Clipping Claws of UTU – Have You Still Not Found What You Are Looking For?

 Clipping Claws of UTU


Have You Still Not Found What You Are Looking For?

By Matthew Delooze

Hello folks,

 I’d like to mention something connected to my mate ‘Bono’ and his group U2. I remember reporting on the group when it launched the ‘ No line on the Horizon’ album at the BBC.

I have written many things on spiritual energy extraction in the past and this site has a few examples of my previous writings on the matter.

I have said previously that the Serpent Cult use ‘symbols’ and ‘sacred geometry’ as a middleman, a medium if you like, to conduct the spiritual energy that is created through human emotion at public events inside official buildings or at specially arranged concerts.

‘Pop/Rock festivals and concerts’ are a very good way of doing this and I have explained how it is done on many occasions.

Obviously it is hard to explain sometimes how the said symbolism and geometry is hidden in modern day structures. I have pointed out the Ferris wheel in the past and not surprisingly I was ridiculed for it and even today that sort of info inside the conspiracy ‘camps’, in the main, is politely ignored in the least and at the most laughed at by fat gurus and experts that claim to be enlightened.

It is pretty simple to understand that our emotions create energy isn’t it? You can feel emotional energy at parties and other events. Can’t you? You feel the ‘vibes’ don’t you? That is energy. It is a little harder to understand that our energy can actually empower other forces and it’s even harder to understand that esoteric symbolism and crafty geometry can be used to conduct our energy to a force that is not of this world. It is a force that knows about spiritual energy and it knows how it is created it and how to harness it. This force has not only knows how to do those things it has made you so dumbed down that you don’t even know who you really are. How can I explain to people who do not know who they really are  as to what they are really doing?

Before I go on to the example I want to show you today I will repeat a brief extract from a previous article about spiritual energy extraction through human emotions and symbolism. (Those that know my stuff obviously don’t need to read it) …

I need to explain how an innocent looking festival on a five-sense level can also be used as an extractor of ‘spiritual energy’ on a spiritual level. It’s pretty simple really. When we feel ‘emotion’ as a human being we also create an ‘invisible energy’. The more emotional we feel the more powerful the energy becomes. If two people feel the same emotionally then the amount of invisible spiritual energy being created is doubled, so on and so forth, so you can imagine the amount of spiritual energy, so to speak, that ‘thousands’ of people can create, especially if they can be forced to feel ‘emotional’ about the same thing at the same time. So in my opinion ‘emotions create energy’. It is as simple as that.

Imagine if an inter-dimensional force and a few of their agents on Earth knew about the energy that is created through human emotions and knew how to harness it and use it. What would they do? They would harness and use it wouldn’t they? They would need to attract large amounts of people to one area and raise the collective emotional state of the crowd and get the energy ‘directed’ towards them to collect it, a sort of feeding an ego sort of situation, on a massive scale. The malevolent entities cannot put themselves on stage ‘in their true image’ because the crowd wouldn’t get emotional about their own enslaver, so they would have to recruit and use attractive agents  (middlemen/celebrities) to draw in a crowd and raise collective emotions for them. Yes?

Agents for dark forces use hyped and talented artists to do this for them but this action is not enough on its own because all the emotional respect (spiritual energy) created at the event would simply go to the artist and not to the dark forces promoting the artists.  Yes? So the Serpent has very crafty displayed its own symbolism on stage and/or the festival locations are very symbolic in themselves (or both!). This enables them to attract the spiritual energy towards the symbolism itself and not just the performing artists. The use of symbolism is very important because if the audience at a festival are made to feel emotional about the performer on stage then they also feel emotion, subconsciously, for the symbolism being displayed at the same time. I suppose the situation is on a par with a surge of electricity being sent through the stage, not only would the performers get a shock so would all the other items that conduct electricity. In other words ‘spiritual energy’ can feed the creators of the symbolism on show. The real creators of the symbolism on show are entities in other dimensions; hence ‘they’ receive the spiritual energy created at festivals that bear their symbolism.

The Serpent also uses ambiguous symbolic lyrics hidden in the songs that were allegedly penned and created by celebrity bands to get the crowd to collectively sing ambiguous words (Praise to the Gods), this also creates spiritual energy. (As mentioned in the beside the seaside article) For example Glastonbury uses a Pyramid Stage, so when the crowd feel emotion for artists at Glastonbury they will also give spiritual energy to symbolism (Pyramid etc) being displayed, simply because ‘emotional respect’ for the artist will also create ‘spiritual energy’ for the symbolism and this energy empowers things in a totally different way than you may imagine.

Emotional respect = Spiritual energy

“When you show emotional respect to something you are literally giving your spiritual powers to it. All those attending a rock concert are innocently giving their spiritual energies, not only to their idols on stage, but to the symbolism being displayed too”

Matthew Delooze 2005

 OK. So let me show you an example of symbolism being used but hidden right under the noses of the public.  This symbolism goes slightly deeper than the Ferris wheel so I am probably wasting my time to the majority of folks. That said this symbolism is still ‘easy to see’ if you really want to see it.

‘The Claw’ has been well publicized. It is a massive apparatus that is being used literally ‘all around the world’ by U2. Indeed there is not just one ‘Claw’ there are three of them! The Claw is currently in London ,as I write this article, with over 80,000 brain dead human beings a night worshipping it.

I have no doubts at all that this Claw is just another painted wagon of worship. I have no doubt at all that it is not only a medium for spiritual energy it is also a very important iconic ‘temple’ that is being used by the Serpent Cult for use in another worldwide SUN ritual. Indeed Matthew Delooze is claiming today that this concert apparatus is really a place of worship and that place of worship will be used by the Serpent Cult to receive the collective consent of the human race to rule over them.


Matthew Delooze says the U2 Claw is a symbolic Church of UTU (U2)

Hey that sounds really loopy doesn’t it?  I am claiming this modern day pop concert apparatus is covertly being placed around the world as a symbolic ‘temple’. What? Eh?  Can you say that again Matthew Please….Certainly… I am claiming this modern day pop concert apparatus is covertly being placed around the world as a ‘temple’. What? Eh?

A heap of metal, used to hold concert equipment, is supposed to be a covert temple and it has been put in place because multidimensional beings want to extract energy created by human beings and the human beings have to direct the energy in a place that symbolises the multi-dimensional beings?  What utter bullshit I hear you say. Are you mad Delooze? Well maybe I am because I‘m the guy that also said Ferris wheels were really sun/benben monuments too wasn’t I? Ferris wheels are just a heap of meaningless metal too eh? OK then. Just like you have become a meaningless heap of braindead shite without knowing it then then eh?  This claw is worth 20million quid in the matrix you worship what are you worth? 2 bob?

So yes, my little band of Ferris wheel fanatics, Matthew Delooze says today that the ‘Claw’ being used by U2 is nothing more than a covert Sun Temple dedicated to the SUN through the Sun God UTU. It is basically named as a church of UTU but that’s just another name for a sun temple.

I tried to get you researching this stuff when I mentioned U2 before at the BBC studio. The All Souls Church and the ‘Breathing’ statue ritual that took place a few months back officially endorsed ‘The Church of U2’, but I guess I was talking out my arse then too?

So anyway, how does the Claw hold or carry esoteric symbolism I hear you ask. How can a heap of metal or three heaps of metal (there are 3 claws) represent Sun symbolism or indeed represent a Temple?

I’ll tell you that agents for the Serpent Cult, like the very very dodgy Bono, always make ‘official announcements’ about the true symbolism behind worldwide rituals.  A good example of this is of course the announcement of Bob Geldof and LIVE 8(Live 8 being a worldwide ritual to worship the Ogdoad as I have said many times.)

So please, friends, enemies and even those, I don’t want to upset, simply because they don’t know which hole they like best, please don’t take my word, I’m the loony remember, for the official explanation as to the true esoteric symbolism behind the Claw. Take the words of my mate Bono himself. (quote)

“The Claw” is built, rehearsals have started, and in just a couple days, the first cast of thousands will show up in Barcelona to bear witness in the Church of U2. In an interview for Barcelona TV this week, Bono says, “Music is worship,” and tells the reporters that the massive structure in the middle of the stadium was inspired by one of the world’s most famous unfinished structures and one of Barcelona’s biggest tourist attractions, La   Sagrada Familia, designed by Gaudi
Marilyn Malone (source of quote)

Don’t believe the official website about the Church of U2 or that the claw is based on a Temple eh?  Well listen to Bono officially slip it out himself then, because agents for the serpent will tell you what they are doing. Please listen around 1min in to this video.

… So there you are folks it is Bono himself, a god to millions, that claims the Claw is symbolically and physically based on Sagrada Familia and better than that folks… ‘I agree with him’. But i suppose you thought i was mad for suggesting the Claw is a temple and the muppets at the concert are simply energy waiting to be harnessed. What is this world coming to when Matthew Delooze is agreeing with a puppet member of the Serpent Cult like Bono?  I must be a dis-informer eh? I must be ready to help bring down the ‘powerful’ truth movements (Boys Brigades) eh?

Or maybe I simply agree with Bono because he is indeed, on this occasion, ‘openly’ telling the truth as he has to to make the ritual official! He is making an announcement that the Claw is a symbolic sun temple. It is just that no one really listens to him when he talks, because he plays the role of the eccentric church going nut, and people only want to worship him at concerts when he is performing as a Rock Star. That is because they are programmed to do just that. In 5 sense reality Bono is a drug ridden imbecile but how are the drones going to see that in their stupor?


So why does Bono go to all the expense of creating three Claws and then go to all the efforts of announcing that these claws are indeed built based on symbolic temples? Do you think he likes to be classed as mad? No he doesn’t and neither do I when I do the same.

BUT I tell you again now that the Claw represents a Sun Temple.

Now then let me also tell you now that this building, Sagrada Familia, is an illuminati built modern day ‘Rosslyn Chapel’ and it is not even going to be finished until 2026. It is adorned with Sun Symbolism. There are already millions of people that visit the temple. Therefore this ‘U2’ claw carrying world tour is on a par with carrying around Rosslyn Chapel and plonking it down in symbolic venues and areas and having a Sun Worship Service from it. Can you understand that?

Also if the sacred geometry used in the Claw is the same as the Sagrada Familia, as Bono says it is (announced it) then surely Bono is openly telling all the folks that come to the concerts around the world that the are indeed coming to the Church of UTU? Obviously Bono officially states it is the ‘Church of U2’. I certainly believe the Claw is another version of the Sagrada Familia too and I believe the Claw is representative for it at concerts through the geometry used in the official temple’s ‘facade’.


The facade at Sagrada Familia


The facade at Sagrada Familia

  Many people have thought and indeed said that Bono claims to be a ‘little far fetched’ when he says the Claw is representative of the Sagrada Familia but I tell you the truth when I say Bono is being perfectly honest on that matter. He simply has to be for the rituals to be endorsed and please don’t think because you are blind that others in this world are also blind. Bono has been told that the Claw is really a Temple by high rankers in the Serpent Cult. I don’t think Bono has been told the full story but he sure knows the basics that you will never see in a million years.  The reason people like Bush and Bono and Geldof come on your screens looking so cock sure of themselves is because they know you are so hypnotised that you will never see what is going on.

They unlike the majority of the human race don’t walk around with the mental and spiritual awareness of a salted peanut. Their awareness has been raised slightly so they at least realise you have the brains of a salted peanut and they are at least ‘in’ a clique that knows the bigger picture. They by no means know the bigger picture themselves but they take satisfaction in the massive wealth they receive and the knowledge they are ‘in’ with the force that does know the bigger picture.

So all the spaced out ‘concert experts’ out there please don’t laugh a Bono’s claim because your spiritual future depends on it. But the way things are I’d shave your head and await the arrival of the saltcellar.

It is hard to see in a dumbed down state that the claw geometry and the symbolism being displayed on the claw matches the Sagrada Familia. indeed would you believe me if i said U2 claw will display occult imagery high in the air at concerts similar to the symbolism on display at the Sagrada Familia? Let me tell you something you do not know and I do, very important rituals are carried out whilst ‘people or symbolism are raised from the ground’. (Like Jesus on the Cross) Things that are above ground level can receive free flowing energy that has many times the power of ground level energy. Bono says it in his video as well so laugh at both of us if you want because not only is Bono telling you the truth, about what the Claw really is, I am also telling you all that going along with such things will enslave you in this world for eternity. You will have plenty of time to laugh at that too. Well won’t you peanut head? Ha Ha Ha ho ho ho.


 The Sagrada Familia uses ‘raised up’ in the air symbolism


Bono is using the same principles with the Claw he has created a portable Sagrada Familia (you need eyes to see it)


The Claw in full flow

Any symbolism can be ‘raised’ on the Claw and the crowds (see pic above one) will worship it. The Claw is simply a facade for a sun temple.

Bono also goes to great lengths to tell the world he is religious (sun worshipper). This is no coincidence. He is an official agent for the Serpent Cult and therefore he has to say it out loud just like all other phonies working for the same cult do, just like, Royalty, Presidents, Military, and Politicians do. They all pledge allegiance to the Serpent, an alien force, through Sun worship (religion).

 OK. Can you begin to see that the Serpent Cult use many ways to get the public to covertly worship things to extract energy. It is far easier to point out the symbolic pyramid stage at Glastonbury than to show you the more complex trickery that will be used today, like the Claw.

U2 (UT2) and the Claw (Temple) may seem an extreme way of doing things but it isn’t when you think about it. So think!

It’s the easiest way of doing things because the public haven’t a clue what is going on. 99% of the U2 audience is hyper, the energy levels are massive. The Serpent Cult has literally created a symbolic portable temple that will indeed receive massive emotional and spiritual acceptance all around the world indeed it is a ‘360 degree tour with no bloody line on the horizon’ too. It’s slightly deep but its not the deep it cannot be seen.  It’s a massive con but it’s a very successful con with the human race not having a bloody idea what is really going on. The intelligence being shown by the Serpent Cult is way beyond the dumbed down vision of the human race. Like i have said in the past they are on the latest white knuckle roller coaster and you are on the baby swings. I don’t say that to patronise you I only tell the truth. If you want to stay on the most haunted TV show level of awareness that’s fine with me.

Indeed even when the public are told about such things, like now, they will do absolutely bugger all about it because it sounds so ridiculous in the first place. Your programming will render you incapable of reacting to the scam that I am pointing out. Indeed your programming will tell you I’m simply O.T.T. I’m not O.T.T I’m simply telling you a tale of what is happening as I see it.

Indeed even if you did believe what I am saying you will not admit it.  Don’t worry about that I forgive you, I don’t mind. I am used to it now and I know what salted peanut mentality thinks like because I was the same for 40 years. I’m was on a par spiritually with a salted peanut too for 40 years. Maybe I’m only a dry roasted nut even now eh? I have suffered for many years and my mind and body are tested on many levels every day but i tell you the truth the Claw is a symbolic Sun Temple.

The greatest deceivers are at work, but as I said before, what is an intelligence (the human race) that is on a par with a salted peanut going to do about it apart from allow it to happen?

Again you would be too embarrassed to mention this thing to anyone wouldn’t you? It’s too silly to believe isn’t it?  Maybe I should sell you this information as a $100 PDF eh? You’d believe it then eh? Maybe I should ask for thousands of pounds a month in subscriptions instead eh? You’d believe it then eh?

Because I do not con you or rob you it is better not to believe me eh?

I mean come on you people are not daft are you. Your ego won’t let you think out of the box unless a proper guru or professor sells you a story will it? A daft tale from someone that wants nothing from you is hard for your programmed mind to accept isn’t it? I’m supposed to be dressed in robes and tinsel and demand extortionate amounts of money from you just to get you to believe me have I? Yes? “Oh yes Matthew Delooze is a top quality researcher and spiritualist he charges £500 an hour for personal readings he must be genuine eh?”

Am I simply talking out of my arse or is it more likely that you are you simply thinking out of it?

I mean come on let’s back track and consider the facts shall we… U2 Breathing rituals being carried out at the All Souls Church and Breathing monuments that lead to a covert portable temple being built that is based on geometry and sun symbolism of a massive illuminati temple known as Sagrada Familia and this symbolic temple is then used in a world wide sun worship and spiritual surrender ritual that is attended by millions of people? It’s pure fantasy isn’t it? It is pure madness to point it out isn’t it? Or are the facts there for you to at least attempt you to think about it. Do you even want to think about it? I sometimes doubt you do. I really really do.


How can a heap of metal represent a sun temple?

Who the hell in their right mind would say that a monstrosity of a concert stage is really a symbolic temple? ‘Well Bono did for one’ so go and call him a crude loony before you do me eh?  Because believe me he is being very deceptively crude and insulting and he is taking your spirit from you to suck on for eternity but he is telling the truth.

I said it as well, the claw is a symbolic temple, and I tell you the truth, the relevant paragraph above is 100% true. U2 have done all those things right under your noses but the hypnotised muppets that think they are free simply join in the ritual. The rest of you stay stum because you are programmed to do so therefore the ritual taking place is globally accepted and endorsed. That is why the Serpent Cult grooms ‘mega stars’ and has created a moronic brain dead human race to match. This is so things like this can happen.


The Claw, or is it a chalice, being worshipped under the arch at wembley, this symbolic temple takes on many forms. The Serpent Cult are crafty the crowd and the moronic crowd cheer them on.

Wake the hell up and think for once. You have forgotten how to think. You can’t buy a book or a DVD on how to think for yourself. Your ability to think for yourself has been given away by you. You gave it away.  You give it away even more when you rely on gurus to think for you. It is time to get that thinking ability back.

 Anyway. Can you see that the Serpent Cult can ‘possibly’ hide symbolism right in our faces yet still keep it under the ranges of our natural intuition? Even the information I provide you with today is only scratching through the top few layers of the many layers of deception that the human race is being subjected too? I only mentioned this thing today because I know some of you will understand what I am saying now but that is only because we have stepped on and stepped over a few stepping stones over the last couple of years. There are many you still need to step on but if you don’t want to step on them then don’t, but tell yourself that you don’t because you are kidding yourself that you do.

I couldn’t have just come out with this sort of information today without going through the Glastonbury stuff and the Live 8 stuff, the Ferris wheel stuff and the London bombings stuff previously. I will be deemed mad for coming out with it today. I had to tell you that stuff to even attempt to start showing you this stuff. Can you understand that? I’m not here for the good of my health you know and my health is falling fast. You have had cutting edge information from me for a few years now and you are welcome to it. But some of that info is trivia compared to what you need to grasp in the future. I’m not patronising you I’m telling you as it is.

I hope I have got the intended message through to you today I hope you can see how the Serpent Cult are going to operate through this type of thing in the next few years. These sorts of tactics are going to increase. I will not be here to keep telling you about them you need to look for yourself.

I can only suggest again to you today that The Claw is indeed a symbolic temple and I can ask you to try to take in the idea that carrying this Claw around the world is on a par with carrying Rosslyn Chapel around the world and everyone is cheering and screaming inside it.

 Ladies and Gentlemen. The Claw is also on a par with the Royal Carriages you see in Silver/Gold jubilees’ or the ancient Heb Sed rituals (as the folks attending my talks know about as do readers of the stars are falling). There is no difference whatsoever. The U2 concerts are a global ‘divine right of UTU to rule ritual’ in which the Sun God (Through UTU) is declaring the right to rule from a sun temple (The Claw/Sagrada Familia) Rock Gods like Bono (UTU) is the symbolic ‘Pied Piper’. The ‘punters’ are the acceptance of the human race to make it come to pass.

The same scam goes on and on and gets more important as 2012 arrives but we haven’t even started seeing the symbolism being used and let’s face it even when blatant in your face symbolism is used (Live 8 and Glastonbury) and pointed out it is ridiculed and ignored anyway.  How can I show you symbolism that is at least ‘Ten Levels’ higher than the claw if you can’t even see a pyramid at Glastonbury? The Serpent Cult has the means to put on global events and hide the symbolism very deeply inside them.  Again the Claw symbolism is only just below the surface. T

Indeed how much money has been spent creating the 3 Claws? £60million?  Doesn’t this man Bono claim to care of starving people in Africa? £60 million pounds on stages alone tells me that he and his cronies, the Serpent Cult, put massive amounts of money in to securing the enslavement of the human race, not helping death and starvation in Africa.

Bono and Geldof for that matter have never really cared about starving people in Africa it is all bullshit and hype. They are there to get the moronic public to carry out ritual that’s all. But please don’t tell their fans because they won’t believe you. The same scenario applies to greedy fat robbing conspiracy theorists who claim to be awakening their followers but are simply matrix money men with matrix minds.

I have said enough but the other strange thing about this matter is the fact that Bono (UTU) is going to leave the ‘3 claws’ somewhere in this world, after the current worldwide UTU worship tour is over, ‘as a permanent fixture’. Wake Up!

Thank you for reading this article

May Love Reign O’er You All

 Matthew Delooze

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2009. All rights reserved