Untying the Binds of Mithras – G20 Demonstrators Stitched Up On Threadneedle Street

Untying the Binds of Mithras

The Bank of England in London

 G20 Demonstrators Stitched Up on Threadneedle Street

An Article by Matthew Delooze

My name is little Billy White, And I know what’s wrong and I know what’s right
An’ the wife says “Geordie, go to London Town!”
An’ if they don’t give us a couple of bob, Won’t even give you a decent job
Then Geordie, with my blessings, burn them down
(From the Jarrow Song by Alan Price)
Hello Truth seekers,

It’s time to get my article pen out AGAIN and write a quickie.  Having been in Brazil for three Ayahuasca ceremonies and having appeared at the UK Probe in Blackpool,the month of March has simply come and gone in a flash.  My mind is spinning most of the time just trying to get the things I want to do actually done. At the same time a spiritual force seems to be showing me many other things that it wants me to do and understand.

Anyway no messing around, let’s get on with the tale eh? I hope you are all comfortable. Those that are aware of my work will know that I have written many times about how the force that I call the ‘Serpent Cult’ (Inter-dimensional entities that are alien to this world and their human lackeys on Earth) use and control the human race to create and provide energy for them. For those that have not read my books or articles I can only suggest you start at the beginning of my free articles that are now easily accessible on this website in the same order as they were produced.

I have in the past mainly concentrated on how the Serpent Cult attract people to join in positive energy Sun worship rituals that actually praise our enslavers through our ‘positive emotions’.  For example we are led to take part in Christmas because we actually ‘enjoy’ taking part in it. We never think that it may be a very cruel deception to take part in a ‘ritual’, that we wouldn’t really take part in, simply because we actually enjoy taking part in it. It stands to reason that If we enjoy taking part in a ritual, or WANT to take part in the ritual, we therefore willingly take part in it. That fact applies if we know it is a ritual or not. This is because it is it is our free will to take part in it whatever it is.

The same free will applies to rock concerts and events like Live 8, Live Earth and the Olympics etc, that we have covered in the past. I have done several articles on all these subjects but the vast majority of them relate to the act of ‘free will worship’.

The act of free will worship simply means that the masses are guided in to feeling emotional simply because of the event they are attracted to. These events include Music Festivals or regular traditional celebrations (Christmas etc.). The emotions created at such events actually create an invisible spiritual energy. This energy is very powerful. Once it is create it is ‘harnessed’ taken by a the fourth dimensional ALIEN force I call the Serpent Cult .(If you are new to my work that news will shock you… so please start at the beginning of my articles)

The Serpent Cult can receive this energy because they have placed their own symbolism, their moniker if you like, on these events and they therefore become the official sponsors of these events. The celebrities and the religious icons used at these events are also their spiritual property and they can take the proceeds from the spiritual energy created at such events because of this.

A devious set of bastards in anyone’s book they are too!

I have also mentioned, in many previous articles, the use of ‘symbolic temples’ and how these replica temples can be used for symbolic or occult rituals to take place covertly. In recent years Barack Obama has been a good example to show to explain this matter. The build up to his inauguration was a prime example of how the masses, unknowingly, actually attend rituals in ancient sun temples and actually physically worship the lackeys of the Serpent Cult whilst they are placed inside a temple. Sadly the masses cannot see what is going on right under their noses and even more sadly the masses cannot see what building or monument is being used as a medium to export the energy they create. The masses cannot see that they are creating energy through the symbolism around them nor can they comprehend that the said energy is transported in to another dimension to where it will empower entities that are alien to this world. It sounds crazy but I assure you it is true. Not that you with your ego and selfishness will ever believe any assurances from a wanker like me. But I still assure it.

Anyway, one of the reasons the Serpent Cult have the masses taking part in covert worship rituals at these events, is not only to steal our spiritual energy, it is to extract our free will ‘spiritual permission’ that actually allows the Serpent Cult to ‘rule’ over us. The Serpent Cult actually gets the human race to beg to be ruled over.

Every human being is a natural creator of spiritual energy. Yes even you and even I create spiritual energy. We all create spiritual energy through our emotions. ‘Every time you feel something emotionally you create energy’.  The Serpent Cult knows this only too well and that is why they are intent on controlling all of our emotions at all times and all places in which they need us to be emotional.  They are very very deceptive and believe me they exploit our every move. You and I are simply a source of food to the Serpent Cult and they farm us all very well. That is why the Serpent Cult controls all education, all mainstream media, all politics, all entertainment and all money etc. It is because all these things and more make us emotional and control us via our emotions.  The Serpent Cult only control your mind simply because they want to control the spiritual energy you create because of the way you think.  You and every other human being is a vital asset to the Serpent Cult simply because of the energy you create. It is vital to the Serpent Cult that you show respect ‘to them’ in some way and I have pointed out how you do this several times before.  You show respect to the Serpent Cult, through their agents ,mainly celebrities or religious Icons. The Serpent Cult has deceived you into surrendering your spiritual energy to them in some way and it makes sure you will continually do so, for their benefit only, both in this world and beyond

Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy

Once the Serpent Cult has received your free will emotional respect in some way they  will have also received the right to rule over you too. It is just like the 5 sense agents on this planet, like the Royal Family, currently claim to have the divine right to rule , only it is the divine right for aliens. But please note they can only claim this because we have surrendered our spirit . If you do not surrender your spirit then you do not give permission to rule.

So if you can accept my previous claims about the spiritual surrender stuff and the ritualistic events, that I have previously pointed out in previous articles, it is now time to start to ‘see’ how the masses actually ‘ask’ the Serpent Cult to allow their agents, the divine right to rule and to pass the 5 sense laws that control us all. and display their divine right to rule.  I laugh when I see intelligent people blaming the likes of liars like Bush and Blair or Brown and Obama for the state of things when they have given these people the right to rule us.

On a spiritual level these people are simply doing what we have requested from their masters and they are simply servants for 4th dimensional powers that will reward them materially for their actions. On a physical level the masses have officially ‘elected’ them as our leaders.

So it is us that ‘request’ our 5-sense reality. It is us that actually request our physical enslavement and it us that request our spiritual enslavement too. I’ll show you how we do the latter shortly. Today we are going to look at another angle of spiritual energy surrender and how we are deceived into endorsing the Serpent Cults right to rule.

Just like the Serpent Cult con us in to carrying out covert physical rituals of worship they also con us in to carrying out ‘official spiritual challenges’ towards the Serpent Cult. This is to symbolically ‘challenge’ their right to rule us and if the Serpent Cult are successful in the challenge it proves their right to rule.

This is simply for them to symbolically prove to the ‘universe’ (Universal Law) their right to rule is based on our ‘free will’. In ancient times the Kings or Pharaohs had to prove the right to rule to the masses to enable them to be fit to represent ‘God’. For some reason this right to rule has to be endorsed or universal laws are broken.

We need to look at a very good example to show what I’m trying to say and to make it clearer in your mind and the recent G20 events are a very good and simple way to show you what I mean. You need to open your mind to see this scam but because of the previous info I have provided it should help you achieve this. We need to step on the next stepping-stone. Come on!

For those that don’t know….  the G20 summit took place in London this week.

I watched quite a bit of it on TV.  I wasn’t there in person myself but I did tune in to mainstream media to see what angle they were actually spinning. To my surprise they were running “live coverage of the G20 protest”.   I somehow felt like I had to watch the mainstream version of events. So I spent a few hours simply watching events as they were shown on TV.

It soon became clear that the police had obviously ‘allowed’ a protest to take place on the day before the actual G20 summit and they had allowed it to take place in the heart of the financial district. It soon became apparent to me that the protesters had decided to protest in or were being purposely shepherded by police to the financial district of Threadneedle Street. The Bank of England is in that area.


The protest started in central London….


…and ended up in the Threadneedle Street area…


The protest was in a sharp but with a good humoured atmosphere



The police carefully shepherded most protesters to their destination
(Sheep Dogs herd the moronic sheeple that think they were actually having a free demonstration)

 I suppose, to most people, this was just an average run of the mill protest against the system that was taking place. I can see how folks might see it that way. I certainly would have seen it that way a few years ago. That said we are trying to wake up aren’t we? Aren’t we? The Serpent Cult wants you to see these protests in the way you used to see them. It does not matter which way you used to see these protests because it’s time to open up your mind and  to see and think differently.  The Serpent Cult only want you to see with blinkers on and the Serpent Cult only want you to see according to the brainwashing you have received all of your life. Those days my friend are coming to an end.

Looking at it as you used to do you will either see it from the protesters point of view, which most of you reading this article will do, or you will see it from the police point of view. You will either see a load of thug coppers simply stopping protesters from protesting, whilst over-reacting and using unnecessary violent tactics to control the mob, or you will see a bunch of layabout trouble makers using unnecessary tactics just to hurt policemen, whilst looting and playing silly anti-establishment games.

It’s all a matter of which way you look at it isn’t it? The police viewpoint or the protesters viewpoint. Yes?

In my opinion both explanations are probably true in their own way and on a 5-sense level.  Please don’t get me wrong because I could only ever be on the side of the protesters if I didn’t know what I know now. There is a part of me that could have burnt down the Bank of England, the Houses of Parliament and pulled down the London Eye in one afternoon and still find time to walk down the Mall, stark naked, and shit on the doorstep of Buckingham Palace before getting my matches out again to burn that bugger down as well.  Matthew Delooze was capable of that in the past. Matthew Delooze is capable of that today, if only to let off steam and frustration about world events, but that is exactly what the Serpent Cult wants me to think isn’t it?

My experiences in life and my awakening in 1998/9 have opened my eyes and I can now see things that are going on now that I couldn’t see before and that is the reason I’m writing this article. If I couldn’t see the things I see I wouldn’t be able to write about them.

So let’s have another look at the G20 protest from a different perspective. Come on folks don’t be blind all of your life, have a day off. Let’s forget about the term ‘policemen’ and let’s bloody forget about the term ‘protesters‘ too. Let’s think programmed ‘human beings‘ instead and look at it from another viewpoint.

Because at the end of the day that is what both side’s in this protest think they are, human beings. They both think they are human beings doing what’s right for all.  I was a trade unionist type left-winger for many years. I thought I was doing the right thing. I went on picket lines and protest marches. I supported the Miners strikes and went on strike on behalf of our NHS nurses.  I had many rows over politics etc. I didn’t realise what was really going on back then I only thought I did, but if I hadn’t done those things I wouldn’t be able to see what is really going on now and what was really going on then

So what is really going on now?

Well let’s look at events again. Lets look at the area and the official buildings that are involved at the G20 protest and the G20 summit because if you look properly things can, if you want them to, become easier to understand.

The protest took place throughout the entire day mainly at the ‘Bank of England’. The police as we saw in early pictures shepherded the protesters all day from dusk till dawn and eventually confined them in the Bank of England area. What’s so bloody special about that then I hear you say?  My research into matters indicates that you may need to know more about the Bank of England to start to understand what has gone on.

The Bank of England has grown, was built, out of the ruins of an ancient Roman Temple of Mithras.

Yes folks, the Bank of England is built on or very near to the ancient site of a Sun God. Coincidence is it? If it is a coincidence I will go to the nearest gay friendly lotto selling outlet on a busy Saturday and stand by the lotto machine, drop my pants, bend over and ask all the male customers if they fancy a ‘lucky dip’.

The original Mithras temple was moved to Temple Court, Queen Victoria Street. In my opinion it was moved for ritualistic purposes in and around the Temple Church area. Surprisingly it has now been relocated again (or is planned to be relocated) back near to its original location near to the Bank of England. This is/has been carried out by famous illuminati monument makers Foster and Partners

  The Bank of England is not just a bank built on the site of a roman temple either. It is a ‘museum’ too. So we have already got the same basic principles that I fully explained in my essay “Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird”. In where we have ancient symbolic relics being admired in a building that has links to the ancient occult and symbolic geometry too.

 I will add that the Bank of England’s arty farty façade is allegedly based on the Sun and Moon temple of Rome.

 Anyway the protesters were shepherded into an area that was surrounded by other temple like buildings. The Royal Exchange was one and Mansion House was the other


The protesters were ‘shepherded’ to the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange.

I don’t know who had given the police their orders for the day but a mass of people were forced into this area very aggressively and the emotions of these people, both police and protesters, were raised massively because of this.  Yes?

Watch this clip and this clip to to see what I mean. If you have watched them I should know that the police literally forced different groups of protesters towards the symbolic buildings.


The protesters were herded to the symbolic temples.


The protesters were literally hemmed in to the area that is built over the Temple of Mithras. They were on sacred illuminati ground and things started to heat up.


The Bank of England (Temple of Mithras) was literally smacked by the collective energy of the crowd


The police had forced them to the literal doors of the replica temples

OK then…  what actually is going on regarding a spiritual energy situation then? I’ll tell you… the energy created by all the people being pushed into the area is being directed at the temples, especially the Bank of England (‘Temple of Mithras’ on a spiritual level). The combined ‘angry’ energy of the people involved, both the police and the protesters, is directed at the symbolic Mithras temple therefore all the energy is dedicated to Mithras (The Sun). (The situation is on a par with christians worshipping in a church, the energy is directed at God sort of thing.)

Mithras is the Sun God of ‘Contracts’. Eh? The bank of England is built on the grounds of a sun temple that honoured the Sun God of Contracts?  Well stick a feather up my arse and call me Colin Fry. I didn’t know that.


Mithras illuminated Sun God of Contracts

 It is not a coincidence that the Serpent Cult used the site of the God of Contracts on Threadneedle Street to build their illuminated bank of the world on. It is no coincidence that this bank carries the symbolism it does. Can you see that? What are the odds of the British Establishment ‘coincidentally’ building their shit hole illuminati bank on symbolic ground linked to the god of contracts? The god of IOU’s if you like?  It’s a blatant act of ritual and the liars that control this world and control your soul know that, and come on folks, wake the hell up, it’s time you bloody did too. Now you do! Wake the bloody hell up why don’t you? Do you want to really want to wake up? Are you playing games? Is your spiritual future just a game to you? Let your heart tell you the truth not your credit card and your comfort zone. You will only have that comfort zone as long as the Serpent Cult let you. Please don’t believe you ‘own’ your comfort zone because you don’t. It was provided to make you a moron.

Anyway. It was obviously planned to connect this building with Mithras, a god of contracts, from day one and it was also obviously planned to stick a museum in this temple too because the museum will be full of financial contracts and coins respecting the ancient members of the Serpent Cult and the energy created by the mob is being extracted through the replica temple of Mithras. The exact same scam is being used at the Louvre and the replica pyramid. The Bank of England, like the Louvre, is on an energy line that was previously exploited by the Romans but obviously the same brotherhood is involved today.

 Let’s get going… The protests, the angry energy if you like, were simply a symbolic and spiritual challenge to the secret rulers of this world over their right to rule. For some reason the Serpent Cult need our will and ‘our right to protest’ at their symbolic monuments and buildings gives them our free will protest. I believe it is an act of some kind of cosmic democracy. The whole ‘protest’ was on a par with the masses storming in to a proper physical temple of the Sun gods and ‘demanding action’. It was indeed an act of challenging the Serpent Cult’s right to rule. Do you understand this? No one can deny that the protesters were using free will energy in their actions. Although the energy created was on the negative side of the emotional scale ,it was still energy and it was directed, through protest, at the symbolism on display at the Temple of Mithras.

Emotional Disrespect = Spiritual Energy.

Displaying free will energy on a protest march or in a riot at symbolic temples like the Bank of England is the same as getting on your knees in a real temple and praying. Being on a protest march and releasing anger energy in front of a symbolic temple is also on a par with attending Glastonbury Festival and dancing in front of the Pyramid and releasing passive energy. The fact that the emotion is based on anger and protest does not make the energy created less powerful.


The Royal Bank of Scotland was targeted for damage after the crowd had been shepherded and trapped in that are. The Bank of England in the background

Indeed there was a physical attack on the Royal Bank of Scotland, which was sent, in pictures and film, around the world by the mass media, which is coincidentally, right next door to the Temple of Mithras (Bank of England). I certainly believe that agent provocateurs could have been in the crowd to attack that particular bank and the police certainly battered the crowd to that place and wound the crowd up.


The police made sure the crowd went where the police wanted them to go.


The crowd were ‘coincidentally’ led to the bank

 The anger had already been put in to the collective consciousness of this country, regarding this bank (RBS), simply because an agent for the Serpent Cult had receive the due reward for his actions of helping create the problems that have led to the economic con trick you now see all around you.

Sir Freddie got a pile of cash for his deeds and the pre-planned publicity over this has been implanted in the minds of folks. But come on folks are not all the 5 sense agents in the Serpent Cult well rewarded for their lies and actions? They all piss in the same pot and they are all on the take. That is how the Serpent Cult operates. They do it through greed and sleaze. They attract the most slippery of snakes to play ‘a face of expertise’ for the cameras, but as I have previously said in other articles these people are as daft as you or I and they just follow orders.  Sir Freddie has done what all other Knights of the Realm do. They wallow at a trough of greed and lies and play scape goats for the Serpent Cult.
Please don’t forget that the Serpent Cult control your ‘emotions’ even though you may think you are above that, you are not and they can make you celebrate something or hate something when it suits them. You will be led at the drop of a hat. You are a puppet. There are no exceptions. It is obvious that emotional hate was created against Sir Freddie Goodman and the Royal Bank of Scotland for reasons better known to them, maybe it was to create subconscious, spiritual, anger towards the symbolism hidden in the logo of the said bank or simply Sir Freddie himself?  I haven’t had time to research the RBS logo but a very good suggestion was put to me recently in which it’s suggested that the logo maybe connected to the ‘Greenman’ symbolism and the ‘Knights Templar’ in ‘Scotland’ Roslin Chapel sort of stuff and certainly Freddie is a modern day knight but as I said I’m only pointing out that the powers that be wanted massive emotion directed at ‘Sir’ Freddie and the ‘Royal Bank’ and they got it didn’t they? Again I haven’t researched the logo but Sir Freddie has earned his reward whatever symbolism it hides eh?



The RBS logo and the Greenman from Roslin Chapel Scotland

Anyway are you starting to see that the ‘protesting crowds’ and the ‘protecting police’ were both conned and  forced to feel emotion and release energy outside the Temple of Mithras? Can you start to see that the collective consciousness, of the British people at least, has been manipulated and controlled to feel emotion about these things? Not that this scam is unique to the UK because the same scam of corporate fiddles and the use of symbolic bank logos and the use of symbolic temples is being used all around the globe. It’s just that most folks in other countries are just as blind and dumbed down as we are in the UK, and again don’t forget the Serpent Cult control our emotions. If your emotions are controlled they can be used as a very good pair of blinkers..

If you feel emotion towards your economic situation then you will feel emotion, therefore release energy that is created by that emotion, towards the symbolic bank logos and symbolic occult temples they use.  It’s time to look at the images you see in this article again or do your own research and realise that on a spiritual level that there are far more things going during that protest than you could see. The Serpent Cult has taken your true vision away and they know we can only see the 5 sense things we see and we can only see the 5 sense things we are made to look at anyway.

OK then, if what I say is true then what is the reason the Serpent Cult creates the circumstances to get the masses to challenge its divine right to rule. Well again it has to be a ‘free will’ challenge and that is why the Serpent Cult create the problems that will eventually lead us to have a free will reaction to them.

It’s simply on a par with that great saying of David Icke, ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’.  That said it’s not a ‘five sense physical level problem-reaction-solution’ it is a ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution on a spiritual level.’ Yes?

Both five sense and spiritual problem-reaction-solution situations are going on at exactly the same time, one is a con trick on a physical and political level, that will affect your physical life in this world, but the other one is a con trick on spiritual and inter-dimensional level and it will not only affect you on a spiritual level now but it will affect you and literally enslave you on a spiritual level in lifetimes to come. Do you understand that?

You need to understand that!

It is now easy, thanks to David Icke, to point out problem-reaction-solution on a five sense level but it’s not so easy to point out problem-reaction-solution on a spiritual level. I am doing that in this article and I assure you that these protests at banks and temples will increase. So will protests like those going on in Thailand. The blind 5-sense physical actions of the police and the protesters actually created the spiritual actions that the Serpent Cult required. Again… On a five-sense level the people were simple trapped outside the Bank of England but on a spiritual level they were attending a ritual at the temple of Mithras. The Serpent Cult had spiritually got a representative collection of people to demand action at the Temple of Mithras.  Do you understand that?

The police also kept the protesters and obviously themselves at the Bank of England (Temple of Mithras) until the sun was going down. They had no access to food and water.  So when you think about it the protest was basically a case of many human beings in various states of anger being outside the Bank of England from dawn till dusk. Well isn’t it?

Yes there was no physical benefit to anyone at all was there?

When I saw this unfold I realised that one of the rituals used in Mithras worship was one of ‘fasting’.  The crowd had actually been forced to fast on a physical level but on a spiritual level the people attending the temple of Mithras were actually fasting in a ritual of worship.


The Protesters were literally trapped for hours outside these symbolic buildings and left to their own devices.

It’s entirely up to you if the words and pictures in this article tell you something or not. The force that has consciously directed me for 10 years is telling me that I’m on the right track and saying that this story is an initiation into this ‘protest information’.

 I can certainly plainly see what is going on and I believe my words above are true and trustworthy so if I’m talking out of my arse I have absolutely no idea I’m talking out of my arse. OK? I’ll also point out that these iconic buildings, like the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange are also used as awe building to collect emotional respect too. They are used as a museum and a designer shopping mall at other times. Just like the Louvre and the Champs Elysees are used.


The Royal Exchange (replica temple) at night

What happened the day after this protest?? Why were the protesters not allowed to stand right outside the Excel buildings where the actual G20 summit was taking place? There was a small token protest going on and that was half a bloody mile away so what good was that? Why were the protesters allowed to dance on the steps of the Bank of England yet not allowed anywhere near the Excel building? Think about it.

Think about it folks and you will realise that the ‘protest’ was only allowed to take place where and when the PTB wanted it to take place. And the G20 summit went ahead without a hitch as they always do. The liars and fraudsters that we allow to rule us and create the misery in the world fed their fat lying faces inside the Excel centre whilst pretending to discuss matters that were already arranged months or years ago.


“Protesters?” “What protesters?” Said the liars that rule you.


The liars and fraudsters, human agents for a alien force, that get you to continually enslave you through rituals you cannot even see

They already know what’s coming and they already know how deep the recession will be because they have planned it that way. The fools playing games outside the bank of England were pissing against the wind and playing stooges in a sun god ritual (But shhuuussssshhhhh don’t tell them they think they actually have rights)

 Anyway the reason why there was only a token protest half a mile away from the G20 summit is because the spiritual challenge of the right to rule that was given to the Sun Gods at the temple of Mithras the day before and the challenge was fulfilled and given back to the masses, spiritually unopposed, the day after. The pre-arranged ‘angry crowd’ was not needed for a ritual that day therefore no protest was allowed to take place where they didn’t want it.

The G20, the physical human representatives of a 4th dimensional force, simply came back with a magical solution and that magical solution was in direct response to the challenge that was put to their spiritual masters the day before and again they were unopposed, so the magic formula was announced as not only a five sense miracle but as a symbolic right to rule from their masters. In other words the spiritual challenge put to the sun gods in the Temple of Mithras, the god of ‘contracts’, was answered by their agents on earth at the Excel centre. Do you understand that?


The Excel centre where the magic response came from after the protest.

Can you grasp what I am saying? I am saying that the reasons for major official 5 sense ‘protests’ are created mainly for spiritual reasons and not for physical reasons although it looks like the opposite to the masses.

I have only mentioned once or twice before that ‘protests and marches’ are carried out to suit the Serpent Cult not the protesting marchers. It was mainly in my essay All for Nothing and Nothing for All. All protest marches, whether official or not, will only lead to symbolic buildings or to occult monuments. That’s why our corrupt local authorities, controlled at top levels by the Serpent Cult, have placed symbolic monuments in your town centres and they actually give us the right to march and protest, but only with their permission of course.

All major civic buildings that control your finances and laws will also be modelled on sacred geometry and/or based on occult temples of worship. This is simple because if you approach these buildings in a state of protest you are actually airing your grievances (praying for help) in the temple and all spiritual energy created by your actions will go to Serpent Cult and this is simply because their symbolism is hidden in the monuments and the buildings.

The Bank of England in London

The Serpent Cult hide their symbolism in civic buildings so we cannot see their true purpose, which is as a place of worship.

The likes of the lying royalty and lying presidents that rule this world can only claim divine right to rule because you and I have given away our spiritual consent to rule to their masters and this allows them to do what they do. The ruling elite in this world is only the ruling elite because we give permission to them to rule over us because we unknowingly worship their masters. It really is as simple as that. I realise that you have been programmed not to accept such a statement but that does not stop me saying it.

Even when we protest we ‘have’ to always protest in front of the symbolism provided by the Serpent Cult. The actual act of protesting in front of symbolic buildings is an official acceptance that the force symbolised by the buildings has control over you.

Please note that the G20 scam protest is not a new concept because it has gone on for thousands of years.  Protests and riots have always been used on a spiritual level for the masses challenge the spiritual forces that rule them to the right to rule them.  That is because the Serpent Cult always ‘provide a solution’ to the protest (that remains unopposed) and that, my friends, gives them the spiritual right to rule, therefore the physical, right to rule too. Think back over time to Poll Tax riots etc and you will see what really goes on. We riot and a small token of response happens (Thatcher resigns) and we praise our enslavers again for answering our protest and we stop protesting. (We are satisfied by our rulers)

  Oh my brothers what bloody silly fools we have become. I quoted the Jarrow Song at the beginning of this article, that too was about a protest march to London in 1936. Those brave men and women did just what the G20 summit protesters did this week, they gave their enslavers their energy in their enslavers temples. Sadly both events played in to the hands of our enslavers. If we as human beings cannot begin to see beyond the five sense reasons for these protests and actually start to see that there is a misuse of energy going on them I’m afraid, in my opinion, the human race will never ever be free. If that is the true wish of the human race then it is time or us truth seekers to wrap it all up and shut the hell up. My brothers, if it is the wish of human beings to be enslaved then let it be so.

I think David Icke sent one of his subscription newsletters out the other week stating that taking part in riots is exactly what the authorities want you to do. He is 100% right in my opinion but it is not only for 5 sense reasons.

David Icke also asks that you be aware of who exactly is whipping up emotions and causing violent acts on so-called peaceful protests. I know that the Serpent Cult place their ‘agents’ in the crowds and they will be there simply to ‘direct’ the protesters and police (human spiritual energy) to where they want it released, it is usually a temple or occult monument or other symbolic building of some kind. These agent provocateurs will (unknowingly) simply create the means for the protestors and the police to raise the emotional levels of the crowd, therefore raise the spiritual energy of the crowd, and believe me, I have been there and got the T shirt. There is nothing good about being trapped in a violent protest / riot because both the innocent protester and even any well meaning policeman are victim in more ways than one. As I said earlier in this article there is part of me that wants to physically attack the deceptive bastards that control us but again that is what they want and if we do we will only increase our chains of enslavement for doing so.

Be aware of some organisations that tell you where and when to protest. ‘G2O Meltdown’ were said to have created the plan of this protest and this organisation looks genuine to me on the surface but even Militant Tendancy veterans and Socialist Worker type organisations like G20 Meltdown can be infiltrated and have their actions manipulated, especially when whipping up anger and hatred in certain areas. The years tell me that this type of protest are useless and they gain nothing and simply empower the system even more than it is already. The only way I see as a form of safe defence is through ‘free willed non co-operation’ regarding the physical and spiritual actions the Serpent Cult direct at us. Please remember these words…  “Our true collective spiritual desires cannot be refused and will come to pass so please please please make sure your desires are your own” 


Please be aware of things that are added to genuine protests and be aware of agent provocateurs

 I am not telling anyone what he or she should do, but I do advise not to take part in protests in city centres. Mob handed protests and even riots have never solved or won anything anyway.  The Serpent Cult is very very tricky and they gain your free willed permission to rule because of trickery. So please don’t be tricked in to demonstrating outside or inside symbolic buildings or around occult symbolic monuments. It’s a very sick trick but a very effective one and you will be simply worshipping your enslavers.

The protests at the G20 in my opinion are a good example to show you what is really going on at these events but unless you open your mind and your eyes you will not see it.

I have only give you one example of how this scam works but the same scam has gone on for thousands of years and most of you have fallen for the same scam for many lifetimes. I say it’s time to see through the scam and I have tried to point it out to you in this article. It is time to see that protesting in certain places really is an act of spiritual ritual. It is literally just like lighting a candle in church but most of all, to those that know my words are true, I say it is time to symbolically start ‘untying the binds of Mithras’ and to rid yourself of any contract you have with him.

We need to see beyond the mind control that has been placed on us by the Serpent Cult. We need to regain our true sight. We need to be able to see the scams that are being carried out on us.  Once we start to do just that we will see that the Serpent Cult is just one big bag of deceptive horseshit and we really have nothing to fear. We can rid the world of fear but we can only do that when we lose our own fears and open our minds and see just what we are being conned in to doing in our everyday lives. This country and this world is full of people who just want to live without fear and oppression and once we see through the trickery being played on us in this world we will see that there is not only physical freedom available to all, but spiritual freedom is available and every single one of us is entitled to that too. Let’s have some of that eh? Come on let’s  have some of that eh?

The agents operating in the Serpent Cult, such as Queenie, Obama, and the rest of the vipers in the nest ,will simply become dust in the wind unless they have your free will permission for them to rule. Don’t give it them and their inter-dimensional masters will be able to feed off our blindness and ignorance no more and you will be free.

That’s all for now folks.

I thank you all for taking time to listen to my words.

May Love Reign O’er You all

Matthew Delooze 5th April 2009.

  All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved