Getting High… You Can’t Beat It

Getting High – You Can’t Beat It


By Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks,

When the accident happened to Richard Hammond, a presenter of of the TV show ‘Top Gear’ in the UK, my ears pricked up immediately. But due to the circumstances I was in at the time I put my thoughts on the back burner. As I have previously stated in other articles I believe there is another world, invisible to the naked eye, running alongside our 5-sense reality world. This other world, the 4th dimension if you like, dictates the way our 5-sense reality world works. To do this it has to carry out rituals and make symbolic announcements in which we accept through our emotional connection to them. The Serpent Cult has to gain the consent of the majority of human minds to rule us. It has to receive our permission to rule us, so to speak.

Sadly this 4th dimensional force has infested our world and deceives the human race into literally becoming spiritual slaves. One popular way of implanting spiritual triggers in the minds of the masses is via TV, especially the popular shows that are aired all over the world. So stepping back from the hype and the shock news of Mr Hammond’s ‘accident’ I tried to find some symbolic 4th dimensional reason for such a thing happening.

I was strongly directed to this video and my spirit declared it as a ‘must watch’.
A sort of ‘watch this bugger and you will start to see how things are covertly put into TV shows right under your nose without you having the slightest clue’ message came in to my mind.

Please watch the video all the way through by clicking here before you go any further.

Watched it all then have we? What do you think? On the surface, on a five-sense level, it is just a clip from an episode of Top Gear isn’t it? Top Gear goes out to millions of minds worldwide. The format of the program has changed in recent years to attract younger viewers and of course attract a lot of women too, hence the dashingly handsome and charming Richard Hammond now helping to present it. Not that I don’t know that a lot of women really are ‘into’ cars these days and I am not suggesting all the women tune into Top Gear just to drool over handsome presenters. I wouldn’t dare!

Anyway first off, in the video, we are shown that Richard Hammond is capable of being mind controlled (hypnotised) ‘at the wheel’. It’s there right in your face. That said it doesn’t matter if Richard Hammond is simply playing to the camera and he is not really hypnotised at all. He certainly could be playing to the camera but I personally don’t think he is. The fact is that millions of minds have seen him symbolically being ‘controlled’ at the wheel and have accepted it in their subconscious. The memory may have disappeared from their 5 sense conscious memory soon after the show finished but it has still been ‘announced’ to the subconscious of millions of people and indeed accepted as such.

Further on in the video Mr Hammond is hypnotised (mind controlled) again in the studio. I was gob-smacked when the reference 9/11 was overtly used (through reference to a toy Porsche 911 in the pre planned script) several times. Indeed did you notice two towers are present in the video of the episode when the many references to 9/11 are made (no you didn’t did you?)
I realise it will simply be said that the towers are necessary equipment used by the producers but this is not really true is it?

Hammond mind controlled at the wheel by professional hypnotist Paul McKenna

 Anyway just think of what information is going into the deep subconscious of all those people watching Top Gear.

9/11? Twin Towers? Mind controlled driver? OK. Coincidence it may be…Let us go a little deeper then because coincidences seem to be rife in this matter.

Please note when Mr Hammond is driving his 9/11 in the video a bigger, more powerful, vehicle comes along and overpowers it by smashing into it (Symbolised by Mr Clarkson crashing into Mr Hammond), again this takes place between the two towers. Could this symbolise that a more ‘powerful’ event than 9/11 is to take place and unseen 4th dimensional forces are announcing it through covert symbolism in the subconscious of the masses?

So is this example so far a very good example of how our minds are implanted with symbolism and subliminal messages, which in turn creates our reality? (Without us even knowing) I am only using Hammond as a good example to show you how this trickery works. This covert symbolism has been implanted in the subconscious of the millions of people and the Top Gear video is only one small example of how these things work. That said I believe it’s a very good example and if you can grasp the idea of how it works now it will be far easier to spot later on in the coming months and ‘years’. Mad I may be, but daft I’m not.

That is why I am trying to point it out to you via the Top Gear video.
Again this video is only one example, indeed a good one, but only one. Again this is only an example of how predictive programming could happen but the same sort of symbolism will be spewed out in several other ways until it has been implanted in the vast majority of the collective ‘subconscious‘, or if you prefer the collective, ‘unconscious’ of the human race.

On screen: the symbolic twin towers and the symbolic 9/11

In my opinion a combination of occult symbolism and numerology can be implanted in peoples minds (mass consciousness), to create the energy needed to create the physical events in our 5-sense realities. Our collective thoughts create our reality. At the same time the mental symbolism being implanted in us receives no spiritual objection from us (because we fail to understand its meaning and we are blinded by our attraction to the the celebrities making the announcements) thus the situation attracts the spiritual permission of the masses for these events to take place in 5 sense reality after we have accepted them into our subconscious without protest. (Predictive programming)

‘What the masses think they get, they get’ and the Serpent Cult exploits this to its full potential. While we are scratching our arses and laughing at McKenna’s victims, the serpent is abusing your mind and creating your physical reality.

Wake up. Please wake up.

I am not for one minute suggesting that Richard Hammond knows anything about this thing above a 5 sense level, nor Mr Clarkson. They, like most other career led TV stooges, really haven’t a clue.

The fact is that scripts for TV shows are provided on the orders of the very top brass running the TV networks. All these people will be high-ranking Freemasons or connected to some other network operating to serve the Serpent Cult.

In 5-sense reality… Hammond was following these scripts both in the hypnotised scenes in the studio and then in the fields of York in the real ‘accident’ at a later date. We are supposed to believe its all a coincidence and Serpent Cult media had nothing to do with bringing all these symbolic coincidences together in a popular TV Show watched by millions of people. Yes right OK.

Mr Hammond was in my opinion selected to play out this symbolism because he fitted the profile the Serpent wanted displayed and announced in this scenario on a worldwide basis. Indeed the accident involving Mr Hammond received worldwide press coverage and there are more ‘official’ news videos on this matter than on the official 9/11 matter in 2001. Think about that!

There is a lot of occult symbolism and numerology in the Hammond accident and in the hypnotism scenes.

Let’s look at some surname symbolism involved in this matter too as ‘Hammond’ struck a chord with me straight away, but this is simply because I have heard about the name ‘Hammon’ many times before. Believe me I have known about this name since the late 90’s and if it is mentioned or a similar version of it is used and mentioned in similar accidents or murders then please take note of it for future reference.

There are some variations of the name here.

‘Hammon’, a variation of Hammond, has very symbolic links to the ancient past. Also known as Baal Hammon and I believe, nay I know, Hammon is linked to Moloch and ritual sacrifice. Yes? Time and time again I have found there is a symbolic link to ancient deities or places when a high profile murder (affecting mass consciousness) or a high profile accident takes place. Coincidence is it?  I wish I could stop finding these coincidences and give my weary head a rest.


Serpent stooges are used for the most bizzare covert acts of subliminal messages and symbolism, example Hammon and 9/11

Talking of coincidences what have we had so far? Oh yes… symbolic 9/11? Mind controlled drivers? Twin towers? Strange coincidental surnames like Baal Hammon/Hammond. I suppose we also need some official occult numbers to throw in this event as well, just to put the cat among the pigeons and get you thinking slightly more upwards.

OK then let us have the numerolgy connection to the symbolism surrounding this ‘accident’. Well first of all Mr Hammond was trying to beat a UK land speed record. A record set previously by a ‘Vampire’ dragster driven by Colin Fallows. I believe Mr Hammond was said to be driving the same Vampire model on the day of his accident.

What was the official speed record Hammond was trying to beat? I’ll tell you, it was 300.3 MPH. Yes I am afraid it is all the 3’s again folks (Mason’s degrees or dirty knees in Bingo terms!) Now that is getting rather high up the degree ladder because 33 degrees is as far as it goes officially and Richard Hammond couldn’t beat it, could he? He was doomed from the start.

Please let me point out that I am NOT making any of this up. We really do have a handsome presenter who, prior to a very serious accident, was literally hypnotised (mind controlled) right in front of millions of people whilst at the wheel of a car. Yes? Watch the video again.

He also performed a really silly act in front of two towers, also whilst totally mind controlled and the term 9/11 was quoted several times. Yes? The symbolism also indicated that a larger event will overshadow the 9/11 tragedy by the fact that Mr Clarkson’s vehicle smashed into the 9/11 driven by Mr Hammond in front of the twin towers. I realise that latter statement may seem daft but we are dealing with ambiguous symbolism that initially affects your subconscious, not your programmed 5-sense reality. In other words we literally have no conscious awareness that our subconscious is being programmed by such symbolic things when they are actually happening and we consciously refuse to accept that even the possibility our subconscious is actually being played around with.

Our conditioned mind make us immediately fob off claims about our subconscious being manipulated because it all seems far fetched and most of us see such information as being ‘a load of shite’ simply because we have been programmed to do so. We are given blinkers to wear in the guise of entertainment and celebrity. Hey maybe we are all just as hypnotised as Hammond was in the car but we simply don’t know it. Not that our ego will allow us to think that for even one moment will it? I can only say that is how the world operates and it is the programming of our subconscious that rules us. IT IS THE PROGRAMMING OF OUR SUBCONSCIOUS THAT RULES US.

A far bigger event than 9/11 is coming.

This symbolism says to me, screams to me, that the real 9/11 event was nothing compared to what’s coming in the future. That’s not said to scare you its said to trigger you in to thinking for yourself. It may be quite a few years off yet but I believe a staged terror attack like 9/11, only bigger will take place. I can only hope in the next few years that you can awaken yourself from the hypnosis before it does. Its time to start waking up now to be able to see what unfolds was created through the manipulation of our subconscious. Only time will show us that we actually created the next massive 9/11 type event through predictive programming and the use of occult symbolism and scripts being displayed.

I’m sure this will not believed as it is very difficult to accept our minds are subjected to such things or believe such events on a screen can do such things.

Mind you on a lighter note, or even a more serious one, I really only needed to show you one clip from the video that will get you thinking (see below). It’s the bloody personalised number plate used on the car, that the hypnotised Hammond, was driving in the TV show. Were the producers of this show psychic when they filmed Hammond driving with the plate ‘S 999 BAD’? Did they know he was a bad driver before he had his now famous crash?

Now then, my little Noddy Car lovers, was the number plate telling us that the driver was so bad that an emergency number 999 would be needed in the future? Or was it reversed numerology 666 with the tell tale S or the super Serpent?….. 666ssss :) Again, scoffers, it said in a lighter note.

The number of a Bad Driver or simply a subliminal message?

Maybe it is all just a coincidence, well is it, you sen the crash too, what do you think?

I certainly believe the symbolism in this episode of Top Gear and the later ‘accident’ involving Mr Hammond has illuminati finger prints all over it. The sad news is that it says to me that a bigger event than 9/11 is coming sometime..….. also involving two towers but also much more widespread. For reference

I have only showed you one example of how TV can tell your five sense reality one thing yet at the same time put messages in your subconscious using symbolic event, names and numerology without you having the foggiest idea it is happening. But this one example is typical of many others and it is really saying a big event will come.

I know it is easy to fob all this information off as rubbish and/or coincidence, but is it rubbish or coincidence? Is it? I’ll tell you it isn’t but only time will prove me right.

I don’t mind making an arse of myself saying these things to the majority of people who will laugh it off or claim I have lost the plot. I only want to reach those people that do know these things go on and to take in what they see in this article/video and then remember it for their own future reference. Indeed watch the video again now and see if you can spot the symbolism yourself now it has been pointed out to you. There is more in it and I haven’t mentioned all the symbolism being displayed in the video, in this article.

I wonder how much that number plate costs at DVLA? S999 BAD.

Best wishes
Matthew Delooze
August 2007

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2007. All Rights Reserved.