Treading on the Grapes of Bacchus – The Mardi Gras Exposed

Treading on the Grapes of Bacchusmardi_title_

The Mardi Gras Exposed

By Matthew Delooze

Oh Mother tell your children not to do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery in the House of the Rising Sun
Well I got one foot on the platform the other foot on the train
I’m going back to New Orleans to wear that ball and chain
There is a house in New Orleans they call the Rising Sun
And its been a ruin of many a poor boy and God I know I’m one

From the song “The House of the Rising Sun” by the Animals

Hello folks, If you watch the news in the next few days you will see that in many places in the world there will be many pre Lenten festivals or carnivals going on. South America especially will take part in massive drinking and sex sessions.  But hey there’s nothing wrong with folk enjoying themselves I’m no prude!

The point I want to make is that we again find many countries being ‘told when to celebrate”.  It seems that the Serpent Cult at this time of year want to have the biggest parties in the Americas. In Brazil the event is known as the ‘carnival’ and in other areas it is known as the ‘Mardi Gras’.

In the case of Brazil the event takes on massive significance. Millions of people take part in it. It is also popular in the USA and other countries around the world. As I said I’m no prude and I fully encourage people to party and enjoy themselves.  I believe anyone is free to party, to drink and to shag each other stupid ‘anytime’ they want, after all the Carnival time is like Christmas because it is another excuse for the masses to enjoy themselves, well isn’t it? That said how many people taking part in these South American carnivals actually know anything about what they are doing?  I suggest that you ask someone at random if they actually know what they think the Mardi Gras is?  Ask them why they think the Brazilians go dancing in the streets and drink and shag each other for days on end when Brazil is supposed to be a country of strict Catholic faith?


Brazil is home to strict Catholic religion yet it parties with Sex and Drugs at Carnival time

 I assure you that the vast majority of those you ask won’t have a bloody clue.  It’s just a time to party to them and they simply don’t need excuses to party especially when the oppressive Catholic authorities actually encourage it and terefore Jesus gives his permission too.  As I said the focus of these carnivals appear to be in ‘South America’ for some reason. The vast majority of people in Brazil are very poor yet they are literally hypnotised to put every ounce of their efforts and money they have in to this one event.


Extravagant floats and displays

The poverty stricken Brazilians put much time and effort in to creating ‘fabulous Carnivals’ These floats are cheered and literally worshipped as they pass the crowds. Anyway I’ll get to the point. I’m sorry to say that these events are again just another scam to extract the spiritual energy from the masses. ‘Again’ a symbolic deity is used as a middleman / pied piper type figure. In my opinion the carnivals and the Mardi Gras are simply a covert worship of the mythical ‘Bacchus’ (Dionysus)

But in this case the masses are not simply duped by a visual image or symbolic idol, say like a Jesus figure in a spiritual sense level or like a Popey figure on a five-sense level. In this case the ‘names’ of symbolic deities or human idol figures have been lost in the creation of the actual celebration itself. It is simply known as carnival time or the Mardi Gras. Indeed this suits the Catholic Church well because it does not want to be seen as encouraging heavy drinking and casual sex that the Bacchus figure represents and they certainly don’t want to label Jesus with that sort of thing. That said let me make it perfectly clear that the Catholic Church, the Serpent Cult, has arranged for this massive symbolic orgy party to take place. The carnivals have indeed been groomed to allow usually god-fearing Catholics to behave like ancient Romans at an orgy. Such is their sick hypocrisy.


The carnivals in South America are based on drinking and eroticism but were created and endorsed by the Catholic Church. (Serpent Cult) What is the reason for this hypocrisy?

 I believe it is the ‘frenzied’ behaviour that matters in this case and it is simple because if the participants behave in this way they will be obeying the symbolic deity involved in this matter. That deity, in the main anyway, is known as Bacchus, who is again another Sun or Son of the God Zeus, just like Artemis (Diana) mentioned in the last article. He is  simply another offspring of Zeus that is used as a mythical middle man for the creator gods. He was known to be able to induce frenzy through ecstasy and drink and believe me the South Americas are in Frenzy at this time of year, there is no need for viagra with the beautiful women dancing in the nude. Bacchus, along with his counterparts, is a god of drink and debauchery and this figure has been increasingly used to affect our subconscious in the run up to 2012 and beyond.


‘Anything goes’ in and around the Carnival.

It’s not too easy, considering the time it would take, to show you how symbolic deities are worshipped through the Fat Tuesday/Ash Wednesday carnivals in Brazil. It is of course easy to point out that the symbolism carried on official floats is cheered and worshipped in the street.


Occult symbolism is hidden in floats and other displays and respected by the crowds. The crowds haven’t a clue what is really going on.


The masses blindly cheer and applaud (worship) the floats and displays. They literally cheer their enslaver Bacchus.

  The timing of Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday is also very important to the Serpent Cult. “The religious masses move from carnival mode to fasting mode as an act of obedience and an spiritual surrender to mythical sun deities in my opinion and it will coincide with mass Sun Worship 40 days later at ‘Easter’  

The use of mythical deities in this ritual is far easier and very possible to explain through the carnivals that lead up to the ‘Mardi Gras’, which is the French word for Fat Tuesday, that take place in New Orleans. Indeed the carnivals and Mardi Gras in New Orleans are probably the most ‘famous’ in the world and that is no coincidence believe me. New Orleans is the symbolic ‘king of all other carnivals’

The carnivals at New Orleans harbour much occult symbolism but more than that they are the work of the Serpent Cult through their stems of secret societies.  The carnival parades in New Orleans are organised by and known as ‘krewes.’ Hidden within these krewes are Freemasons and the Skull and Bones and many other very despicable fragments of the Serpent Cult. Indeed there are many and most of them represent a symbolic mythical deity ranging from Isis to Zeus. Did you not know this? Don’t worry if you didn’t because most of those actually taking part in the event don’t know either.

Look at this for a list of ‘symbolic deities’used by these secret society Krews in the New Orleans carnivals and Mardi Gras then.

 If you didn’t know about the symbolic deities hidden in the krewes you won’t know about the world famous celebrities, pied piper’s, that are literally the symbolic figureheads or Kings representing many of the ‘krewes’ and these krewes are designed to bring together all races and classes to take part in the carnivals leading up to the Mardi Gras. The collective party atmosphere is vital to the Serpent Cult all creeds and colours will give off spiritual energy for the Mardi Gras.


Louis Armstrong was the Freemasonic pied piper for the black people at the Mardi Gras

There are many celebrities that took up the role of pied pipers for the secret society Krewes including Bob Hope and Danny ‘Walt Disney’ Kaye. The Mardi Gras celebrations in the USA are strongly linked to the French Freemasons including my mate Louis the 14th. The Sun King. The links secret societies are massive.

As I have said in many articles and news items, the Serpent Cult need the collective free will permission from the human race to control the spiritual destiny of the human race. They need the masses to show this in public through worship of their symbolism and they also need the masses to follow the words or deeds of the mythical gods. For example, they need us to celebrate at certain times of the year like Christmas and New Year and show massive free will consent towards these events. In other words we have to ‘happily’, jump on the shovel when the Serpent Cult shouts shit.

That is why there are mythical gods of ‘everything’ embedded in the mass consciousness. I mean to say that all the mythical deities are gods of something are they not? For instance Hermes is the goddess of flight, Artemis goddess of the hunt and so on and so forth. Come on get your thinking head on because there is a mythical god for everything in this world. You cannot do anything physical in this world without a mythical god having created it and done it first and of course you symbolically giving thanks for it. All cultures have a history of these ‘gods of something’ be it the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Assyrians etc.

The Carnivals and Mardi Gras are just another form of us obeying these ancient deities thy mean absolutely nothing else apart from a means to enslave us. The carnivals and the Mari Gras are just another scam for the Serpent Cult to extract our energy and another ritual of spiritual surrender from the masses. If you just step back and look at these events you will see that the masses are completely unaware of the implications of what they are doing at the Mardi Gras and carnivals. The vast, vast, majority of the attendees of these events are only there for their own enjoyment and this is because true enjoyment is a rarity outside of the circus of the establishments annual events like the Mardi Gras or individual family celebrations like Christenings, weddings etc, that the establishment also have a large say in although you may not notice it.

I asked, at the beginning of this article, how many people taking part in these carnivals actually know anything about what they are doing? I will now tell you that very, very, few know what is going on. Even most members of secret society krewes involved at New Orleans will not know the full story and the party going masses haven’t a clue. Again these carnivals are simply occult rituals and they are covertly ‘dedicated’ to the deity known as Bacchus and ‘all’ similar Bacchus deities from other cultures. It is simply another Sun worship ritual. In places like South America, (like I said the Serpent Cult want concentrated energy in this area of the world) for some reason had no ancient deity resembling Bacchus then they have had created for them a relatively new one like La Diablada festival in Oruro.


La Diablada in Oruro just another form of appeasing Bacchus

The invading Catholic Church implemented these carnivals years ago as part of the agenda for a New World Order and they don’t want officially associating with a drinking and sex festival that will symbolically praise Bacchus the sun of Zeus, so to mask things a devil type figure has been created to use as a focal figure in certain areas but at the end of the day please take it in that ALL  pre-Lenten carnivals are linked with Bacchus (Dionysus) or his equivalent.

When the masses take part in the Mardi Gras they are symbolically ‘following the orders’ of the mythical deity Bacchus and by celebrating in the carnival they are creating energy for the creators of Bacchus. It’s the same emotional scam as mentioned in the Diana article, there is no difference whatsoever apart from there being no death of a symbolic figurehead involved in this matter and the energy is not created through the mourning of a goddess it is created through a party of drink and sex.  It is far easier for the Serpent Cult to get the masses to willingly take part in a ritual the get pleasure from and who wants to miss out on a carnival in Brazil or the Mardi Gras in New Orleans? It’s a piece of cake to get the dumbed down masses to party when they are told when to do so, especially if you give millions of sexually oppressed Catholics the permission from god to have a party that is on a par with an ancient Greek or Roman orgy.


The Mardis Gras, like the Carnivals in Brazil, is also based on heavy drinking and sex and is also a dedication to Bacchus.

These warm up carnivals and the Mardi Gras itself are on a par with the Saturnalia festivals, which took part at a different time of the Sun cycle, in which the masses dress up and act out fantasy and drink and have sex but as I said this one is all dedicated to the Bacchus deity. Members of the Serpent Cult do these things in private every week anyway. They carry out sex rituals, usually with children, on a regular basis but for reason the masses are ordered to carry out a similar practice  ‘when told to do so’. This could be because if the masses willingly carry out such an event they will give spiritual permission for the rituals being carried out in private by the Serpent Cult to take place therefore these sick rituals end up being the will of the collective human consciousness. Do you understand that? It is time to think about it if you don’t. I believe it is votal that you grasp this information now for future reference. We provide the right for the Serpent Cult to carry out their private rituals by participating in their public rituals. We give them our consent.

 Anyway the masses willingly join in these festivals simply because they enjoy them and again who wants to be a party pooper when most of the time we live under oppression. The masses have no idea they are the lowest level of food in a food chain. Have you any idea that you are the lowest form of spiritual food in a spiritual food chain and you actually worship those that suck you dry of energy? The people attending these carnivals have no idea that they are the victims of a spiritual extraction scam, they think they are free. How can we be victim to a ritual when we are enjoying ourselves when we take part in it? You can only be victim when you are suffering eh? It’s time to realise that the biggest deceivers are the best and craftiest tricksters and there’s no bigger fool than one that defends and applaudes the force that is taking the piss out of it.

I have spent the last few years using a drip drip method on people and I have provided article after article and a couple of books to indicate that mass global events are ‘not’ taking place ‘for our benefit’ and I have suffered greatly for doing these things and as I said in my Diana article… ‘I get all the dirty jobs’.

 That said, I think I have actually earned the right to laugh when I hear new age hippies tell me that they attend Glastonbury type festivals because they get energy from the ley lines etc. Wow man…  you fucking fools…  can you see that it’s the exact opposite is going on and you really give energy ‘away’ at these events not receive it and I believe you are not only ‘giving’ energy the other way but you are also enslaving yourself at the same time but don’t let me persuade you otherwise because you know best, so please carry on feeling good at these locations. I’m sure you will be able to go back to them every year for many lifetimes and do the same thing. I just humbly ask you bear in mind that it is a ‘deceptive force’ that’s attracted you to places like Glastonbury and energy will be taken from you not given to you. You are quite welcome to believe it’s the force of love that attracted you if you want, if you can actually afford the entrance ticket of course, to places like Glastonbury or even Woodstock years ago but from where I am standing it is the total opposite. The Serpent Cult thrives on egotistical people especially fluffy bunny new-agers with a few bob in their pockets but far fewer brain cells in their head.

I also laugh at the ‘in crowds’ who join in New Years Eve type rituals and sing and dance around monuments when they haven’t a clue what they mean. Hey… it’s a dull Monday afternoon in February today shall we all meet up and have a knees up around the London Eye tonight?  We can scream our heads off and applauded the monument just like the blind sheep did on New Years Eve. What’s the difference in doing it today rather than on New Years Eve? What’s up, would you be embarrassed dancing around and screaming at a monument in February? Do you need fireworks placed on the London Eye to enable you to scream at it?

I also laugh at the bowing hypocrites in Churches, Mosques and Temples and cry over the children in school halls for blindly getting on their knees whilst unknowingly praising the ancient Sun God deities (Jesus and his Dad etc) that will totally enslave them simply because they unknowingly ask to be enslaved. It’s the greatest deception ever. It’s sick and it’s sad. It’s wicked. I take no pleasure in seeing the things I now see but I laugh at those that blindly defend their enslavement. That said I hope those that I laugh at can see through the scams mentioned above one day and I have pointed them out again to remind you that the Carnivals and Mardi Gras are part of the same scam.

Anyway let me get back on track. Yes the Mari Gras and the Carnivals are part of the same scam and the dumbed down masses fall for these scams on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Let me show you what I mean again. Symbolism is placed in front of the masses in symbolic locations. The Serpent Cult have arranged for these carnivals like Mardi Gras to create occult symbolism on floats and displays created through symbolic Krewes. They can create any symbolism they need.


Any god /goddess symbolism can be created through the Mardis Gras Krewes or Blocks in Brasil

So we have a situation where the secret societies that organise the Krewes can literally get the masses to applaude symbolic figures in symbolic locations which is a similar situation to the Obama election victory and other similar celebrations. Look at this as an example.


City Hall (Replica temple) in New Orleans daytime.


Same Temple at night with ‘Bacchus’ Krewe symbolism outside and a frenzied audience literall worshipping events

The Krewes can follow any plan they want and arrive at any symbolic location they want. They can place any occult symbolism they want at the locations they choose and they are guaranteed that the masses will cheer and worship them. It sounds bloody daft I know but it is very effective and it has worked for many, many, years in different forms.

Again there is no bigger fool that one that defends and applauds the force that takes the piss out of them.

  The masses have been programmed through the promise of excitement and pleasure and dogmatic religion to join in with events like the Mari Gras.  It’s all a scam to worship a symbolic mythological deity and by taking part in the carnivals we end up with a similar food chain as that mentioned in the Diana article. I have said in many of my articles and in my books that we are conned into worshipping the Sun, as a means to worshipping inter-dimensional/ 4th dimensional entities by proxy if you like, it’s an inter-dimensional race of entities that claim to have created the sun, hence if they con you to worship the sun you will also worship them. Zeus created the Sun and by us being conned in to worshipping the children of Zeus (Bacchus) we are actually worshipping the creators of the Sun Gods. It’s a ‘food chain’ and taking part in a Mardi Gras was the starting point in this ritual and in the deceptive food chain involved.  Please let me explain in simple terms for those who are relatively new to my work.

The Food Chain created by the participation in the Carnival/ Mardi Gras

Taking part in the Mari Gras/ Carnivals = Taking part in the worship ancient deities like Bacchus

Worship the deities like Bacchus = Worship the creators of Bacchus (Zeus)

Worship phony gods like Zeus/ Jupiter /Amen Ra = Worship their ‘creators’ from the Lower 4th

It’s a very deceptive and very cruel spiritual scam.

“The whole spiritual energy food chain system is created by the deceptive Serpent Cult. Can you see by looking at that simple list why the Serpent Cult needs symbolic pied pipers? Emotional respect is free will worship and free will worship will give those you worship the divine right to rule”.

(Matthew Delooze Jan 2009)

The Serpent Cult relies on our obedience and our gullibility. We have to obey the mythical gods like God and Jesus or Zeus and Apollo or the Serpent Cult will lose its right to rule. We have to obey the world leaders like Obama or the Serpent Cult will lose the right to rule. We have to love and respect the Serpent Cult’s celebrities like Beckham and Elton John or the Serpent Cult will lose the right to rule We have to be gullible and we have to take part in regular rituals that will endorse the right of the Serpent Cult to rule us because of the free will permission we give through taking part in the deceptive rituals like the Mardi Gras.

There is not ONE worldwide ritual that is not fully controlled by establishment created religions and there is not ONE worldwide ritual that is not fully controlled by establishment created politics, the establishment’s supply of famous pied piper celebrities or the establishment created financial system.  So in my opinion the biggest question you need to ask yourself is… “Do you trust the same established force, the Serpent Cult, the global elite, the illuminati or whatever the hell you want to call them but I mean the force that has caused massive poverty, numerous murderous wars and continuous worldwide oppression would arrange for festivals, parties and other events to take place for our benefit?  Do you? These things are 100% for the benefit of the Serpent Cult and always have been the only thing they don’t like is that they have to raise your emotions on a positive level for you to worship the mythical gods that act as representatives from another dimension. These carnivals, these Mardi Gras’, are all about what’s in it for them and not what is in it for us.

What’s in for them? I’ll tell you… your spiritual energy is in it for them and the surrender of your spirit is in it for them and those things will give the same force that has ruled this world for thousands of years the divine right to carry on doing so…  simply because it is the ‘free will of the human race that will allow them to do so. The free will of the collective consciousness directs the path of this world and the continuous worldwide rituals taking place in this world literally represent that free will and therefore represents the direction we take. If we carry on as we are then we allow the creators of these deceptive rituals, the Serpent Cult, to harness our free will through the worship of the very deities that they created. I realise the masses are unaware they are deceived but that does not matter it is still the free will of the masses to endorse these rituals. The Serpent Cult will continue to deceive the masses until complete surrender of the spirit and collective consciousness is complete. Once that happens the Serpent Cult will no longer need to raise your emotions at rituals in a spiritual energy con trick.

Indeed in my opinion the time is coming when the Serpent Cult will no longer need to deceive you and trick your energy out of you. The human race is on the verge of giving the Serpent Cult full control of this world and its direction away. It  really is up to you to think for your self and speak out if you do not want this to happen. It is up to us and our free will to decide the fate of this world and no one elses. If you want the world to stay as it is and carry on its current path then simply carry on doing what you have always done.(Happy Mardi Gras to you!) If you are waiting for a messiah or a Guru then I’d ask to see proof of their identity if he or she arrives because believe me and I say believe me now when I say that this game is full of fakers and takers. If you are simply waiting for the perceived fairy dust to be scattered and  then fair enough… good luck to you. I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m only here to suggest that you think for yourself and try to remember who you are. I’m certainly not here to tell you not to party. I’m only here to ask you to think who’s party you are really attending and ask you to think if there are any strings attached by attending them.

I thank you kindly for reading this article.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze Fat Tuesday 2009

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved