The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Ur

 The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Urroad_to_ur_title

By Matthew Delooze

Can a world that contains so much intelligence be so blind that it cannot see the wizard hiding behind the curtain manipulating events in the world today? A modern day horror version of Oz! Do we need a Dorothy, a scarecrow, a woodcutter, and a cowardly lion to expose the sham because our so-called mainstream media cannot?

Is the War on Terror so one-dimensional that we all have to swallow the official version of events like some brain dead zombie? Wake up humans! Things are going on right under your nose and you cannot even see it.
It appears that “rituals”, based on ancient knowledge, are being carried out and very powerful people are carrying them out.

The “slick” and manipulative use of words is also being used to deceive the masses and at the same time actually announce that a ritual is taking place. Apparently, ancient rituals have to be publicly announced for the “heavens” to react.

First of all, before I go on, I would like to remind you that the USA & England use symbolism in all parts of their established systems. Indeed the USA was built on “Freemasonry” which actually exists in its symbolism and cryptic messages.

I start with the term M.O.A.B (as used by Bush and company). Allegedly, we are supposed to assume that this means “Mother Of All Bombs” in response to Saddam’s cry for a “Mother of All Battles”. Bush & Co. then told us to be amazed at what was to happen in “Operation Shock and Awe”, the bombing of Baghdad and other parts of Iraq. The fact is “Operation Shock and Awe” was just the same as any other cowardly bombing operation. It did not live up to the hype and was not given much attention by the main media. This indicates the announcement was far more important than the event.

I ask you to consider that the term MOAB was not really meant to mean “Mother of All Bombs” and “Shock and Awe” was not a military operation. Indeed we never saw any “Mother of all Bombs” and there was no more “Shock and Awe” than there was in Afghanistan.

The play with words is very interesting.
MOAB is an ancient country that was next to present day Israel and Palestine (Jordan).

  Map showing Kingdom of Moab and Kingdom of Ammon.

“Shock and Awe” can easily sound like Shekinah and in ancient rituals it is the sound vibration that matters not spelling.

SHEKINAH -Shakinah -Shakan. The return of the Shekinah is ancient prophecy. The word Shekinah is derived from the word Shakan. The return of the Shekinah is “Mystical Presence in the Tabernacle”. Tabernacle simply means “tent”. The Shekinah is to guide and protect Israel. It should also be noted that a symbolic be-heading of Saddam took place when the obviously staged event of the pulling down of his statue took place.

Before you decide this is just coincidence, I ask you to read the following and then do your own research to confirm the facts I give you.

On the 16th of April 2003, a meeting took place in Ur, in southern Iraq, to discuss the “Future of Iraq”. Mainstream media reported this meeting worldwide. It was held in a gold and white “tent” (tabernacle). Ur was the birthplace of Abraham. One of the “Ziggurat” buildings is also at Ur. There are many occult connections to the meeting but I only want to focus on basic facts for now.

I ask anyone to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why a tent was erected in Ur by Western forces just to hold a meeting in?

It is also wide spread knowledge that the Iraqi museums were (conveniently) “looted” around the same time that the tent was erected. Ancient Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian relics were “stolen”. Here is a link regarding one of the stolen relics (later returned)

Hang on a minute here readers- let us re-cap:

1 .We have the invasion of a country by dubious means (WMD’s and false claims of connection to 9/1l)

2. We have silly verbal phrases being used such as “Moab” and “Shock and Awe”, not by third-rate journalists but by presidents and generals.

3. Silly tents are built on ancient biblical sites.

4. Ancient relics disappear from the museums.

5. The President of the USA, leader of invading forces, is a self-confessed member of the “Skull and Bones”, the secret society that operates entirely on a system of rituals.

Lets put it together. Ancient relics and ancient biblical sites. Tabernacles-tents near ancient temples/ buildings (ziggurat). Members of occult, ritual practicing, secret societies messing around in the holy lands. Silly cryptic announcements taking place. Death and destruction etc. etc. (err… excuse me, but is the penny dropping yet?)

There is even a connection to reptilian alien gods because the ancient Sumerians/Assyrians/Babylonians were controlled by them. Babylon is supposed to be the gateway to the Gods. Could this be the place where rituals are to take place to bring about ancient prophecies? It would certainly explain the rush by Bush and his string-pullers to get territorial control of the area; sadly they have done this through deception and fear. Are modern day political leaders just pawns in a reptilian game of chess? Do the same receive their tremendous material wealth, their 30 pieces of silver, for betrayal? Are our souls sold, without our knowledge, and our spiritual futures blocked from achieving spiritual satisfaction?
Does this information indicate too many coincidences? Obviously, to those with no knowledge of rituals and ancient scriptures, it may sound too silly to be real. But, where are the experts that do know what these occult rituals and ancient scriptures mean? Have they all gone blind and dumb? Surely some of them have the slightest suspicion? If so, why are no mainstream media involved?
Have the experts and mainstream journalists closed the curtain that is hiding the Wizard again? Do they allow him to show images of “liberation” in Iraq yet blind us from what really is going on?
Is Dorothy, the only one with magic shoes, to take us down the coward’s road of deception, along with the heartless, the brainless, and the cowardly?
The wizard needs his curtain opened; we need to expose to all what is going on. When we go down the “Yellow Brick Road to Ur” and reveal the wizard for what he is, just like the scarecrow, the woodcutter, and the cowardly lion did, then we will find, like Dorothy’s pals did, that we are not heartless, brainless and cowardly after all.
I do not seek to influence anybody’s opinion of events currently going on in the world. I seek to encourage people to research things for themselves. The only advice I wish to give is for people to follow their intuition. The “gut feeling” is the most truthful informer you could wish for.

Take your intuition with you down the yellow brick road to Ur and you won’t need the ruby red slippers.

Thank You.
Matthew Delooze

23rd August 2004

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2004. All Rights Reserved.