The Virgin Festival

The ‘Virgin’ Festival


Forever Climbing Aventine Hill

By Matthew Delooze

I have decided to mention the V Festival took place last weekend because I have had a few emails about it. The ‘V Festival’ has been around for over ten years now and in my opinion it typifies the relatively recent worldwide increase in symbolic festivals.I have mentioned in previous articles how I believe spiritual energy is extracted from the masses at music festivals and concerts. I have previously mentioned Live 8, Glastonbury and of course Live Earth as good examples to show you how the scam really works.

I have stated on numerous occasions that rock stars and bands are used to attract crowds to certain symbolic places and then they raise the emotions of the crowd through their respect for the artists and their urge to party, which in turn releases their ‘spiritual energies’.

“Emotional respect = Spiritual energy”

I thought I’d point out a few things about the V Festival in the hope that some of you will gain insight into how deceptive malevolent forces operate in this world. I am not going to go through all the artists pointing out the symbolism behind the lyrics or names of the groups. I am just going to mention basic facts regarding the location and timing of the ‘V’ Festival.

Luckily the history of the V Festival is pretty short so I don’t have to drone on about it. That said the festival is now rapidly growing and has already spread to America, Canada (2006) and Australia (2007). Here is a link explaining a brief history.

The Northern V Festival in the UK first appeared for one year in Victoria Park Warrington in 1996. Victoria Park is named after Queen Victoria. The festival was then moved to the Temple Newsam Hall in Leeds for two years. The Festival has been held at Weston Park in Staffordshire since 1999. The Southern part of the festival is held at Hylands Park in Chelmsford Essex.

Obviously the average punter attending the V Festival doesn’t give a monkey’s toss what location it is held in. They are oblivious to it and won’t give it a second thought. The crowd is only there to enjoy itself by seeing their idols, dancing, singing, celebrating, drinking, and of course shagging in tents. There is nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves and I am certainly not trying to stop anyone doing so, nor am I suggesting that anyone is knowingly doing something wrong at festivals. I only suggest that they step back from the hype for one minute and just think about what they are actually attending. The V Festival may be more symbolic than they think and it is not just a case of Sir Richard ‘goody goody’ Branson sponsoring a two-day gig and for us all to let our hair down. OK?

First of all the V Festival is really named the ‘Virgin Festival’. Are we all that dumbed down and blind that we brush off and ignore any symbolism being openly connected to these events? Does the presence of a rock/pop idol make us forget about everything else therefore leaving us open to spiritual manipulation? Are we so full of ego and bullshit that we fail to see beyond the stars we worship?

In my opinion the answer is yes.

It can’t be true can it? It must just be a coincidence eh? After all only a loony would suggest that the ‘Virgin Festival’ is really a festival to pay spiritual homage to a virgin and it is not simply the weekend long V Festival of music it’s painted.

I have suggested in my book, Is It Me For A Moment? Breaking The Serpent’s Spell, that I believe the illuminati lay down symbolic foundations at certain locations around the globe. To be brief I believe these foundations may be built on some sort of energy grid. I also believe that symbolic monuments or buildings will be placed or built on the same locations to act as a symbolic ‘receiver of respect’ vessel.

Let us have a closer look at the symbolism behind the locations of the V Festival and you can decide if it is all a coincidence. First of all the Northern part of the festival started in Victoria Park (Symbolically this means it was created and endorsed by ‘Royalty’ (The establishment).

The Northern V Festival was then switched to one of the most symbolic ‘Templar’ buildings in the country at ‘Temple Newsome’ in Leeds. Believe me there are not many places that are more ‘Templar’ than ‘Temple Newsam House’ in the area of Temple Newsam in Leeds. I also point out that I have researched the ‘DeLacy’ family (mentioned in the article linked above) because this family has laid down illuminati marker points and other symbolism all over the bloody place. They simply built impressive buildings like Templar Newsam House and placed their puppets in them. Again these places are (a) on some sort of energy grid and (b) laden with symbolic monuments.

The V Festival was located at Temple Newsam for two years. I ask you to consider if the location for the V festival in 1997 and 1998 was (a) just a coincidence and (b) if the crowd attending the V Festival could have been duped into releasing spiritual energy at such a symbolic location? The official site about Temple Newsam is here. Please feel free to do your own research. Let us move on to the present location (last 7 years) of the V Festival. That is ‘Weston Park’ in ‘Weston under Lizard’ in Staffordshire. The Earl of Bradford owns the whole area.

The link to Royal bloodlines in Weston Park is there for all to see. The grounds of the stately home are full of symbolism and the house was actually used as part of the 1998 G8 summit. Blair and Clinton and the rest of the world’s best liars of the time ‘roughed it’ eating and drinking there whilst they discussed the spiritual destruction of the human race for their masters. The inside of Weston House will also be very symbolic.

Question: How many punters, when shaking their arses, at this festival have the slightest clue to the history and symbolism of their surroundings?

Answer: None, they just shake their arses and release spiritual energy whilst in worship mode.

If the rock band on stage told the willing crowd to put the contents of a jar of raspberry jam up their arse, using a very large spoon, and sing God Save the Queen they would do. No questions asked. But the history and locations don’t matter! I hear you say. Yes they do! Do you really think Lady and Lord Muck of the Manor in places like Western under Lizard (Even if they do hide behind a council) want the peasants trampling on their grass?

Do you think the establishment really wants to open up historic stately homes, just for the masses to wipe their mucky feet on the doormat? No! The Serpent Cult wants to attract ‘free will energy’ (a willing eager crowd) to these places and then make the same energy, ‘the crowd’, show emotional respect and release spiritual energy in these symbolic areas.

Obviously the Live 8 scam, arranged by my mate Sir Bob Geldof, is a better example to show because Live 8 used all the symbolic locations around the world at the same time. That event produced a whole lot of sheep shaking a whole lot of ass and the Virgin Festival is basically the exact same scam but it is simply done on a smaller scale. The scam being that the crowd gives emotional respect to the ‘artists’ and this emotional respect is changed into spiritual energy and it is released from the body through dancing and singing etc.

When this energy is released it will literally feed the creators of the ‘event’ and their symbolism.

The symbolism of V Fest is the ‘Virgin’ and the creators and hosts of the festival are Royalty and Knights. The spiritual energy literally empowers the ‘Virgin’, a sun or moon deity and at the same time we are giving spiritual consent, acceptance if you like, to the hosts and creators of the event, which is simply royalty and their knighted puppets. We cannot see this energy, it is invisible, and it feeds multidimensional beings in another dimension. They created the symbolic monuments and deities that are around during these festivals therefore our invisible spiritual energy is harnessed by these multidimensional beings. It sounds totally bizarre to anyone in a dumbed down state but that’s why you are in your dumbed down state in the first place.

Can you begin to understand why monuments, that mean absolutely jack shit to us on a five-sense level, are placed in certain areas by the establishment and puppet local and county councils?

For example I ask all those attending the Festival of the Virgin, and those that didn’t, if they knew that there is literally a ‘Temple of Diana’ in the exact same area that the concerts took place? The vast majority attending the concert didn’t have a bloody clue. They weren’t meant to either because they were simply led like sheep to worship the idols on stage. Here is a picture of the Temple of Diana in Weston Park, Weston under Lizard.

Temple of Diana Weston Park: Home of the V Festival 
Weston House. Used for the 1998 G8 conference

Weston House has served many purposes since it was built. Anyway let’s go a little deeper. Here is some information on the Virgin Goddess Diana. (Artemis) Please read it.

Can you imagine for one moment that if symbolic places were built using esoteric knowledge and craft, by powerful brotherhood secret societies, that they could serve a covert spiritual purpose?
Obviously Churches, Mosques and Synagogues are built for spiritual purposes in full view of everyone and we openly accept them, but what if the establishment have covertly built some temples on and around an energy grid in certain areas of this country and indeed the world?

What if ‘they’ need to attract spiritual energy to these areas and locations to keep in spiritual control of the masses? It is clear that if this were the case then we would have to be tricked into giving away our energy at places where the establishment has built their secret temples and other symbolic locations

The reptilian agenda has been going on for what we see as thousands of years. Therefore building fancy symbolic houses centuries ago to use in what we now see as modern times would have been a piece of cake because they know the relevant esoteric knowledge. Is it possible that the grand stately homes and their grounds, that the public has surprisingly gained part access to over the last hundred years or so, are really covert temples that act as places of worship?

Could it all have been arranged years ago? Is it possible that certain buildings, landmarks and monuments were put in place by the brotherhood to serve a long-term agenda? Did the Serpent Cult of the past know that occult rituals had to take place in certain areas in the future and therefore placed their symbolic monuments and built symbolic buildings way ahead of their time? Is the situation on a par with you leaving money in a back account for 50 years knowing that it would reward you and be accessible 50 years later? I certainly think so.For instance who is going to raise questions about the Temple of Diana in Weston Park, or even think about it when it was built ages ago? (Obviously no fucker is are they? Simply because they are as brain dead as me and you are!)

Anyway the point I am making is that the masses, which are attracted to Weston Park to join in the V Festival, were in fact taking part in an occult ritual to worship the Virgin Goddess. In this case it was Diana but the Virgin Goddess has many faces. It could easily be the Temple of Isis that is hidden away in Weston Park. Hold your head up AND start looking. The Western House area is simply a covert ‘Temple of the Virgin’.  In reality the masses willingly turned to take part in an official Virgin Festival even though it’s named the V Festival and take part in a ritual to a symbolic goddess.

The symbolism around them at the time of the festival spiritually indicated that they were really there to worship Diana and not the artists on stage. Indeed Diana was associated with being a deer hunter (if you have read the link I provided earlier you will know this) and the park coincidentally has a medieval deer area and many other symbolically named areas to create the proper symbolism. (Crafty Bastards)

The coincidental medieval deer area that is associated with ‘Diana the Hunter’.
Map of Weston Park
Are stately homes and their grounds created by the brotherhood for covert occult mass rituals to take place?

The area of V Festival is mapped out above. On a five-sense level it is just an old Stately Manor type place with lovely grounds but on a spiritual level it is on a par with the ancient worship sites like Aventine Hill at Circus Maximus in Rome. My mate Bob Geldof held a concert at Circus Maximus at Live 8! Please click here to learn about Aventine Hill before you go any further. Are things starting to click in you now?

Is there really any difference in people worshipping Diana on Aventine Hill, during a Virgin Festival, at the Temple of Diana in Rome thousands of years ago, or worshipping Diana in Weston under Lizard in 2007 at another Temple of Diana? No there blooming well isn’t, and the sooner we pull our thumbs out of our arse and realise what is going on then we can do something about it.

Also bear in mind that in the case of ancient Rome the slaves were allowed (forced) to worship
Diana in her Temple on Aventine Hill in the middle of August (13th or 14th) by the powers that be of the time (Illuminati puppets). In the case of the modern Virgin Festival near the Temple of Diana at Weston the timing of the event takes place on the first weekend after the 13th or 14th of August. Sir Richard Branson led the people to this V festival, the knighted powers that be at this time (Illuminati puppet)

Nothing changes does it? The Serpent deceives you all into giving your mind and your spirit away when they want you to AND at a time of their choosing. These things are going on right under our noses but we never really look do we? We have been programmed not to. It is far easier to shake our arse to the music of a popular band instead isn’t it? It nice and easy to lose yourself in the music and lyrics of talented artists isn’t it? We also take famous people at face value for being honest and reliable. The vast majority of people are going to believe knights like Sir Bob Geldof and Sir Dicky Boy Branson, official creators of Live 8 and Virgin Festival respectfully, over me. After all they have brought the public’s favourite celebrities and idols to a public stage for them to worship haven’t they?

They have created a party for us haven’t they? So why question their motives. Indeed it is possible that Geldof and Dicky Boy are as innocent as most of the performing artists and the crowd are? These parties must be carried out with no ulterior motive whatsoever mustn’t they? The establishment wouldn’t use knights like Sir Richard and Sir Bob to con us would they? What would we do without them? Lets just party and enjoy the moment eh?

But… When the party is over it’s a case of wham bam thank you ma’am and you return to the misery you call normal life don’t you? You can still do it all over again when the pied-piper calls and you are ready to give your spirit away again though.

Maybe holding events in the grounds of places previously occupied by Royal Bloodlines and Knights in the UK and on ancient sites like Circus Maximus in Rome is just a coincidence. Maybe I am just a paranoid lunatic who just stumbles across coincidences whilst wallowing in psychosis EH? But if that’s the case, I can assure you I have a massive backlog of coincidences to mention to you. So if I am simply ‘mad’ then my madness holds no boundaries and is immeasurable in your mind. It is entirely up to you to accept or reject the information. I really don’t give a monkey’s if you believe it or not. I will still carry on providing this information for as long as I can.

I honestly believe the masses are led like sheep to these ‘Festivals’. I have done so for several years and my current research only strengthens this belief. I am currently researching Woodstock on and off and I believe these Festivals were created from day one by the Serpent Cult to steal energy on symbolic locations, using some symbolic bands, using some symbolic lyrics and by always using deceptive trickery.

In the case of the Virgin Festival it is there for you all to see, if you really want to see that is, and the title of the festival gives the game away straight away. The event at Weston is literally on symbolic land that is dedicated to Sun and Moon worship. The deity involved at Weston Park is Diana the Virgin Goddess and all the symbolism of the park supports Diana symbolism.

The same thing applies, but in a slightly different form, at the other Virgin Festival that takes place at Hylands Park in the village of Writtle near Chelmsford Essex at the exact same time and using the same artists but on different days. The main symbolism being used at Writtle, a place that also has links to the Knight Templar, is being done through the ‘Serpentine’ lake. A similar scam takes place when certain events take part in Hyde Park London (Live 8 etc).

Simply put, if thousands of people celebrate and release spiritual energies around symbolic ‘Serpents’ then the creators of the symbolism and the force that the symbolism actually represents receive the spiritual energy. The symbolism, monuments and indeed the artists act as a medium of third parties operating in another dimension. The best way I can explain this is by asking you to see that a street Busker uses a hat or a tin as a medium to collect money (energy). The same thing applies to beings in another dimension they use monuments symbolism and indeed celebrity artists as a medium to collect energy. (Please try and remember the last sentence or two!) The Hylands Park house has also been restored in recent years. I wonder why?

Hylands Park House: Home of the southern Virgin Festival in Writtle:
Restored to its former glory along with the Serpentine Lake.

So, my little band of truth seekers, can you see what I am trying to say? I am saying that the elite brotherhood, that secretly rules this world, have created a network of symbolic locations that they use to extract spiritual energy from us over a long period. They use buildings, monuments and locations that they have controlled and created for centuries and I believe they have always carried out rituals at them, it is just that we were made too stupid to realise it because the brotherhood not only deceive us – they ‘educate’ us as well. We have been putty in their hands for a very long time and we still are. They have all the means to build and locate their symbolism, in whatever form they wish to display it, and we just flock to it like lemmings. There is no alternative because they hold the cards. They build Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower etc and we have no choice but to admire them because there is no alternative. Again they hold all the cards and manipulate all the events. We are literally being farmed whilst we are so blind we actually think we are free.

Aptly named festivals like the Virgin Festival are only the tip of the iceburg. Indeed another event recently took place at the Serpentine Lake in Hylands Park……….

Children and young people create the most powerful spiritual energy. So it was no surprise to me to see that a massive Scout Jamboree took place, over 38 thousand scouts descended on Hylands Park to take part in a sun ritual recently. 

One World One Promise…and you better believe it!

That sun ritual was acknowledged around the world. Did you not notice it? Scratching your arse watching morning TV were you? Or maybe you were listening to your favourite band on the radio or perhaps even watching Big Brother? Look here: Welcome to the sunrise ceremony! Here is the official logo for the event too. The rising sun and doves. Note the Fleur-de-Lis at the bottom of the logo.

The official logo

The Fleur-de-lis is ancient symbolism and is now linked to modern day Royalty especially Charles. Why did a movement involving kids adopt such a logo along with other ancient symbolism?

Do you see any sun worship symbolism and other occult symbolism in this one?

The president of the scout organisation is none other than, top Freemason, the Duke of Kent. I write about Presidents and Patrons of charitable organisations in my book, Is It Me For A Moment? – Breaking the Serpent’s Spell, so I assure you it’s no surprise to me to see the Duke of Kent making a personal appearance at this ritual at the Serpentine. Indeed I am only surprised he didn’t go the whole hog and turn up wearing his, Nancy Boy, Masonic apron. Anyway here he is at the party. They even arranged for a portable obelisk to be present in the form of Big Ben. Oh how jolly nice of them eh?

Grand Master Freemason Duke of Kent and the portable obelisk: I couldn’t make this up if I tried. ‘Dib Dib Dib my arse’ (Not literally I might add!)


The Mason and his captured souls

The Duke of Kent is a Knight of the Garter so I often wonder if he wears stockings and suspenders under that Masonic ‘pinny’ of his as well. Prince William was there as well. So the event was truly a momentous occasion and officially endorsed by the establishment and of course the head of the lodge. I am not suggesting for one minute that the scouts or the average scout leader knows anything about the true reasons behind the sun rituals taking place at this jamboree. They are totally innocent and, in the vast majority of cases, just enjoying themselves and there is nothing wrong with that. I am sure 40,000 scouts created a lot of energy at that event especially at sunrise. They know nothing about the symbolism around them nor the trickery being used.


I hope I have at least raised your suspicions about such events in this article. I have again only scratched the surface. There is another world operating alongside our five-sense reality world and it collects our spiritual energy through the circumstances and the events created by their agents that operate using esoteric knowledge that is unknown to the general public. We just follow the norm like good little sheep. Please take in the information I have provided about the Virgin Festival. Ask yourself if it is possible that special buildings and symbolic temples or lakes could have been placed in symbolic places by a brotherhood secret society to be used as a way to collect and harness spiritual energy?

Please take in the information about the Scouts 21st Jamboree and research the matter yourself. Is it possible that a malevolent force is using organisations like the scouts and making them carry out rituals in the guise of a get together event? Who has arranged for the scout movement to carry such symbolism as the Fleur-de-lis etc? Again I realise the scouts themselves haven’t a clue but the basic truth about the 21st Scout Jamboree is that 40,000 people carried out a sun ritual and millions of others endorsed it around the world in other events carried out by the scouts. Check out the official site, seasoned researchers will find blatant occult symbolism being displayed at this ‘Jamboree’. In my opinion nearly 40,000 scouts were spiritually raped at Hylands Park and their spiritual energy was deceptively extracted whilst they unknowingly worshipped the Sun and the Serpent in a ritual and openly displayed the symbolism of the Serpent Cult.

The scouts displaying symbolism they know nothing about

The symbolism being displayed at the closing ceremony at Hylands Park. The rainbow coloured flags contain the sun and dove symbols of the logo. The whole event was plastered with the logo. Here is the official description from the official scouts website of the badge used at ‘the sunrise ritual’…

The official badge of the 21st World Scout Jamboree approved by the World Scout Committee represents the sunrise of a new century of Scouting over the rolling green parkland of the jamboree site, together with a dove that symbolizes peace. It will be worn by our contingent above the right pocket of the Scout/Venturing uniform shirt.

The official Boy Scouts of America contingent emblem represents a salute of appreciation to the United Kingdom and Lord Baden-Powell for starting the Scouting movement. The campaign hat was part of the first official uniform worn by the Boy Scouts of America at the First World Scout Jamboree. The contingent emblem is worn on the right pocket of the Scout/Venturing uniform shirt. The official neckerchief of the BSA contingent is representative of the stars and stripes of our American flag… (Nothing to worry about there then eh?)

Going back to the Virgin Festival…

‘Sir’ Richard: Who’s got to be a multi-billionaire by being a goody – goody and doing no harm nor conning anyone? Three cheers for Sir Richard eh?

In my opinion the 60,000 people who attended the ‘Virgin’ Festival held in Weston under Lizard were also subjected to spiritual rape at Weston Park. They unknowingly carried out an occult ritual to worship the Virgin Goddess. Those attending these events really haven’t a clue what they were doing and only followed their five senses. They have had their true spiritual intuition dumbed down since birth in this life and for many lifetimes before that.

It is time for me to go now. I really do hope I have made you think. Is it really possible that the secret rulers of this world would go to such lengths to con us and steal our energy? Have a Serpent Cult taken control of all the means to carry out such things whilst we were too busy or too stupid to notice? Are human beings really daft enough to go to things like music festivals and scout jamborees and not have a clue what is really going on?
‘Too bloody right’ in my opinion.

I thank you for your time :)

Matthew Delooze 14th August 2007

All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2007. All Rights Reserved.