Sniffing out the King of Little Farts – On the Road to the Palace. A Delooze New Special Report

Sniffing out the King of Farts


On the road to the Palace.

A Delooze New Special Report

I thought I’d do this one to trigger a few awakening thoughts out there but that said, some of the triggers might not go down well with certain folks.

I short while ago I was actually in the City of London trying to put some filming together with Richie at  We had just been on Trafalgar Square and we were trying to get round all the main monuments. I wanted to get Buckingham Palace on film so we set off down The Mall on foot. The Mall is the main road, if you like, to Buckingham Palace therefore it is obviously monitored with top ranking security services 24 hours a day.

Anyway walking down the Mall, feeling sorry for myself and cursing my sore feet and dodgy knee, I saw the Duke of York monument to my right hand side and decided to stop and look to see if there was anything worth filming. I think Richie said ‘What the F’s that Matt?” pointing up to a statue that was high up on a roof.

Well it was before I visited specsavers so I squinted and looked up. I realised straight away that it was an Assyrian / Biblical god type statue. The word Beelzebub came into my head at the time. I just knew I’d seen it before. There was absolutely no large public signs about the statue in the area and obviously it was on the roof so unless I got hold of some SAS type secret agent sort of equipment there was no way I could get near the bugger.  I knew I had to do something about this statue so like all fearless, die hard, truth seeking, big balled, broad shouldered researchers do… I decided to do the usual thing…. I just took a picture of it and moved on my merry way. :) I really did not have time to go in the building and investigate.  Here is the picture I took.

The statue on a roof on The Mall Picture by Matthew Delooze.


The roof it was on.. overlooking the Mall London.

The picture stayed on my camera (like a thousand others I still have to show you) since that day simply because my workload took my mind away from it and of course as most of you know I had severe problems over the winter months. Anyway recent events, that I will mention later, reawakened my memory of this statue. I decided to have a closer look at it.

The statue is actually representing Pazuzu ‘the king of the demons of the wind’. Apparently his main aim in life was forcing Lamashtu ‘back into the underworld’. Lamashtu stole babies from their mother’s womb or when newly born.

Seeing I write about replica temples, being used regularly by the Serpent Cult, I decided to check out the building Pazuzu was proudly standing on. It turns out it was on the roof of ‘Nash House’ a building that was part of Carlton House Terrace, built by John Nash.


The original, temple like, Carlton House Terrace


 The temple like Nash House as it is today and where Pazuzu was stood

I have mentioned John Nash in previous news I said this…

“John Nash was also responsible for Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Marble Arch to name a few. Obviously he has tried a few aprons on in his time and took part in a few knobbly knees contests! So I’ll say no more on that.”

My opinion about John Nash has not changed and I tell you the truth, have no doubts about it, John Nash was balls deep with the illuminati.  This replica temple contains what is known as the The Institute of Contemporary Arts  (ICA) and that was the official excuse used for placing of the Demon of Wind in this location on ‘the road to the palace’. Here is the official story placing the statue on the roof and here are some pics.


Pazuzu being placed on the roof of the ICA


The replica was a very good likeness to the original in the Louvre

 I have said on many occasions that the establishment place their symbolic ‘governing bodies’ in replica temples and Nash House and Carlton House Terrace does a splendid job of it indeed, including the Royal Society in number 9 but that’s a story for another day.

 If you have clicked on the link to the official story of the placing Pazuzu on the roof of this symbolic temple can you see that the authorities can place their symbolism whenever or whenever they can? Bloody hell this statue of a ‘king of wind demons’ was plonked on the top of a replica temple on the Mall in open daylight for weeks? As far as I know nothing was said. Where was the Church in this matter? Where was the Archbishop of Canterbury for Christ’s sake? No objections at all? The Mall is basically Queenies Front Street isn’t it?  She is the defender of the faith isn’t she and the pillar of the Church of England isn’t she? Well isn’t she?

 A Defender of the C of E faith allowing a demonic statue placed yards away from the, Prince Freddie, Duke of York Column? I wish I had put a bet on at the bookies think about it, what odds on an official statue figure of Prince Freddie and an official statue of Pazuzu being together on the Mall? Nice one lizzy. I then thought who had allowed such a thing and why.

I started to look into this figure a little bit more deeply and soon realised that even though Pazuzu, was just a little fart to me, he’d had a massive effect of the collective consciousness of the human race. He was indeed used as the devil figure in the Exorcist movie, one of the most watched films of all time. Have you seen it?


Here’s Pazuzu messing around with little kids as usual

I looked into the actor Max von Sydow who played the most symbolic role in the Exorcist film playing the role Father Lankester Merrin. I then realise he had also played the role of Jesus in one of the other most watched films of all time, The Greatest Story Ever Told, have you seen it?


Max as Jesus


Max in Iraq at the start of the Exorcist

Max von Sydow and Linda Blair in Scene from

Max giving it the old Hail Mary before Pazuzu does him in

So you can see this figure Pazuzu carries a lot of symbolism that has been implanted in the collective consciousness and indeed the fact that Pazuzu ‘entered’ the body of a young innocent girl sums up the Serpent Cult to a T. That’s what members of the Serpent Cult do they mess with children and carry out sick rituals to appease their masters.

As I said the ‘official’ reason or placing this statue was supposed to be the promotion of a music art exhibition by Roberto Cuoghi.  It was entitled Šuillakku. It was presented at ‘noon’ everyday whilst the exhibition was on.

The sounds are not recommended from me for certain very sensitive souls but please click on this link if you want to listen. Stay with it, because it increases in intensity.

I found the sounds very ritualistic and a build up to sacrificial death and they triggered me in many ways, I apologise if they trigger folks that didn’t want triggering. :) I can imagine what the atmosphere was like around that statue with that music on can you?

It should now be noted that this event hasn’t just taken place in Nash House on the Mall it has also taken place in other symbolic buildings including the Castello di Rivoli in Turin, and surely I don’t have to remind you that if you stick a statue on, near or in a building (a replica temple) then that building becomes a temple dedicated to the icon on it or in it. Therefore it can be ‘used’ as such a temple in or out of normal working hours.



Pazuku in Turin

I can only stress again that the powers that be can arrange anything at any time they wish and I have told you about pied piper artists many times.

Roberto Cuoghi is no doubt a talented pied piper artist. He researched in Louvre too just like me.


Roberto in the Louvre in 2008


Matt in the Louvre 2007

Anyway the reason I wrote about this statue appearing for a few weeks in October on the Mall is because I saw in the news two days ago that another statue had been unveiled and was located just a short distance further down Queenie’s front street from where the statue of Pazuzu had recently been placed.  I was busy on other projects but my ears pricked up and I watched the news on TV about the event but I had put it on one side because of my workload.

 It was a statue in dedication of the Queen Mother. It was unveiled on Fat Tuesday.

The Queen Unveils The New Statue Of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

The Queen Mother in robes on the Mall

Now then the thing that really set my mind racing was the fact that ‘demonic’ figures were usually displayed either wearing or displaying other occult symbolism. For instance, below is a statue of Pazuzu holding up a bas-relief showing some other symbolism, including figures and a horse etc. Obviously the bullshit historical experts will have an explanation for it as they always do but I have to say the historical experts have been bullshitting us for lifetimes and the fact is only the Serpent Cult know what the symbolism means on a 5 sense level. That’s why you and I are dumbed down to the level of a Big Mac in this world, It is so we don’t ‘see’ what is really being displayed under our noses and actually do something about it.


Pazuzu, demon of wind, showing us an ancient symbolic relieve depicting figures and horses etc.

I suddenly started to think and I thought  ‘Hang on a minute’ isn’t the new Queen Mother statue really just another version of the situation with the statue of Pazuzu? What we really have is the Queen Mother dressed in very occult looking attire, laden with symbolism and a high-relief frieze showing symbolism that is very ambiguous to a keen eye. Indeed on a cold dark night walking down the Mall it would be hard to differentiate between a statue of a winged demon and a statue in ceremonial robes. Well wouldn’t it? It would with my bloody eyesight, at least before specsavers saved me anyway. Indeed robes or capes are symbolic of bloody wings anyway. If you don’t believe me ask Batman and Robin.



The new Queen Mother statue is surrounded by modern high-reliefs showing figures horses and dogs.

Hey maybe, just maybe ‘Pazuzu’ appeared on the Mall in some sort of symbolic ceremony? Maybe the Statue of Pazuzu was placed there for a ceremony and the unveiling of the statue of Queen Mummy was connected to any ceremony. Believe me I am telling you something, so look!  The fact is that these reliefs were unveiled shortly after the Pazuzu symbolism arrived on the Mall so read into that what you will. But this part of the relief gives me the heebies and I wouldn’t walk up those steps even for a signed nudey pic of Suzie Quatro.


A picture paints a thousand words but if you don’t look at the picture you will never read them.

Maybe the two events are connected in some way. If that is the case then maybe the Queen Mother statue would be on a par with representing Lamashtu simply because, as I mentioned earlier, Pazuzu is very strongly linked with Lamashtu. Indeed the Queen mother fits the description of Lamashtu to a T and the relief held by Pazuzu, I posted earlier, was indeed a plaque about Lamashtu.


Lamastu (Lilith etc) was a female demon, monster, malevolent goddess or demigoddess who menaced women during childbirth and, if possible, kidnapped children while they were breastfeeding. She would gnaw on their bones and suck their blood, as well as being charged with a number of other evil deeds. 

(Yup sounds just like Queenie Mummy to me folks)

Hasn’t the ‘Queen Mother’ been named as taking part in demonic type Serpent Cult rituals by respected and highly aware researchers including David Icke?  She surely fits the description of a Lilith/ Lamastu type figure doesn’t she?

I can’t help thinking the ‘two statues’ on Queenie’s front street in 2009 are symbolically connected just like ‘Pazuzu and Lamastu’ are connected, indeed I know they are but that doesn’t mean you have to agree. BUT please try and understand the the Serpent Cult can read, write and understand the symbolism being displayed and used…  but you cannot. They rely on you scoffing at such suggestions from a wanker like me, but let’s face it why would the Serpent Cult go to so much trouble placing symbolism on replica temples and such like. It would be silly wouldn’t it? We could scoff at such a suggestion that these monuments are actually being used as a ritualistic announcement eh? Ha ha ha ho ho ho.

But hang on a minute here, I know I’m a bit of a dick head but don’t people like Queenie and her late mum always have occult symbolism located on and around replica temples anyway? Buckingham Palace is a good example isn’t it? You don’t laugh at that do you? Oh no… I’d say they laugh at you.

I tell you the truth and you spit in my face for doing so.

  So I say today to my friends and my enemies (and those that swap from one to the other when they feel like it) that the Serpent Cult take the piss out of us everyday because they are operating on a level that would make the cleverest of the clever, in this shithole we think we are clever in,  appear like a moron.  They see and read things that you can and WILL never see or read in this world, especially in your current state of unconsciousness anyway. They also use their official historical ‘experts’ to dumb you down, not enlighten you, but of course your dumbing down won’t let you see that.

 It is time for me to go. Take the coincidences and the symbolism in this article, as you will.  The images, sounds (if you listened) and information are only meant for those that need them.

For those that scoff at such things then please carry on scoffing, but if a 18-foot tall winged statue that has the penis of a serpent and the face of a dog appears on a replica temple near you then please let me know.  I certainly won’t scoff and I’ll come and see that dog face anytime.


… and if Lamastu gets her tits out for pigs and dogs  I’ll come and see her too



The head of Pazuzu: “King of the Demons of Wind… my arse”

‘King of the little farts’ more like!

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 26th February 2009

Updated slightly 2013

All Text Copyright Matthew Delooze 2009/2013. All rights reserved.