Extinguishing the Fire of Vesta

Extinguishing the Fire of Vesta


By Matthew Delooze

Close your eyes.
For your eyes will only tell the truth
And the truth isn’t what you want to see,
In the dark it is easy to pretend
That the truth is what it ought to be

(Music of the Night by Webber/ Hart)

I hope all truth seekers out there are OK? I send my regards to all that will take them with the sincerity they are sent. People who have read my articles or books in the past will know that I have wrote about certain modern day rock/pop concerts, such as Live 8 and Glastonbury, and about the spiritual energy extraction that I believe takes place at them. I have also said for many years now that the Serpent Cult has created symbolic celebrity icons, linked to mythical gods, goddesses, to act as mediums/agents for an unseen force. Madonna, Freddie Mercury and Elvis act/acted as pied pipers and get the masses to feel emotional respect towards the symbolism they carry themselves and the symbolic locations they play at.

It is a fact that the majority of people in this world are attracted to one medium/agent or another in what is regarded as the modern day entertainment industry (last 60 years or so). I have been asked, quite a few times in the last year or two, if it is only the major worldwide artists that are involved. You know what I mean, the Elton John and the Madonna types. The mega stars!

So please let me tell you now that ALL major talented artists are used as pied pipers in one way or another. Yes, the Serpent Cult has created the means for the modern day stadiums and the worldwide concerts to take place but they have/are also created/ creating the symbolic ‘artists’ too. Sadly some of these pied pipers will now be created through shows like the X Factor. Indeed my friends, please let me inform you now that the millions of sheep, some of them reading this very article, are being led to officially ‘select’ the symbolic artists, the hyped pied pipers, of the future. This is done through pathetic shows like X Factor. It’s all fixed in advance. I was actually told by a very reliable source before Leona Lewis won that she was actually going to win. It’s all planned in advance, knob-headed walking ego’s like Simon Cowell are simply following a script. The sad thing is that the deceptive bastards that create these things actually take money off the innocent audience that actually ring up at quid a go and vote as well.

Simon Cowell…what a very nice man. It’s a yes from me Simon. Yes you are one hell of a nice deceptive conman. Mind you when I see the total stupidity of the viewing audience on X Factor, and I have reported on this before on this site, I’d charge the daft buggers a quid a go as well.

This scenario comes to my mind Reg to Charlie…“Hey Charlie… Leona Lewis is going to win the next X Factor… it’s a fix! Oh OK Reg but are you sure because I just voted for that other poor girl that wants to be a star 34 times on the phone.”

These TV phone-ins are exposed on a regular basis as the bare-faced deceptive scams they are but the same fools fall for the same trick over and over again. People should also start to realise, that on a deeper level, the whole phone-in scam is just to symbolically receive spiritually ‘accepted’ selective votes from the masses. On a deeper level the iconic pied pipers, who are being created in modern times are being done so through the perceived ‘free will’ of the masses. We are literally being primed into officially selecting our own pied pipers. They are literally being created and accepted by the free will of the collective consciousness. Some of the pied pipers being used today and in the future will literally be the official spiritual selection of the masses, so don’t blame anyone but ‘us’ when these artists attract us to celebrate and worship in worldwide rituals in the future because it has been our free will to do so, we bloody well chose them. We choose the direction of our reality and we are now officially choosing our idols to play the role of the pied piper. When we choose our official pied pied we become part of any official ritual they attract us to. It’s as simple as that. This scam has been going on for years. That’s why celebrities are hired to promote symbolic events. Just like David Beckham and Leona Lewis were used in the 2012 Olympics promotion the other week. They are our ‘chosen’ and ‘accepted’ idols, therefore they represent our free will and attract free will emotion.

The Serpent Cult is very deceptive. The Serpent Cult has conned the human race for thousands of years. They are very good at it! Hey but you don’t have to believe me. I only suggest you think about it. It’s only a prompt, stick that prompt where the hell you want if you don’t like it.

Anyway I’m trying to write a bloody article aren’t I? But I suppose I already have. Maybe I should charge for two eh? Where was I? Oh yes. Let’s forget about modern day pop concerts and the extraction of spiritual energy at those type of events. Let’s look back at the old style opera houses and concert halls and theaters in this article. That is where I want to take you today. Please come with me. If you think classical music and opera type events escape the clutches of the illuminati machine of hypnosis and spiritual energy extraction then I believe you will soon have another think coming my dears.

I love that term ‘you have another think coming’ don’t you? My Mam used to say to me if I asked for some extra pocket money or something similar.… “If you think you are getting another two shillings off me to spend on rubbish at the corner shop then you have another think coming Laddie”. I used to ponder on those words and actually ‘look for another think coming’ my way. I’d actually look for one! Like looking out to sea with a telescope… “There she blows Mam…. I see another think coming on the horizon pretty soon….here it comes……. Can you make it just one shilling then Mam?” sort of thing. (I suppose you can guess the answer I got folks?)

Let’s get on with it eh? Come on. I believe it is time for some people to realise that it’s not just the Rock n Rollers that visit the massive concerts that are victim to the Serpent Cult’s trickery. I was in Paris earlier this year as most of you know. I haven’t managed to get all the information about that trip out to you yet but this essay is also actually based on my experiences there (We might get to Cyprus and Israel one day!). You will remember the Spitting out the Feathers of the Benu Bird essay that I published in January about the Ferris wheel and the Louvre museum won’t you? Well during that visit I was also spiritually directed to visit, amongst other places the Paris Opera House.

I am glad I was because it’s simply a masonic temple complete with Sun and Moon rooms. It soon became obvious to me, on seeing this building, that the public has always been purposely attracted to symbolic buildings and then made to feel emotional. (Entertained) The Paris Opera House is a very good example to show you how these buildings are used.

Paris Opera House: Based on ancient Temples and occult geometry

As with most things connected to the Serpent Cult the use of secret societies is par for the course. The Paris Opera house is no exception and it was built through an elite clique. Jean-Louis-Charles Garnier is credited with designing this particular Opera house along with Baron G.E. Haussmann. Garnier was linked to the Sun King Louis the 14th, he actually gained the Prix de Rome in 1848. He was also strongly linked to ancient temples and actually rebuilt Temple of Aphaia. He based his design for the Opera House on his expert knowledge of geometry and his knowledge of the ancient temples that he spent years studying. Haussmann is famous for rebuilding Paris and especially for creating the energy lines you can see in the city today, as mentioned in the Benu Bird essay. The illuminati funded it all. Here is a map showing how the Opera House links up with the Louvre museum. (Just in case you thought I was loopy exposing the other energy line showing the Ferris wheel and the Louvre pyramid in my very important Benu Bird essay.

Energy line from Opera House (Palais Granier) to Louvre Pyramid (marked red cross)

The energy and symbolism in the The Paris Opera House is connected to the pyramid too and it is basically a massive Temple which is based on the geometry and measurements of ancient sun temples, including the Temple of Vesta. This Opera house is typical of many many more all around the world. The Serpent Cult has a clique of designers and builders around the world that create these symbolic buildings. Garnier included. I realise that most folk will believe that these buildings are simply places to hold arty farty concerts and other events in, and on a five sense level that is true. But isn’t a church just a simple building too? It’s the symbolism that is placed in the building makes it a temple, a place of worship, isn’t it? You can stick an altar and a cross in a building and it then instantly becomes an official place where you can get on your knees and worship Jesus and his Dad doesn’t it? A church or temple is simply a building with occult symbolism placed inside it isn’t it?

Yes of course it is and I’m telling you today that is what buildings like the Paris Opera House really represent, they are ‘temples’ my friends, they are ‘buildings with occult symbolism in em’. They are also buildings that are built using esoteric occult geometry. That’s why some look so bloody silly. You have been hypnotised by the establishment to see these buildings as places of entertainment. It’s time to snap out of the hypnosis. I took the picture below. The two heads you see are Mozart and Beethoven (Freemasons)

The symbolism in these covert temples comes in many forms. But how much do you really want to know?

The human race is so dumbed down that it cannot see what is directly in front of its eyes and we cannot understand the hypnosis we are under. The Serpent Cult needs the permission of the human race to rule over it, so it hypnotises us. It gets this permission by manipulating our emotions through hypnosis. It needs us to happily accept its symbolism and we will only do that through being blinded through hypnosis. If you sit in a building applauding and cheering and feeling good then you will be giving emotional acceptance to the symbolism on display, whether you can see it or not. The said symbolism can be hidden or ambiguous. We are blindly attracted to the symbolism.

 The Sun God Apollo is proudly on display on he roof of the Opera House (Temple) But how many sheep cheering inside actually see it?

The Serpent Cult uses its pied pipers (famous celebrities) to get us to visit a symbolic concert hall. It uses ambiguous words in plays (Shakespeare etc.) and symbolic statues and artwork. Talented playwrights are also used to attract the masses because they have been given the gift of channelling magical hypnotic music and stories.

The performers and the audience are unaware of what is really going on because they are under collective hypnosis and the symbolism is unknown to them on a conscious level. They cannot see that they are the being used to create energy that will feed the creators of the hidden symbolism around them, be this symbolism the building itself or the visual symbolism being displayed in many forms, artwork, props and statues etc. We enjoy ourselves at these events therefore we don’t look any further or deeper than the performance. The Serpent Cult thrives on our pleasures and it knows only too well that our pleasures attract and distract us at the same time. Again the Paris Opera House is a good example to show you what I mean. The hidden symbolism could simply be hidden the stage set or in the building sculptures or even the statues on the roof (as mentioned already).

The foyer was especially built for the ego’s to meet in 
The Opera House is basically a Sun (Masonic) Temple. 

Most of the stage plays and opera performances that appear in these places  are based on occult themes, even stage sets are used to created esoteric occult imagery. Ambiguous lyrics and hypnotic tunes, channelled through the likes of Beethoven are used to bombard the subconscious and affect the thoughts of the audience.

Symbolism you see today in Iraq was/is also used in these ‘temples’ to traumatise the audience. The Serpent always places its symbolism in your subconscious and your emotions will always feed the creators of that symbolism.
Stage sets are used to create the right symbolism. The emotions of the audience will feed the creators of the symbolism

This sort of situation applies to many other buildings built for the same reason, that reason being spiritual energy extraction. Stage plays like the Phantom of the Opera that are full, and I mean FULL of occult symbolism are also used. Phantom of the Opera was based on the Paris Opera House. Andre Lloyd Webber is just a modern day Beethoven. Mozart and Beethoven both laid many foundations for these types of building, both were Freemasons and in to occultism. When we admire figureheads of the sun temples (Freemasons) we also admire the symbolism they carry. It does not really matter if Webber knows what he is doing or not. He still channels the material and he is a massive, a massive pied piper. He just like Beethoven before him attracts the human energy in to these temples. Sir Webber actually owns many symbolic theatres the most famous being the Palace, Shaftesbury Avenue, London. Webber has also done many stage plays and films based on occult symbolism including Jesus Chris Superstar. The symbolism involved is enormous.

Classical Brit Awards 2008 - Winners' BoardsvESTA_PALACE
Webber with the symbolism he carries and his Palace Theatre (Temple)

It is the same scam used by the Serpent through the classical composers of the past. Wake Up! There are many levels of symbolism being used in these things. But on a very low level here is a cheesy video promoting the said Phantom of the Opera play from the 1980’s. I don’t need point out the basic symbolism contained in it to regular readers of my stuff because you can now see it yourselves. That video was purposely created to attract the people outside of the Opera House communities to come and see the Phantom of the Opera.. For those rock n rollers out there who think these plays have no effect on the collective consciousness of the human race think again. The Phantom of the Opera alone (based on a symbolic lot 666) is massive and will put the sales figures of the best bands/albums in the world to total shame and I mean ‘to shame’.

Performances like the Phantom of the Opera are very very important and they contain a hell of a lot of occult symbolism. But as I said before the buildings themselves are very important too. Sometimes the sheeple audiences bring their own symbolism to the temples that are sold to them as theatres or Opera Houses. The ‘Proms’ at the Royal Albert Hall is a good example to show you. Firstly ALL the audience members at the proms madly wave the Templar cross during the show.

Some sheep bring there own portable symbolism to worship in the temple.

It’s so so easy to con these people because they are hypnotically attracted to do what they do. Try telling anyone at the Proms concert that they are sheep in a ritual that enslaves them and they will attack you. Anyway to show you what I mean I insist you click on the ‘you tube’ link here. Watch what these people are doing and see them ‘worship the symbolism’ inside a Temple. (Rule Britannia? Her masters sure will rule us suckers). They will never see what they are doing. But can you see? Come on can you see?

It became obvious to me quite a few years ago that Serpent Cult created concert halls and opera houses were being used as covert temples. I have researched it deeply and I assure you I wouldn’t be writing this article if I wasn’t 110% sure of the deception that is taking place. It is very hard to tell people that are attending these events, that they fully enjoy, that they are being conned. They cannot see. They don’t want to see. It’s like trying to tell the people that believe the world is flat that it is round or telling a Christian that Jesus is a conman. Their eyes and eyes slam shut or they simply laugh it off.

They only see the 5-sense reality version of the event and I fully understand this. They are simply attracted by the event (the pied piper), they go and enjoy themselves (express emotion) and then they celebrate the event with much respect. They have no idea they are literally in a temple and their cheering and happiness is feeding 4th dimensional forces and actually enslaving them. They cannot even see they are in a symbolic temple and believe me sometimes I wish I couldn’t see it as well.

All I can say to those rational people out there who cannot see what I mean is “would you cheer and celebrate at an event that had thousands of swastikas on display”?

I’m sure you’d at least think and ask questions first wouldn’t you? But no people just march into these places and cheer and applaud the pied piper celebrity that got them there. The symbolism never enters their heads.
If you can’t ‘see’ the symbolism on display then you are never going to question it are you and you will carry on regardless yes? If you know nothing about sacred geometry or architecture then you are not even going to think about the building you are in either are you? You are also not going to understand esoteric knowledge when it has previously been taken from you, well are you? If you are watching your favourite performer on stage you are not going to give the architecture, you are stood in, a second thought are you? You are there to enjoy yourself you don’t give a shit about the venue or the symbolism.

But could you imagine a Christian enjoying being in a mosque or a Muslim being comfortable in a church? They would immediately see the clash of symbolism and prayers and they would react. They happily worship inside their own temples but wouldn’t celebrate in temples of another religion, but can you see, can you really see that they would both blindly but willingly celebrate in a music hall or opera house that bears no recognisable symbolism even though it is adorned with symbolism? This recognition of symbolism is going to be vital to certain people in the future, in my opinion, and that is what this article is about and why I took the time and effort to write the information I have supplied above. Ignore it if you want but these buildings are covertly used as temples to extract energy from us through the symbolism on display.

The Albert Hall is a symbolic building and its design is based on ancient Roman (Sun God) amphitheatres, it is literally a royal temple. There is also a massive Albert memorial, again displaying a lot of occult symbolism, facing the front door of Albert Hall.

Is it a Concert Hall or a symbolic Temple to extract spiritual energy? 
Albert Memorial: Full of different levels of occult symbolism

Who is going to care about boring ancient statues if they are literally having orgasms over the artists, the pied pipers, which are appearing in the official houses of Gods? That’s what these halls are, they are the official houses of the symbolic gods that enslave us. They literally want you to have an orgasm in them!

Some of us are ready and willing to start to go deeper with symbolism. Some of us are not. We can stay looking at the obvious forum gossip type symbolism if you like, you know the dollar bill and the all seeing eye stuff, and we can also listen to the Colin Fry type spiritualist mediums telling someone they used to have cat called Kitty and a bad tempered Grandma called Bertha.

In my opinion that is merely ‘surface’ symbolism and simple channeled moronic gossip respectively, the latter being created by the same dumbed down mentality and total stupidity that we live under in this world. The ‘Kitty’ information is part of the system it literally feeds the matrix and it does not expose it. It simply keeps people like Derek Acora in brilliantine and smart suits and also gives the dumbed down people something to talk about on the phone or at coffee mornings. Sad but oh so true. I’m sorry to say. I truly am. Will this ‘Kitty’ type information wake you up? I like Derek Acora as an entertainer don’t get me wrong but….

Gladys to Mavis…. “Hey did you see Derek Acora on TV last night on Most Haunted? Mavis to Gladys “ OOOH Yes and he got possessed with a baddy spirit, who can’t seem to find the light and the way to goodie spirit world, and then whilst possessed he told everybody around him to fuck off because they were a set of lying thieving bastards and then he suddenly collapsed through the strain of it all. (Nice exit Derek!)

Anyway… For those that may want to go deeper in the future I’d like to at least start give my opinion to show you how occult symbolism can be hidden in relatively modern day art. So come on my friends lets at least start to look deeper. Again back to the Paris Opera House for a good example. For some reason the ceiling at the Opera House was changed in 1964 and unfortunately I have no picture of the original ceiling, if anyone one has any news about the original ceiling I would be interested to hear it. Anyway Marc Chagall was credited with creating the new ceiling in 1964. Marc was a Freemason like most of the folk involved in these things. He is also linked to the Sydney Opera House, but I am quite a way off explaining the symbolism hidden in that yet folks. Here is a picture of the ceiling he put in Paris Opera House.

For a bigger picture click here.

This is the sort of ‘artwork’ Marc Chagall produced. I am not even going to attempt show you the symbolism hidden in that painting at this stage, but I will happily do so one day. That information is at least 6 articles or even a book away, if I ever get there at all. But I do ask you now why such artwork was placed in an Opera House that is adorned with ancient temple type symbolism? It just does not match at all and it caused quite a stir at the time I believe.
I do though want to use Marc Chagall work as a starter point for future reference, and as our first lesson on slightly deeper symbolism, as we try to take stepping-stones from the easy to see illuminati dollar bill type symbolism to more complex stuff. So please. Look at this one for today. You never know it may help you in the future.

Marc Chagall’s…. ‘I and the village’

Obviously it is not simple dollar bill or easy All Seeing Eye symbolism is it? I must admit that in my opinion it is showing several dimensions at one time. I don’t know where Chagall’s symbolism is being used today apart from the Opera House and obviously the museums. I have already mentioned the use of museums in previous articles. It is obvious to me and the force that has directed me that this artwork has been displayed somewhere for ritualistic reasons but I have only mentioned this particular symbolism because I believe it is one of the easier ones to explain to you. Please note only wish to point out the next level of symbolism I believe some of you need to recognise and this picture helps me do it. Most of you now know about the Ferris wheel (Benben/ Sun) symbolism. The Ferris wheel was created by Freemasons. Look at the picture again below.


The first image you can see (bottom centre) is a Benben and Disc, just like the Ferris wheel. I have marked it out but if you go back to the original picture above you will see it now more clearly if you couldn’t see it before. Obviously I know that could be just a coincidence and I might see connections to ancient symbolism that is not really there, if that was all there is. I am told I’m a wanker after all and wanking may have affected my eyesight. Anyway the next thing I want to point out is (A) ‘Green man’ and (B) the Heavenly Cow. The sky behind the cow symbolises ‘heavenly’. Now then, anyone who knows sun symbolism will know that the Green man and the Heavenly Cow are linked to the ancient deities and rebirth, especially in Egypt. In this case Osiris and Isis/Hathor represent the Serpent Cult in this artwork. That symbolism is linked with Freemasonry too, so is it a coincidence that a Freemason painted it? There is also sun and moon symbolism elsewhere in the picture. First of all you have different stages of an eclipse or a corona/ diamond ring effect of an eclipse. (C)

Then if you look at the ‘eye’ of the green man (A) you will see a very faint line that leads to the eye of the cow. If you look even more closely you will see that the eye of the Green man is the ‘Sun’ (Osiris) and the eye of the cow (Isis/Hathor) is really the ‘Moon’. Can you see them or am I talking to someone who has done more wanking than I have? Sometimes the amount is literally immeasurable, so don’t try counting, some of you will be there all day eh?

Osiris the Green man

I am going to leave it there because the artwork gets a bit more complicated especially the colours (worlds) around the necks of these deities and there is a central symbolic heavenly body involved too. Anyway do you see what I mean? That was just a short introduction into how hidden occult symbolism really works. Did you think the Serpent Cult is as daft as the Most Haunted audience? They are not daft and they have many ways of using hidden esoteric symbolism and they usually display it through those you least expect.  But again you don’t have to believe me it is only a prompt and you can stick the prompt where you like. I really do not give a monkey’s.

Symbolism being displayed by the likes of the late Chagall, is on the next level of trickery that is used to enslave you and me. The example I used today is only just below the top surface of deception but there is a hell of a lot of so called awakened people that cannot get past that top surface and they do not want to.  It hurts them too much and they are happy simply playing at being fairies or waiting for the messiah to save them anyway.

Do you want to eventually go to deeper levels and break the Serpent’s spell?

Anyway let me recap because it is literally nearly time for me to go. I believe the opera houses and concert halls were built by agents in secret societies on behalf of entities that are alien to this world. These symbolic buildings are created based on classic ancient temples and contain many levels of visual symbolism and musical hypnotism including the stage plays and operas them selves. The foundations of these buildings are totally controlled by the illuminati.

They are placed on energy lines that will transport the energy created in them to a central energy point. In the case of the Paris Opera House it links up with the Louvre pyramid. These establishments are indeed covert temples of worship and the people attending them not only go there freely they go there literally gleefully. Sheep to a pen. The audiences emotions are sky high as they do not only watch the show, they dress up and go to display their falsely created egos too. These emotions create spiritual energy, free will invisible spiritual energy, and it is then harnessed and sent to the creators of the said symbolism.

The Serpent Cult will use all its ‘pied piper’ celebrities to attract us all to what we love and enjoy, be it Beethoven music, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Freddie Mercury or whomever you fancy. The emotions we feel for these people, once in an energy form, is stolen. This energy literally represents our free will permission to the force that has taken it to rule us and basically do what they want with us. We gladly accept these circumstances on a spiritual level in other words we applaud our own spiritual surrender. On a five-sense level we cannot even see the scam. We are so dumbed down. Laugh about that if you want. It’s your soul you are losing after all. That must be funny eh? Eternity living under the force that currently runs the world? Hilarious I say.

That is how the universe works I am afraid. It does what you want it to do. We human beings will always create energy through our emotions. That is what they are for. We create our collective reality through how we feel or how we are made to feel. Your soul will always take you to where you want to go. If you trust your intuition and you have faith in it you will go where you always intended to go. If you fear the Serpent Cult and obey all its deceptions then your soul will go nowhere in my opinion only into an eternal pit of lies, pain, greed and war. So if we continue to worship and surrender to the Serpent Cult then we will take the consequences of our actions, whether we have been conned into it or not. A sort of cosmic democracy is in force and we literally vote the in the Serpent Cult to rule over us, lifetime after bloody lifetime, simply because we fall for the same deceptive rituals and the same scams lifetime after lifetime. Our emotions are being used against us.

Why do we carry on doing this? It is because we are blind to the deceptions and/or we are even more scared of the consequences of actually seeing through the matrix and actually doing something about it than living as a slave in it. We chicken out! We are programmed to follow what we have been told to follow all of our lives. We are well trained. We are also scared of challenging the norm. Some of us know in our hearts and minds that we are in a prison but we are too cowardly to do anything about it. We are happy in our world of physical and spiritual oppression because we see others more oppressed than us. We are all right Jack aren’t we? Well aren’t we fellow slave? Lets stay in the prison eh? It’s easier isn’t it? We are happy living in an opera, singing, dancing and obeying the script of the Serpent, the phantom of our very own opera that we cannot see, because that Phantom of our opera has got inside our mind and makes us think what we don’t really want to think. The Serpent is our mastermind and will be until we have the courage, the guts to get off our knees, and decide that we want a different script, a script of spiritual truth and spiritual freedom.

As me Mam used to say. It’s time we had another think coming!

Gotta go folks… I think Colin Fry is on TV. What a nice boy. I hope he passes on a message from me mam one day. Oh sorry I have already done that haven’t I? Thanks Mam!

Until next time

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 3rd September 2008.

  ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved