Looking in to the Eyes of Naga – (The Protests in Thailand Exposed)

Looking in to the Eyes of Naga


The Conman King and his Red & Yellow Sheeple

(The Protests in Thailand Exposed)

By Matthew Delooze

Love, love me do.
You know I love you,
I’ll always be true,
So please, love me do.
Whoa, love me do.

(From the song Love Me Do by the Beatles)


I’m no expert on politics in Thailand. I am no political expert regarding their ‘coups’, military juntas or their political leaders either, but I do know a bit about sheeple and corrupt governments. This situation would be hilariously funny if people had not been injured or killed and the honest workers in Thailand were not living in dire poverty and craving an honest government.

Anyway I will give you my opinion about the last couple of ‘protests’ in Bangkok. Those that watch the news will know that the ‘red shirts’ have recently been protesting to the current government in Thailand. Those of you with a memory will know that there was another protest in Bangkok last year with the ‘yellow shirts’.


Protesters in Thailand ‘pick a colour’

Let me try to briefly explain the situation in a ‘straight talking way’ and on a five-sense level because it’s laughable really and I don’t want to bore you, I want you to read it.

So…  Firstly… The ‘red shirts’ protested this week because want to see the return of Thaksin Shinawatra who they claim was wrongly ousted in a military coup in 2006. He did get back in to power briefly in 2008 but he then ‘did a runner’ because basically he’s as bent as a nine bob note like the rest of the cronies that wallow in corruption and greed inside the Thailand government as they do in most others around the globe.

The ‘red shirts’ actually want this bloke back in charge because even though he was as dodgy as a bag of monkeys he actually provided something to alleviate poverty, if only in their minds. In a nutshell the ‘red shirts’ are the peasants, the manual worker and the farm workers, in Thailand. Basically the ‘red shirts’ wanted to put this bloke back in to power because in their eyes he was less corrupt than the faces that are seen to be in control at the moment. Shinawatra is actually said to have masterminded the recent protests from abroad. English people may remember Shinawatra for taking over Manchester City Football club for a while and they also may remember him for making £120 million profit when the club sacked him for getting convicted for corruption charges in Thailand.


Thaksin Shinawatra is as ‘Bent as a Nine Bob Note’ and 110% Serpent Cult but the red shirts want him in power.

 The ‘red shirts’ were said to be protesting over the placement of Abhisit Vejjajiva as PM in December 2008 after the ‘yellow shirts’, which had protested months earlier and we will mention next, had caused the circumstances that had allowed Abhisit Vejjajiva to become PM in the first place. Are you with me? Basically the red shirts were protesting over what the yellow shirts had achieved through protesting 5 months previous.

So…  Secondly… The ‘yellow shirts’ had previously protested in 2008 and they wanted rid of a Junta regime that had taken over because, amongst other things, Shinawatra had done a runner to escape jail. The ‘yellow shirts’ wanted a regime change too but they wanted ‘King Bhumibol Adulyade’ to run the country instead of the bloke the red shirts wanted to run the country. These ‘yellow shirts’ are the academics and large and small business people.  Let me explain that these people, these yellow shirts, literally love the King of Thailand. They are on a par with the people who love our royal family in England.


 Conman ‘King Bhumibol Adulyadej’ and the Kings Standard
“110% Serpent Cult but the Yellow Shirts want him to rule”

It’s no bloody surprise to me that a lot of people praise this King though because he is protected by what is known as the lèse majesté laws, which mean they are liable to get between 3 – 15 years in jail if they call him names or criticise him or his family.  3- 15 years eh? I’ll call him King Bollock Brains then eh? 15 years in jail for me then and thats just for one ball… what would i get for two then eh? No… let me go the full hog and put it in writing eh? Mind you the title of this article may get me 15 years for calling this King a conman eh?

  I Matthew Delooze say… King Bhumibol Adulyade is the biggest arsehole in the world and he stinks of poo and he looks like a hairy fanny too so ner-ner- ner- ner- ner to King Knob Head from me with bells on….Oh… Err… sorry folks I really don’t what came over me then. I shouldn’t have said that should I? I apologise.

I really should have said King Bhumibol Adulyadeis the third biggest arsehole in the world (I forgot about Geldof and Bono you see and no one looks more like a twat that Geldof do they?). I expect a shorter sentence for my crimes now.

Anyway the yellow shirts settled for ‘Abhisit Vejjajiva’ and claimed a victory because he took over and obviously that’s  the official reason why the red shirts took the huff and also protested months later and they created the scenes you saw on TV recently. Are you still with me?

The official  story is all bullshit in my opinion. It’s all shit, it’s all manipulated shit and dirty politics and my heart bleeds for the sheeple caught up in the misery caused by corruption and agents for the Serpent Cult like King Arsehole of Thailand (Whoops another15 years for me then eh?) and the corrupt faces posing as politicians. The people of Thailand deserve better but in my opinion the only way they will get better is to break free from the hypnotism they are under. I have tried to give you a decent 5-sense breakdown of the situation regarding the protests in the last few paragraphs. I have given you a straight talking summary of events that have been spewed out by mainstream media. I have tried to that to the best of my ability and without any fear. Please check the facts if you don’t believe me. I can only add on a five sense level that there is a more sinister group in this shirt-wearing story. It is that of the ‘blue shirts’. They are not on official protest and they appear to be there just to make sure the red shirts are not winners.


The more ‘secretive’ blue shirts seem to be there to see the red shirts defeated (Hired Royalist)

Why am I bothering to mention these protests and these shirt wearing sheeple? I realise most westerners don’t give a monkeys what goes on in the East. You think the ‘westerners’ are all that matter don’t you? If you do you’d be well off the mark in my opinion. That said I simply want to point out that these protests actually feed the ‘Serpent Cult’ again and just like I said in my Mithras  article about protests being ‘arranged’ in London, I now say the people in Bangkok also fell for the same scam. Please note that these protesters in coloured shirts are not representing political parties they are literally organised protesters in uniforms. The puppet protesters have been organized better than the actual puppet political party members.


Pick your colour and off you go!

 Anyway let’s move on to see a more spiritual and real reason for the protests. You don’t believe all this red and yellow shite do you? its a bloody scam and anyone with any bloody sense should actually sense it.

In this case the protests this week were purposely ‘concentrated’ in three areas. It was obviously planned by ‘someone’ for the protests to ‘congregate’ at symbolic monuments.  First of all we have the blatant ‘energy extraction scam taking place around the obelisk ’ again and thousands of protesters surrounded the ‘Victory Monument’. I have showed you this scam in many other news reports and articles. It continuously goes on in all major cities in the world. Here is another example.

The energetic masses were allowed to take over the obelisk without a wimper from the authorities.

 So I don’t need to drone on about why this has happened do I? If you are new to my work please see my previous articles about energy extraction at blatant occult monuments related to the Sun.

OK There is another very strange monument in Bangkok it’s called the Democracy Monument and the sheeple protesters were led to it in their thousands in both red and yellow shirt protests. It has been used as an energy extractor for many years.


The Democracy Monument has been used as an energy extractor for years

I believe, nay I know, that this monument is on the Bangkok’s main ‘energy lines’ on a road known as Thanon Ratchadamnoen. It is Bangkok’s equivalent of the Champs Elysees and Serpent Cult agent Luang Plaek Pibulsonggram who was known as the Father of the nation arranged it to be built. I tell you the truth today when I say this man was also bent as a nine bob note and 110% Serpent Cult too.

I don’t want to bore you with the history of Thailand politics and military coups. I will just say now that the King we are not allowed to call names and the force he represents have controlled Thailand and the pathetic claim that he has no power is a sick and pathetic lie. (Thirty years plus in jail for me now eh? I should keep my gob shut shouldn’t I?)

Anyway this thing was ‘officially’ built as monument to the ‘Thai Constitution of 1932’ which is a farce when you consider the history of the political situation in Thailand but again the sheeple accept these official bullshit explanations either through apathy or fear. Indeed many people lost their homes with little notice given when they decided to build this monument and create a Champs Elysees situation. The same brutality was used in Beijing when the Serpent Cult decided to build occult stadiums for the Olympics 2008.

So going back to the red shirts and yellow shirts, we have a situation where the protesters are again ‘led to monuments’ that they really don’t know anything about and whilst their emotions are at a sky-high level.  Therefore, if emotions create invisible spiritual energy, the said emotions are actually creating spiritual energy at the location (Energy line) and in full view of the monument (Occult symbolism receiving the said energy either directly or indirectly).

Look at the monument and see what you think.  It’s called the ‘democracy monument’


The Democracy Monument Bangkok


All for a farce of a constitution?


 Red Shirted Sheeple… Worshippers without a clue that they are worshippers?

To me this monument is awash with occult symbolism and it is a prime example of a trap to extract spiritual energy from the masses that have been led to it. Why have a monument that is full of occult symbolism built simply to mark some political constitution? This constitution is not worth the stone it was written on and it has been reneged on and even altered many times?

Democracy in Thailand (or anywhere else for that matter)? Are they having a laugh?  There is no democracy in Thailand or anywhere else in this world at all. Nowhere. Again my heart beeds for the pathic sheeple in Thailand.

Anyway. This monument looks like a type of altar that is displaying a sort offering of some kind. What does it look like to you? The four pillar like panels that surround the altar could resemble symbolic wings in my opinion but I’m not sure. One things for sure though at least a pair these ‘wings’ are adorned with Naga.  Do you know of Naga? Click Here if you don’t but basically Naga’s are Serpent deities and linked to Sun Gods. (Nothing new there then is this phony shit hole of a world eh?)


Naga adorns the Democracy Monument


Naga protecting Sun God Buddha

OK Let’s start to investigate this red shirt protest properly. Those of you that know of my work or have been to my talks will know I have mentioned many times that the masses are led to monuments on News Years Eve and May Day etc. Well haven’t I? I have said many times that spiritual energy is extracted whilst the masses are around these monuments on certain days?

So it should not surprise you that when the red shirts protested in Thailand it was actually the Buddhist New Year (Songkran) festival, which is obviously based on Sun Worship too. It’s the same rebirth scam but in a different location. Mind you if you were to busy scoffing Easter Eggs and watching my mate Popey (the pope) on TV or simply joining in the same Easter ritual you do every year in some way then you won’t know or care will you?

It’s time to open your eyes or you won’t know next year when you are doing the same thing either and sadly you won’t know in your next life when you are still doing it.

So… again if we start to look at what is really going on we will see that these protests are not just ‘simple’ protests and they are actually cleverly planned to have a bigger affect on a spiritual level than they do on a physical one. It’s just that those folk that blindly join in with the herd are so dumbed down and sheep like that they never think for themselves. Indeed ask yourself why devout Buddhists were so easily coerced into burning buses and protesting when they were supposed to be washing statues of Buddha? It is the tradition during the Buddhist New Year festival that the sheeple actually wash down (renew) the statues of the force that enslaves them and Buddha is simply a middleman for the alien force that enslaves us.

Anyway I can only show you the Democracy Monument and say to you that this monument is one of ‘worship’ and not one to commemorate a silly bloody written constitution. I can only show you the sheeple that are blindly led to these monuments and tell you what I believe is going on. It is entirely up to you whether you believe me or not.

I realise I might be talking out of my arse so if you think the official version is true then fair enough, that’s fine to me I just want you to have a alternative explanation. If I’m talking shite then I can only apologise at a later date.

 Let’s move on eh? The yellow shirts and the red shirts were also congregated like sheep outside the official parliament or other official buildings in Bangkok during their ‘different’ protests that took place 5 months apart. Obviously if you have never looked you won’t know.

These buildings bore the Royal Crest of King Bhumibol Adulyade. I won’t call him any names at this time as I am already liable to receive 30 years in jail but as I have said in the G20 article the protesting masses are unknowingly led to symbolic buildings to officially ‘spiritually challenge’ the rulers of this world over their divine right to rule.  The masses simply believe they are carrying out a five-sense protest when actually they have been duped in to actually carrying out a spiritual one. In the case of Bangkok they were shepherded to Parliament House etc.

Some people actually think they ‘have rights’ because they are allowed to protest outside certain official buildings. Ha Ha Ha. They want you to protest outside certain symbolic buildings.


The Serpent Cult actually want us protest outside official buildings!


The buildings in this case bear the symbolism of the King (Serpent Cult)

I realise that statement about getting protesters to play out a role of ‘challengers’ may seem weird to some folk and even beyond the comprehension of some others but that is exactly what it is. It is an official spiritual challenge to the rulers of this world for the divine right to rule. Not that the challengers have a clue on a five sense level what they are actually doing. Laugh if you want I really don’t mind.

 I tell you the truth when I say that the rules of this world, those that ‘we’ actually created, dictate that whatever force rules a world must have the majority of ‘free will’ permission from the masses to do so and those that rule this world must also show and prove their worthiness to rule at regular intervals. Do you understand that statement? If so please bear it in mind as we go through the next few paragraphs. If you do not understand that statement you might as well as bugger off now.


Let’s just take a few steps backwards and look at the yellow shirts protest that took place late last year. Indeed let’s get the story totally right and let’s step back to two years before the yellow shirts even protested. It was in 2006 when most of the Serpent Cult agents on Earth gathered together or they were officially represented in Bangkok to take part in 60th Anniversary of the King of Thailand’s reign, the Diamond Jubilee as it was called.

To those few people who have actually read my book The Stars Are Falling, I will say that you may remember me writing about the Queen of England’s Jubilee celebrations? You will know that I said back then that the Royal Jubilee celebrations are simply a rehash of ancient Egyptian Sun King rituals and they only take place to prove to the masses that they have earned the right and are worthy to rule? I pointed out that these modern day Royal Jubilee Celebrations are actually a replica of the ancient Egyptian ‘Heb Sed’ rituals. I also said in my book that the Queen’s official coach was also used as a symbolic solar boat in modern day ‘procession rituals’ that are linked with the ancient festivals of Opet.  I said that the human race has been duped into going along with these rituals and that they had no idea what they meant.  Not that it’s hard to dumb down a race of beings that thrive on their own ego and actually pretend that they know what they are doing.

I also informed people, from that book, that if the crowds symbolically accepted the royal show of worthiness on show, through their applause and general acceptance of the situation, that they were indeed falling for a scam that would actually endorse their spiritual enslavement. (If you have the book read the relevant chapter again. (It’s called made it Ma…Top of the flagpole.)

Well, I’ll tell you today that the same scam was last used in Thailand in 2006 – 2008 to dupe the masses there too. The King of Thailand actually carried out a massive right to rule ritual and a procession ritual in 2006 and he insisted it lasted until 2008, which is obviously around the time that the ‘Thaksin Shinawatra’ fiasco was going on.

The King insisted his Diamond Jubilee was celebrated for a year until his 80th Birthday took place then he insisted that his birthday was celebrated for another year. The whole festival (his symbolic display of his right to rule and his fitness to rule) was witnessed by representatives from all of the royal families around the world. Are you still with me?

Let’s look at the special Royal Barge Procession, his declaration of his right to rule.  Here is a brief explanation.

Royal Barge Procession

One of the most spectacular events marking the 60th anniversary celebrations is the Grand Royal Barge procession, beginning at five o’clock in the evening of the 12th of June on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

The Royal Barge Procession is unique to Thailand, and Thai kings have staged such water-borne events since the Sukhothai period in the 13th century. Once staged as a show of strength, the Royal Barge Procession has evolved into one of the royal court traditions to demonstrate the power of the king.  Source


One of the Royal barges (symbolic solar boat) with crew taking part in the Barge Procession


One of the symbolic solar boats and crew in ancient Egypt during the Opet Festival

Both events show the masses raising their ruler and they are displaying his right to rule.

Basically this Royal procession consists of ‘golden boats’ (Sun Boats) sailing down the river passing ancient temples etc and the crowds waving and screaming as it takes place. There is a short video showing one of the boats here as an example. The procession ended at the (Sun) Temple of the Dawn!


Temple of the ‘Dawn’ (Wat Arun)

The  Grand Royal Procession will simply bring energy and the official acceptance from the masses for this King and his masters to rule. The same scenario applies in every country around the world. In the Bankok case the King sails down the river like the Queen of England rides down the Mall. The puppet masses just blindly endorse them as rulers. If it wasn’t so sad it would be a complete joke wouldn’t it. THe Human race enslaves itself and actually praises its enslavers. (Ha Ha Ha ho ho ho)

The King also pardoned 25,000 prisoners and arranged concerts etc just to show the masses what a nice chap he was and receive more adoration and to prove his divine right to rule.  Again it’s just the same scam like the Queen of England waving from her golden coach and the muppet public clapping and cheering whilst she does. The fools do not realise they are actually surrendering their spirit by carrying out such an act. Again please take it in that the KIngs ‘parties’ and processions are simply a rehash of the rituals of the ancient sun worshipping rituals.


The royal barges carry occult symbolism

The masses are literally giving these people the DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE and carry on creating the misery and poverty they have already done for thousands of years.  Wake Up.

 The Scam is not hard to work out. These deceptive agents will actually pretend to ‘love’ the brainwashed public in return for adulation. It’s literally a scenario of the song. ‘Love, love me do… you ‘know’ I love you’. Think about those words for a moment. The dumbed down public has been brainwashed in to literally worshipping these agents because they, the public, think they, the agents of the serpent, are here to look after them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Serpent Cult thrives on deception and your gullibility.

I have said many times before that if you worship these agents then you will worship their Masters. If you give these deceptive agents the right to rule this physical world then you automatically give their masters the right to rule your spiritual world and your spiritual future too. It’s not just the King of Thailand that was part of this ritual though, as I said he gathered together representatives of the entire world’s Royalty (All agents for the Serpent Cult) at this ritual and the masses gladly praised them all too. This ritual was massive because wasn’t only giving the King of Thailand the divine right to rule the Thai’s it was giving the entire world’s royalty the right to rule the entire planet, literally the entire collection of Serpent Cult bloodlines were part of the show of power for the divine right to rule during this Royal Procession. The reason it took place in Thailand was that the people are easily led (Hence the coloured shirts) and the laws mentioned earlier make sure that no one bloody objects. Hence me calling him King Arsehole! Do you understand me?

Here is a brief official report

The 78-year-old monarch — who made his reputation by helping poor farmers rather than hosting extravagant parties — served his guests seafood and vegetables produced by agricultural projects he sponsors to help ease rural poverty.

On the guest list Tuesday were Japan‘s Emperor Akihito, Britain‘s Prince Andrew, Spain‘s Queen Sofia, Jordan‘s King Abdullah II, Brunei‘s Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah and Monaco‘s Prince Albert II.


The Serpent Cult was out in force for the ritual to have full spiritual affect and endorse their right to rule.

   Royals also came from Bahrain, Belgium, Bhutan, Cambodia, Denmark, Kuwait, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Swaziland, Sweden and Tonga.

   The guests arrived in black Mercedes-Benz limousines, dressed in their ceremonial finery, with the Thai king wearing a white dress uniform with a yellow sash and medals, and the queen wore a glittering diamond tiara. (Source)

Birthday celebrations

The King of Thailand also displayed his ‘worthiness to rule’ through celebrating his birthday… for a full ‘twelve months’. As I said this sort of celebration is simply a replica of the ancient rituals of Heb Sed.  Here are a a couple of pictures to show you what I mean.


The crowds adorn and arm themselves with the symbolism of the occult via the KIng


They literally carry the occult emblems


The sheeple carry out ‘acceptance rituals’ that they nothing about.

So I guess you are starting to understand, if you have followed me throughout this article, that The King of Thailand really was actually displaying his prowess to the masses in a rehashed Heb Sed sort of ritual.

 OK if you can accept that the royal barge procession and the Birthday events could have been a rehash of ancient ritual to request acceptance of the right to rule to the masses I will ask you what happened later in 2008 after he had displayed this royal show of strength and a declaration of the right to rule? I’ll tell you that we saw ‘protests ‘. We had the yellow shirts (The King’s robots) ‘protesting’ that the King actually officially ruled them. That’s a coincidence isn’t it? The King has a ritual on a par with the ancient divine right to rule Heb Sed/ Opet ritual and then we see loads of people dressed in yellow literally screaming and demanding that he rules them?

Well put some drops of soda in my eye and call me Popeye, where are the famous guru’s and the historical history experts to explain that one to you. A major King carries out a massive ritual and his pathetic subjects are demanding that he and of course the multi-dimensional deceptive masters he symbolises rules over them yet no one picks it up except a piss poor nutcase from Lancashire like me?

The King is literally a walking monument in his own right anyway he is amongst other things, if you check out his name meaning, the official avatar of God Vishnu. He also uses many occult symbols within his crests and symbols like ‘Garuda’

Do you get it? Have I explained it well enough?

The King carries out a two-year fitness to rule ritual and his yellow shirted supporters are then on the streets demanding he rules them? The yellow shirts were very successful and managed to claim a victory if only a symbolic one. Oh don’t get me wrong this King is never going to be an official political leader he has no intention of doing that but the fact is that the ‘yellow shirts’ were allowed to declare victory and therefore symbolically indicating that it was the free will wishes of the masses that the King has the right to rule? Yes.

Let me tell you now that this King is simply a top ranker in the Serpent Cult and he knows all the bloody tricks.

OK so what happened after the yellow shirts claimed victory then? Where’s the official spiritual challenge against the divine right to rule you mentioned? I hear you say. The Yellow Shirts didn’t challenge the right to rule they were on the Kings side all the time.

Well my little band of truthseekers, the red shirts carried out that part of the ritual.  The red shirts ‘decided’ to have their demonstration after the Yellow shirts had theirs, again the red shirts were allegedly organised by Thaksin Shinawatra, he is the official challenge to rule.  The red shirts and the gangster Shinawatra were actually defeated weren’t they? The lost the challenge. The blue shirts would have seen to that too! The red shirts ‘surrendered’ after the authorities (Hidden blue shirts included) treated them with more violence than they did the yellow shirts?

So on a symbolic level the ‘official challenge’, symbolically the red shirts, against the divine right to rule was literally defeated.  Do you understand that?

Although there was a five sense demonstration going on the events were really being manipulated to create a spiritual acceptance from the masses to allow the same force that has always ruled over us to continue to rule over us.

The masses are so asleep that they would never suss this out in a million years.

Again where are the professional guru’s and the historians to point this sort of thing out?  Even if it is bullshit it literally demands debate in my opinion. Well doesn’t it? Maybe you are waiting for your favourite guru or celebrity to point this stuff out to you? Maybe they will want your money, or want you to pay to go on some hippy festival first, before they even attempt to? Maybe they want you to buy a golden 1st class ticket and drink a cocktail before they will tell you anything eh?

I have mentioned that the King of Thailand is literally walking symbolism just like I showed you Beckham was walking symbolism a while back. The Kings Standard of Thailand is the figure of Garuda. He carries this occult laden standard everywhere.


The official King’s Standard

Obviously this figure reminded me of Pazuzu but that’s not what I am here to say. I’m simply going to point out the ‘colours’ of the King’s Standard. The yellow and the red. I know all about colours me, always have done. On a five sense level the masses in Thailand thought wearing the colours they displayed in protests were for opposite sides and their beliefs, they had no idea of the real reasons that they had been manipulated in to wearing these colours. On a spiritual level both the yellow shirts and red shirts were really giving energy that was created through the protests to the same deceptive force. Sadly on a spiritual level the colours represented only one side and the actions of the protesters were simply feeding the force that enslaves them and allows that force to carry on doing so. I know it might appear daft to suggest the Thai’s were blatantly put in uniform to go and release energy at monuments and then spiritually accept the King and his cronies have the divine right to rule but that my friends is what happened in my opinion.

Can you see what I am trying to say? The masses are simply were simply puppets taking part in a ritual they were too dumbed down to even see.  As I said the King of Thailand is simply a top ranker in the Serpent Cult and he knows all the bloody tricks along with all the rest that were praised during the Royal Barge Procession. These ‘con merchants’ receive vast material rewards for their betrayal of the human race.

Why do I have the guts to say things like that when i know all about the corrupt power that these agents have? Simply because it is the truth and I am no longer under the spell that these liars used to have me under. Therefore I see them for what they are and no longer cower in fear like the vast majority of sheep do.


The King of Thailand is not ‘forced’ to remain nonpolitical, that’s total bullshit and plain to see. He ‘purposely’ remains ‘nonpolitical ‘simply because he controls all the idiots who claim to be politicians from behind the scenes. The law even states he cannot be criticised. That’s very bloody convienient when you need the majority of the masses to support you  isn’t it?

Please wake the hell up or the day will come when you may regret not doing so.

To those people who thought my language was raw about this King conman earlier in this article should now realise why I think he’s an arsehole and why I said such a thing?

Our Queen in the UK operates on a similar basis as King Arsehole too. She remains as a nonpolitical face in the background but actually still symbolically rules all parties. It’s ‘her government’ and no matter whom you vote in, you vote her in. Royalty control all governments and aliens control the Royalty.


 A clique of liars and deceivers that need your free will permission through ritual to rule you

The Serpent Cult use and abuse all situations to gain your free will acceptance of their right to rule. Anyway I have given you information that is meant to help you.

 1. I have showed you again in this article how the masses are led to monuments to release (endorse) the symbolism of the secret rulers of this world.

2. I have showed you in this article that the agents of the secret rulers in this world carry out ancient ritual that the masses blindly endorse.

3. I have showed you in this article that the muppet masses are conned in to being part of a ‘spiritual challenge’ to the divine right to rule that they do not understand and they have no hope in winning.

4. I have showed you that your 5-sense world is literally meaningless compared to the spiritual things that are going on. You are literally a living-breathing slave on a farm that you agree to be part of.

5. I have showed you how simple colours and emblems can get you to worship things you didn’t know you were worshipping.

Wake Up!

It’s easy for me to see that the Sheeple in Thailand, the Yellow Shirts, the Red Shirts and the Blue Shirts are all being manipulated in this way and even though they think they are free and taking part in demo’s they are actually only pathetic pawns in a spiritual game to control their souls.

I’m sure it’s also easy for some of you to see ‘now’ that the sad pathetic people in Thailand are being used too?

Well if you do see this my friends you need to look at yourselves because you are the same as them. You are pathetic pawns too. There really is no difference between the red shirts in Bangkok and the G20 protestors in the UK.

The blue, yellow and red shirts symbolically represent you too. Not only as silly political morons who vote for Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems, or their equivalent colours in other countries, but as sheep who are conned to take part in  spiritual rituals without having a bloody clue they are doing so.

It is time to wake up.

Agents in the Serpent Cult are here to con you. They don’t con you in a nasty way. They con you in a clever way, a way where you will actually adore them and actually defend them. That way they know you won’t see what’s really going on or do anything about it. They get their ‘puppets’ to play the bad guys that you hate and they play the good guys. That is how they always get the free will permission from the masses for them to rule over them.

That said I have no doubt that the good guy King of Thailand and the bad guy Thaksin Shinawatra are really in the same club and the they both have the stupefied masses dancing in circles so they will fall in to line and surrender their spirit. They all have their role to play but they all receive their rewards for playing them.

The same situation applies in all other countries and the same stinking rotten tricks are carried out by bent royalty and corrupt Presidents there too. This is the work of the Serpent Cult.

Is it still difficult to see and understand, after my last two articles, that ‘protests’ actually feed the Serpent Cult? Is it still beyond your comprehension that a secret society has a spiritual agenda to continue to gain our free will acceptance of their rituals and therefore their divine right to rule us? Is it beyond your ego to see that you are conned to such a level that it will enslave you for eternity?

Your ego has been created to stop you believing such things but I tell you the truth when I say your ego will leave you in the shit when it cannot bluff you any longer. Your ego does not even know who you are and neither do you. You are lost under the spell of a deceptive serpent.

The time is coming to rediscover who you really are and to break the serpent’s spell. The only alternative my friends is to pick a coloured shirt that suits you or your masters best, trust in your ego and kiss the arse of your Guru and then go and dance around the nearest illuminati monument!

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 18th April 2009

All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved