewhere. Sadly, in the vast majority of cases the truth seekers are only led to their pockets or handbags or directed to the nearest ATM. ‘Business is Business’ in the truth movement. Just like it is at any other market.

In the case of Live H20 the vast majority of participants will be genuine truth seekers that have been led to Dr Horowitz because of his expertise and his words. The sheeple attending Live H20 won’t have a clue what they are actually doing but they won’t admit that. They will simply parrot out the words of Dr Horowitz and sing and dance around regardless pretending and kidding themselves that they actually know what they are doing. In my opinion if they knew what they are doing there wouldn’t be such an event. If you can grasp the idea that the masses taking part in events like this are creating spiritual energy by their celebrations then the only answer you need to seek is where the energy goes.

If you can grasp the possibility that some pied piper has you celebrating around symbolism and believing gibberish words from experts to feed something you don’t understand, with the said energy, then its time to start thinking why you can’t see or understand what this something you don’t understand really is. It’s as simple as that. I cannot possibly, with the time I have, go through all the different parts of this event but it appears everything is a build up to the summer solstice on the 21st June. The main aim of the event is to get all participants to ‘chant a prayer’.  I quote the website below…

“Creator of all holy names, I hold you firmly and most faithfully in my heart. I thank you for the power of prayer, and all the blessings that come from heart-felt loving intention to establish peace on earth, world health, and universal prosperity. Your LOVE resonates eternally, within each breath, through the wind and the rain, the sun and the earth. Everything reflects your glory, your sacred geometry, your LOVE for humanity.
My blood is filled with your Living Water and the Earth beneath my feet from the food that I eat. Your provisions uplift and heal me even during sleep. You fill me, and celebrate me, with your Liquid Loving Spirit. Your Water quenches my thirst for all things, because all things are created and sustained in your Living Water. You are the Universal Solvent, solving all pollution and problems. Your Liquid Crystal joins my body with yours, superconducts the sound of LOVE within my heart, and keeps me in harmony and cosmic unity regardless of my mental uncertainty.
Praise to you our Glorious King and Creative Queen of the Universe, for pouring your Living Loving Water into me and all biology. I now affirm faithfully and forever; by decreeing my heart and LOVE are joined with yours, for the manifestation of peace, health and prosperity for all.
I pray for abundance of prospering resources, natural readily-available remedies for every ailment, perfect hydration for all life, plentiful food worldwide, and optimal health and wellness on all levels–physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally, and spiritually.
I pray for general wealth, personal and social health, optimal hydration, and purification.
Now I say, as you joyfully decried when you created me. :LET THERE BE LASTING PEACE, WORLD HEALTH, AND UNIVERSAL PROSPERITY.” That we be fruitful and multiply as one people honoring you in each other, oh Creator and Sustainer.
From Mother Earth you molded me. By Grandmother Wind you inspire me. By Grandfather Sun you enlighten me; and by your Living Loving Water you baptize me. These are your invitations to Divine communion that I gratefully accept and celebrate this day and everyday forthcoming.
I pray earnestly, faithfully, gratefully, and joyfully for a thousand years of world peace; for total health and well being blessing everyone; for opening the floodgates to universal prosperity here and now; for your Musical Mathematical Matrix of Creation to inspire me, and all humanity, maximally. I affirm here and now since there is nothing missing or broken in your Matrix–your Kingdom of Heaven–so be it here on Earth.”

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Again I’m not slagging off the work of Dr Horowitz and you have my blessings to follow Dr Horowitz all you want to but I see this chant as a spiritual and physical ‘surrender ritual’. It basically backs up everything I say on ‘surrender ritual’ events. The first line of the prayer says it all.
“Creator of all holy names, I hold you firmly and most faithfully in my heart”

It’s a Live Earth and a Live 8 event rolled in to one. Indeed again the first line says it all and in my opinion the ‘Creator of all holy names’ is Amen Ra the Hidden one. This event is definitely bloody ‘sun creation from the murky waters’ ritual. It’s exactly the same ritual the ancient Egyptians carried out. It’s worship of the 8. It’s worship of the Ogdoad. It’s worship of the benben (pyramid) and it’s bloody worship of the SUN. Wake the hell up won’t you please!

This event in my opinion is nothing to do with saving the planet, it is a re-enactment of the creation of the world ritual.  The sheep that take part in it haven’t a clue what they are doing they have been conned just like the people who attended Live 8 were conned and just like the sheep that attended Live Earth were conned too. Wake the hell up and look.

All I ask is that you actually look at the event with open eyes.

Please remember that our minds create our reality and if the masses worship and occult symbolism and chant prayer to sun gods then those prayers literally allow the sun=2 0gods to rule over us. This scam is used more in mainstream religions but in this case I believe so-called alternative truth gurus like Mr Horowitz is using the same scam to create sun worship from the people who follow him. I also note that Dr Horowitz is obviously and openly linked to Christianity, the Messiah and the Creator.

That is fine by me. There are many Christians around that believe they are awake simply because they see the Catholic Church as a Devil figure. In my opinion that sort of situation is just another blatant form of people who have only broken through the ‘first net of hypnosis’ and believe they are now awake. They still believe a messiah is coming to save them but because they have broken through the first level of hypnosis and believe they are awake they fail to understand they are still under hypnosis and doing exactly the same thing they would be doing if they still followed the Catholic Church view of things.

 Indeed it’s easy for me to point out this blatant religious blindness to non-religious conspiracy folks but it’s hard for folks in the conspiracy movement to see that the ‘conspiracy folks’ are in the same boat. They too are still under hypnosis but think they are awake. They are just as blind as the religious people when it concerns discussing people inside the truth movement.

This is the point I need to make. The Serpent Cult planned well in advance to trap the folks20that think they are awake by placing Serpent agents in the conspiracy biz.  Those that have broken through the first layer of netting (5 sense reality) are now simply caught in a second layer of netting (conspiracy communities). Do you understand more now I have shown you the LIVE H20 event? Do you understand that people in the conspiracy biz, like Len Horowitz, can play the role of Pied Piper just like Bob Geldof did for Live 8? Both Events are Serpent Cult. Can you see that people that believe are awake are just going to a ‘comfort zone’, they are not finding freedom? Can you see that even those people involved in spiritualist or conspiracy events are just as much conned as the folks that are seen as sheeple?

Indeed spiritually there is no difference in someone going to the H20 event and someone going in a Church. This is because all those that attend are literally joining in a sun worship ritual and as I have said in my books and articles if we worship the sun we worship the creators of the sun. The creators of the sun, the order out of chaos scenario, are, as daft as it sounds, reptilian entities that are alien to this world. The fact that Dr Horowitz uses the truth movement to ply his trade does not alter the fact that he is attracting folk to take part in sun worship rituals. Again I believe ‘Live 8’, ‘Live Earth’ and ‘Live H20’ are connected. They are literally a Trinity’.  Indeed these events ‘combined’ produce official praise of the deceptive forces that enslave human beings in this world.

Mr Horowitz was recently the top of the bill speaker at AV2 event that was recently held in London. He covers many subjects that will attract many people that think they are awake. I suggest you watch this section of Mr Horowitz’s Live H20 video to see what I mean. So all in all what am I saying to you?  I have showed you what I think the Live H20 is really all about indeed it is on a par with a mini Christmas/ Winter Solstice festival.  I can’t make you believe me. I wouldn’t want to make you want to do anything anyway. But I repeat myself again and tell you the truth. Live H20 is part of Live 8 and Live Earth and together these events create a worship of the ogdoad/ creation of this world ritual. Thing about the three events together and you will see the live 8 (Ogdoad) create the Earth out of the Primordial water.

I have been on many powerful journeys over the last 6 or 7 years or so. I have experienced many lessons on many many different levels. Sometimes I have coped easily with what I was remembering/learning and sometimes I have found things very very difficult. I have found myself in positions that I didn’t like being in and I have said a few things I really didn’t want to say. With hindsight I can now see that I was meant to be in those positions and say the things I did to know what I know now. Only 11 years ago I was a robotic factory worker with a wife and two children to look after.  I struggled with a traumatic awakening in 1998 and I still struggle with the same awakening today. Because of those 11 years I’m here to tell you today that the conspiracy truth movement, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it, is woefully contaminated with agents working, knowingly or unknowingly, for the Serpent Cult.  I don’t say those things lightly

I’m not here to call anyone’s work as I have already said, but I cannot move on without saying that the ‘half awakened sheeple’ or the ‘people who now assume they are awake’ are being sent down a path that will keep them in enslavement, by some powerful and popular areas of the truth movement. I know I will sound paranoid to some people by saying that as they delude themselves that the movement is immune from contamination and I can only say I am talking off experience and research, not off some fantasy in my head.

My own experiences tell me that the unwritten rules of the gurus and the cliques, combined with the hippy sentimentality and the wise monkey guidelines, being followed by the punters are allowing /have allowed cliques to infiltrate and control the very comfort zones of the people that are experiencing awakening symptoms are attracted to. This is no coincidence.

The vast majority of the punters and even their gurus operating inside the truth movement today are now operating under a second layer of hypnosis. They are literally living out a dream of being ‘awakened’ in a comfort zone that was literally prepared for them by the Serpent Cult.
Oh please don’t get me wrong when I mention ‘infiltrations’ either, the movement is not all about dark agents ‘monitoring everyone’, indeed the movement is mostly infiltrated with tacky amateur entrepreneurs, dodgy money-makers, that are looking for a quick buck. They have been attracted in to the movement to create some kind of souvenir shop moneymaking opportunities.  I have seen some of these dodgy buggers face to face. They are the ones that hawk phony health care products and tell you it will save your life. There is no difference between these petty con men than the people that used to sell bottles of Wild West wonder tonic water/medicines.


Shit sold in bottles in older days

coast to coast package special 4

Shit sold in bottles in newer days (By Horowitz the Conman)

Len Horowitz also hawks crappy healthcare products and miracle cures around too, most of it will be on a par with hound dog piss in my opinion. It’s the done thing in this biz, they will sell you any crap you are daft enough to buy. Again ‘Business is Business’. You’ll see what I mean as we go towards 2012. I sometimes wish I was hard faced enough to sell bottles of powered shit as expensive monotomic gold too.

   Mind you the ‘The Real Con Men’ moved in to this biz long ago, monitoring the situation from a far distance, and now the time is right for them to step up the biz side of things on a far bigger scale than it has been before and it is time for them to start ‘selling’ 2012 to half awakened sheeple. They will chuck in a few alternative, Chemtrail Free, medicines too.

You will even be able to buy plastic lunch boxes and matching colouring book sets with your favourite gurus face on them soon and a light up badge with ‘’Gee Guys I’ m awake’ and ‘I Luv 2012’ flashing away on it. I kid you not. It is no secret to me, and it hasn’t been for quit a few years, that SOME ‘professional gurus’ will entrap the awakening, on behalf of the Serpent Cult, just to make sure they don’t really awaken.

 I’m not making that up I have known for a few years about certain cliques and I have monitored their progression just as they have monitored yours.  It’s only fair isn’t it? Oh I realise the showbiz experts and the takers and fakers in this biz think Matthew Delooze is a thick stupid ‘uneducated’ wanker that is just mentally ill and severely psychotic and you know what…  maybe I am, but with the experiences I have endured and the sight I received through traumatic awakening I am now very street wise and very spirit wise and I can spot a dodgy bastard on both a physical and spiritual level a mile off and believe me folks your truth communities are infiltrated with some very very dodgy bastards indeed, and they are operating on both levels. Physically and spiritually.

It is entirely up to you whether you believe me or not… but don’t say you wasn’t warned. If you have read this article you were warned.

The Serpent Cult arranged a long time ago for ‘puppet gurus and puppet researchers’ to appear in your conspiracy/ truth communities just like they make the celebs and politicians appear in your five sense life. They are here to help enslave you not help free you in my opinion. These gurus/ researchers are linked to the same deceptive force that has enslaved you for thousands of years and they will be connected to the same symbolism that has enslaved you for thousands of years too. That ‘force’ is a sun worshipping ‘religion’.

Most of you are blissfully unaware that quite a few guru websites, radio shows, and truth forums are indeed run and funded by religious people. (Which is fine if that’s what you want) It appears that as long as these people ‘talk conspiracy’ and claim other religions and politics are corrupt then any religious roots or symbolism they hypocritically carry themselves does not matter, and again if that’s what you want then that’s fine.

But please take note of one fact, if this ‘force’ that has now a major foot hold in the truth movement, is just another splinter off the block of ‘Jesus followers’? What then? What is the force telling you and more to the point where the hell do you think this force is taking you? Back to baby Jesus and his dad stuff? I understand fully well the Christians who see the conspiracy side of things simply as a ‘Devil in the Vatican’ situation and how they are here to rid the world of such things and reinstate Jesus or the Messiah back on the throne in charge of planet Earth and put a true representative of Jesus’’ Dad in the Vatican.

That’s fine if you think that way and I understand fully how and why this seems a good story and a good way of thinking freedom will be obtained but in my opinion the Serpent Cult have only made it seem that way and the same Jesus the alternative Christians want to advertise and promote via the truth movement is the same Jesus that is already advertised in the Vatican.

The alternative Christians are right in one thing, in my opinion, in that there is a very deceptive force in the Vatican and that force uses the iconic figure of Jesus to carry out the deception. That said the iconic figure of Jesus has no double posing as an imposter either, therefore the alternative Christians in the truth movement are simply worshipping and promoting the same deceptive iconic figure, they are simply promoting the same deceptive iconic figure in the truth movement.

It’s the same deception that has the same end result. Enslavement for the human race.

I have researched the truth movements and I am, myself, a victim to bias and the back scratching and the backstabbing that goes on in it. I assure you all that a very large proportion of the truth movement is indeed financed and promoted by a Christian faith that harbour the mentality that they alone can usher in the Messiah. I must add that many researchers and speakers working and lecturing do=2 0not know this and neither do the majority of non-religious people in the same conspiracy communities.

 So if this force, operating inside the truth movement, actually manages to awaken the majority of human beings on planet Earth, just where is it leading them too? It is leading them straight back to the Jesus sheep pen of Sun worship through Jesus Christ or Amen Ra in my opinion. Indeed the sheeple are already being led to praise the “Creator of all holy names,” as in the Live H20 con trick. So it’s not a prophecy on my part its already happening and its happening right under the noses of those that claim to be wide awake.

 This force is leading awakening souls to people like Len Horowitz who are now in the position to carry out large rituals like Live H20. Indeed the sheeple are being led to praise the “Creator of all holy names,” as in the Live H20 event that was mentioned earlier. What is the difference in carry out a global sun worship ritual through Len Horowitz on Sunday or carrying out a global sun worship ritual through the Catholic Church on a Sunday? Which one will set you free? The one you feel most comfortable with is it? Sadly the Serpent Cult has got all comfort zones covered in this world.

I will endeavour to be brave enough to speak out again in the future, but by then I won’t be as polite! I haven’t got to stick to any PR bullshit to spew out to punters to get their money and I also have no business to sell nor have I any customers to keep happy and I say to those that have in this biz… “What comes first in your eyes – the truth or the bank balance?”

 Again it is up to you what you believe in and what rituals you take part in. I wish you well whichever path you take. I have exposed Live H20 without fear for what I truly believe, it is just like I exposed Live Earth and just like I exposed Live 8 too, without fear. Please don’t ever say to me that I never told you. I have suffered in one way or another for many years and this info was given for good.

The Serpent Cult needed the masses to ‘accept’ these global rituals to help keep the human race in enslavement. Sadly the masses did just that. But shusssh don’t tell em’ they will never believe you.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 21st June 2009.
All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved


I have re-posted this article because after foolishly cooperating to the threats made by Ian R Crane (Whom claims to represent Red Ice Radio and Edge TV) In my opinion this article is the most important ‘conspiracy’ article you will read this year. It is vital in my opinion that you take in the information I have supplied in it.

It is the time of fruition for the con men and they are ready to reap and collect their victims for the 2012 hype. I can only suggest you double check the information you receive or pay for in the near future and if you feel the need to choose a guru, in my opinion you don’t, then choose wisely.

I believe the majority of speakers at AV2 were genuine people giving out what they see as genuine products but what you have hiding in the background are sharks like Ian Crane who will sell their souls for two bob. Len Horowitz is 100% establishment and a puppet for the Serpent Cult, whether he knows this himself is another story. The conspiracy biz tap dancers like Crane and Horowitz will stage more of these ‘conferences’ and good luck to them if that is how they want to make money. Every business has to have an angle to get sales eh? Even if it is counterfeit DVDs and bottles of holy water tonics.

If you want showbiz overpriced miracle cure tonics and if you want knock off DVDs then i encourage you all to go and see the two tap dancing con men mentioned above.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze 27th August 2009