I’ll Take It… What Is It?

I’ll Take It… What Is It?


By Matthew Delooze.

Despite the fact that I am only in the early stages of researching Monatomic Gold (white powder gold), for a new book I am currently writing, I find myself with a very strong urge to write this article as some sort of foundation stone. Indeed monatomic gold has been on my mind for quite a while now.

I recently visited the Greek island of Rodos (Rhodes) in my search for clues into understanding not only the full potential of this substance as a 5-sense element but also its spiritual and symbolic meaning. I have previously visited Egypt and Cyprus researching the use of gold by the ancients, especially the powerful rulers of ancient empires.

There seems to be quite a few explanations around explaining how pure monatomic gold is created. I certainly don’t want to baffle you, and myself, by trying to explain the process of changing gold as a metal into a monatomic version. I am not here to explain how it is made because in five-sense reality I even struggle to scientifically understand how the boiling of a soft egg turns it into a hard one!
It appears that a very powerful charge is put through the gold and this causes rapid changes in its formation, it shape-shifts if you like, from a metal element in its highest form, to a white powder.

There also appears to be a naturally occurring form of monatomic gold and other monatomic elements that form in certain soils, usually always volcanic, that have appeared in this world through geological events affecting the relevant soil. Obviously these geological events may have created exactly the same changes in the gold over many years as opposed to an illuminated alchemist making it in a very short space of time.

The Arc of the Covenant: Monatomic Gold Maker?

Even the arc of the covenant has been said by some to be a monatomic gold maker, a machine to produce instant monatomic gold. The idea of worshipping a golden idol makes far more sense if you consider that the gold itself could be used to reach a higher awareness or indeed stop and reverse the dumbing down process that has been enforced on mankind for thousands of years. The production methods used in such things baffle me while I am in this 5-sense body and of course my state education only hinders things even more, but I can understand that the use of such things can be used to change an individual’s conscious state. Monatomic gold is not a drug. Anyway let’s get going eh?

I believe that a small group of people is in some way using gold to communicate with another world. This other world is an invisible world that runs along side our 5-sense reality. I have mentioned this other world in numerous articles before. For simplicities sake I will call it the 4th dimension.
Is it possible that members of an elite group of persons, who have full exclusive access to a super knowledge through using a manufactured white powder, would not use this exclusive super knowledge to make sure that they keep in full control of the materials needed to produce such a white powder? At the same time, of course, keeping their mouths firmly shut about it to the masses? Just like very good ‘Chefs’ can keep secret recipes, and secret ways of cooking the ingredients, to themselves?

I believe that corrupt negative alien agents in this world have held the knowledge regarding the true nature and the real ability of gold for thousands of years. They have kept this information to themselves in secret while spinning the rest of us a yarn. Well I believe it is jolly well time we got to know about these secrets. Don’t you?

Not that I want you violently put the next Chef you meet up against the wall whilst demanding to know the secrets regarding a particular tasty chicken curry or a steak pie but I guess you get the picture. I am saying that only a very few people knew the secrets surrounding the true purpose of gold in our ancient world. I also believe that is still the case on planet Earth today in 2006.

I believe the few people involved in this are fully aware of a scam being carried out against the human race and they are agents, thieves if you like, for a race of inter-dimensional/extra-terrestrial aliens. The illuminati, or the houses of merchant bankers, have absolutely full control of the worlds gold stocks and always have done from when the ancient peasants collected gold to give to the ruler of the time to modern day control of puppet governments and stock markets. There is not a gold bar that moves around this world without the illuminati knowing about it. This is on both a legal basis and an illegal one through their usual corrupt ways. Every kilo of gold is monitored in this world either through the illuminati controlled banking system or through illuminati controlled organised crime. Why is this?

A pile of gold coloured metal or a link to other worlds in the right hands?

We know that gold has a strong monetary value and we are told it is used to support the worlds banking systems and ‘credit’ market but didn’t the Serpent Cult, using the earlier Templar Knights, create the paper money/ credit system we blindly follow in the first place and didn’t this lead to the Knights Templar ‘looking after’ most of the gold in exchange for a bank note or IOU? Yes?
Nothing has changed then has it?

The same secret societies still hold most, if not all, of the worlds gold today. The storage of massive amounts of gold, controlled by ‘trustable’ people in charge of Fort Knox and the Royal Mint etc, in exchange for us having paper notes is a safe and fair system is it? Well if the same system collapses today the illuminati will still have total control of the most powerful element, both financially and more importantly symbolically, in this world.

We, the masses, will only have pieces of worthless paper (did they see us coming?) or worse a piece of plastic at the exact moment of any global financial crash. I can’t see the banks that allegedly hold the gold letting you into them to exchange your paper IOU’s (cash) back into the gold after a crash. Well can you?

Picture the scene after a financial crash …  Knocking on the door of Fort Knox…

“Err excuse me Mr Knox sir can I have these bills /notes changed into gold because this paper money is now useless after the crash. I was told that you only looked after the gold and these notes/bills are my guarantee that you will stump up their value in real gold if the need arose”….

You would get told to fuck off wouldn’t you? Millions of people totally trust paper money despite the fact that the paper note usually bears the face of a liar/ alien agent on it. You are totally controlled by bits of paper whilst agents for the serpent are stockpiling gold for their own use. Mind you at least we will have these paper bank notes to wipe our arses on after we shit ourselves when the global money system, a god to so, so many people, collapses and is destroyed. Mind you in this scenario I dread those with only pieces of plastic to clear up the mess, ouch!

 Paper money? A god to many? Or is it just toilet paper after a pre – arranged financial crash?

Again. We are told that all the gold reserves in Fort Knox or the Bank of England are simply there to cover the promises, and value, of the paper money (IOU) or the credit card (I owe them) we use to trade with, but this just does not add up does it? The more gold a country has the more cash notes it can print and spend as IOU’s then is it?

Or do they just print what they need to keep this tricky system going whilst telling big lies about the actual amount of gold reserves they have stored away? Indeed why is this world still operating on the ancient Templar system of credit, IOU’s and massive gold storage. Surely we have all evolved enough, if that is the right word, to be able to concentrate our efforts on feeding and caring for the worlds populations instead of raping every scrap of gold out of the ground just so some small group of alien agents can stock up, keep in a castle, and control us all by handing out paper IOU’s and plastic cards to keep us happy?

This situation is based on a promise that the pile of gold allegedly stored away is really ‘ours’ and they are only looking after it for us. Who the hell keeps this bullshit going? Come on truth seekers let us start asking ‘what the hell is going on here?’ Does half of the world have to starve or be butchered in planned wars simply because all our lives are based on how much gold can be mined and stored? Apparently so. Why do we let this go on?

I believe we are continuously lied to about gold reserves. It does not add up at all. The real rulers of this world must store this gold for their own secret reasons and although on one level it does falsely support the illusion of a banking system (one that brutally exploits the vast majority of us worldwide anyway) there must be other reasons for the mining and storing of this gold on other levels. What can they be?

Firstly let us consider the symbolic and spiritual powers of gold. Forget its earthy monetary value for the moment if you can and concentrate on other reasons for the gold market in general and the storage of it. Indeed I saw a young lady wearing a pretty gold ring the other day and she was proudly boasting that she had just got engaged. The first thing she mentioned to me though was that ‘it cost a fortune’.

This popular ‘cost a fortune’ mentality and its effect on the collective consciousness of mankind is no coincidence. The vast, vast, majority of human minds have been branded with the idea that gold is immediately associated with money, its financial value, and has the highest-ranking status. ‘What’s it worth’ sums it up. Not only that but we have been conditioned to accept in our minds that the ruling elite have massive stacks of it. (That they hold only on our behalf of course)

We all accept ‘Gold’ is the symbolic sign for wealth in this world, both physically and spiritually. The mass consciousness in this world has created gold as the most powerful element on this planet, whether it actually is or not does not matter. We have already created that reality. It is important that you can grasp the idea that the mass consciousness of humans can be manipulated and covertly convinced to accept and endorse the very means that will enslave them because that is exactly what has happened concerning gold in my opinion. We can be urged or tricked into physically and spiritually accepting things by an alien force that has the means and of course a very good reason to do so. By this I mean we can be conned into collectively agreeing that gold is the most valuable element on Earth therefore also making it the most powerful spiritual energy because of the emotional energies created through the global banking system. We only see the 5-sense level of things. There is another world operating around us that will use your spiritual agreement, whether you know you have given your spiritual agreement away or not, in a way you cannot physically see.

Therefore on a 5-sense level the force that holds the most gold is the most powerful and holds enormous physical power over you. This is the reason for the Fort Knox’s of this world etc. They will have financial control over you from birth to death. Granted a few of us get rich but these people are only allowed to get rich to help keep the system afloat. These people do indeed assist in the enslavement of mankind and prop up the illusionary banking system. On a spiritual level the same power of control given to those ‘holders of the gold’ on a five sense level also applies, but in another form of energy, a spiritual one, because our mass spiritual energy, the mass consciousness, accepts gold as the means to run the world. What we think we get, we get. If we all think gold is the most powerful thing on Earth then it becomes just that. Indeed it is and has been since ancient times.

We only have to get the mass consciousness to place the value of worldwide human welfare above the value of gold in our minds and things will rapidly and massively change in this world. It is that simple. Sadly at this present moment in time in this world your credit card has more value than a starving kid in Africa etc and I am really sorry to tell you that you prefer it that way at this moment in time.

Please don’t try to defend yourself on this matter. You will make me sick whilst you lie through your teeth.

It is not because you are a cold hearted soul it is simply your mind has been programmed to think that way and you have been conditioned to think that a bank note or credit card in your pocket is worth more than a human life and that is why its more important to you at this time. Defending yourself on this matter is only part of the same programming. You will rather walk past a dying African starving in the street than hand over your credit card. Sad I know… but so bloody true eh? This is just one example of how mass consciousness works and how it is exploited to create our reality. Deep down in all of us we know that the starving kids of this world should come before a credit card or a currency note but on our surface we have been trained and conditioned to put the credit card or currency note first. This mentality allows the serpent to carry on its agenda. We need to rediscover our true selves and fast. Once we rediscover ourselves the starving child will no longer starve. Anyway.

Obviously lumps of a cold, coloured, illusionary metal are useless in another dimension. That said gold is endorsed as the most ‘powerful’ thing on earth and therefore has the spiritual acceptance of mankind; this allows it to be used as a spiritual power. This is simply because we have been forced to collectively think this way and we have give our spiritual permission for gold to become the highest controlling power on earth.

If you can grasp that then understanding the act of mining, collecting and the storage of gold whilst being under the total control of just a few elite people on this Earth will become far easier to you.

If you do not believe that the mining, collection and storage of gold is controlled by very few people then go and try and open a gold mine where there is actually some gold in the ground. Go on! Oh yes I can accept that financially wealthy people can ‘buy into’ gold but this is only the same Templar created paper money/ receipt/ IOU scam stuff again isn’t it? Stocks and Shares? Bollocks! It is just different coloured paper, with sugar on, and when the shit hits the fan it is really just more toilet paper. Wake up.

The gold ‘stuff’ you see in high street jewelers shops is usually cheap crap and not graded high enough to store, so they just feed our greed and our vanity at the same time by providing goldsmith shops selling trinkets. It keeps the illusion that gold feeds the economy going and also helps grab back a few of the IOU bank notes back from us. Again wake up. Please wake up. What is worth more to you, the life of a starving stranger or a £20 note/ $10 bill?


Which would you pick up off the street ‘first’, a £20 note (above) or a starving child below?


Sadly I already know the answer and if you are honest to yourself so do you. What has the human race become?

Let us go a little deeper before I finish this article.

I also believe that the storage of gold in this world is linked to illuminati agents using it to communicate with inter- dimensional beings and they have been doing so for thousands of years. Too far fetched is it? Try and link it all together yourself before you order me a straight jacket.
As I have said we spiritually and symbolically accept gold as the world’s premier material. Therefore in the creation of our own reality through the collective consciousness we have given this metal the power to do ‘anything’. Gold has literally been given divine status by our self-creating reality system through the manipulation of our mass consciousness by inter-dimensional forces.

I believe illuminati agents, including the houses of Rothschild and Rockefeller and of course the royal families etc. know exactly the reasons for stockpiling gold. Indeed don’t they have copious amounts of the stuff themselves with the most symbolic bits always on public display? What about the crown jewels?  They are a bit bigger that the average two bob St Christopher pendant eh? You don’t see them down the high street Jewellers  do you?

These alien agents NEVER carry paper money either. Ever wondered why? No you haven’t, have you? Well they have £600 billion in assets but not one £5 note or dollar bill in their pockets. Think about it.

With gold being accepted as the most powerful thing in this world it is obviously going to be sought after. So consider the situation if you were a negative alien race that knew all about the spiritual laws of creation and knew how to manipulate the worlds reality through using the mass consciousness. If you wanted to colonise the entire earth all you would have to do is create the most powerful and potent element and get control of it. In our case we have created gold. It would then be a piece of cake for them to con the human race into collecting all the gold for them.
Indeed we do just that.

They know the masses living in this world can create their own reality through mass thought. If the alien race had already manipulated the mass consciousness of human race, and duped them into selecting gold as the divine element in the first place, the earth would be like one massive gold mine with unlimited amounts of direct and indirect miners to work it. Human slaves.

If you wanted to rule this world covertly and gold was the most powerful element then all you would need to do was control the gold or put a few ‘trusted’ agents in place to farm it and store it for you. These agents must have direct contact with the alien beings, the 4th dimension, and the actual means to do so and vice versa. Is monatomic gold used to raise spiritual awareness in the human body in 5-sense form? Have we created the most powerful thing on Earth (Gold) through manipulation of the mass consciousness only for it to be taken from us and actually used against us?


(Update 2007)

Please don’t misunderstand me as some of you have already, I’m not promoting the shite you see, sold in little bottles labelled ‘Monatomic Gold’, on conspiracy websites at really silly prices. These things are scams and con-tricks. The thieves and wankers that sell such shit will reap what they sow one day. i will promise you that!

Do you really think the illuminati would allow a means to communicate with other dimensions to be sold on a silly pathetic ‘health’ website? The con artists selling such bullshit claim it works eh? I’m sure they wouldn’t be in business if it did.

Gold is only used to mentally and physically control you in this world, not make you free. Only the illuminati know the true power of gold on a spiritual level in my opinion. Not some barrow boy con artists selling you dust in a bottle.

Thank you

Matthew Delooze.
October 2006


ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2006. All Rights Reserved