Have you seen the person who provided your glasses?

Have You Seen The Person Who Provided Your Glasses?


By Matthew Delooze

Hello everyone. I am writing this essay as a follow up to “Beside the seaside”. If you haven’t read it, it’s available on this site here. I had the pleasure of visiting the marvellous city of Amsterdam for the New Year celebrations in 2004. They call the New Year celebrations the “Amsterdam Experience”. The bustling city is packed out. The atmosphere is electric and at midnight the city is alight with fireworks on literally every street. One of the highlights of the Amsterdam Experience is the celebration that occurs in Dam Square in Amsterdam. Obviously there is nothing new in landmarks being used to celebrate the New Year. I mention Trafalgar Square in London just to show that New Year revellers are attracted to certain places in their hordes. Thousands of people are attracted to the bells of Big Ben in the UK just to hear it strike midnight, but when they are asked why, they cannot seem to provide a reason. It is just something they “do”. The same can be said in New York, USA etc. Every country in the world seems to do the same. Amsterdam is no exception.

I pushed my way through the crowds on 31st December 2004. The horrors of the recent tsunami on the (full moon) 26th December 2004 seemed to have been put to the back of people’s minds and the atmosphere was a happy one. The first thing I saw as I managed to put my foot on the cobbles of Dam Square was a recently erected temporary dome. Yes a dome. It was to be used as a music centre with a pop group and DJ etc. I also couldn’t fail to notice two very large screens, one either side of the domed structure, that were literally pulsating with strange shapes and flashing lights (see picture). These digital screens were very hypnotic. It is hard to describe in writing how these screens looked on a dark night and how my eyes were affected by the flashing symbols on the screens.


The Dome and one of the digital screens

My senses told me that there was more meaning to New Year celebrations than we are told. I looked at the Dome. I looked at the symbols flashing on the digital screens. I turned round and realized I was standing at the base of a large obelisk. My “soul”, for want of a better word, literally rebelled in my body and it was screaming at me to take note of events. It was obvious to me that I was not in Amsterdam to celebrate the New Year. I was being educated.


The obelisk, seen here in the cold light of day

I stared at the obelisk and memories of Morecambe promenade came flooding back. Apparently this phallic symbol, called the national monument, was erected in memory of the military. Personally I do not believe this. I believe the Serpent Cult erected the obelisk in Dam Square, and other similar monuments around the world are purposely placed in specific places.

One sad thing about this is that the Serpent Cult uses the excuse that the monuments are erected out of respect to soldiers, usually victims of the wars that were created by the Serpent Cult in the first place. It is a fact that the widows of rank and file soldiers their orphaned children and the injured and disabled soldiers along with the orphaned children are usually abandoned to live in poverty by the same people who erect such monuments. The fact that a symbolic penis is erected to allegedly show respect to the dead is only a further insult to the victims of Serpent Cult manufactured wars, in my opinion. I don’t want to delve too deep into this at this time. Suffice to say I don’t believe the lie that phallic monuments are erected to honour the dead. The Serpent Cult feeds off death and destruction.

I believe the monuments are a vital part of the ritual ceremonies carried out by an old boy network. The fact that the masses pathetically accept the reasons given for erecting such monuments around the world just shows me how blind the human race is.

Going back to events in Dam Square I did notice that the Hexagon symbol being used a lot at the Dam Square celebrations. Obviously the hexagon/hexagram is used as occult symbolism dating back far further than the flag of Israel. I recommend interested people research the connections of Hexagram/Hexagon symbolism to the occult, the connections to ancient Egypt. It is also linked to Freemasonry and the seal of Solomon. It is my opinion that Hexagon symbolism was/is to be used in past/ future symbolic events around the planet.


Another view of one of the digital screens – note the “I Am” emphasis and the hexagon 

Having seen the symbolism in Amsterdam in 2004 my mind cast back to the millennium New Year celebrations in 1999. I remember laughing at somebody telling me in a bar that there were some secret rituals going on at the Giza pyramids on December 31st 1999. I don’t laugh about it now. Research tells me that there was a labyrinth of ritual and symbolic events going on around the world on the 31st December 1999. Is it just that we are too busy seeking to enjoy ourselves on New Years Eve, be part of the norm, get drunk, stoned or get laid etc to actually see what is going on right under our noses?

Are our souls so dumbed down by the brainwashing of the Serpent Cult that we have become spiritually worthless?

 “We seem to wear the glasses of acceptable normality”.

For those that do not understand, I use the term “wearing glasses” (spectacles) symbolically because that is exactly what we do isn’t it? Don’t we all see what we are taught to see through invisible glasses? For example if you wear glasses that just see what you have been conditioned to see, you will see that obelisk monuments are simply a normal way to honour dead soldiers. If you are wearing glasses that see dome-shaped stages and large digital screens (flashing lights) as simply normal “props”, to entertain you, then it is obvious that you will not give a second thought to any alternative explanations about the events you see through these Serpent Cult manufactured glasses, will you?

Indeed because you wear these “glasses” you are more likely to laugh at alternative explanations, usually because other people wearing the same glasses as you will laugh at you. You cannot accept that the obelisk (penis) monuments and the dome (vaginas/breast) monuments are really occult symbols used by cults who covertly use symbolism to deceive the masses, and use the effects of their rituals to their advantage, can you? Neither can the others who wear the same glasses. I don’t ask you to “remove your glasses” just to wear mine. I ask you to think who provided your glasses and why you never ever take them off.

What or who makes you see the things you do in the way you do?
Is it the state education system?

Is it your parents who were also subjected to the same brainwashing techniques used in the state education system?

Is it a local church, religion, or your employer perhaps? Just who or what has created in your mind how you actually see the world?

Does education, religion or material welfare have anything to do with how you see the world?
It should do, because the Serpent Cult controls all these things in this world. They, by supplying your glasses, make you totally unaware of what really is going in this world. Indeed your eyes cannot even see the symbolism going on right under your noses due to the glasses you have been deceived into wearing.

The very thought that you are not seeing the real world when you look around is horrifying isn’t it? You would rebel if you knew what was going on. Hence the reason for compulsory eye tests, and the glasses we are all fitted with from birth, by the Establishment. The Establishment formed by the Serpent Cult. The Serpent Cult are masters of deception. “Have you seen the person who supplied your glasses?”

I again have only scratched the surface in this essay. We are being manipulated on a vast scale to covertly worship a Serpent Cult. We can rid ourselves of the poverty and misery caused by the Serpent Cult on this planet once the masses can remove the glasses that have been enforced on their eyes.

Many thanks.
Matthew Delooze January 2005

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2005. All Rights Reserved.