Standing in the Line of Fire

Standing in the Line of Fire


Drinking Ayahuasca in Colombia 2008

By Matthew Delooze

Mountains crumble, forests vanish
Seeds awakened by the Fire
Water, Air and Earth have borne them
And I can feel my own ones near
Yet I could not be further from you now
With both feet on the ground
But in the Dreamtime souls take flight
And I am closer to you now.
Dreamtime by Ralph McTell

Hello fellow freedom seekers,

I am very glad to be writing another article about drinking Ayahuasca, this time whilst in Colombia, in South America. For those of you that have not read my previous article about Ayahuasca, ‘Only Love Can Bring The Rain’, I humbly suggest you read it before you read this one. It contains some basic information about Ayahuasca. For those that have already read it, let us move on….
Despite my concerns and fears, about actually drinking this powerful potion again, I eagerly accepted the invitation from Mr PP to attend the Ayahuasca ceremonies. As the event drew nearer a few of the people pulled out due to personal reasons. This initially put the dampeners on things but the strong urge to attend remained with some of us and my wife and I set off on the long journey to South America knowing in our hearts that the trip was ‘meant to be’.

Colombia has a reputation for being a very dangerous place. That said I never once felt threatened in Colombia. I am the whitest ‘whitey from blighty’ with very pale skin and blue eyes. I stand out a bloody mile as an ageing long-haired whitey from blighty especially when wearing my panama hat. Indeed at Bogota airport a mass crowd had gathered outside (roped off by security men). I found out later that they were awaiting the arrival of ‘Iron Maiden’, a heavy metal band, who were there to carry out a concert for a festival at the time.

The crowd must have thought I was a roadie or a manager for Iron Maiden or something (or they were just taking the piss out of middle aged long haired gringos) because when I appeared out of the airport tugging my tatty suitcase they all started cheering and waving at me etc. Of course being the bloke I am I waved back and went along with it laughing my head off. I soaked up the energy, which in turn just convinced most of the crowd that I really did have something to do with Iron Maiden and my actions made them scream even more! Anyway I can assure you that Matthew Delooze has never been made as welcome in any other country in the world as he was when he landed on Colombian soil. I had 60 seconds of fame as a supposed roadie or tea boy for Iron Maiden. It was magical I felt like the messiah entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Maybe I was making prophecy come true, who knows, it surely felt like it. There have not been many occasions in my life where dozens of beautiful South American young ladies reach out to me, screaming, especially as I am now an ugly middle-aged bloke! So I will cherish this brief event with laughter until I leave this world and then beyond.

Anyway I arrived in Bogota and met up with Peter from the ‘Heart of the Initiate’ organisation that had arranged for the ceremonies to take place. I was happy to hear that Heart of the Initiate was using the same Shaman as they did in Brazil. Peter took us to a beautiful hotel in the historical part of Bogota to rest from the exhausting Trans-Atlantic flight. We had to initially travel to Madrid to be able to catch a flight to Bogota. The only other route was through Miami where you had to face US thugs acting as homeland security agents. If you have ever been arrested in the UK for even the most trivial of things you now have to explain things and pay for a special visa if you go through the USA. They also want your fingerprints and take eye scans etc. They talk like lobotomised robots and treat you like shite etc. That is the reality in the USA in 2008.  The USA = Land of the Free? Forget it Dude!

After a good sleep our group (6 including Peter) were flown to a rural area in Armenia, Colombia. I had been warned that the location was very basic and a far cry from the standards in Brazil. Indeed I was told these events in Colombia were arranged for Ayahuasca veterans. It may have been very basic but it sure was very beautiful. Have a look at the three pictures below; they are typical scenes from the said picturesque location


What can I say about those?

I felt rather chuffed (proud) of myself for being thought of as a veteran of Ayahuasca drinking. I felt like some kind of tough guy that had just passed some sort of Ayahuasca test. My ego swelled a little but it didn’t take long for me to realise that I hadn’t even had the shits off Ayahuasca yet and I really was just a fearful and vulnerable novice.

We were going to have an Ayahuasca drinking ceremony that very night. Nerves quickly set in and I realised that I was not a tough guy by any means. I would have been relieved if I could have gone back in time 40 odd years and my mum had shouted me in from playing out or something. Sort of a “Sorry guys I’d like to join in but me Mam says it’s time for tea, sorry but I have to go” sort of excuse sort of thing! I knew I was clutching at straws and that I was in for the ride with no chance of escape.

The site was basic but clean and neat. It was literally in the wild. I wouldn’t say it was jungle but it was certainly very remote. The noises were wonderful, parrots, monkeys and wild birds etc. We were taken down to look at and enter the ‘Maloca’ before it got dark, just to get a feel for the place. I got the feeling of Déjà vu as soon as I saw it. What do you think? Here it is. Is it Déjà vu for you too?

‘The Maloca’ Colombia March 2008.

One or two of the group felt a little uneasy. There were ‘Mayan calendar’ symbols all around the Maloca. This fact initially worried me slightly too. Here are a few of the symbols that were on display, proudly hanging in the shape of the Mayan calendar from the rafters

The Maloca from the inside

I was also very ‘attracted’ to another symbol and I wondered why because I knew the Serpent Cult had hijacked most ancient symbols and use deception to trick the masses as to their real meanings.

I knew this symbol was important for the ceremony

Anyway I brushed away any doubts I had and I swiftly prepared myself for the ceremony. It was now dark.

The First Ceremony

“Maybe Something Stronger Could Really Hold Me Down”

The six of us gathered in the Maloca with Warinei, the Shaman, and his two helpers, the lovely young Sara and the talented Andreas. One member of our small group had suddenly taken ill and was unable to take the Ayahuasca, leaving only five of us to drink it with the Shaman and his helpers. I had felt very ill myself during the long journey to Colombia but the symptoms had suddenly disappeared shortly before the ceremony began.

I had previous described Ayahuasca as a ‘puddle water’ type of liquid. This time it was very different and it looked like very thick syrup. The Shaman served it on a tablespoon. It was very sticky and gooey. Anyway the Shaman carried out his work and chanted over the jar of Ayahuasca, just like he had done so five months previously in Brazil.

Going of the expression on some peoples faces after they had taken the syrup version of Ayahuasca it appeared like it was not very tasty. It quickly became my turn to take it so I got on my knees and watched the Shaman twist the spoon and the sticky syrup stuck to it like glue. He passed it to me and I put it in my mouth and I licked it clean. I instantly realised why some peoples faces were a picture after they had swallowed their ration because it simply tasted like shit that had been in a chemical toilet for a month. (Don’t ask me how I know what shit that has been in a chemical toilet for a month tastes like!).

I cringed and I whined as this thick syrup slowly went down my throat. The Shaman, with a grin on his face, handed me a glass of water to swill it down with. I then walked away from the Shaman’s table knowing that the Ayahuasca was inside me again and it was only a matter of time before it did its job. Mattresses were spread around inside the Maloca with blankets on them. The member who hadn’t taken the Ayahuasca was still feeling very ill and was lying down flat out near the centre pole in the Maloca on a mattress. My mattress was located directly under this sign.

 The Lamat symbol

It’s called ‘Lamat’ which means ‘Star’ or sometimes ‘Rabbit’. I instinctively knew that my position in the Moloca was important for some reason. I am not even going to attempt to explain all the Mayan symbols on the Mayan calendar to you as they mean different things on different levels of understanding. Please click here for an interesting link though. I am only here to tell you of my experiences, my journey, with the medicine known as Ayahuasca. I will say now though that my understanding of symbolism grew enormously after participating in the two Ayahuasca ceremonies in Colombia. I slowly began to feel the effects of the plant after about ten minutes. I was looking out of the window (one side of the Maloca had glass windows and the other side had polythene sheets as windows). I started to see little flashes of light and the whole atmosphere started to change. It was a different feeling to the one I had in Brazil though. There was no sea to ‘connect’ to and because we were ‘indoors’ and I didn’t feel a warm connection to the trees and plants in the same way as I did in Brazil. I knew immediately the plant was affecting me that it was indeed the Maloca itself that was very important to the ceremonies and it held some very special information for me. I lay down on my mattress. I shut my eyes.

I felt at ease but I got a sense of a presence of a force that was trying to communicate with me but I was somehow shutting it out. I could see swirling colours just like I remember seeing in my childhood. Then ‘whooooosssshhh’ a tunnel appeared and off I went down it. Flying. I then came to a stop and saw a padlock on a blue door and I was somehow forced to mentally concentrate on the padlock. I stared at the padlock and it started to vibrate and rattle and then it simply burst open and fell to the ‘floor’. The blue door opened slowly and behind it was the ‘Face’ again. (The head I saw in Brazil that looked like Superman’s dad) The face smiled at me and winked.

The Face/Head behind the door looked like this

The face told me I was going to see things that would help me understand how to break free from the prison I am trapped in and the face also told me I would carry out a ritual that will help unite others in this world who can then in turn, help everyone, who wants to escape from their prison too. I was told I could only do these things because of the events that took place in Brazil last September. If you have read that article you will know that I thought the combined energy of the group in Brazil had created a symbolic drill, during the ceremonies, that had drilled a hole in the ‘in-between world’, a band of negative energy or the lower fourth if you like, that exists between this world and a paradise world (connection to the one consciousness). The face told me I was going to see the results of the spiritual work that the group had carried out in Brazil, but the face also insisted there was a lot more work to do. I was told that I wasn’t just shit faced, high on drugs, in Brazil but I simply had to be under the influence of Ayahuasca to carry out the rituals and I was told that because of this fact the rituals were actually affecting other dimensions.

If you are not under the influence of Ayahuasca then the ceremonies do not have an affect in other dimensions, including the dimension that enslaves this one. I was told that the ancients knew thousands of years ago that certain people would need to communicate in other dimensions in the future (now) to carry out certain rituals that affected energy in the said other dimensions. I was told books and other vessels containing information about freeing mankind, or creating a collective shift in consciousness, could and would be destroyed by thugs working for the Serpent Cult, but the plants that create Ayahuasca couldn’t and wouldn’t be destroyed and the plant was a perfect way to pass down the necessary information. This started to make a lot of sense to me.

I was also told the others in the group were a vital part of events that were about to unfold and their actions would lead themselves and others onto better understanding in the future. I was also told that the ritual I carried out with one of the members in Brazil, using a symbolic vessel near the Shaman’s fire was not completed and I had to be under the influence of Ayahuasca to complete it. I obviously had also to be under the influence of Ayahuasca to actually see and hear the face that was talking to me!

The face said it was time for it to go and I had to take in the visions the plant was to show me that night. It said the second Ayahuasca ceremony would be very powerful and very important too. The blue door slammed shut and the padlock leaped back in to position. The door was locked.

I opened my eyes.

The whole Maloca had changed shape whilst I had been in conversation with the face and the energy in the air was very powerful. The first thing I noticed was the member who had got sick was still lying down motionless like a corpse and his body was in direct line with the Shaman’s Fire next to the central post and the back door of the Maloca. It was like just like he had sacrificed his body and the whole roof of the Maloca had also changed and it was displaying ancient symbols, it seemed like some type of funeral.

My eyes were attracted to the central pole of the Maloca and coloured candles illuminated it. Further up the pole the notches on the wood had changed shape. They were now ‘raised cobras’ and they were dancing to the enchanting music that was being played by Andreas and the Shaman. It sounds weird I know but that is what I saw.


The centre pole (Pictured above). Seems strange in the cold light of day but during the ceremony these notches did indeed turn into Cobra’s. I began to understand the central pole as being symbolic for representing this world (at the bottom of the pole) and understand being controlled by the Cobra’s (in the middle of the pole) and the ‘paradise world’ was at the top of the pole. In other words you had to get past the Cobra’s to get to the paradise world. As soon as I thought of this scenario the Cobra’s stopped dancing. The wooded frame of the Maloca ‘moved’ and the wooden structure of the roof turned into giant pencils that moved in an upward direction.

The central structure of the maloca. The roof opened up and shot upwards whilst I was on my journey.

The apex of the Maloca simply grew ‘upwards’, rapidly shooting miles up into the sky and then it literally created a hole in the sky. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I squinted to try and see something and I felt totally happy looking up through the hole. I knew it was my ‘home’ and I wanted to go there. I wept like a baby and tears ran down my face when I realised that I really was to escape my hell in this world, get past the Cobra’s so to speak, because this is what the vision was showing me. It was showing me that love and collective energy can create anything and that it will breakdown the prison walls. ‘It will break down the prison walls’.

I wanted to know if the others in the group could see the hole in the sky. I looked around at the rest of the group and they all suddenly had ‘suitcases’ piled high on top of them, apart from the member playing at being a ‘corpse’ that is. The suitcases all had different illuminated name tags on them in different languages, like bright green and bright orange and the cases were in all different shapes and sizes. The blankets had all changed into fat snakes (Boa types) the stripes on the blankets had become stripes on the snakes and the blankets looked like they had engulfed the person.

The striped blankets that appeared to turn into snakes

I decided to look up again at the ‘hole to paradise’ to change the scene and feel better so to speak, those people who have drank the medicine will know what I mean, but to my horror it had ‘gone’ and the Maloca roof had returned to normal. The wooden pencil shaped slats was back to their normal size. I suddenly felt like shit and really didn’t want to carry on with the journey. I wanted it to end. I looked at the blankets and a snake that was literally squeezing the shit out of me too was engulfing me. The yellow stripes were literally glowing and the blanket was literally breathing. Oh fucking hell I thought and I started to panic. Then a pile of suitcases appeared near my bare feet with all the letters of the alphabet printed on them. The top suitcase was made of snakeskin. I could see the tag on the top suitcase saying ‘genuine snake skin’ yes as daft as it sounds that is exactly what I saw. Thankfully the blanket was no longer a snake after the suitcases appeared.

Something told me that the luggage wasn’t all mine and the tag told me a snake had ‘created’ it anyway. The Maloca seemed to be full of baggage piled on people’s beds and stacked up in corners. I realised that this baggage was the reason my hole in the sky had been slammed shut on me. You simply couldn’t get through the hole in the sky with too much ‘baggage’ I thought. I clearly understood the universal symbolism being shown to me and I hope you understand the way I have described it.

The scene in the Maloca changed again rapidly and it took on a much darker side. I could see several dark hooded figures moving around and stacking the baggage even higher on top of the people. The Cobra’s on the central pole had reappeared and had started dancing again and the dark hooded figures that had also suddenly appeared took up a position in front of the fire in the Maloca.

The fire in the Maloca (You can just see the bottom of the red symbol flag in top right corner) 
The Muluc sign (Water)

The red symbol ‘Murduk’ (Water) that was hanging above the fire suddenly moved backwards, right over the top of the fireplace, and this created the effect of a double-decker type fire (the red square shape turned into a furnace). Four hooded figures stood at either side of the double decker fire, two on each deck and one at each side so to speak. They had complete exclusive access to the fire and were piling things on it.

They were piling ‘children’ on the fire. This created more spiritual baggage for some reason. Things got too powerful for me in the Maloca and I moved outside thinking I was going to be sick. It turned out that I wasn’t to be sick but I was going to shit like I had never shit before. Pants down whoooosh… Wipe… Pants up again… Pants down again whoooshhhh again.. 30 seconds in total. I should be called up to shite for England in international competitions, gaining a full cap, and that is simply going of my toilet performance that night!

I staggered back into the Maloca, my arsehole felt like it had a burning will all of its own and I had lost all the trust that I previously had in it to not embarrass me. I really was living on a prayer and I really couldn’t even trust my own bottom. Where had my sanity gone? Anyway. The suitcases were still there when I went back inside the Maloca and so were the dark hooded figures. I thought I would have lost that vision by going to the toilet but it remained for a long time and I was literally forced to watch it. I realised that by educating and forcing our children to be ‘normal’ we were actually adding to our own spiritual baggage and vice versa. The good news was that the pile of my baggage had got smaller. Was this due to my shitting through the eye of a needle I thought? The energy was again very strong in the Maloca but I knew I was there to understand things better. I felt sick again. I rushed out of the Maloca again through the back doors.

The back door leading out of the Maloca in daylight

Peter had lit a few candles and the area just outside the back of the Maloca (Tiled in picture) was very peaceful. I breathed in the air and listened to the water in the stream nearby. A special area of Earth had been created to literally be sick on but my symptoms had disappeared anyway. A couple of the other members of the group came out and were violently sick (Purging) and they appeared to me in my vision to have rucksacks on their backs but after they were sick the rucksacks had disappeared. I knew I had passed the peak of my journey. It was very intense emotionally. (Little did I know what was to come in the second ceremony!)

I remained outside for the rest of the ceremony. I was acting as some sort of doorman, opening and closing the doors, amongst other symbolic things, to let people in or out to purge. I did return to my bed for a short period and when I shut my eyes a yellow door appeared and again the lock fell off again and the face appeared again.

It told me that most of the group were here to ‘lose spiritual baggage’ for ‘other people’ so they too could get through the ‘hole in the sky’. I was told that most of the group were really there to assist other people who were absent, simply by acting as their agents or ‘baggage handlers’. The spiritual baggage, in this case for use in ritual, could only be ‘lost’ through purging I was told. A baptism or rebirth ritual was also to take place to make sure that the baggage could not be returned to the baggage handlers once it had actually been got rid of. I was also told that ‘The Rain’ would return for the second ceremony, just as it came in Brazil, and I had nothing to fear. The face winked at me and then the yellow door shut. I opened my eyes and I could see that everyone was coming out of their journey. The Shaman and his crew had worked very hard but I was glad the five-hour journey was over. The vision of the hole in the sky had affected me greatly and I had a lot to ponder on in private. You will be glad to know that I also regained trust with my bottom and we were good friends again and trusted each other again!

The Inipi Sweat.

The day after was for the event of the first ‘Inipi Sweat’. Basically an ‘Inipi Sweat’ is a re-birth ritual that takes place in a tent (lodge – symbolic womb) that is covered in blankets. I had told Peter from Heart of the Initiate beforehand that I couldn’t take part in the Inipi ceremony. Basically red-hot stones (baked for hours) are placed in a hole on the ground inside the Inipi and the Shaman and Sara carry out a ceremony.

“The rite of Inipi utilizes all the Powers of the Universe: Earth and the things that grow from the Earth, Water, Fire and Air”

The scene of the baptism of fire 
Red-hot stones are placed in a hole in the ground inside the lodge

As I said I didn’t enter the Inipi lodge myself, instead I simply acted as a helper with very little participation, I helped build the fire and I supplied all the water to create the steam and heat. It was very hot and indeed I would go as far as to say that most of those that did take part were indeed baptised by Fire. I am sure it will do them no harm.

I did hear that most Ayahuasca workshops carried out in Brazil and Colombia usually insist that the participants are forced or made to lie on a bed after taking a drink of Ayahuasca and they are simply given a bucket ‘to be sick in’. I can assure anyone that is considering going to take part in a workshop that this is not the case at the Heart of Initiate workshops. You are free to move around both in Brazil and Columbia and therefore able to purge in relative privacy. They have adequate facilities for this. I say this because I could never have experienced what I experienced if I would have been confined to my mattress or been distracted by people purging into buckets all around me. I would have found such restrictions impossible to cope with or enable me to achieve any of my aims. That said Ayahuasca can literally flatten you and you do need a bed but there will be a time when you need to go and purge somewhere and it’s not nice to do it in a bucket near to the bed next to you.

The Second Ceremony

The Fire & The Rain.

The second ceremony started late because the heavens opened just beforehand and down came The Rain. We all waited in our huts for the rain to finish so we could get to the Maloca, which was quite a distance from our huts. I felt stronger because the ‘Head’ in my visions had told me the Rain would come and it bloody did just that and exactly on time. I realise it can rain a lot in Colombia and we had a few light showers during the week, but this was pouring down rain. Wet Wet Wet Rain. When the rain eased off we made our way down to the maloca and there was a flag, showing the rainbow colours, hung in the trees across the path. As three of us walked past the flag literally fell from the sky from 15 feet up because the bamboo pole that was holding it up had broken due to the weather. I was amazed at the timing and I picked up the rainbow flag and took it to the Maloca. I then placed it over the fence on one side of the Maloca.

The rainbow flag that had fell to Earth

Two Colombian relatives of the Shaman’s assistant Sara had joined the group and the member who had been the corpse on the first ceremony was fully fit again. So there were now eight people taking part in the ceremony plus the Shaman and his two assistants. The shaman had made the Ayahuasca in liquid form this time because a couple of us didn’t like the ‘sticky stuff’ version. I felt a bit guilty about this because some of the group preferred the syrup version anyway. We went through the usual routine with the Shaman and had previously placed our mattress out. This time I was located under the GIB sign but looking up to the EB sign as it was in my direct line of vision. For some reason I had carried a small bag around with me that contained ‘Jaffa Cakes’ and some other items.

My position at the second ceremony. 
I was facing this sign

I was located on the side of the Maloca that had polythene sheets for windows. The rainbow flag was directly outside. I stayed on my feet until the medicine started to take affect. I noted that the two older Colombians, that had joined the group, were lying directly at the back door entrance, like two pillars if you like. I shut my eyes and this time I was taken to a red door, again the lock fell to the floor, the door opened and the same face (Head) appeared again. It told me that it was very important that I carried on the ritual that was started in Brazil without being side tracked and to do so I was to give a member of the group a small item that was connected to the symbolic vessel that I had given to someone at the Fire during the first ceremony in Brazil 5 months earlier.

The ‘Head’ said it was to be a long hard night but it was very important night. The red door then slammed shut and was locked again. I opened my eyes and the Maloca had changed in appearance again. The energy was tremendous. All the Mayan calendar symbols hanging in the Maloca had changed into shapes of ancient faces that had a very stern appearance. It reminded me of Superman the Movie and the scene where the Elders of Krypton were judging the three rebel elements, but these faces were not judging me in anyway shape or form, oh no, they were only going to ‘witness events’.

Faces like these appeared in place of the square shaped symbols

The energy inside the Maloca was now very intense. The Shaman’s medicine was very strong indeed. I felt I had shot back in time for thousands of years. The Maloca roof was full of ancient symbols that had suddenly appeared right in front of my eyes. I got the strong urge to go outside through the back door so to speak. I was feeling very sick and I had lost all trust in my bottom again! (Oh Dear) I stood proud and took in very deep breaths of the fresh air outside. I calmed down. It was very quiet and I could hear the water in the stream below. It was now going dark and I lit several candles myself and placed them near area of Earth outside the back doors.

The small area of elevated Earth outside the maloca. A stream was 30 feet below. (Note the white marks on the trees)

The Ayahuasca felt like it was the strongest that I had drank to date. I knew powerful forces were at work. I started to get the Heebie Jeebies (Anxiety) and I knew the feeling well because I have experienced it quite a few times in the last 10 years. I looked at the trees and it felt like I was being watched. The white marks on the mass of trees around me turned into ‘faces’ and it was like a large crowd were watching me. The faces then turned into raised Cobra’s and the trees swayed and joined together to form a house/hut type building. The doors of this house then opened up and I saw a massive nest of vipers. I was a bit scared and wanted the scene to change. I needed to calm down (Although I was aware that I was only seeing a vision) It’s a bloody good job I realised it was only a vision too or I’d I have ran away.

I started to feel really sick again and I was. Oh my brothers. Was I sick? Yes I was bloody sick, like I had never been sick before. I should adopt a symbolic Mayan name, something like Pewking Guts or Running Arse. Running Arse? I would have easily beaten Linford Christie in a race to the bog (toilet) that night I can tell you. Trouble is, when you have drank Ayahuasca you never know what is going to happen in the toilet. It is entirely possible that ‘Jaws’ will appear up through the toilet and bite your arse. You are never alone after drinking it I assure you. Anyway I purged and I purged and I purged.

The one thing I really love about Ayahasca is that after you purge you feel bloody fantastic. I mean top of the world, over the moon sort of fantastic. I was wallowing in feelings of unconditional love and I really was in bliss after I had purged. I wanted to hold on to the emotions I was feeling and be taken to a nice place through the plant. I was literally hugging anything that would let me hug it after I purged, even myself.

I was then offered the choice to continue with the ritual or visit and see true ‘Love’. It was a very tempting offer and I could actually hear a lovely female voice offering me the choice. My heart really wanted the latter as I knew it meant I would see the Rain but I said out loud lets ‘just do it’. (Meaning do the former). I chose to continue with the ritual. What a bloody fool I am I thought because the feelings of unconditional love instantly disappeared. I looked towards the trees again. The nest of vipers was still there. It was a vision that I didn’t like at all. Something came over me and I felt physically directed. I entered the Maloca and walked towards the Fire. I had no idea why. The Mayan calendar symbols were still in the form of the faces mentioned earlier, but whatever had taken over me was in ‘couldn’t give a ‘f’ mode’ and I marched towards the Fire. I felt I was being watched and had to carry out the ritual. The Shaman’s assistant, the hard working Andreas who couldn’t speak a lot of English, was stoking the fire. I shouted ‘MOVE’ ‘MOVE’ to him. I could see in his face he was thinking what the ‘f’ is going on here, and he had drunk Ayahuasca himself, but he moved all the same. So the tactics worked. I then stuck my head near the fire and spat on it and then I breathed in very deeply like a deranged lunatic or a mad professor. I then marched in a direct straight line towards the back door of the Maloca again. I walked through the area where the member of the group, who was playing at being a corpse, had laid during the previous ceremony.

That area was also in direct line with the fire and the back door. I passed through the middle of the two elder Colombians that were near the back door and I faced the wooden house (trees) containing the nest of vipers, standing in the line of Fire if you like, and I screamed out some words about burning their house down very loudly and then I spit on the area of Earth, outside the back door to endorse my words. I assure you all that it was a very determined and powerful spiritual force that screamed to help create the means to help save the world that night and not your humble narrator. It was the Fire. I was only the messenger.

As I looked into the Fire in Colombia in 2008 I saw the faces of the people who were around the fire in Brazil 2007. There energy had come through the Fire. The Fire acted as a portal. The wooden house, the nest of vipers, immediately turned back into trees. The Shaman’s assistant Sara, and Peter from the Heart of the Initiate came over to me to check me out (another one gone loopy off Ayahuasca sort of thing) and I felt a little embarrassed, just as I did in Brazil in front of the fire there too. The something that came over me and made me carry out a ritual had now ‘buggered off’ and left me to try and explain my actions.

What could I say? What could I say? I mumbled some excuse and then I went to lie down on my mattress, more to hide away than anything else. I noticed the ‘faces’ that witnessed events (The Mayan symbols) had gone. I thought that would be the end of the journey for the night but I was wrong. I really was wrong. The energy in the Maloca was still very, very, high and there was a very determined and powerful force that wanted things done that night. You could literally feel it. I could sense that some of the group had had enough but for some reason we were all put back in trance.

I placed the small, backpack, bag I had with me at the centre of the Maloca after getting a strong urge to do so. I also placed my desert boots at the foot of my mattress where the suitcases had appeared at the previous ceremony. (I had previously asked permission to wear them inside the Maloca). I looked around and the luggage had appeared again on the beds of the others in the Maloca.

Most of the group were very sick that night or had a serious dose of the shits. The member who I thought had played the part of a corpse in the previous ceremony had now taken on the persona of someone reborn or a zombie and there were also enormous amounts of purging going on. Certain members especially went through hell because of the purging and funnily enough we were all laughing at the noises created by such acts. (The purging is not as drastic as it sounds) The purging had to be celebrated if you like because celebrating was an important part of the ritual and most of the group laughed about it to form symbolic celebration.

I lay on my mattress and I literally saw the ‘baggage’ disappear when I heard purging going on. The toilets were very busy that night too! So it is not just me that is waiting to be called up to shite for my country on the international playing fields. Anyway. Something made me face the polythene windows that were behind me (Pictured earlier). I literally turned upside down.

I took up a pose similar to this but I was led on my back at the time

I put my hands at the back of my neck and I crossed my legs in a silly type of Tarot card type ‘hanging man’ pose. As I did this I had a vision of a ‘being’ dressed in a feathered suit, up to the neck and it was nailed to the wall. I couldn’t make the face of this being out but I am sure it was not Quetzalcoatl unless the said Quetzalcoatl appeared in my vision as a ‘man’ like being.

Whatever the meaning of the vision I still saw a being in a feathered suit and it was spread-eagled and nailed or fastened to the wall. The lamp on the wall helped me achieve this vision. I looked at the spread-eagled being and stared at it with my arms in the air. Just as the lock on the doors I had previously seen fell to the floor so did the nails holding this figure to the wall also fall to the floor.

The figure then went dancing to the centre pole of the Maloca, I turned around to face it, and it appeared to place something in the bag that I had left there or at least touched what was in my bag. Before I could focus on things a very sexy shadowy female figure also appeared at my feet. I was no longer in ‘Hangman’ pose. This very sexy figure had very long hair and was dancing shaking her hips with her arms in the air. Just like the figures on the Tales of the Unexpected TV show from years ago. Why I thought of that I do not know. I found it quite erotic though and sadly it didn’t last long. I sat up and noticed the visions of baggage (suitcases etc.) had started to disappear.

I lay back down and shut my eyes. A white door appeared in my vision and true to form the lock fell off again and the face (Head) appeared again. It told me that I had got ‘my suit back’ (Your guess is as good as mine to the meaning of that one!) and that I should share the Jaffa’s out with some of the group and the Shaman when the ceremony was over. The face also told me to pass on a symbol (bottle top) to a member of the crew and tell him he should pass it on in Brazil. The face then said my wife will get some ‘healing’ from the Shaman and I was to adopt a worship pose for the duration of that event. I was told the event would be over when I heard the Rain and I would see what I needed to see. (I don’t know why but I always seemed to do as the face told me to do. I never told it to bugger off so to speak!)

The face then said I would lose some personal belongings but I was not to get angry as it was meant to be and was a symbolic part of the ritual I had carried out and a symbolic loss of ‘baggage’. I was told that was why I had placed my bag at the base of the pole and that the missing things would represent the ‘eyes’ of the people that were not there. My excessive purging and the excessive purging committed by others was also meant to be so I hadn’t to blame the Shaman for a making a ‘dodgy brew’ either. The purging was meant to be also. The face then said bye-bye whilst showing me a vision of a right-handed fist salute with an outstretched arm. I returned it. It was like some comedy sketch, but that said, it was indeed very emotional too. I opened my eyes. My wife was being taken to the Shaman for a healing ceremony. She said later that she was ‘called up’ by the Shaman and had not requested a healing herself.

I stayed in worship pose on my knees with my head on the mattress, my arse in the air on all fours sort of thing, for what seemed like ever. I could sense the ‘pure positive energy’ in the Maloca. It was sheer bliss. I connected with the elements and the elements took control of the proceedings and I could sense the pure truth that was inside the Maloca. Every sound connected with my body. My Chakras opened up if you like (Not that I know what the hell I’m talking Chakras for). I felt the energy increase and reach a peak, it is very hard to describe but spiritual forces were flooding me with info and I was lightly weeping with pleasure. Then came the Rain, gently dropping down on the roof. There was silence in the moloca and even the Shaman was very quite. I sensed that most if not all of the people in the maloca could sense at least some small part of what was going on.

The Rain continued to gently play music on the roof and I was in heaven. Oh my brothers I was in heaven. I heard the Rain and I wanted to feel it and drown in it. It was magical. The Rain passed and my wife returned to her bed. The Shaman started healing other members of the group but the Rain was gone. There was a female member of the group also receiving healing. I was starting, or I thought I was starting, to come out of the trance and the influence of Ayahuasca and so was a couple of the other members of the group.

All of a sudden I started to see very small colourful lights flash by me. They were moving at a tremendous speed. I asked one or two of the others if they could see them but they couldn’t. I shut my eyes again and tried to focus and lose the vision but the lights wouldn’t stop. The Shaman then started a healing process on one of the Colombian members of the group who had trouble with her hips so she had to lie down. Just as the Shaman started doing his stuff the number of lights increased. I was gob-smacked. Although the lights were moving fast I could make out that they were like little rods (Eight of an inch long) and very colourful, like rainbow coloured. The number of these rainbow rods increased and the Maloca was soon full of them. They were entering the maloca through the polythene windows and it appeared like they could not enter through the wood or the glass. Millions of little lights in energy form were flying around bouncing off people and then flying up the pole in the centre and going upward through the polythene ‘apex’ of the Maloca. (Where I had saw it extend and make a hole in the sky at the previous ceremony)

The symbols hanging in the Maloca had changed again (I was obviously still having visions) and the lights were flying right through them. They were indeed hitting and going through the symbolism being displayed. One of the signs literally lit up and I got the urge to stand next to it. It was the three balls sign mentioned earlier. The energy was hitting this symbol but bouncing off. It was not a freestanding sign it had wood behind it.


The top ball lit up and all the lights/rods were bouncing off it. It was just at my head height. I got the urge to stand next to the symbol and I placed the back of my head on the top ball and by doing so I was facing directly opposite this sign.

The Hunab Ku.

The Shaman and the lady he was healing were located directly in between the said symbol and me. The symbol then immediately changed in to the profile figure of a ‘Chief’ type face with head feathers. (The white part turned into feathers and the green part turned into a face)

As daft as it seems the Hunab Ku changed into Chief type figures.  The picture is only a very vague example of the profile image of my vision.

The face part of the vision turned towards the Shaman and myself, from a profile pose to a full on frontal pose if you know what I mean. As the face turned to face us it changed into four different faces as it did so. Four different Chiefs if you like. Again the faces reminded me of the Elders on Krypton in the Superman the Movie. I was stuck rigid to the spot and totally gob-smacked as I witnessed these lights/rods fly around these symbols. My head never moved from the three-ball symbol. The energy lights that I described as rods moved even more quicker as the ‘Chiefs’ looked forward very sternly. It was amazing stuff and the lights (rods) were flying around all over the place with thousands upon thousands of them pouring in through the polythene windows.

A good way of describing these rods is to mention those coloured hundreds and thousands we put on trifles. The lights stayed for at least 20 minutes but just as the Shaman stopped working the lights went away. I could now move from the spot I was stuck in. I can honestly say that it was a very humbling experience. The journey was now over and indeed I must say it was the longest and most powerful journey I had experienced to date through Ayahuasca. So there you have it folks. It’s done.

Shortly after the Shaman closed the ceremony the group gathered outside for a drink and a snack. I handed out the Jaffa cakes like some fussing grandma would, as I knew I had to do and I know they tasted good and rightly so. We all knew it had been a special night both individually and collectively. And it was, but now it was done, or done and dusted, as my Mam would say. I went back to my hut to sleep. It was 4 am. I knew my purpose in Colombia was nearly over apart from burning some more baggage of my own and for some other folks that I promised I would before going to Colombia. I did this at the Inipi ceremony the day after, using my empty box of Jaffa Cakes as a coffin type vessel. May my actions clear a path for you all. (Or get me locked up in the loony bin!)

The fire heating the stones and burning the ‘baggage’

How do I sum up such events in the cold light of day? What can I tell you that will make sense in five-sense reality? I will say that I have been 100% truthful to you and I experienced the things I mentioned in the way that I mentioned them? I do know certain people will be affected on a subconscious level by my words in this humble story. I have no doubt of that. Is it possible that events in Colombia carried on from the experiences most of the group I was with had in Brazil some five months before? Is there a bigger picture emerging. It sure seemed so for me. Is it possible to lose spiritual baggage through purging? Is it possible that a small group got together and managed to act as agents or champions for other people and actually got rid of some of their spiritual baggage for them too? Did the group of people in Brazil actually drill a symbolic hole through the underworld (lower 4th) last September? Did their energy come through the Fire in Colombia or was I just shit-faced? I can accept I was just completely shit-faced in Brazil and Colombia but I can’t accept all the coincidences that surround the events before, during and after, as being due to meaningless hallucinations and I never will and my soul knows better.

Do we all need to lose the ‘spiritual baggage’ that we have accumulated, through the sick corruptions and deceptions that reign in this world, to enable us to escape through the symbolic hole I saw in the sky? Does the ritual, I was obviously carrying out, actually mean anything anyway? Is it total bullshit or just the rantings of a knob head that is just shit-faced and doped on Ayahuasca? Does the ritual information spark anything in you or is it to be taken with a pinch of salt and laughed at?

It is entirely up to you to take the information or the story as you wish. Treat it as a bloody joke if you want. I really don’t give a monkey’s toss. I certainly would have laughed at such stuff in my younger days. I can only say to those that have a knowing feeling in them and a growing urge to escape or change this world that I am telling them the truth and my words are trustworthy. I am not the kind of bloke to write my experiences down and publish then on the net or in a book without truly believing the words are important to some of you out there and I have nothing to gain on a five-sense level for doing so, quite the opposite. Don’t believe the lies of the Serpent Cult and try to open up your mind to what really is going on in this world. Anyway “may love reign over you” and continue to do so until you escape this world or indeed change it. I really must thank the Heart of Initiate for helping create such events. I really must thank the creators of the site in Colombia and the builders of the very powerful Maloca. It is indeed no coincidence that the Maloca was built this way and the people behind it are part of the collective awakening process and also the part of the bigger plan to heal this world and rid it of the deceptions of the Serpent.

Just like the site in Bahia, the site in Colombia was just as important. I would like to especially mention Mr PP who made it possible for us to be part of such life changing events due to his own brave direction and purpose. I was again totally amazed at the amount of work put into this by the Shaman and his helpers, Sara and Andreas. They all grafted their socks off.

Andreas, Sara and the very talented Shaman Warinei. The Fire is behind them.

I am not one that is into airy-fairy stuff, believe me, but events during the Ayahuasca ceremonies in Colombia, especially the light rods, were amazing. I have now had visual proof that music, occult symbols and rituals actually created energy. Not that I have ever doubted that these things go on. Indeed I have been saying it and writing it for years based on continuous spiritual direction. I just needed Ayahuasca to physically see it with my 5 sense physical eyes. I also have no doubts that the ritual with the Fire was very, very, important and in my case these events have been going on for 10 years at least and the knock on effect never ceases to amaze me.

I can only recommend Heart of the Initiate workshops to anyone that has the means or the urge to join in Ayahuasca workshops and spiritual ceremonies carried out by Shaman Warinei. I am sure there are other organisations to consider too. I can only pass on the message that the symbolism located at these sites is very important.

Thank you for reading this article. Thanking Shane and Richard very much for the photos. This article couldn’t have been written without them.

Matthew Delooze 18th March 2008.


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